The Latest Fall Fashions From JCPenney

I recently did a Denim Finds For Fall From JCPenney post, and it was such a HUGE hit with all of you that I decided to do a Part 2 version today. As I mentioned in the first post, denim is my go-to most of the time. I love denim jeans, jackets, skirts, and dresses, and it is perfect for wearing in the fall. Today, I’m sharing some of the latest fall fashions from JCPenney so that you can grab them during the Friends & Family Event before they sell out.

You might have heard me mention a few hundred times that brown is trending for fall. I love pairing different shades of browns together to create a tonal effect. The 4 Poster Shoulder Bag does a great job of tying the V Neck Long Sleeve Pullover and the Brownie High Rise Straight Leg Jeans look together. Can’t you see yourself wearing this outfit on repeat this fall?!?

This entire look was built around the Striped Crew Neck Sweater. I love this sweater, and I think it looks great with the High Rise Flare Jeans. This is a casual outfit, but it can be elevated with the addition of the Huggie Ribbed Hoop Earrings and Link Bracelet, which matches the hardware on the crossbody and booties. Need some inspiration on where to wear this outfit? How about out to lunch, a football game, or shopping?

Jeans aren’t always “blue.” I styled a pair of chocolate brown jeans above, and here is how I would style a caramel pair. Creating an outfit is all about the details. The caramel stripe on the V Neck Sweater Vest ties in well with the Straight Leg Jeans. The addition of the small black stripe on the vest was a great excuse to add black to the look with earrings, loafers, and a shoulder bag.

When I think of fall, I think of walking in the woods with the leaves falling all around me. This is what I would wear to take a stroll or go to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin for my front porch. Doesn’t this outfit look warm and cozy? I love the Russet Long Sleeve Button Cardigan and Multi Plaid Button-Down Shirt, and the Frye and Co. Crossbody Bag has a casual look that is perfect for this outfit. The Classic Straight Jeans would look super cute cuffed with the Block Heel Booties.

Since all the other denim outfits were casual-looking, I thought I would show you one that is dressier. I doubt if “dressy” is what comes to mind when wearing denim, but this look shows that it is possible. The dark caramel stripe in the V Neck Sleeveless Blouse matches the side panels of the Shoulder Bag perfectly. And I LOVE the Cap Toe Block Heel Pumps with the Black Denim Skirt. Cap-toe shoes are everywhere this year, and these slingbacks are a pair that would go with almost everything.

Here are a few other items that I liked:

JCPenney is a brand that most of you already know and love; they carry a wide array of products and have great quality items. JCPenney offers free shipping to your store for orders over $25 and free shipping to your home when orders are $75 or more.

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  1. Love all clothes brown!

  2. Becky Kerwin says:

    Love that denim dress! Thanks. for all your time you put into these posts!

  3. Fall fashion is fun and comfy!!

  4. Love JC Penney’s. We lost ours years ago at the mall near me. Not many left!

  5. These are such cute outfits; I like them all!

  6. I love these styles from JCP! Thanks!

  7. Maribeth Conklin says:

    I’m looking for the perfect brown something that will work for me.

  8. Cathy Baird says:

    I love JC Penneys. JC Penneys is the store that we shopped at as a kid for school clothes. Talking about dressing nice when you leave the house. I’m always conscious of what how I look walking out the door. I drive school bus and I dress up. I don’t wear old jeans and sweatshirts. I think look nice commands respect from the kids. My husband drives school bus also, and we went to wash his bus this morning (Saturday), and I made sure that I looked nice. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  9. Thanks for reminding me of JCP. Our local Charlottesville store closed years ago and I had forgotten them. But I’m looking for a lightweight navy pullover sweater and they have one in PXL, which is hard to find.

  10. I must admit I’ve always loved JCP. Their St Johns Bay T shirts are so comfy and inexpensive.

  11. Julie Pratt says:

    I love Liz Claiborne from J C Penny’s, they always fit true to size and the quality is great. Thank you for so many options. Just ordered several & the black denim skirt I have decided to try, even though I don’t normally wear denim skirts😊 have a wonderful weekend Tania

    1. Have a wonderful weekend! ❤️

  12. sue koren says:

    Love that little crossbody bag!

  13. krista rogers says:

    Every year i find something from liz claiborne and wonder why i dont wear that brand more often. love love love the gold loafers

  14. Terry Metzler says:

    I love j c penney mainly due to liz claiborne. I have several items and love them

  15. Tammy Soave says:

    JC Penney is not one of the stores of think of shopping. But, that’s going to change! You shared some pieces I really like.

