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Try On Haul With Chico’s For April

You go, Chico’s!!! Chico’s has been killing it this spring with their new collections. I love the colors, prints, and textures! On my way to Tennessee, I stopped for a quick try-on haul with Chico’s for April.

For sizing reference, I’m 5’6″ tall and weigh between 150 and 155 pounds at any given time. In Chico’s clothing, I usually wear a size 1 top and a .5 pants.

I love this neutral-colored outfit, which is both subtle and a statement at the same time. The gingham crops fit great and would also look good with bright colors. The gorgeous white ruffle tank can be worn with jeans, shorts, and skirts.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens doing a Chico's try on for April 2024-4

Capri’s have been trending this year. Celebrities have been spotted wearing this trend. The colorful tropical print is fun and could go with so many colors. I chose the light pink top, but I could have chosen almost any color and it would look great.

I love this linen midi skirt, but as you can see, it hasn’t been steamed. Linen is perfect for spring and summer since it is a cooling fabric. I styled it with the purple leaf tank shirt, but the tank is limited in size. The good thing is that you can wear anything with white.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens doing a Chico's try on for April 2024-14

Black and linen look fabulous together! I love the cropped linen pants, and the ladder trim is a cute detail. The black tee is trimmed with a similar linen color, matching the cropped pants perfectly.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens doing a Chico's try on for April 2024-19

I’m a sucker for a watercolor print. I spied this smocked sleeve tee from across the room and went to get it immediately. I love the wide-leg jeans, and they look fabulous with the tee.

Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens doing a Chico's try on for April 2024-25

More New Arrivals From Chico’s

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  1. Very nice selection of clothing from Chico’s! You do look like you have lost weight! I need to go shopping!! 🙂
    Paula K.

  2. Janet Newsom says:

    You are correct regarding the fashion. I am 62 and I still like to dress well. I love Chicos and they have beautiful and sexy clothing for older women.

  3. Kristin B. says:

    I love the watercolor tee – especially the sleeves.

  4. Julie Lozano says:

    Tania: the 3-D ruffle tank with Gingham pants is amazing on you! I haven’t had great luck with Chicos, except for the jewelry of course, but you look like a million bucks!
    Great looks today.
    Have a blessed week! Summer is coming! 94 in South Texas this week! 😱

  5. Such cute outfits! Great colors on you.

  6. I love the watercolor tee!

  7. The watercolor shirt looks great! I am drawn to blue and white, too. I’m a contented consonant- LOL. When I’m around many vowels they often need attention to thrive.

  8. Mary Carol says:

    Great idea for a family get together and love the matching pajamas.
    The white ruffled tank top is my favorite.

  9. Beautiful colors! You looks
    Skinnier each time you do
    Try ons!

    1. Karen, I’ve actually gained weight. It is all in the poses. 🤣

  10. Hey Tania,
    You have such a beautiful family. The pj’s really look great on all of your family.
    Could you tell us where we can purchase the pj’s?
    Blessings to you and your family.

    1. The pj’s link is https://amzlink.to/az0zeS9vVVuhM. They run true to size, I’m wearing a large but could have possibly done a medium instead. Blessings to you and your family. ❤️

  11. Stacy Brand says:

    I love all the linen pieces. The way they are styled look fabulous. Also the wide leg jeans are very comfortable and on trend. Thank you, Tania. 🌻🌼🌸

  12. Nice! I think my favorite is the watercolor tee!

  13. I guess I am in the minority but I have never shopped at Chico’s. There isn’t one close to me and I am unsure of sizes to order, so I just shop elsewhere!

  14. Julie Crighton says:

    Oh my goodness, so many cute items! Love that pink 3/4 sleeve tshirt!

  15. Valerie M says:

    Love all these outfits! Everything looks great on you!

  16. Georgia Taylor says:

    I love the colors‼️. . . & ordered the tangerine watercolor top. Looks fun & fabulous! You looked great in everything!

  17. I hope those jeans came home with you! They fit you like a glove.

  18. You’re right, the watercolor tee is beautiful. Love Chicos.

  19. I love your Taylor Swift party! What a fantastic idea!
    Chico’s is great. My favorite in this post is the ruffled tank. So pretty.
    I’m leaning more toward classic things these days. I don’t like all the “stuff” they try to do with sleeves; smocking/elastic/ ruffles/ puff sleeves. It’s all too much for my 5’1″ frame. It overwhelms me. On you, it all looks great and I wish I were so skinny!
    Happy weekend!

    1. Happy weekend! ❤️😊

  20. Linda Mueller says:

    Tania you look great in all the pants. Your choices always inspire me. I look forward to the Bible verse.
    Linda M

  21. Ginger Hiller says:

    What an awesome picture of you girls! You sure did find some pretty things at Chico’s, and you look so nice in all of them.

  22. How do you keep your arms so toned? You look amazing!

    1. Mary, me arms aren’t toned at all. They flap in the wind like everyone else’s. Lol!

  23. Susan Griffin says:

    You look fabulous! How did you loose weight? Was it a special diet?

