50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT CAN YOU WEAR WITH YELLOW ESPADRILLESI have been on cloud nine for hours now. Friday was sooo much fun for me and I am still dancing around. While I was in Alaska Ashleigh and I talked a lot about Rodan and Fields. Last October for her birthday she asked to become a consultant. I bought her the kit and she loved the products but never really tried to work it as a business. She just wanted to get a jump on taking good care of her skin since she was still in her twenties. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT CAN YOU WEAR WITH YELLOW ESPADRILLESWhile I was in Alaska Ashleigh decided that she would actually try R+F as a business since she loved the products so much. She agreed to give it at least a couple of months of consistent effort, instead of the occasional post and then nothing for three months. Lol! On Friday morning when I got up and checked my website I saw that Ashleigh had hit the first promotion in R+F! You all know how proud you get when you see your child set their mind toward a goal and achieve it! I danced around and then immediately messaged her but I forgot one thing, the 4-hour time difference. Lol! Let’s just say that she started her day VERY early!!!
50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT CAN YOU WEAR WITH YELLOW ESPADRILLESSince I wore a halter top the other day and “most” of you said it was okay I decided to wear this one from Cato. I bought it several months ago but I just hadn’t worn it yet. It didn’t seem quite right for when I went to Alaska. Lol! When I bought the top I envisioned me wearing it with a pair of white ankle jeans. I thought about doing that but the last time I wore white pants to work I had to get down on the floor and work on computers so I went with navy instead. I thought the leaf design was super cute and I really liked the open stitching around the arm and hemline. This is a denim or chambray material but it has a sheen to it so it is like dress jeans.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT CAN YOU WEAR WITH YELLOW ESPADRILLES I bet you couldn’t miss these earrings. When I put them on I thought to myself, “the gurls are going to say these are too big” but I was in the mood for a statement earring and you can’t make much more of a statement than these. Lol! They are so lightweight though because they are leather and the cost is only $10.00. The design and the color are on both sides so it doesn’t matter if they turn around while you are wearing them. They are called the Nika and I swear I get compliments on them everytime I wear them. The Celine necklace is dainty and I wanted something long because of the earrings. Because of the hanging tassel from the necklace, I put on my fringe bracelet called Lois. It has a matching necklace but I wore the Celine instead. The Ritta is the navy bracelet with the rhinestones down the center. I like that it is magnetic which is great for anyone with arthritis.  50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT CAN YOU WEAR WITH YELLOW ESPADRILLES I like these Navy Pixie Pants from Old Navy. I have had them for years and I wear them all the time. When you buy a solid pant in a classic color then you will get tons of wear from them. When I first started wearing these Pixie’s I always thought about Audrey Hepburn.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT CAN YOU WEAR WITH YELLOW ESPADRILLESSo this morning I was in my bedroom getting ready to head out the door to take pictures. I saw these sandals by the door and put them on to take with me down the hall to get my other shoes. You guessed it, I forgot to change shoes and I had already taken all the pictures when I looked down and saw them. Lol!!! I had to go back inside, change shoes, and then come back out and take all my pictures again. Haha! I am such a ditz.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT CAN YOU WEAR WITH YELLOW ESPADRILLESOn Thursday I had a lady who just signed up to be a consultant with R+F message me about travel size bottles of the products. She has to fly for her job every week and was wondering how we travel with our products. I told her that at Convention last year they made travel size products available for the consultants who were in attendance but that they had never brought them back for purchase. The very next morning I got up to an email from her saying that she had just seen someone post about R+F making the travel size products available. Not only were they available but they were FREE! When you purchase a full-size regimen AND an Active Hydration Serum together as a combo special, they are giving you a FREE travel size of the regimen. I told her that was just spooky. Now I want her to ask me about something else, like a decolletage product. She seems to be good luck. Lol! Go to www.tstephens5.myrandf.com to place an order. Purchase a full regimen as a NEW PC and get a FREE Multi-Function Eye Cream!!! You place the order for the eye cream at the same time as your regimen order and I will mail you a refund check for the purchase. If you are already an existing PC I have already sent you out an email for a 20.00 off coupon but order before the end of the month and I will also gift you with an Essential product of your choice. Simply order the Essential product you want with you regular PC order and I will reimburse you the purchase price. Please email me though when you place your orders so I am aware and I don’t let anyone slip through the cracks. I LOVE playing SANTA!!!

