50 IS NOT OLD | THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIPS | FASHION OVER 40This has been one wild and exciting week. It has also been a very tiring week. I don’t know if you have ever been to the Ernest Moralis Convention Center in New Orleans but this thing is huge!!! It is around a mile and a half long so it is quite a jaunt to go from one end to the other. We had to go back and forth at least 2 or 3 times each day because of some of the training sessions that we signed up for, The picture above is when I first got in the arena, along with 14,000 other ladies who all have beautiful skin. Lol! I worked hard to earn a Milestone 5 reward and part of that reward was that I got preferred seating. I admit that I might have danced a little jig when I was able to scan my badge and walk right into saved seating.  Yes, I can be a princess and adapt to being treated like royalty really FAST!50 IS NOT OLD | THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIPS | FASHION OVER 40 We have had a dinner to go to every single night while we have been here. On Thursday night we attend the first of my two masquerade parties that I will be going to while I am here. Here is a photo of me and my Energizer Bunny Friend right before we went out the door.50 IS NOT OLD | THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIPS | FASHION OVER 40 I guess that we all got the “black” memo. Lol! I am wearing a black halter neck jumpsuit that I got recently in my Trunk Club shipment. With a jumpsuit, I normally buy like I would a dress. So, I wear a size 10 for pants and tops but when it comes to dresses, I will normally order a 12. That is what I am wearing in the jumpsuit and it fit perfectly. This is very elegant and comfortable to wear and it is handwash and line dry. Here is the link to it.50 IS NOT OLD | THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIPS | FASHION OVER 40 These lovely women with me are women who have decided to join me in my Rodan + Fields business. They are both from New Jersey and I couldn’t wait to meet up with them. I had met Lucille on the far right before but I had never met Mary in person. It is funny because I see her and talk to her on ZOOM all the time so I felt like I already knew her. When she walked in, we talked and chatted like normal until all at once I hopped up and said, “Hey, wait a minute. I forgot that I had never met you in person.” We had to hug all over again.50 IS NOT OLD | THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIPS | FASHION OVER 40 I love that this business had brought so many amazing and beautiful women into my life. We are all there for each other, helping each other, and encouraging each other. This beautiful lady is someone that I met last year and we have continued to be friends. She is from Canada and not even on my team but that doesn’t stop us from helping each other.50 IS NOT OLD | THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIPS | FASHION OVER 40 The same goes for this beautiful lady. She and I started in the R+F business around the same time. She is originally from Australia and has a huge team there. She is now living a couple of hours away from me so we occasionally see each other at events.50 IS NOT OLD | THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIPS | FASHION OVER 40 And this lovely lady was a brand new friend that I met in line to grab a DietCoke. It is amazing to me how much this business has brought into my life. I was never one to have a lot of friends but it seems like this business was dumped into my lap when I desperately needed so women in my life to pick me up and encourage me. I think that we all can use a few more friends in our lives.

I am off again to attend another dinner (Friday night) and then a final GALA event on Saturday including a concert by Kelly Clarkson. I also will be honored to be able to walk across the stage (very briefly) and be recognized for what I have been able to accomplish this past year. I can’t wait to see what the next couple of years holds in store for me and I would love to be putting YOUR picture on my blog next year with you joining me at Convention.

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  1. Charlcy Green wrote:

    You are amazing!! And so gorgeous in that sexy jumpsuit! I love the masks and you guys really rocked them. Glad you’re having a blast and meeting so many lovely women.

    Posted 9.15.18 Reply
  2. Fabulous. Good for you

    Posted 9.15.18 Reply
  3. Cindy wrote:

    Glad you’re having a GREAT time! Would you and EBF share where you purchased your masks (Halloween is fast approaching!)?

    Posted 9.15.18 Reply
  4. Carol wrote:

    Wow it all looks so amazing!! Talk about moving out of one’s comfort zone! Good for you Tania!! You all look wonderful. It’s so awesome you get to see Kelly Clarkson, what a great concert that will be!! Have fun!!

    Posted 9.15.18 Reply
  5. Isabella wrote:

    love this

    Posted 9.15.18 Reply
  6. Debbie wrote:

    Oh My Gosh what a time you’re having. And all the new “in person” friends you’re meeting. I would be so blessed to have as many friends as you do whether there virtual or touchable. You’re doing a great job. If I had more than 2 friends I would love to be on your team. Have fun for all of us. Hugs

    Posted 9.15.18 Reply
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