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The Best Ways to Combat Seasonal Depression

Have you seen the memes floating around that say, “Every night at midnight, I realize it’s 5 pm?” I feel that deeply! There’s just something about it being dark in what seems like the middle of the day! Have you heard of Seasonal Depression or Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? I first heard of it when my daughter moved to Alaska. Basically, it’s a type of depression that happens every year during a specific season, usually winter. You may have experienced it without even knowing it! No worries. Today, I’m sharing some of the best ways to combat seasonal depression.

I’ll be focusing on some products you can purchase to help, but research shows Vitamin D and exercise are known to be helpful. So take your vitamins and get moving!

The Best Ways to Combat Seasonal Depression – Dawn Simulators

Dawn simulators are just that! They’re alarm clocks that mimic the spring sunrise. This wake-up light slowly gets brighter, turning from soft morning red to orange, finally filling your room with white light. It has 2 alarms, which include 7 natural sounds. What a lovely way to wake up!

This light can be set to mimic sunrise or sunset and has 25 brightness settings. It has 7 natural sounds, or you can wake up to an FM radio. There are several great features like a midnight light, FM radio, phone charging dock, power back-up, speaker, auto-dimming display, bedside lamp, and smart snooze!

The Best Ways to Combat Seasonal Depression – Light Therapy

According to the Mayo Clinic, “a light therapy box mimics outdoor light. It’s thought that this type of light may cause a chemical change in the brain that lifts your mood and eases other symptoms of SAD, such as being tired most of the time and sleeping too much. Generally, the light box should: Provide an exposure to 10,000 lux of light.”

This Daylight lamp provides the recommended 10,000 LUX of white light and includes a safe, glare-free screen. The flexible stand allows you to adjust the height and angle of the light. It has a nice size screen at 16″ x 13″. There are over 3,000 reviews, and it has a 4.3-star rating.

When my daughter went to Alaska, we bought her a Happy Light. This light has 4 brightness levels, 3 HappyHue color temperature options, and a convenient countdown timer that is programmable for up to 1 hour in 5-minute increments. It’s a little smaller at 7.48″W x 11.73″H and has both a wall mount and a detachable stand.

The Best Ways to Combat Seasonal Depression – Aromatherapy

There have been some studies that show aromatherapy may also help those with SAD. This is an Intelligent Aromatherapy Diffuser. I’m glad one of us is, lol. You can use it like a normal diffuser or download the companion app for features like LED color, mist intensity, timer settings, scheduling, and more directly from your phone. It also works with Alexa and Google Home!

Gurls, this diffuser has been reviewed over 50,000 times! It has a whopping 4.7-star rating. Here are the details: It features a large and easy-to-clean 500ml water tank, 7 LED light colors, multiple mist nebulizer modes, a remote control, as well as a safety auto-switch that prevents it from overheating in case it runs out of water. Sounds like a ton of people love it!

The Best Ways to Combat Seasonal Depression – Journals

Journaling is a great way to fight seasonal depression. Writing down your thoughts can help you clarify your feelings and prioritize your needs.

A Worry for Nothing Journal sounds great! The techniques in this journal are backed by Cognitive Behavioral Therapists who use these prompts to help clients learn how to overcome anxiety and reduce stress. The cover is discreet and doesn’t say anything about stress, etc., so you can take it anywhere you go.

This journal just looks cheery! It features daily questions that help you to stay on track with your goals. It’s also all about self-love and affirmation. Who doesn’t want that?! This journal is for 91 days, so perfect. In three months, spring will be around the corner!

These tips are not meant to be used in place of professional treatment. Please seek help if it is needed. Here is an article I found about the difference between Depression and SAD.

If you’ve tried any of these solutions, please let me know your experience. We’d all love to hear how these worked.

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  1. Happy New Year Tania. Love your Amazon Finds.
    I am depressed because that “smiley blue truck” hasn’t been here in 2 days 😐

    1. It finally came to visit me today. And, after the order I placed today, it will be coming several days before long.

  2. I bought my boys (17) the sunrise clock for Christmas. They’re awful about getting up for school, and I’m hoping this will help them start to wake up without me having to go tell them every few minutes that it’s almost time for breakfast (I understand the difficulty in waking up suddenly). I guess we’ll find out next week when school goes back if it helps. 😀

  3. Growing up in California, I had heard about SAD, but never really understood what it was all about. Then I moved to the PNW and now I know exactly what it is. By February, I am going stir crazy and waiting for Spring to arrive. Now we go to Arizona every February thru April and it’s all better.

  4. Thanks for this info, Tania. I like the diffusers.

  5. sue koren says:

    I think I just need to book a vacation for somewhere warm!

  6. Tania, Thank you for providing those of us who experience SAD with such beneficial information. As a therapist I would advise those who have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder to consult with their doctors or psychiatrists before using a light box. The light can affect people differently. Also, the time permitted to sit by the light box should be taken seriously. A psychiatrist who served as a consultant provided me with the above information.

    1. Thanks, Sharon for the information. This is info that I’ve not been provided.

  7. Thanks for this info!! Great post. Happy New Year!!

  8. Hi Tania! I’ve been using my Phillips light box for years. It seems to help during these dark and dreary Midwest days. Thanks for this post and Happy New Year!

  9. Linda Shearer says:

    At work Im moving from a window office to an office with no light. So I am considering one of the lights. I really like the one on the stand.

  10. I have the happy light. I use it in the morning to wake up in the winter months. I really like it. I’m hoping to try the Sunrise alarm that sounds interesting. Do any of you have it?

    1. I don’t have it, but my daughter has one. She loves it, and also uses it as she goes to sleep at night.

  11. Becky Kerwin says:

    I don’t know how well these items work but I sure like the look of the sunrise alarm clock! Lol!

  12. I’ve had a light therapy box for a few years. I struggle with SAD. I would just have blue moods where it’s hard to get motivated to do anything. I usually use it when I’m doing my makeup. It really helps me survive the cold Winter months.

    1. Christym, I’m glad the light therapy box works for you. It helped my daughter, too.

      1. Thank you for these suggestions! The public library in my small southeastern Minnesota town offers light boxes for checkout. This is a great way to see how it helps you, before considering a purchase.

  13. I have the Verilux light & love it

    1. Thanks, Deanne. I love it when the gurls tell how a product works for them.