The Best Tops To Wear in Hot Weather

I don’t know how things are where you are, but it is SWELTERING in the south. Virginia temperatures have been in the low 90s and we’re the lucky ones! If you’re struggling with the high temps, I’m here to help. Today I’m sharing the best tops to wear in hot weather.

The Best Tops To Wear in Hot Weather – Linen

Oversized Cotton Linen Blouse

Linen is a great choice for hot weather, and I love this pretty blouse. It’s breathable, absorbs moisture, and dries quickly. The stiffer fabric means it won’t cling to you when things get sticky. Not only will this shirt keep you cool, but it’s also under $20 dollars!

Chigant Women’s Cotton Linen Tank Top

This cami is very chic. I love the v-neck, and I think it would be great for when you have to dress up a bit and go to the office or a meeting. You can throw a lightweight cardigan or blazer on top of this, and it would look great.

Linen Blend Camp Shirt

I love the color of this shirt. Did you know that lavender is one of the colors of 2023? (I’m going to do a whole post showing you the lavender things I’ve recently purchased soon.) This shirt looks gorgeous with white pants. I also like the buttons. They give it a very modern feel.

The Best Tops To Wear in Hot Weather – Cotton

Babydoll Woven Top

You can’t think of summer clothes without thinking of cotton! Cotton is soft and breathable, and it soaks up sweat. Plus, cotton is inexpensive when compared to other fabrics. I love the tiny holes in this shirt. Wear a black bra if you like, or try a bright color for fun. This shirt is from Nordstrom and is under $40 dollars!

Eyelet Cotton Popover

White eyelet IS summer, and this top is adorable. I love the neckline, the sleeves, where it hits on the torso – everything about it. I’d pair this with a flowy, printed skirt and some espadrilles. Of course, the best thing is that it’s 100% cotton.

100% Cotton Tunic

This cotton top is a little bit longer than the others, perfect for when you want to cover the booty region. Uh, that would be me! There are a lot of colors to choose from. Even though it’s longer, it’s not a lot wider, so I would not suggest this for pear-shaped gurls.

The Best Tops To Wear in Hot Weather – Rayon

Floral Lace Trim Top

Like all of the fabrics on the post today, Rayon is great for climates with hot weather because it absorbs sweat, dries quickly, and isn’t clingy. But in addition to all of that, it uses thinner threads that make the clothes a little dressier typically.

Isn’t this top pretty? I love the floral pattern, the lace details, and the longer sleeves. It’s very unique which I really like.

Hobbs London Split Neck Top

I need to tag my sister in today’s post because I would love for her to buy this shirt! She is an apple shape, so she loves shirts that are v-neck and loose around the middle. She has about ten shirts like this all in shades of black, gray, and dark gray, lol. This print is so pretty, and it looks great with white pants like those pictured here.

Lucy Floral Camp Shirt

I learn so much writing this blog. This shirt is not really rayon but is described as 100% Tencel® lyocell. When I looked it up, it says that it’s “sustainably produced fiber made with closed-loop processing”. I’m finding that a lot of these tops go through similar processes – viscose, Tencel, rayon, and modal, but are slightly different. Most, including the bamboo ones below, are made from some sort of fiber, wood pulp, etc. Check your labels to know exactly what you’re getting. All I know is that this top is very pretty and it’s great for keeping cool!

The Best Tops To Wear in Hot Weather – Bamboo

Women’s Lyocell Bamboo T

See? This is described as Lyocell AND Bamboo. Oh well, like how Rayon was for fancier clothes, bamboo seems to be used for casual items. As long as it keeps me cool, I’m in! You all know how bamboo sheets keep you cool at night, these tops work the same way.

Moisture Wicking Tank Top

You gotta love anything that wicks moisture! If you’re working out in any shape or form, you’ll want to purchase a bamboo moisture-wicking shirt. Teal is one of my favorite colors because it looks good on pretty much everyone.

Spaghetti Strap Tank Top

And finally, this cute top comes in a ton of colors, and at only $23.00 dollars, you can afford to grab a few. I especially like how it only touches you at the top and then flares away from the body allowing air to move

I hope these tops help you to beat the heat. Comment with the high in your town today. I would love to know how hot things are in your neck of the woods.

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  1. I like the gauze and linen shirts. They are my style. I like the white eyelet one too. I only find cotton and linen fabrics to be the coolest in the summer. I especially love gauze. The bamboo fabric sounds interesting.

  2. I love the Lucy floral camp shirt! The pattern is really nice. The colors look like they would work great to wear from summer into fall!

  3. Lots of pretty options here! Thank you, Tania! Stay cool 😎

  4. I’m so happy to see so many Amazon clothes featured in your posts. They are affordable and so easy to just click and order. Who wants to drive to stores in the heat of the summer? Thanks for sharing your favorites! (I’m ordering the ginger linen top today!)