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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is standing in a sunporch wearing a blue and white print blouse and a pair of dark wash jeans

All of you were so sweet yesterday in your comments about my hair. There are times when I walk past a mirror and take a double-take. Lol! I don’t even recognize myself just yet. Plus, one time, I’ll love my look, and the next time I think, “what the heck did you do???” Lol!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is standing in a sunporch wearing a blue and white print blouse, a pair of dark wash jeans, and neutral flats

Hair is one thing that I’ve never got too worked up about. I can recolor it if I don’t like the color, and it will eventually grow out again if you don’t like the cut. Plus, with extensions, you don’t even have to wait for it to grow out. My hairdresser kept saying, are you sure you want to go this short? She said that some people go all to pieces if their hair doesn’t turn out as they envisioned.

I’ll get some photos of the sides and back soon and upload them. I am still working out the kinks on how to style this new look.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old and her granddaughter are standing in a sunporch

Emersyn comes and stays with us a lot on the weekends, and she decided to hop into my photoshoot. Can you tell that she picked out her outfit? She hasn’t seen my haircut yet, so I can hardly wait to see her reaction. Lol! You can bet that she’ll tell me exactly what she thinks.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is standing in a sunporch wearing a blue and white print blouse and a pair of silver hoop earrings

Isn’t this the cutest little top?!? I love how feminine (prissy) and flattering it looks. I am a huge fan of a deep v-neck top because that elongates your neck. An elongated neck helps you look thinner, and I can use all of the help I can get.

The puff sleeve is a current and modern-looking trend. The sleeves are thin and flowy, but the body of the blouse is lined so that you can’t see through it. I love this navy and white print, but the blouse also comes in a pretty pink and a turquoise blue. I am wearing a size medium, and I think that the top runs TTS.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is standing in a sunporch showing the back of a blue and white print blouse and a pair of dark wash jeans

Here is a look from the side so that you can see the length of the top. It can be worn loose or tucked, and I am wearing is also with a half tuck. Someone asked for a tutorial on a half tuck, and here is how I do that. I take the front of the top and tuck it in from the button to the first belt look on both sides. Then, I start pulling and arranging the top so that it blousons and falls as I want it. Just keep playing with the look; you’ll get the hang of it.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is standing in a sunporch wearing a pair of dark wash jeans and neutral flats

These Old Navy jeans are a deep dark rinse, and I think this wash looks dressier than the light wash versions. Lately, it seems like I’ve been buying mostly light wash jeans, so I wanted a darker look. These jeans are an extra-high waist pair, but I don’t think they are crazy high. I have a pair by Madewell that is way higher than these.

These jeans have a relaxed fit and a straight leg, so they are perfect for the current trends in jeans. They fit great and aren’t too loose and baggy. I am wearing my usual size 10, and I think that they run true to size.

The OG Straight Leg jean from Old Navy is a style that I love at this moment. I have several of these jeans, so I’ll link to those below.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is standing in a sunporch wearing a blue and white print blouse, a pair of dark wash jeans, and carrying a navy Lilly Pulitzer crossbody bag

I bought this little navy crossbody early this year from Lilly Pulitzer. I’m learning to only carry a small number of things with me when I go to the grocery store, shopping, or out to eat. It turns out that I don’t need the kitchen sink with me at all times, after all. Lol! This crossbody was on clearance, so it isn’t available any longer, but I found several that would work also.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is standing in a sunporch showing a blue and white print blouse and a navy crossbody bag

Here is a closer look for you at this bag. And, you can see that I am wearing my favorite hoop earrings, the AVI. I have these earrings in silver and gold, and I love them so much!!!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is standing in a sunporch with her granddaughter and wearing a blue and white print blouse and a pair of dark wash jeans

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  1. After the loss of your Email list you verified I was signed up again. I received a few then none. I did check my spam and they are not there. I have signed up again. I tell you this in case there are others this is happening to!

    1. Let me check your status on the email list. I checked it for another lady, and it showed that she unsubscribed. I think that some unsubscribed to the wrong provider. I’ll email you what I find out.

