The Most Comfortable Walking Sandals To Buy Now

We may be in the middle of winter but blink and spring will be upon us. Or maybe you’re one of the lucky folks who’s planned a trip to a warmer climate after the holidays. It’s never too early to start looking for great footwear. I remember a trip to Chicago where I had to throw my sandals away and shop for some new ones because the blisters were doing me in! Ugh. No fear. I’m sharing the most comfortable walking shoes to buy now so that you won’t find yourself in similar circumstances.

A couple of my friends recently took a long vacation, and both of them talked about the importance of having a good walking sandal. Joe and I are planning a trip later this spring, so I decided to order a couple of pairs to see if I could find a pair I liked.

I want to have time to “break in” the sandals so they are comfortable right away. The Victoria Slide Sandal by NAOT, a brand I’ve heard a lot of good things about, manages to look casual and semi-dressy, plus it is also comfortable. I love the chain detail that gives them an upscale look. These will look great with pants, skirts, shorts, and dresses. I sized up a 1/2 size in these sandals. Anytime I purchase a shoe that curves up at the toe and heel, I’ll size up a bit. I don’t like my heel to hit the curve. Lol!

The Most Comfortable Walking Sandals To Buy Now -Sporty

Teva seems to be one of the most popular sandals when it comes to style and comfort. My daughter has a couple of pairs of Teva sandals, and she swears by them. I wanted a casual, fun sandal, so I finally decided to try a pair for myself. This pair will be here in a few days.

You can never go wrong with Sketchers! I’ve had other versions, but I liked how sporty these looked. These would be great when your vacation includes any type of physical activity where you’re afraid your shoes might get knocked off. No one at Disney wants to be bonked in the head by a shoe from above! These come in four different colors, and all the sizes are wide.

These are billed as hiking sandals. I don’t usually hike in sandals or hike at all, lol, but I’ve walked a few golf courses over the years with Joe. These would also be great to pack on a cruise. They’d work on the ship or for excursions. Wouldn’t these look cute with a nice skort? They come in 18 different color combinations if you don’t like the black, and they’ve been reviewed over 20,000 times!

The Most Comfortable Walking Sandals To Buy Now – Strappy

Here is another sandal by NAOT. I am a huge fan of wedge shoes, and this one is a great neutral color. The cork footbed might take a while to mold to your foot, which is another reason to get walking sandals before your next trip. These are leather, and I LOVE the velcro closure. I just got in a pair of Vionic dress sandals, and they have this feature, too. These come in a lot of colors, so I’m sure you can find a pair you like.

I’m a fan of wide straps. They never seem to chaff like thin straps. The thick sole is another feature I look for when I know I’ve got a lot of walking planned. These come in a ton of color combinations if you don’t like this version. I like the solid hot pink!

These are from a brand called CUSHIONAIRE. I mean, what a name for comfort! I thought this print was particularly cute. Black and tan are a classic combination, but they come in others, such as raffia, white, and olive. They are also waterproof, so if you’re going to be walking through water, these will work well.

Y’all know I love a great yellow sandal! These straps are elastic and stretch nicely as your foot moves. I love the wedge. It’s not very high, but enough to up the style factor by a notch or two. These are definitely casual but still cute enough to pair with a long skirt or flowy pants. If you don’t love yellow as much as I do, no worries. They are available in 12 other colors!

I really wanted to show these in the shiny black version, but I realized I hadn’t posted any white sandals yet. Get your self-tanner ready, Gurls! These would be great at your local water park or beach. Wash off the sand, and you’ll be ready for dinner on the patio. Reviewers say they are very lightweight (perfect for packing) and comfortable – win/win! There are 21 colors to choose from, so take a look at the link for what makes you happiest. 🙂

The Most Comfortable Walking Sandals To Buy Now -Slides

Oooo. I like these gold slides A LOT! Talk about a cushiony sole! They remind me of a soft Croc, to be honest. Hey, walking sandals are going to be cute but rarely chic. Anyway, these are by Wewaya, a brand I’ve ordered before, and they have been reviewed over 14,000 times. They come in several fun colors and prints and are just $25 dollars.

Okay, now. Hold the front door! I’m more of a Louboutin girl than a Birkenstock wearer, but dang! These look pretty darn chic. I guess it’s the black and gold combo, but these are a step up from what I usually see from Birkenstock. They come in several other nice colors, including a fancy silver. What about it, Gurls? Are any Birkenstock wearers reading today? Let us know if you love them!

Would you have guessed that these are orthopedic sandals? I don’t think anyone else will either! Arch support is a biggie with me as I have super high arches. The wedge “conforms to ergonomics, which can realize natural heel-to-toe rolling movement”. Ortho+Rest says that these are designed especially for people with bunions and sensitive feet. If the beige is too basic for you, check the link for other colors, such as white, black, and blue.

Are you planning a vacation to a warmer climate? Comment with your destination. I’d love to hear where you’re going!

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  1. Happy to see some recommendations for cute sandals for us that have problem feet!

  2. Sandy Dowd says:

    Enjoying your insight and style

  3. Krista Harendt Rogers says:

    the reef sandals are intriguing. I have many pairs of vionic’s but dont seem to like them much. they turn my foot in, what might be the proper direction, but a very uncomfortable direction. (I say that sitting here wearing a pair of Vionic’s, but i only have a half day, so i can stand it). I would love to try some NAOT. I’ve heard wonderful things about them. But who can argue with a metallic puffer slide!?!?!?! HAHAHAHA

    Love ya-

    1. I just ordered a couple of other metallic shoes this morning. Lol!

  4. Cathy Baird says:

    I just ordered the Victorian Slide sandals in red today. excited to get them. thanks for the great ideas.

