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The Best Espadrilles For Women Over 50

It’s almost summer, and you know what that means. I’m going to show off one of my favorite styles of sandals. Long time readers might remember when I wrote about what to wear with yellow espadrilles. How did this blog make it? As if women all over the US were sitting at home wondering what to wear with their yellow shoes! lol. I have to say, though, I still love a good pair of espadrilles. Today, I’m sharing the best espadrilles for women over 50, yellow, and more!

The Best Espadrilles For Women Over 50 tania stephens 50 is not old fashion blogger outfit
Tank Swing Dress (Medium) | Classic Cotton Button-Up Shirt (Large) Similar | Tory Burch Ever-Ready Zip Tote | Golden Espadrille Sandals (TTS) 

Yes, I still love and wear yellow espadrille sandals!!! Espadrilles are my shoe of choice in summer, so today, I’m bringing a lot of different styles for you to look at.

Yellow Lace-Up Espadrilles

I LOVE these, too. These are similar to the pair I’m wearing above, and they’re gorgeous! Yellow just says summer to me. They do have a heel, but the wedge gives a little more stability. Still, wear them carefully! These would look great with so many things. I love them with white pants, especially. Of course, they come in many other colors, so if you don’t love the yellow, no worries!

Steve Madden Jaklyn Espadrilles

These lower, thick-soled espadrilles are so in style right now. I was out shopping with a friend recently who had a pair like this on, and we kept getting stopped so people could compliment her shoes. These have an elastic ankle strap which I like. They are also easy to put on and off. These would be great for anyone who wants a bit of height, but not a heel. They’re also available in brown!

Lifestride Esparadille

How cute are these Mary Janes?! They feature a lower heel and a closed toe which is great for those who don’t do a traditional sandal but want a summer shoe. And, of course, Lifestride is a brand associated with comfort. Black goes with everything, but they are also available in taupe, pink, navy, and more. The price will differ depending on the print. I have no idea why, but just double-check the price before hitting “buy”

The Best Espadrilles for Women over 50

Dream Pairs Espadrilles

I love these metallic espadrilles, available on Amazon. They are very inexpensive and come in a ton of colors, including white, red, tan, and, yes, yellow! Even though the strap looks like a buckle, it’s actually an elastic strap. It’s a great platform—stylish but not too high.

Sandalup Espadrilles

Another super cute pair with a moderate heel. I love the wrap strap. Unlike the ones above, this is a true buckle so you can adjust as needed. These are very reasonably priced, which is great because they come in several colors. Buy more than one! The care instructions say that they are machine washable.

Tom’s Flat Espadrilles

Tom’s are always chic, always in style. I love this color! It’s called “natural,” and I think it would look great paired with jeans and a cute top. Tom’s are for running around town, shopping, and going out to eat with friends when you need to walk from the parking lot. Everyone should own at least one pair of Tom’s.

TOMS Women’s Classic Espadrille Wedge Sandal

I’ve worn this pair of wedge sandals for years. They are so comfortable and look great with shorts, dresses, and jeans. They are high, so proceed with caution. Lol. They are also available in black and a gorgeous deep red.

The Best Espadrilles for Women over 50 – Designer

Funny story…the most expensive pair of shoes I own was a hand-me-down pair. My sister’s friend gave them to her because they didn’t fit (they were a gift). They didn’t fit my sister either, so she gave them to me. Don’t be too jealous because they don’t have any cushioning, and I can only wear them for very short spurts.

Michael Kors Leather Espadrilles

Espadrilles are more casual shoes, but that doesn’t mean they have to be without style. These leather Michael Kors flats are very chic. They come in black or two-toned oyster and white. They are so stylish and something you could wear for years.

Tory Burch Espadrilles

For those of you who love designer shoes, these Tory Burch espadrilles are a win! In addition to this color, they come in tan and my favorite – yellow! I love the striped pattern. They are chic and stylish, and with anything, you usually get what you pay for.

Let me know which of these is your favorite! Here are a few more of mine:

I love these closed-toe shoes! These beauties come in navy, cream, brown, black, and even pink. They’d be great with a wide variety of looks—jeans, skirts and dresses, and cropped pants. I think they are a great, sophisticated option.

For those of you who want to keep things casual! I’m not a Birkenstock gurl, but I know some of you LOVE them. These are inspired by the brand, obviously. They boast a soft footbed, perfect for those long summer days when you’re out and about. The adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit and are ideal for a wide range of foot sizes, including wide widths. Plus, with a non-slip traction outsole, you can walk with confidence whether you’re hitting the beach or the city streets. Available in versatile colors like Bone, Espresso, and Taupe, they’re a comfortable addition to any outfit at a friendly price.

These aren’t just any sandals; they’re a statement! With a 2″ wedge, they give you that little lift and a whole lot of style. The espadrille rope detail adds a touch of bohemian chic, perfect for those sunny days when you want to feel a breeze between your toes, lol. Available in gorgeous metallic colors like silver and rose gold, they add a shimmer of fun to your casual outings or your more dressed-up events.

