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The Best Pattern and Print Tops For Fall

Tops are something that I feature all year long because, as I’ve mentioned before, most of us need to wear one, lol. We can wear the same pair of jeans for a day or two, and no one would notice, but that’s not true of tops. That’s why I’m sharing some of the best pattern and print tops for fall.

This shirt was in yesterday’s Comfortable Outfits Perfect For Thanksgiving From Kohl’s post. I didn’t add this photo to one of the categories below since there is a slight controversy on whether it is a floral or an animal print. Lol! Which print do you see?

The Best Pattern and Print Tops For Fall – Floral

Let’s start with florals. Florals are usually associated with spring and summer, but you can still find a few fall florals. This cashmere sweater is one that would work for now and later in the spring.

This is a sweet and simple floral print shirt that would look cute with jeans, black pants, or leggings. It’s made from a super soft rayon and polyester, and I like the detailing with puff sleeves and smocked cuffs. I especially like the price since it is very reasonable!

Here’s a much larger floral print that’s gorgeous. I’m not sure why they paired this with a pair of ratty shorts! I’d style this with a pair of dark wash flare jeans and wedge heels and hit the street! Or maybe a pair of dark brown corduroys. Anything but those shorts, lol. If you’re not a fan of the pattern, there are others, and it’s very affordable.

How gorgeous is this top from Talbots?! The pattern makes it a bit hard to see, but I love the V-neck with ties, the ruffle neck, and the smocked cuffs. The length and curved hem make this a great option for leggings or skinny jeans and boots!

The Best Pattern and Print Tops For Fall- Plaid

I love a great plaid shirt! There are so many different color combinations, from the subtle to the bold which means no matter your coloring, you can look stylish! This shirt comes in several variations, but this is oversized, so be sure to adjust your sizing accordingly!

This is perfect for fall! Not every plaid has to be rendered in a flannel button-up. This V-neck tunic is darling. Give me a pair of tall brown boots and some skinny trousers, and WOW! The reviews are great, 4.3 stars, and it comes in many colors.

LOVE! Plaid is as old as time, or at least as old as Scotland, but it doesn’t have to be traditional. This turtleneck from Talbots is bold and modern. It’s made from soft cotton and has a bit of stretch -perfect for layering. It comes in several sizes, including petite and plus-size options!

The Best Pattern and Print Tops For Fall – Polka Dot

Some people see dots; some people see an animal print…I see a gorgeous satin top for fall! I love the fit and feel of this top, and I think it will look great with a pair of jeans and boots.

These aren’t traditional polka dots, but I wasn’t sure you’d keep scrolling if I said “splatter,” lol. The description actually calls it a boho print which means they didn’t know what to call it either. This actually comes in a few different pattern options, including one with tiny hearts and the one below.

This version is cute, too. I like the lace detail on the cuffs.

This is a lightweight sweatshirt with banded cuffs in the polka dot/splatter pattern. I don’t dress up every day, but I do try and look put together, even when I’m just chilling at the house. This cute shirt would keep me comfortable without sacrificing style.

The Best Pattern and Print Tops For Fall – Animal Print

Now we are talking my language! I love animal prints, and I have them on tops, shoes, coats, accessories, etc. I like adding a small bit of animal print to a classic outfit for an unexpected modern touch. This cashmere animal print sweater is already a favorite, and I just bought it this month.

You can never go wrong with leopard print! Leopard print is always chic. This is gorgeous. I love the frilly cuffs and neckline. If you’re a fan of the shirt but not the print, no fear. They have several other prints and colors.

Render this shirt in a plain color, and you have a basic tee to use for layering. Make it in a leopard print, and it automatically goes up on the style scale. Laying around the house in grey sweats and a plain long sleeve may be comfortable, but change it to black leggings and leopard print, and you’ve got a whole new, totally un-frumpy look. Guess which one I suggest? 🙂

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post. Comment and let me know which pattern is your go-to print!

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  1. Love all these tops, as well. The description “splatter” is very accurate – but you are correct – not necessarily the best for marketing, but I would wear it.

  2. Susan Mariotti says:

    Leopard print is It. Now to choose lol. They are all so nice but my favorite is the sweatshirt!

  3. Patt Dyal says:

    Well, I knew that I would get in trouble if I opened your email!! I bought two tops today. I should be ashamed!!🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. Lol!!! Patt, that made me laugh out loud.

  4. Every top is so cute – very hard to pick just one. My grandson lost 3 teeth this past week and all at school. Such exciting times for them.

  5. Golly, I love all of them! I have a lot of animal print and plaid. Not so much floral, but some….I’m short and sorta fat so I have to watch the scale of florals. These are so pretty. Now if it will just get cold, or even cool, enough to wear fall clothes, I will be so happy! Thanks for all the outfit ideas!

