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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is looking sharp in a blue and white toile cardigan and white wide leg pants

I think that I am losing my mind, and surely it couldn’t be age-related. We have been traveling to our new home each weekend, and slowly taking more and more items over there so that we don’t have to cart them back and forth. Usually, I have a checklist so that I don’t forget the important items. I figure that I can make a Target or Walmart run for everything else that I forget. But, they don’t sell “this” at those places.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is looking sharp in a blue and white toile cardigan, blue shell, and white wide leg pants

Yesterday morning, I was up to my eyeballs in taxes. Since there was an extension this year, I hadn’t bothered to get my things together. So, the past few days I’ve been gathering, copying, and making a spreadsheet to send our accountant. I was working in my office, but I needed something that was on my laptop, so I unplugged the laptop and brought it into the office with me.

Our new home is 1 1/2 hours away from where we currently live. I was driving along, listening to Matthew Mcconaughey’s book, Greenlights, when I had a thought that ran through my mind. “You forgot the plugin for your laptop at home!” I was at the halfway point in my trip, and I called Joe to tell him that I was turning around to go back and get the cord.

I figured that Joe would tease me for forgetting my cord, but instead, he said, “I go back and get it for you, I’m only 30 minutes away.” Y’all, that is true love! Give me a man who will drive an hour out of his way for me, and you can keep the flowers.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is looking sharp in a blue shell and white wide leg pants

I am a cobalt blue-loving girl, and this outfit is one that I LOVE to pieces. Some items I style end up being returned because I don’t think that I’ll wear them again, or I already have three other items that look just like them. This outfit is one that is staying in my closet!!! I am not sure where I’ll be wearing it, but I know that I’ll find someplace soon.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is looking sharp in a cobalt blue shell

You can’t see it from the photos, but this top fits me like they came and took my measurements. It has seams up the front of the top, so it is a slim fit that creates a slimming silhouette. I love the wide straps at the shoulders because I don’t have to worry about my bra strap showing. Also, because the straps are wide, I don’t have arm cleavage!

This is a substantial weight top. It reeks of quality and style, and you will find yourself wanting to wear it all of the time. I ordered a medium in the top, but if you want a slightly looser fit, then you could order the next size up. The cobalt blue color is limited in size, but this is also available in black. Black is a color that is a staple, so it would be a good choice. ALSO, there is a 30% off sale on your entire purchase, so it is a great time to treat yourself.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing the back of a blue shell top and white wide leg pants

I don’t even see back fat with this top! This top is worth its weight in gold! Lol!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is looking sharp in a blue and white toile cardigan from Talbots

I thought that the Toile Cardigan looked fabulous with the blue shell. But, now that I look at the cardigan, it would also look great with the black shell. See the black strip detail all around the cardigan? This is a great example of how adding a third clothing item to your look can change it from wow, to WOW!

The sweater is actually ivory instead of white like my pants, but I think it still goes great with the whole outfit. A 3/4 length sleeve has always been my favorite because it is the most slimming. Ever notice that I scrunch up my sleeves to this length?

I am wearing a medium in this cardigan, and I think that it fits great. If I was going to wear something with a sleeve under it, then I might size up to a large instead. Like the top, it is also part of the 30% off sale!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is looking sharp in a blue and white toile cardigan and pearl earrings

These double-sided pearl hoop earrings remind me of something that Coco Chanel would have worn. They are sharp-looking and they dress up anything that you wear them with. My only other jewelry is my gold vermeil chain and cross pendant.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of white wide leg pants and white and beige heels

These white and beige heels are perfect for spring and summer. The shoes are by Rockport, so they are comfortable also. Well, they are as comfortable as heels can be. Lol! I’ve been wearing heels for so long that my feet hurt when I wear flats, but I’m incorporating more flats into my routine.

I am wearing my usual size 9, so I think that these shoes run TTS. This pair is only available in sizes 8.5, 9, and 9.5 at this time. Here are some other neutral shoes to choose from.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a blue shell top and showing the top of a pair of white wide leg pants

I really like these white high-waisted wide-leg pants. The leg opening is wide, but it is not so large that it adds a lot of volume. These pants are great for balancing out our body’s proportions and are especially helpful if you have wide shoulders or wide thighs.

I am wearing a size 8 in these pants and they fit me great. I liked these pants so much that I tried to order the navy version also, but my size was already sold out.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is looking sharp in a cobalt blue shell top, a blue and white toile cardigan, and white wide leg pants

If you are on Instagram, you might want to hop on IG Stories today at 11 PT, which is 2 ET. I am going to be going live with Jennifer from A Well Styled Life, Susan from Une Femme, and Deborah from Fabulous After 40. We will be discussing things that we are taking out of our Spring wardrobe and things that we are keeping.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a cobalt blue shell top, and a pair of white wide leg pants from Talbots

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  1. Barbara Wilson says:

    Cobalt blue is my favorite color!! So beautiful!!

  2. A big yes for cobalt blue! Sadly a big bio for my size. Love the pants too!

  3. Love that shade of blue and the cardigan.

  4. You look beautiful in the colbolt blue!!!!

  5. Your husband Joe is a keeper for sure!

  6. Paula Presbey says:

    This outfit as “Me” written all over it! Definitely a “have no place to wear it but still need it”! Love the blue tones and also the fact that the cardigan can dress an outfit up or down. Win win.

  7. Kelly Novak Montano says:

    What about your new hairdo???? I loved it.

  8. Love the colors! That is the perfect outfit to wear to my granddaughter’s dance recital! Thank you for the inspiration! You really did hit the jackpot in Joe!

  9. Once Barter Theater opens back up, that will be great outfit for attending a show!!! Looks great on you!

  10. Julia Gilbert says:

    A beautifully put together outfit. Your eyes pop with the cobalt blue…

    1. Blue looks great with my eyes, and cobalt blue really pops them.

  11. Good morning Tania. I think the cobalt blue top and white pants look beautiful and dressy without the cardigan. The sweater is very pretty but It seems to outshine the great colour and fit of the top. I can picture the cardigan over an all-black outfit to really make it pop.

    1. Just love this cobalt blue & white outfit – I really am enjoying your fashion ideas, although I’m a ways over 50 your ideas are extremely helpful!!! Thank you & I love the daily nod to the Lord!!!!

    2. That would look fabulous with all black.

  12. That’s gorgeous on you. I plan on checking out Talbots online later today. Do you think the wide leg pant would work with flats? I had foot surgery and heels aren’t in my future. Actually, I’m in sneakers at this point. 🙄. (And I’m 5’1) Also, I’ve seen you wear that dainty bracelet a lot. Can you share where you got it? I
    love simple pieces like that?

    1. Sandy, I’ve worn the wide-leg pants with flats, but be sure to check the inseam. The 2 small bracelets that I wear on my left hand are from Tiffany. They were gifts to me.

  13. Sharon F Johnson, John Mark Johnson says:

    This is beautiful on you! I hate that the blue is sold out in my size 🙁

    1. I know! I hate it when I see that sizes are so limited.

  14. One of your best outfits! I have Talbot’s blue toile sweater that was selling before this style and it is my favorite sweater.

    1. It is a perfect time to try Talbots since there is a 30% off sale on everything.

  15. Beautiful blue! I was sad to see that neither the cardigan nor the top come in plus size.

    1. I’ve seen more and more stores that are stopping carrying plus sizes. I think that is a huge mistake.

  16. That outfit is beautiful on you. Brings out your blue eyes. Definitely a keeper! Yes Joe really shows how much he loves you. When are you going to show another outfit he picked for you?

    1. I have some more catalogs for him to look through, but so far he has ignored me. Lol!