  2. Sharon batchelor says:

    For those that want the navy color, you can get it if you go directly to the jcrew website instead of following the link

  3. Sharon batchelor says:

    I’m only 5’1”. Will the top be too low neck/revealing on me? Wish they had petites sizes. So hard to find!

    1. I don’t think it would be too low.

  4. Best haircut you’ve had in a while. The neater, blunt ends are very flattering, sophisticated.

  5. I ran out today and bought the jeans in today’s post at Old Navy, omg LOVE! Thanks Tania!

  6. Forgot to post yesterday about the haircut; sassy; I like it!!! Alas the blue color of shirt you are wearing is no longer available. 😊

  7. Cute top and cute bag also. All I ever use are crossbody bags now. So nice to be hands free.

  8. Vonda Smith says:

    Thanks for the explanation on the half-tuck, Tania! I appreciate it. Guess it just takes practice. Love your new haircut! Hope you post pics before I get mine cut next Wednesday 🙂 It’s a great style. I’m a Bristol girl, now living in Richmond VA. I love Abingdon, especially the Creeper Trail. Enjoy your new home. Great area!

    1. I’ve heard a lot about the Creeper Trail, but I’ve not been on it yet.

  9. Your new haircut is really cute! I’m a newer follower and have enjoyed your stories and cute outfit suggestions!

    1. I like the new hair. Cute outfit, you can always rock blue.

    2. Welcome, Conni! I am so glad that you found the blog and I hope that you stay.

  10. Barbara Ingram says:

    I am a new subscriber….about two weeks ago. Love reading what you write and I love your style. Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Welcome, Barbara! I sure hope that you are enjoying the blog!

  11. Very pretty top for spring…love the navy with the delicate print and that cross-body bag is gorgeous!

    1. I am starting to embrace the crossbody style.

  12. Jodi Riddle says:

    You look especially nice in that outfit. I think the new hairstyle is wonderful, too.

    1. Cute top….I like the print better than the solid colors, but it’s not available. I hadn’t done a lot of shopping with Old Navy, but have a few things now that you’ve modeled. 🙂

      1. I can’t believe that it sold out so fast. It was available last night when I linked to it.

  13. Carol Weedmark says:

    Hi Tania, Your hair looks fabulous! Great style on you! You can just tell it’s a great cut & look on you! Love everything about your navy outfit today! I too wear a lot of navy -always looks fresh! The top is adorable!!!

    1. Thanks, Carol. I hope that I can get the hang of styling it.

    1. Those are by Steve Madden, and I can’t find them online anywhere.

  14. The top and jeans look so nice on you. Love the smaller bags. Emyrsyn is so precious. I know you enjoy her company.

    1. She is a mess, but she is my mess. Lol!

  15. Very cute blouse and love the crossbody. I have more dark jeans than I do lighter ones so that I can wear them to work.

    1. That makes perfect sense, Gayle. Darker jeans look dressier, so they are great for work.

  16. I love!!your new hair cut. It is very flattering.

  17. I love everything about this whole outfit as blue is my color! I went to order the blouse and that color must be sold out already which made me very sad. Looking forward to seeing your new hair cut again !!

    1. UGH! The blouse was in stock when I linked to it last night, so I’m not sure how it sold out so fast.

  18. I didn’t comment yesterday but wanted to tell you how adorable your hair is. I understand about learning how to style it. Cute outfit also.

    1. I tried something different today, but I won’t try that again. Lol!

  19. Love the outfit today. And your haircut looks great! I had been wearing a shoulder length Bob for a long time & last summer right before I had a knee replacement I had it cut really short as I couldn’t face everything coming down the road with my hair hanging in my face! I’ve enjoyed it – but I’m growing it back out to at least a chin length Bob. Lol. I hear ya! Hair will grow, we can change the color – but our hair is our crowning glory! Enjoy your day!

    1. I tried a messy look with the hair today, but it was an epic fail. Lol!

  20. Barbara Wilson says:

    Tania, I love your hair even more on these photos! I also like the complete outfit!! This is my kind of style.

  21. That is a very cute top.