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  1. LOVE your blue outfit. You look beautiful.

    I come from tons of “loving” sarcasm as well. It makes life more fun!!!

  2. Candy E Corn says:

    Your bangs and hair look awesome in these pics and I love that color of blue!!

  3. fishinglady2@aol.com says:

    Love Love Love it all, from head to toe at 50’s age you’re Amazing and Beautiful, all very Lovely. I just started enjoying your blog, wish I knew where you get your jewelry do you have a blog on that and sell it? Lol

  4. You look fabulous in navy. I can not pull off wearing big earings simply not in me, but you look super. I will mimic this look for sure?

  5. Sandy Evans says:

    Tania, which R+F regimen do you use? I have lashboost and hydration serum but have not made the jump to a skincare regimen. Thanks so much for all the encouragement, knowledge and hilarity you provide everyday! U r much appreciated ??

    1. I use Reverse in the morning and Redefine at night. I also incorporate lash boost, hydration serum, multi function eye cream, and the lip serum. Lol!

  6. Tania I love this outfit! The top is adorable and the earrings are to die for! Keep up the good work gurly. Love your blog, it is my favorite!

  7. Summer Hartzog says:

    Hi Tania – I don’t think I’ve commented before but I’ve been enjoying your blog for a few months now. I love your fun fashion sense and happy, positive approach to life 🙂 I wanted to weigh in on the halter top thing just to say I agree with “most” of the previous comments that the other halter top was “ok” – but I LOVE this one. I think it’s more flattering because the fit is better, i.e. it’s cut closer and higher around the armpit area. I definitely think halters are a great look for any of us 50+ ladies who want to show off our shoulders and draw attention upward and away from our problem areas – plus they’re just cooler for these hot southern summers. 96 degrees with a 109 heat index today in Montgomery, AL! Blessings to y’all!

  8. I adore the pop of yellow of the shoes with the blue outfit!

  9. Tania your hair looks really awesome! Also, after seeing it on you, I want to get the Lois bracelet ❤️

  10. I have this exact same top from Cato and bought it to wear with white ankle jeans! You look lovely as always!

  11. Mutton_style says:

    Yellow espadrilles are perfectly paired with navy. I wore yellow sandals recently and didn’t pair them as well as you.

  12. I bought a new regimen yesterday. Can you please send me your email to I can let you know? 🙂

    1. Kerry, That is fantastic. My email address is fiftyisnotold@gmail.com I am also going to order this new special. I could have used this on my trip to Alaska. I wouldn’t have forgotten my bag is it had been the travel size. Lol!

  13. Terry Fountain says:

    Did I miss your video on how you do your hair? It always looks GREAT!! If I missed it, how can I access it? I saw the one on your makeup. I enjoy your blog. God bless you

  14. You could give Audrey some competition! Very chic!

  15. Cute outfit. Your hair looks really cute too. ?

  16. Michelle Mosteller says:

    Love, love, LOVE!

  17. Love this look! Flip flops too, ha! And I’m sure your glow, besides the R & F is pride in Ashleigh. Congratulations to both of you!

    1. I was really, really happy to see her do well. It is funny how you can be happier for someone else than you are for yourself. Lol!

  18. Jeanne Epley says:

    Looking good and congrats on your beautiful bracelets from R & F. That is awesome. Really excited for you, and I would be even more excited if they were mine. LOL Great job, Tania…

    1. Thanks on the bracelets. I was truly excited to get them!!! Joe got tickled at how excited I got over some little bracelets. I told him it was the fact that I “earned” them. Lol!

      1. Jeanne Epley says:

        That is what counts, you “earned” them. Great job!! 😉