The Most Loved No-Show Socks For Women Over 50

I’ve been thinking a lot about socks lately. What can I say? It’s cold! Truth is, I don’t like wearing socks because they always seem to be eaten by my shoes. I’ve done some research, and these are “supposed” to be socks that my shoes won’t eat. So, I’m going to show you some of the most loved no-show socks for women over 50, and I’m crossing my fingers they work.

If you need to update your athletic shoes, check out today’s post on those.

My DIL’s Most Loved No-Show Socks

My DIL isn’t in her 50’s, but I figured that our feet wouldn’t know the difference. She highly recommends these by LuLuLemom, and I tried them. They worked great for me 90 percent of the time. I can’t figure out why they don’t work the rest of the time. Maybe it is the shoes; maybe the “stick-um” stuff at the heels wasn’t sticky enough. I don’t know, but she and my son both swear by them. These are the only pairs I’ve tried that’s worked that well. Warning…they are costly, but they seem to really work!

One of the things that I look at when deciding what to share is reviews. Socks are just socks, right? Wrong! These socks have been reviewed over 70,000 times and have a rating of 4.3 stars. Wow. The reviewers say that they are thin, but not too thin, hug the foot, and don’t slip. All good things!

These no-show socks have an elastic band around the ankle and a gripping heel to help the socks keep from slipping. They should work well with a variety of low-cut shoes, including sneakers, booties, and loafers. Going shoe shopping? Slip a pair of these in your purse to see how they work. I like the bright colors, but they also come in black, grey, white, and beige.

These are VERY low cut. They stop close to the toe line and the bottoms are made of cotton with a breathable nylon fabric to keep your feet from sweating. They also have non-skid silicone patches at the bottom to prevent slipping. Over 10,000 people have reviewed them, and they have a 4.3 star rating. Under $10 dollars!

One of the places that no-show socks tend to fail is around the toes. If you have shoes that show toe cleavage, you’re going to want these. They go into the toe-line just far enough to work. These have a no-slip heel, and the reviewers say that they are a nice, medium-weight. They are stretchy so you might size down a size than normal.

The Most Loved No-Show Socks For Women Over 50

These have a bit more coverage – no toe cleavage, yay! You can purchase them in either 6 or 12 packs, and they run about $10/6. The reviewers really seem to like these. They have over 20,000 reviews and a rating of 4.4 stars. Most of the reviews say things along the lines of “soft, comfortable and well-made.”

The Most Loved No-Show Socks For Women Over 50 – Athletic

I love a breathable sock and these fit the bill nicely! They have a higher profile, so you’ll want to wear these with athletic or walking shoes, booties, etc. These are very thin, perfect for the gym. If your goal is cozy, you may want to go for one of the medium-weight options. Check the link for pricing but they generally run about $10 for 6.

More breathable socks! These have “only” been reviewed 7,000 times, but their rating is a whopping 4.6 stars. Available in black, white, grey, and nude, these work with athletic shoes or the low-profile Keds type as well. Reviewers say they like the stretch, value, fit, comfort, and stability of the socks. The only issue I saw was that they run big, so you may want to size down.

Finally, these athletic footies are classified as no-show socks, but I’d call them low-ankle socks. I just made up my own category, lol. I have several pairs of these, and I love the slight compression around the top of the foot. They are soft and hug the foot just right. Plus, they’re cute colors! You can wear these with your tennis shoes while exercising, etc. but also inside your winter boots.

Do you wear no-show socks often? Let me know if you’ve found a new brand or pair to try!

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  1. On the constant search for socks that truly don’t show and stay put! Thanks for the options.

  2. Socks that really don’t show but don’t slip off. Ugh. The only things I’ve found that HALF way work squeeze my toes together way too hard. I’ve just decided to use Flat Socks in anything they work with. They wash and I don’t have to worry about them being seen or slipping into my shoe.

  3. I wish I could find a pair that will STAY IN PLACE!!! I’ve tried several pairs but no luck. Maybe one of these will work.

  4. Donna Robinson says:

    Great information ! I can really use and need.
    Thank you!

  5. Have you ever heard of bombas socks? I see them advertised a lot. Maybe you could check them out for us! Thanks!

  6. Tressella says:

    You might want to try Sheec socks. I really like them.

  7. I have never found a pair of no show socks that my shoes don’t eat. I have pretty much given up.

    1. It is a battle! Those pesky shoes are always hungry. Lol!

  8. I too am having a terrible time with No-show socks- They just won’t stay on my heels! I end up just taking them off every time!! (I also have not found a pair of sling-back shoes I can wear, for the same reason! They just become ‘flip-flops’- which worn with dressy clothes just doesn’t work!! lol 😂 😆)Thank you for your reviews ! Merry Christmas ❤️🎄🌟

  9. Diane Southard says:

    I need to wear no show sox sometimes but I can’t stand anything pulling on my toes. my toes are very sensitive! it can be a real problem. I usually buy shoes a half size bigger so my toes don’t touch anything. it helps sometimes to get a size xl in sox. I wear a 9 shoe. My toes need room to wiggle in encumbered! lol
    I know I’m weird!

