Creating A Beachy Vibe at Home

One of my favorite places to vacation is the beach. I’m sure I’m not alone in that! There’s just something peaceful about the ocean breeze. On my last trip, I thought, “Why can’t I feel like this all of the time?” Today’s post is a result of that. How hard would it be to create a beachy vibe at home? I think it’s doable!

I’m not suggesting you make every nook and cranny of your home full of beach-related items. Not unless you live on the coast. But you could use one or two of these in your house to get that beachy feel or do a complete outside porch area, etc.

Convertible Sectional Couch

Let’s start with a great piece of furniture. This nice comfy couch in a soft hue would be perfect! It says “relax”, open the window, and enjoy the day.

An Accent Chair

Another subtle way to create a beachy vibe is with an accent chair. I love the detail of the spindle legs and linen fabric. A pretty ocean-inspired pillow (see below) would add the perfect touch.

Beach Artwork

A beachy vibe doesn’t have to mean artwork full of sunsets and lighthouses. (If those are your thing, more power to you, but it doesn’t HAVE to be.) These prints say I love the ocean and all things nature, but in a subtle way. I also love scenes of the ocean or ocean towns printed in black and white.


Poufs are the latest trend! You can put these versatile cushions just about anywhere. Use them for sitting, as ottomans, side tables, etc. They can be leather, rattan, or just about anything else. I’d stick to the soft and cushiony type for a beach vibe.

Ocean Breeze Candle

Don’t you love the smell of the ocean?! A candle is an easy way to create a beachy vibe at home. An easy and inexpensive way – even better!


I LOVE this rug! The blue hues are so peaceful. Can’t you see this in a sunroom with the white accent chair above?! Gorgeous.

Beach Decor

Again, beach decor doesn’t just mean lighthouses. A glass orb in blue/green tones placed on a bookshelf or on top of your coffee table book about whales would be lovely and subtle.

Seafoam Pillows

Don’t forget an accent pillow! You can go with a solid color in a soft tone of seafoam green or blue, or even white on white.

Ocean Coral Throw Pillow

For a less subtle approach, buy a printed pillow. This would look lovely on the accent chair I posted above.

Rattan Table Lamps

And of course, lamps are key in defining the look of a room. This is not the time or place for a heavy black floor lamp.

Whether you’re at the actual beach, or in your own beach-inspired room, I hope you’re having a great, relaxed day!

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  1. Gardeningmama says:

    Thanks, love a beachy look 🙂

  2. Love your blog and suggestions for clothes and other things, too. The family/life updates are really fun and feel like the sprinkles on top of a cupcake 🙂

  3. Fabolous post Tania! There are several things here that I can use! Thank you!

  4. I care! I too read, and look forward to, your posts daily. And I often purchase items you feature.

  5. I love your style, please do branch out into interior designing, it would definitely help me. I am looking for comforters that are a spa green or a pretty blue.

  6. Enjoyed this “Summer Vibes” post. It is nice to get more than one subject post each day. I have followed you since Day 1 of your blogging journey. You were the first blogger I followed. I do not miss a post. I find you to have such original content. You are such a hard worker! Thank you so much for sharing daily! God Bless!
    PS You look so cute in so many different fashion choices.

    1. Rhonda, thank yo so much!!! There are times when I wonder if anyone cares if I post or not, so this affirming comment really made my day.

      1. Carla Beasley says:

        🙋🏼‍♀️ I definitely care whether you post or not! I, for one, look forward to your posts! You help this style challenged grandmother immensely!

        1. Thanks, Carla! It is nice to know I’d be missed.