The Best Festive Dress Shoes For The Holidays

I can’t be the only one who plans an entire outfit around my shoes! I’ve written many posts about holiday clothing, but I can’t leave out my favorite accessories. You know that a great pair of shoes can make or break any outfit. That’s why today I’m sharing the best festive dress shoes for the holidays!

These clear Slingback Heels have a gorgeous rhinestone detail across the toes. I love this nude clear version since they would go with anything. But I couldn’t help myself, I ordered the black version too. Lol!

The Best Festive Dress Shoes For The Holidays – Buckle Up

Festive footwear doesn’t have to be high heels. These low-heeled shoes with a rhinestone buckle will look amazing peeking out from under your hem. The tan is a great neutral, but it also comes in some beautiful, rich colors like green and wine.

Va-Va-Voom! I love these high heels from Badgley Mischka. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but these are actually a satin pump. The imitation pearl buckle is gorgeous, and the tapered heel is a sophisticated touch. Check out all of the great options, such as silver, black, and navy, at the link.

Here’s another slingback pump from Badgley Mischka. This is a great option for those of you who don’t want a high heel but aren’t fans of flats. The chunk heel is a great compromise. The sparkling crystal buckle/brooch will add a touch of elegance to any holiday outfit.

The Best Festive Dress Shoes For The Holidays – Sparkles

A sparkly heel? Yes, please! How fun would these be on New Year’s Eve? They also come in silver, but even the nude looks great. You gurls know that I wouldn’t have to have a special occasion to wear these. A nice flared jean and a black cashmere sweater would be equally nice with these.

I had to include a pair of stiletto pumps! I know they’re not for everyone, but talk about gorgeous! These look very expensive, but actually they are under $50 dollars. Even with the super high heels, reviewers say that they are quite comfortable. The sparkly bow is the icing on the cake.

These kitten heels from Nordstrom would be elegant without the bow, but let’s face it, the sequins take them to a whole new place. A place where people dance and drink cocktails and have fun! The heels are 1 3/4″ high and run true to size.

The Best Festive Dress Shoes For The Holidays – Rhinestones

Ooooh. This rhinestone ankle strap adds the WOW factor to these otherwise simple pumps. Pair these with a dress and a nude leg, and you’re talking sexy! Can you tell that these are velvet? I love them in black, but they are equally gorgeous in the green and purple options.

Here’s a nice flat option in deep green. Not only do you have a gorgeous rhinestone ankle strap, but the toe area is decorated in these beautiful stones, too. There are several options at the link, including a pretty copper. If you don’t love the rhinestones across the front, some colors have a different sparkly finish.

Finally, here’s a low-heeled flat with a cross rhinestone strap that would work for a ton of holiday looks. I’d want these to show when I was wearing them. Otherwise, why bother?! Pair them with a midi skirt or higher so that you can see them; plus, the hem won’t catch on the rhinestones.

Let me know where you’re going in the fun shoes, gurls! I love hearing about your holiday plans.

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  1. Elaine Steakley says:

    I want to be added to your lists. Thanks

  2. Janice Nagle says:

    I do love shoes! A pretty pair of shoes always calls my name! I love the shoes you chose! For New Year’s, I’m wearing a dressy sweater and pants in cream with shiny silver metallic flats, matching bag, and a 3 strand sparkly silver necklace. Do you have a recommendation for earrings? everything is from my closet, but I don’t know what kind of earrings. thanks……I’m attending a concert at orchestra hall.

    1. Janice, since the necklace is three strands, I would wear a smaller earring.

  3. Heather Ciapusci says:

    red shoes are for any age, and they are always in.

  4. What fun shoe choices- now I need to get some holiday shoes!!

  5. sue koren says:

    Thanks for showing low heeled options!

  6. Glad to see you included flats for those of us that can’t wear high heels anymore!

    1. Stormy Rembold says:

      You quickly left me in the dust with these shoes. I refuse to spend that kind of money on shoes. I’m newly retired and only 60 yrs old. But I don’t get social security and I’m not pulling from my now IRA . Once you retire from a place that offers 401k you have to roll it into an IRA. So I’m living on just savings . I can’t afford half the clothes you have been modeling this month. When I worked I was pretty frugal and I guess I’m stuck on that.

      1. There were just a couple that were expensive. The rest were affordable. I try to pick items for EVERYONE!

  7. LORIE KELLEY says:

    The rhinestone strap in green velvet are fabulous.

  8. Julie Crighton says:

    I love all these options!! I wore an adorable pair of flat gold slingbacks with a rhinestone flourish at the toe when I sang in a cabaret show in NYC a couple of weeks ago! I also plan to wear them to a Christmas party this week! Love your blog!!

    1. Julie, that sounds amazing. I’ve always wanted to visit New York City!

  9. I am definitely a shoe girl. Love all of these festive looks!

  10. Love all of these shoes! I love shoes but I probably won’t be buying any since I have no more Holiday parties this year. Maybe if something comes up!

    1. I don’t have any parties either, but I like to keep a pair of dressy shoes on hand for just in case. Lol!

  11. Oh my! Love these shoes!!

  12. Love the rhinestone shoes for the Christmas festivities!

  13. Pretty shoes. It’s going to be a long time before I need a fancy shoe.

  14. wow what beautiful shoes!

    1. I love them, especially the clear ones!

  15. Such beautiful shoes. I enjoy dressing up and then having the special pair of shoes to go with my outfit.

  16. I planned my office outfit today around my shoes. I’d worn boots all weekend that were not the most comfortable, so today I needed a break. This list of shoes is great. All kinds of heels and heights. And all so pretty!

  17. Thanks for sharing the great shoes! The green are super cute and at a great price!

  18. NATALIE K says:

    Thank you for remembering those of us who can only wear flats!!!

  19. Joe sounds like a real gem!
    I love the stiletto heels but cannot wear a heel higher than 2.5″ due to foot surgeries. You picked some really cute styles.

  20. All gorgeous shoes for the holiday!

  21. Biscuits and gravy look good – way to go Joe! LOL
    Love the dressy and sparkly shoes post!