Everyone needs at least ONE pair of espadrilles. Comment with your faves!

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  1. I love the espadrilles! I remember wearing them years ago! I’m going to try the Steve Madden ones but the dream pairs are awfully cute!

  2. I really like espadrilles in the summer. I need to go shopping!

  3. I remember those yellow espadrilles from the early days. I thought they were so cute. What drew me to you in the first place was that you always accessorized your outfits. I loved the handbags, jewelry, and shoes. Espadrilles are my favorite spring and summer shoes.

    1. I love those espadrilles, and I thought I would never wear them. Lol!

  4. Julie Lozano says:

    Love the yellow! The ankle tie is just adorable as well.
    Violets just make you feel happy.. men don’t get it.

    Love the outfits too. You have such a flair. This blog had changed my life! I was a “let’s wear black everyday “ girl when I began. Now I look for pops of color.

    Thanks for changing my point of view.

    1. Julie, I love that you are incorporating some color to your wardrobe. You can still wear black, but it is fun to add a little color every once in a while!

  5. sue koren says:

    I have the lifestride ones – they are super comfortable!

  6. What a great selection of shoes
    Thank you!

  7. I think I like the Dream pairs and the Steve Madden best. The lifestrides are nice too. Great summer shoes!

  8. Love my espadrilles! They just say summer to me.

  9. I love espadrilles and have 5 pairs. They can be both casual with shorts or dressier with skirts and are so comfortable. What caught my eye was the Iris seed tee that popped up in your online store link. It’s on sale at J Crew outlet for $18 plus 20% off if you sign in to your account and use code FAMILY20. I also bought the pink stamp tee. Thanks so much for finding that gem for me!

    1. That is a fantastic deal! I love that tee!

  10. Ginger Hiller says:

    While I like a lot of the shoes you shared, since I have to have arch support, I cannot wear the majority of them. With my weak ankles, I best stay clear of the ones with a higher heel height.

  11. Karen Nau says:

    I love my Toms. I own many and I have some in my shopping cart on the Toms website. Did you know that Toms also carries sunglasses and many different espadrille styles, not just the original that you shared? I ordered a pair of the Toms sunglasses and anxiously waiting for them to arrive. A friend was recently wearing a pair and I drooled over them, so I had to get a pair too.

    1. I didn’t know that! I’ll have to look that up because I love Toms shoes.

  12. Very cool shoes! I think I may need a pair soon.

  13. I love espadrilles for spring. Just bought a pair of platform toms in blush. I have a pair of Tory Burch espadrilles and they are so uncomfortable but sooo cute.

  14. I love espadrilles. I have had to switch to the flat ones, because my old feet don’t tolerate the wedges, but cute shoes.

    1. I love my heels and wedges, but I have several espadrilles that are flat.

  15. Love the verse of the day. My favorites are the wedge heel ones. In summer I prefer open toe.

  16. I would definitely buy the yellow espadrilles and then try to buy something to wear with them. So cute!

  17. Is it ironic or just funny that I wore a pair of espadrilles yesterday to lunch with girlfriends. Similar ones to the black Michael Kors you’ve listed, wore them with ecru BananaRepublic wide leg jeans and cute black white striped top paired with denim jacket. It appears I’ve been paying attention 😂🤣😂. Have a great weekend!!

    1. I’m not sure if it is ironic or funny, but it is definitely a fun coincidence!

  18. Landy Laird says:

    I love these and they are also my favorite for summer!! I have the black Steve Madden ones. SO COMFORTABLE!! I want the slides next. 🙂

  19. Espadrilles are the perfect summer shoe. I have owned the Lifestride shoe in both black and pearl blue for a few years and love them. Can’t wait to start wearing them soon.

  20. Some really cute choices. Thank you.

  21. Patti McDonald says:

    Cute selection of shoes. I have some espadrilles but they aren’t the most comfy. I like the Lifestride Mary Jane’s. They are now bookmarked. The purple weeds are pretty!

  22. Lori Duncan says:

    I have a pair of yellow Ralph Lauren espadrilles and love them!

    1. I love my yellow ones, too!

  23. I have Life Stride pair in taupe and they are my favorite shoe in the summer. So comfortable.

  24. The yellow ones are so fun!

    1. I’m so surprised at how often I wear them.

  25. How do we connect with the tank swing dress?

  26. OK got a pair in my cart! Can’t wait to wear.

    1. Great! I hope you love them.

  27. Okay!!!! These are my favorite kind of shoes !!!!

  28. Susan Weston says:

    Love all the various styles.

  29. I couldn’t live without my Espadrille”s. They are my summer go-to shoe.

  30. I love espadrilles! Thanks for all the great options. The Tory Burch espadrilles look like they would be great for summer into fall. Super cute!

  31. You must be seeing my search history. lol. My espadrille wedges are tearing up and I need some new ones asap!

    1. Sheli, espadrilles are my go-to shoe for summer. Most of my summer shoes are an espadrille of some sort.

      1. I was going to comment that I love espadrilles so much, but looks like I already did…at some point. ha

  32. Amy Alexander says:

    All of these are super cute!