    1. Susan, I’ve lost and gained the same 20 lbs. for years. The best and easiest “diet” is one that allows you to eat anything you want, but there is a catch. You can’t eat until you are hungry, and you have to stop eating the minute you start to feel full. When you first start, you only get a plate that is 1/2 of what you normally eat. So, if you usually take 2 pieces of pizza, you only take 1. After you eat, wait 30 minutes, and if you are still hungry, eat the other piece. Most of the time you aren’t hungry, but we don’t give our stomachs time to let us know it is full.

  24. Love those jeans and frankly everything you show
    And your haircut is the cutest – is there a name for the cut?

    1. Jayne, I think it is a combination of a few hairstyles. A bob would be one of them.

  25. The watercolor-inspired tops are so pretty this spring! Also, the linens are back, what a treat! Chicos just brought out the linen skirt in green, black, and ivory, and I can’t decide on what color! Thank you for sharing your picks!

  26. sue koren says:

    That watercolor tee is right up my alley too!

  27. What a great photo of the girls! Makes me miss my mom.

  28. The smocked tees look feminine but fun and comfortable.
    Love the picture of All the Girls! What a neat thing to do and neat memories

  29. Lisa Luciano says:

    Finding one of your posts last summer got me started wearing white pants, and I will never look back. So glad I discovered your blog, while Googling: flattering-clothes-for-over-50 (or something like that). Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! I’m so glad that you are enjoying the blog.

  30. I like the wide leg jeans and white pants. I can’t say that about the capris. I rather show my veiny legs than ever wear capris again.

  31. Love Chicos: great quality. U look very thin in these pics! Nice!

  32. LOVE Chicos!!! I saw the ruffle tank in black in the latest flyer…I think I’m going to treat myself! Happy Saturday❤❤❤

  33. Everyone says Capri pants are out of style. I like them! I’m a little confused. 😜

    1. Vicki, fashion is confusing. Lol! Wear what you like as long as you feel confident in it.

  34. Julie Shutt says:

    Love the capri outfit and the watercolor top with the jeans.
    Question: how do you get such lift in your hair on top??

    1. Julie, I have thick hair, so I don’t have a problem with getting lift unless it gets too long. Then, it will weigh itself down and look flat.

  35. The watercolor tee is my favorite! Looks fabulous on you

  36. Love a great try on haul!

  37. Roberta Schwandner says:

    Nice Chicos clothing.

  38. I love Chico’s!!!!! And your hairstyle is adorable

  39. Love the picture of the album release party-how special! Love Chicos looks but the sizing is so difficult!

  40. love it all! thank you Tania. You have changed my wardrobe and my life!

  41. I love Chicos. They have great options and their clothes last. These are all cute!

  42. Oh, how I love the purple leaf print top. Unfortunately, my size is not available but I will keep checking back. Chicos has some really pretty prints this year.

  43. I love Chicos! you look great in everything here but I love the sleeveless leaf print top.

  44. Phyllis Martin says:

    Chicos is the best! Love it.

  45. Really like the clothes you posted today! I’ve always loved Chico’s

  46. I love your pj’s in the group photo! Are those still available?
    Your post are so helpful. I appreciate your hard work. It makes my life choices easier. Thank you!

  47. Pam Mayer says:

    I love the pic of all the girls, what special memories! I also love all the Chico’s pieces, they are classic and chic!

  48. Denise Bailey says:

    I’m actually surprised how helpful your style choices are for me.
    Not so inclined to shop as I used to and it really shows after a while, but your posts solve that issue for me. Thanks

  49. Susan Mckenzie says:

    LOVE CHICO’s !!!!! And, this family picture is ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!!!!

  50. Looks great, got a Chico’s reward coupon burning a hole in my pocket right now!

  51. Tammy Roark says:

    I love chicos! I love the watercolor top!!!

  52. Yes great stuff, I was just at Chicos

  53. Thanks for sharing the spring Chino outfits. I love the capris and the skirt. You have such pretty hair and look so fresh and put together.

    1. Thanks, I just got my hair cut yesterday.

  54. Beth Crawford says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing the size you wear at Chicos ! I am also 5’6” and I weigh 156. I never know what size to order at Chicos and this will help me tremendously.
    Thank you for everything you show us and all the tips on how to style our clothes.

  55. Kim Luehmann says:

    Love the white tank! Looks like something that can be dressed up or casual.

  56. Shirley Forester says:

    I’m so glad that you featured capris. I’ve heard so many influncers say that capris are so out of date. Thank you!

    1. I was surprised to see that Capris are trending.

  57. Love both the watercolor T and the bright tropical capris. They look better on you than on their models!

  58. Susan Mariotti says:

    Love love Chicos. The colors are so bright this summer and cheerful. Everything looks good on you Tania!

  59. Louise Logan says:

    Love Love Love these picks from Chico’s! One of my favorites!

  60. I love Chicos! I recently took a trip to my local store with two cousins and we had a fashion show for my upcoming cruise. I found many wonderful outfits and had a great time. Of course we had lunch!

  61. I got behind in reading some of your daily posts. I did want to let you know that I wear clip on earrings, especially hoops, and I appreciate you sharing some good finds. I like the Monet and Napier clip ons, but they are getting harder to find. Thanks again!