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Hair Tutorial

Right before I left for New Orleans, I went to get a cut and color. I have been toying with the idea of changing up my hair color just a little, so we made a subtle change. If I like the new look, then we will start going more and more toward that direction. It is going away from the warmer summer blonde look and going toward a cooler icy winter blonde. This way right outside my salon so it may not be the best look. After it is washed a time or two, I will know more.

My hair gets more comments than almost anything. I take after my mother and I have very coarse and thick hair. I use Pureology 4 Platinum Shampoo and Conditioner. I buy the 1 Liter size and they last me forever. I don’t use any other products on my hair because my hair is thick and I feel like they just weigh my hair down.

I brush through my hair using a Wet Brush after I get out of the shower. If you have never used one of these brushes then you are going to be amazed. They are fantastic at combing through tangles with ease. I bought my granddaughters these when they first came out and they have probably gone through several since then. Emersyn won’t let you near her unless you have one of these in your hands.

I use a CHI titanium temperature control flat iron to style my hair. Since my hair is so thick, I need high heat on my hair. I like the temperature control flat irons so that you can choose the amount of heat that you need. Also, I need one that will last me for a long time. This one is probably at least 5 years old.

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  1. Emily Goodoien says:

    I would love to see an updated hair tutorial with your new hairstyle. i’m thinking of cutting my hair shorter so my roots don’t show so bad as the color grows out

  2. Tammy Gravis says:

    I’ll never have hair like that no matter how hard I tried. You are blessed.

  3. Loved your video and finally understand on how to do your style. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  4. I’ve been waiting for your hair tutorial and first thing when you fingered through your hair and talking about how thick your hair is, I knew right away I was in trouble. You DO have thick hair and mine is thin so I’m pretty sure I will not be getting the look of your hair since our thicknesses are so different. I will still try to get body by doing the lift at the root and maybe that part will at least turn out. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Kenna Miller says:

    So nice to see a hair video without hearing “like, girl,hot mess”etc. every other word!?

  6. Charlcy L. Green says:

    I love the new color! I’ve done the same w mine. How cool that you have such a blessing as thick, course hair! You are always beautiful!

  7. Vonda Seyna says:

    I love the subtle splash of color.! I was thinking of doing the same thing at my next appointment for a touch of fall.

  8. Thanks for tutorial. Wish I had your thick hair. Mine hair is fine. However, I think I can use your technique to build body. My hair is layered similar to yours just not as long. I forget how much you can do with a flat iron.

  9. You are lucky to have thick hair!! I always say, in my next life I hope to have a beautiful head of long, thick (blonde of course) hair!! I have fine, straight hair and keep it short. Easy peasy!!

  10. Love the hair video because mine is thick and coarse also. My question is when you dry it do you dry it with a brush or use your hands. I usually use a round brush and I wash mine at night and then in the morning i flat iron it.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing! I would love to go shorter with my hair. Believe it or not, it use to be short, but I don’t have the nerve to go shorter yet! Ha!

  12. I had a holiday hair nightmare whilst away. Using straightening tongues the top hair broke leaving short spikes, I was mortified! My hairdresser agrees after so many years of colouring I now need to let my natural colour grow through before I do anything more to it as it’s so porous. Hope 11 months will see it through as I want to feel good for my daughter’s wedding and I have no idea what my real colour is anymore ?

  13. Aimee Spencer says:

    I liked all of your tutorials. You made it all look easy and sensible. So I use a curling iron and find it quite difficult to flip in the right direction. I want to do beach curl back and end up with a flip forward !? I am going to practice all 3 tutorials and make that my short term goal!

  14. Hair tutorial didn’t work