    Congratulations to your grandson on losing his first tooth!! That is a big deal! He looks so excited!

  6. Leopard print always!
    Your grandson is precious and brave!

  7. My favorite print is leopard or cheetah especially in fall and winter. Cute tops

  8. Laura Garrett says:

    Plaids have always been a favorite for fall and winter. And what’s not to love about polka dots and animal prints! All of these looks are so cute. Thanks for the post on sneakers, too. It’s hard to find some that are comfortable but not too clunky.

  9. I like the long sleeve satin animal print the best because it’s subtle. I don’t feel comfortable in loud prints, though I like them on other people!

  10. How can one choose a favorite? I personally loved them all. However, if I had to choose just one…it would be one of the tops with the lace details on the cuffs of the sleeves.
    Keep being beautifully YOU!!
    God bless

  11. My favorite print is the small cheetah print on the sweater. Attractive it would look great with black pants, brown or tan. I do not care for the large checks.

  12. Roberta Schwandner says:

    This is a nice selection of long sleeved tops. thank you

  13. Cute tops!! Animal print always a classic. Never goes out of style.

  14. Stella Gustafson says:

    Cute tops. Not heavy so could wear them for our two week cold weather here in Florida

  15. Pretty tops! a couple will be mine!

  16. The boho print is beautiful!

  17. I like the outfits you put together – the way you do it makes “outfitting” myself feel not so overwhelming.

  18. Cheetah sweater is in my cart!!! Will go great with a black jacket to dress it up!!! Keep the great ideas coming!!

  19. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Love, love the polka dot tops!!!

  20. Karrie Knutson says:

    Your review of tops was fabulous. I know I need a small animal print top and a plaid shirt with a femine touch so I don’t feel like a lumberjack.

  21. Becky Kerwin says:

    I just love all of the print tops!

  22. Nice picks. I’m over animal print though.

  23. Terrilynn says:

    Thank you Tanja, I ordered four of these this morning, can’t wait to try them on. Thank you for your help, the Lord bless you!

  24. Terrilynn Heike says:

    Thank you Tania, I ordered 3 of these tops this morning and appreciate your help. The Lord Bless You!

  25. I seem to always pick plaid or stripes but these are great choices for me to change my look!

  26. Love leopard for fall

  27. Janice Nagle says:

    I love plaid for any season, especially in the fall! I’m drawn to clothes that can be worn for more than one holiday/season because I can get more use from the garment. I saw more than 1 top in that category! I’m drawn to the bright cashmere sweater. You’re right, it would work in early spring as well!

  28. This is a great post!! I just clicked several of these from Amazon in my cart. Thanks for great ideas!! 🙂

  29. How did you learn to put outfits together? You always look so nice!

    1. Carol, a whole lot of trial and error!

  30. Love these tops Tania. Great choices. Animal prints are top on my list too. Talbots is having a Friends and Family sale right now so I may also get that beautiful cashmere animal print sweater.

    1. I love that sweater! Getting it on sale would be an added bonus!

  31. I LOVE the boho top! I never used to wear pattern tops, but now I have several…thanks for all the cute options! Happy Tuesday❤

    1. Happy Tuesday! 😊❤️

  32. Love the tops. I have two I’m interested in.

  33. My favourite top would be the splatter print light weight sweatshirt in blue (sadly it’s no longer in stock) at least not in Canada where I am.

  34. All the sweaters are very nice. I only wear animal print in a cardigan.

  35. Julie Olsen says:

    Click, click…I just bought the black floral tunic and plaid v-neck tunic. Thanks for making shopping easy!

  36. Dana Smithmier says:

    Love all of these!!!

  37. Linda Shearer says:

    The plaid turtleneck from Tabots is really pretty and unexpected. Love the colors!

    1. Linda, I thought the colors were really pretty!

  38. Very cute pic of your grandson. Talbots is a bit pricey for me. The tops I have gotten from amazon are always too long for me, but they have such cute ones at a reasonable price.

    1. Cindy, Talbots is pricey, but they have GREAT sales. I purchase a lot of my items when they are discounted.

  39. So many cute tops! I especially like the Fall Puff Tunic and the Flannel Plaid Button Down.
    Flannel fabric is perfect for the cooler weather we are having in the Pacific Northwest.

  40. I love anything plaid!

  41. I love all of them, but leopard is my favorite!

  42. Ahh! Some beautiful tops here, thank you.

  43. These are some really cute choices. I only wish Amazon carried more petite selections.

  44. Louise Logan says:

    Such CUTE tops!! Love the tunics and am always partial to leopard prints!

  45. How to pick just one? All are lovely.

  46. Yea what is with those ratty shorts????