  16. Loving the cognac booties. The bags are great too. All well put together.
    I love the fall 🍁

  17. Karen Daniel says:

    Great post with a great brand! Love these fall colors.

  18. Love the outfits you put together

  19. I can see your mom’s point… LOL! I won’t stop reading your posts though. : ) I may break out of my rut and buy one or two new things for the fall season. Thanks for so many great ideas.

  20. Love these affordable cute outfits!

  21. Those are great style widgets. My favorite denim jacket is a Liz Clairburne one I bought years ago. Still looks new. I need to check out the brown jeans.

  22. Janice Nagle says:

    I just discovered that it’s possible to shop penney’s online! and there are great online only deals! just Google j.c. penney’s.

    1. Janice, online is the only way I shop JCPenneys.

  23. Janice Nagle says:

    penney’s is not a store I think of when I’m shopping. But this is going to change! cute stuff!

  24. Sherry Sousa says:

    I love jc penny! Thank you for all the ideas!

  25. Barbara Boos says:

    Love all the outfits.

  26. Marilyn Byrnside says:

    Glad to see you do a Penny’s post. I’m 74, and it’s almost always been my go to store for fashionable clothing at affordable prices. I have had lots of good luck with Liz Claiborne styles and fit. I have that striped short sleeve sweater and love the way it looks and fits. I am hot natured and rarely wear sweaters, so it’s nice to find something seasonal but not too warm. Thank you!

    1. Marilyn, I’m glad that this post was for you!

  27. Garrett Laura says:

    Your mom sounds like a sassy lady. Love it that she dresses up in style!! JC Penney has some great choices this year. Thanks!

  28. Stephanie says:

    Really loved the denim outfit with the plaid button down shirt & cardigan. Quintessential fall look.

  29. JC Penny has nice outfits. Unfortunately our store closed 3 years ago. I miss it.

  30. Kathy Elliott says:

    take a stroll or go to the pumpkin patch in those 4 inch booties?? lol.
    Sorry Tanya won’t be me!!!

  31. Love the JC Penny fall outfits, thanks for sharing. Your mam deserves to look nice but hopefully she won’t stop following you. 😉

  32. Great blog! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  33. Thank you for showing JCPenny. They have a large selection of basic pieces in so many colors that I depended on for slacks, blouses and blazers. Their Liz Claiborne line is always reliable. I’ve discovered when I’m putting together a last-minute outfit for travel or an event, and need a piece to finish it off, JCP pickup has come to the rescue!

  34. Love the outfits and the great prices!

  35. Love all the JCPenney outfits. Unfortunately, they closed the store in my town.

    1. Cheryl, I don’t have a store near me either, so I purchase everything online instead.

  36. Sharon Steinhoff Smith says:

    JCP is kind of a sleeper spot for me. I don’t think of them first when I’m shopping for something, but they come through with the basics. I was just checking out a sweater dress on their site today!

  37. Cute booties at a reasonable price!

  38. I love all of these I will check them out!

  39. Kellie johnson says:

    love JCP. I buy alot of my dresses there. I’m loving the boots you show.

  40. That is so cute about your mom. Reminds me of how my mom was (she is now gone😥). She lived by…No matter how you feel, always get up, dress up, show up and never give up!
    Yes, I also find myself shopping a little more from your inspirational posts! lol

    1. Debi, mom has never been one to dress up to go out. However, now that people are complimenting her, she feels compelled to put more effort into her look.

  41. Loving these fall options! Thanks for the storefront link!

  42. I can relate to your Mom too!🤣 I am looking for a pair of boots similar to what you showed in the JC Penney haul, but with a 2” heel or lower. Loved that price point, just don’t wear that tall of heels.
    Thanks for the ideas!

  43. I have the St Johns Bay front patch pocket jeans and I LOVE then. So on trend. Great look and quality for the money!!!

  44. I have shopped JC Penney’s in year. Nice selection.

  45. The closest JCPenney to me is about an hour away. I wish there was one cloi. So many pretty clothes!

  46. I want that Frye crossbody!!

    1. Isn’t it cute?!? Can you believe the price!?!

  47. WOW! There’s a whole lot of cuteness!!! Thanks for all the suggestions! Happy Friday❤

  48. Brown is “my” color! One thing I am having a difficult time finding is medium brown riding boots that come in wide and have a flat heel. They’re not “in” right now, I guess!