  5. Krista Preston says:

    I live in AZ so always looking for sandals. Thanks for the ideas

  6. Great sandal ideas. 💡

  7. I traveled to the Mall of America with sandals that hurt & had to buy new ones like you did in Chicago

  8. Martine Benzio says:

    I have just discovered Naot shoes! They are so comfortable. It’s important to me to be able to walk for hours comfortably. Thanks for the recommendation.

  9. Carolee Waiksnoris says:

    Yay…spring is coming! I agree with you if he sees his shadow I believe lol!

    1. Wow! It sounds like you know your walking sandals!

  10. Been wearing Birkenstocks for over 30 years, and never had a blister even with new Arizona’s 30 years ago, walking 10 miles daily in Italy and recently a new pair of Arizonas felt like slippers and highly recommended by a podiatrist after foot surgery!
    Also bought a new pair of Ecco’s slide into in a light summer color, but hands down, Birkenstocks have wonderful support and make your feet work well!
    lLOVE tHEM!!!!!

  11. Stella Gustafson says:

    Not sure about the Sandler. Guess cause in Florida it’s flip flops. Don’t even see sandals

  12. I love my Birks! I’ve been wearing them for work and fun for a long time.

  13. Ginger Hiller says:

    I am a year round Birkenstock wearer, but I also wear other brands of sandals. We will be in FL for one week in late July. Along with needing arch support like you do, I have very thin and narrow feet so it’s challenging finding sandals that fit.

  14. As I age, I am finding that I have trouble with slides and flipflops. I need the support of a good flat sandal.

  15. sue ann koren says:

    I’m gonna need a pedicure….. ha ha

    1. Me too! That’s exactly what I thought when I put on the sandals.

  16. I find the sandals with the wide stretchy straps are the most comfortable, especially for my wide feet!

  17. I’ve had a pair of Naot Dorith sandals for years in silver. LOVE them! Accommodates my bunion, and I can walk miles in them. I am looking for a pair of beach sandals. My current Keen water sandals are so big and clunky looking and are starting to rub in places and are causing blisters. have you or any of your readers actually tried the Reef Water Vista sandals?

  18. My plantar fasciitis seems to subside when I wear closed up shoes. I hope I can wear sandals this spring and summer.

    1. Hmmm, I would think it would have more to do with the support than if the toe was open or closed.

  19. Cynthia Kemp says:

    Love Birkenstocks! The only sandals and shoes I wear. So glad you showed them as a fashionable option.

  20. Sara Evans says:

    We will be going to Rockport, Texas this summer – our favorite beach destination! We’ve been going there for 6 or 7 years now and just love it. I’ll have to check out some of these sandals for our next trip!

  21. I really like Sabatini and Taos. Very very good walking sandals 👡

  22. I recently saw where you can put moleskin on your foot until your shoes are broken in (or put the moleskin on the inside of the shoe). I’ve got some in my shopping cart. If it works, I’ll add some to my “travel box” for vacation emergencies. 🙂

  23. Susan Mitchell says:

    Thanks for sharing Naots! I have a few pairs of their sandals and love them! So comfy!

  24. Susan Mitchell says:

    Thanks for sharing Naots! I have a few pairs of their sandals and love them!

  25. I love all the styles and colors you picked. It will be hard to choose a few.

  26. I am ready for sandal weather! Great choices that are cute and comfortable

  27. Those orthotic wedge shoes look great! Stylish with comfort. Thanks for this post.

  28. Due to several foot surgeries, I can no longer wear a flat heeled shoes so wedges are my go to. The orthotic slides look like something I could wear and be comfortable.

  29. Love the sandals. My feet are narrow so I like sandals and wedges that has straps around my ankle.

  30. Having a good brown sandal, is a must for my style. I will definitely look into your suggestion. Thanks Tania!

  31. You might check out vionics and they are cute! They are good for your feet, have support help women that have plantar fasciitis and did I mention they are cute!

  32. I love my Birkenstocks. I have that exact pair, plus a few colors of Gizeh style. I was never a big Birkenstock fan until I couldn’t walk without pain. The cork bottoms and arch support help with my plantar fasciitis, so I can sight see (and shop !) all I want again

  33. Jane Martin says:

    My favorite sandal is from the brand Ecco. The flat sandle has adjustable straps so the fit all my foot problems. I can also wear them in the water.

  34. I have TWO pairs of the Skechers Women’s On-The-go 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandal – they really are THAT comfortable for walking!

    1. Thanks, Susan. I love hearing what works for everyone.

  35. Love Naot sandals. They are also great if you have problems with heel spurs and/or plantar fasciitis.

    1. I’m glad to know that. They seem very comfortable.

  36. I love that you have your Dad’s ashtray. My grandfather who owned a dairy and passed away many years before I was born. However, I have a thermometer that he gave to his customers. It has his phone number on it. The number was 123. That’s it!

    1. Wow! I think I could remember that number. Lol!

  37. I have the Skechers, super casual and oh so comfy! Also have Birkenstocks. I’ve had them since September and still “breaking in” to get that super comfortable feeling! Thank you for this review. I, too, have finicky feet and it’s hard to find that perfect, comfortable shoe, regardless of the type. 👟 👠

  38. Love slides, but unfortunately they do not love me. 😞

  39. I can vouch for the Keens – don’t forget sunscreen on the tops of your feet. When we lived in FL very close to Disney World we had many visitors who came to visit and did not heed our sun screen warning and wished they had😬 . We were Disney’s best B and B.

    1. I’ve had sunburned feet before, and now I always apply it. Lol!