  10. I purchased a 6-pack of Gonii brand no show socks earlier this year, and I love them. They’re comfortable, a great thickness for athletic shoes and stay put. I also bought a pack of crew/hiking socks in the same brand. As hiking socks go, they’re pretty thin, so I don’t know if I’d recommend these for “real” hiking (my style of hiking is pretty tame, preferring improved trails, no more than a few miles at a time), but they worked for me on a trip to the southwest. Still searching for the perfect low cut socks – I’ll have to try out your recommendations.

    Tania, I like staying at home after dark in the winter, too! I’d rather cocoon on the couch than bundle up to go out to eat, however I rarely turn down an chance to avoid cooking…

  11. I’ve never heard of some of these brands. Thanks, Tania!

  12. It’s hard to find a pair of no show socks. They may look great @ the store, but when you actually wear them, they slip off! Thanks Tania for the recommendations!

  13. Hubs and I are not fans of leaving the house when it’s dark. We have a few dinner engagements with friends several times a month but that’s it.
    I find that Bombas socks fit my needs the best, both for workout and no show, which is not very often at all. They are pricey but last and since I wear a pair everyday, I get my money’s worth.

  14. The only no show socks that really work for me are Sheec socks. Another influencer suggested them

    1. Those look great! Thanks for the heads-up.

  15. Christal M Yowell says:

    I love socks- but not a fan of the no show. I have very narrow ankles and unless I super glued them to my foot the always slip down. I either go totally without or with regular ankle socks.

  16. Thanks for these options.They’re cute. I only wear no show socks in spring and summer. If it’s under 60 I wear regular socks. I’ve even styled my socks to deliberately show. My granddaughter said no show socks are out with teenagers. I don’t follow sock trends. I dress according to the weather.

  17. From the comments, looks like there will be different results no matter what. I wear the Avia shoe liner from Walmart and they have been working great for me!
    My husband and I consider leaving the house after six at night very late!

  18. You need to try Bombas! They’re great!

  19. Mary Carol says:

    I really need some decent no slip socks!!
    And yes, we also like to stay in on cold winter nights.
    I just accidentally pushed something on my phone and a voice started reading your post aloud to me. That’s a first.

    1. Wow! I didn’t know that was possible.

  20. Karen Daniel says:

    I’ve tried so many socks even children’s to try to find socks that won’t slip. Thanks for more options!

  21. Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely be trying the LuLuLemom!

  22. I also truly hate it when my shoe “eats” my sock, it can make you miserable! I have tried lots of different kinds & some work well part of the time & then there’s that time that your miserable! My favorite kind that I’ve tried is ONDO, they are cut a little bit more square than most others I’ve tried. So far they haven’t failed me. Give them a try I think you will be impressed! I know I am.

  23. I had no idea there were so many choices of no show socks. For 40+ years I have worn the old fashion Peds with the padding on the bottom.
    They work fine for me but it would be fun to have different colors rather than beige.

  24. I am so glad you posted about socks! I can’t find a pair I’m happy with so I’ll be trying these. Thanks so much!

    We like to stay in a lot too. Especially in the winter. I’m in my loungewear as soon as possible.

  25. Try SHEEC. The best footies and no show athletic socks. They even make a bootie sock. You can order small, medium, or large. Most sock slide on my heel. Not these.

    1. A couple of people have mentioned this brand. I’ll have to give them a try.

  26. I don’t wear socks very often and usually they are fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm. My feet don’t sweat so I never wear them when working out or walking.

  27. Ginger Hiller says:

    It is so challenging finding no-show socks that are really not visible and that actually stay in place. My heels are really narrow, which adds to my challenge. I do have Nike no show socks that definitely stay put, but they do scrunch my toes a bit. I also have some Peds that I like, but they aren’t real low cut.

  28. Meg Anderson says:

    Great article! Have you tried Sheec no show socks? Best I have ever tried. And they have a variety of styles for different types of shoes. These are also expensive, but we’ll worth it.

  29. Have you ever tried bombas socks? I want a sock that does not slide down your heel when walking. I walk several miles a day.

  30. I like the look of low socks but they are cold in the winter! Merry Christmas Tania!

  31. The best I have found for any shoe is the Ondo brand. They stay on my foot with or without a shoe. They are thin (I wear the cotton) but they fit in all shoes. They make a low cut one for dressier shoes, I have not tried that yet nor have I tried the merino wool. They are found on line at Ondo.com. I have them in several colors to match my shoes black and brown for dress and white and gray for tennis shoes. I also have some in a special color for a particular color of shoe. They are pricey but they last.

  32. Good morning Tania! Both of my go to no-show socks and low ankle socks when I wear my Brooks sneaker are Bombas. They never ever slip. Plus Bombas donates a pair of socks for every pair you buy (and they are guaranteed forever). My no-show favorites for thinner casual sneakers (like Keds) are Columbias. Have a great day and stay warm!! It’s 29 degrees here.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I have a few pairs of Bombas socks, but no the no-show variety. I’ll have to try those.

  33. I have so many socks but thx!