  49. Love all the looks you’ve put together from JC Penney. You have such an eye for putting together wearable outfits for everyone, every occassion.

  50. I too like the Liz line at JCP! Nice selection today. I finally decided to purchase the jean jacket that you say is your favorite from Amazon. I really like the fit and softness and stretch! Always appreciate your recommendations and descriptions of how the clothing actually fit and feel. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Cindy, I’ve been talking about that jacket for years! It sure took you long enough. Hahaha!

  51. I understand your mom completely! Since reading your blog I get compliments on my clothes, shoes, and jewelry every where I go. I ordered the Wrangler denim jacket yesterday, and I am heading to JCP this weekend for the Liz purse you featured today. I have always been a big fan of the Liz Claiborne brand.

  52. Oooo, this is a good post. And just like your mom, I JUST said I’ve got to slow down on clothes. Christmas is coming. Ugh, I need some things for the new job. I’m having to reevaluate the October budget now. JCP is just so affordable and upped their game a few years back.

  53. Dawn Milburn says:

    The plaid button down shirt is calling my name! What is it about Fall and plaid? They just seem to go hand in hand. Thanks Tania for more great inspirational outfits!

    1. They do go hand in hand!

  54. love all the suggestions. I hadn’t shopped Penny’s in years. Thanks for a reminder of other shopping options

  55. Denim!!! I will always wear it…straight leg, skinny, flare…love them all!

  56. JCP is one of my go-to local stores. So glad to see them featured here! I love the color-block shoes. Definitely heading out this weekend to check them out!

    1. I really love the color block shoes too.

  57. I recently rediscovered JCPenneys and am tickled to find that they have such fashion forward apparel. And the price point is so affordable. They carry the Liz Claiborne brand which has been a favorite for years. Love the pewter flats.

    1. I’ve been a Liz C. fan for years too!

  58. Louise Logan says:

    These JCP fashions are very on target.

  59. I like how you put looks together for an outfit. I would like to see them on a model 😊

    1. Lol! I know, but I just can’t buy everything! Hahaha!

        1. Lol! Something to do with time and money! Hahaha

  60. Linda Shearer says:

    Very affordable fall looks! Thank You for posting.

  61. Kathy Ambrosi says:

    great pricing and great looks from JC Penney. Thanks for sharing

  62. I’m loving these looks from JCPenney. We don’t have a store near us anymore so it has fallen off my radar. Super cute!

    1. Jennifer, the nearest store is an hour and a half away. I’ve gotten used to ordering everything online,

  63. Ginger Hiller says:

    All of the outfits you created look great! I really like the chocolate brown.

  64. That is so funny about your mom! Haha! Yes, that is why we all follow you to be inspired to look better at home and in public. You do such a good job. Can I borrow some money? Haha. Great post, Penneys is a good place to shop.

    1. Joan, don’t give mom any ideas. Lol!

  65. Denim is great for all!

  66. Janice Wooldridge says:

    Awesome. We have a Penney’s here in our small town.

  67. I love JC Penny! I live in a border city Canada, and used to shop in Michigan at my favorite store. Unfortunately, they closed. I think I will have to order online and pick up in the states. I love all of the brown combinations, especially the first one with the 4 poster bag.

  68. Jean kern says:

    I need to re visit JCPenny
    Some really cute styles

  69. I love your posts! It really helps me to put looks together. I look forward to it everyday!

  70. Kathy Bruns says:

    Unfortunately all my local JCPenney stores have closed. I used to shop there a lot. The outfits are lovely and have reminded me to dig out my brown leather handbag!

  71. Pat Ferguson says:

    I forget about shopping at JCP! What cute items you have selected. Thank you.

  72. Donna Robinson says:

    Lots of good looks from JCP!

  73. Tammy Soave says:

    I laughed at the story of your mom in your email lead in. I have said I need to unfollow you for the same reason! But! Just this week, my 30 year old daughter complimented my top on 2 different days. Turns out they were tops you shared from Amazon in the past. My daughter said she better start looking on Amazon for tops!

    1. Tammy, I love hearing this! I know a lot of ladies have mentioned that there husbands are noticing how much better they are dressing.

  74. These Fall outfits are 🔥! I love the looks! 💛

  75. Wow I want every one of those outfits!

  76. Love JC Penney for up-to-date looks without spending a lot. My go-to for current trends.

  77. Your post is great today! I’ve gotten to where I like JCPenney’s. I walked through there the other day and they really do have some cute fall clothes in stock.