50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES THAT ARE FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40I never thought that I could get excited about a steamer for my clothing. I used to iron all of Joe’s clothing, and it would take one entire day out of my week to iron for hours and hours to get them looking nice. But, he told me to quit doing that years ago, and I happily obeyed his command. He said that the clothing would hang in the closet and get wrinkled again before he ever pulled it out to wear. He said that if he needed something ironed, then we could iron it at that time. 50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES THAT ARE FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40Thankfully, Joe is a laid-back kind of guy. He doesn’t want his pants creased unless we are going someplace special. He doesn’t want to look horribly wrinkled, but he is not a “fussy” dude. Lol! I bet most of you would have already guessed that. Truthfully, I am not a “fussy” gal either. I want to look nice, but I also don’t like spending hours ironing. Plus, I am always somewhat scared of some clothing because they are delicate, and I am afraid that I’ll leave an iron mark. The top that I have on today is one of those types of tops. I hooked up my steamer, and within 60 seconds, the steam was coming out. I didn’t get very close to the fabric because I wanted to see how the material reacted. I started seeing the wrinkles disappearing, so I kept going over the top, keeping about 5 or 6 inches away from the fabric. It worked like a charm and only took about a minute. WOW! I am officially hooked!!! If you are wondering about my steamer, then check out yesterday’s post since I linked to it there.
50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES THAT ARE FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40I love this romantic wrap blouse! Stripes are generally not my friend, but all of the different angles are flattering. I love the slight flair of the waist since it gives me curves that I don’t possess. This blouse is lined, and it has a small snap at the neckline to hold the blouse closed. I am wearing a medium, and it fits great. Here is the link, and it is on sale, plus an extra 60% off!!!
50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES THAT ARE FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40I went simple and silver today. I added a necklace that I ordered from Etsy last September. It is vintage, but it doesn’t have an inscription of a name. The simple silver hoops are the Ridge earrings. The large silver link bracelet is the Madijeanne, and the smaller two-strand silver bracelet is the Maggie.
50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES THAT ARE FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40How do you like the Sailor button skirt? I love the skirt, but I am going to have to exchange it for a smaller size. It is way too big around the waist, and I feel like it is going to slide down. I am wearing a large, but I need a medium. I know better than to buy a large in clothing when it has a pull-on waist. I always have to size down in that scenario. The skirt is a heavy Ponte knit, and it is machine-washable. This was part of my haul from Cato Fashions yesterday, and here is the link for you.
50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES THAT ARE FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40I thought that the outfit needed a pop of color, and these hot pink pumps were just the ticket. I haven’t worn these in a while, but they are beautiful. The problem is that they are also a tad bit tight, so I don’t wear them often, especially if I am going to have to walk for a long way. I wish I could stretch them just a smidge, so if anyone has any foolproof way to accomplish that, I would be thrilled.

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  1. Nancy Baten wrote:

    We used to have a streamer in our clothing store! What a perfect device! The striped blouse is very nice!

    Posted 7.31.19 Reply
    • Cheryl Peffer wrote:

      I could go to the large steamer site, but not for the your hand held. What kind did you buy? My Rowenta iron does steam but not like I want. Love, love the shoes.

      Posted 7.31.19 Reply
      • Sue E. wrote:

        I’m a die hard steamer fan, probably for the last 20 years or so after battling daily to keep my nursing scrubs pressed! I never looked back and never had a garment that didnt look great after steaming. I still use my iron but only for sewing and quilting. Cute outfit today!

        Posted 7.31.19 Reply
      • Tania wrote:

        It was a Conair GS38. But, mine has not arrived. I think it is coming on Monday, so I can’t give you any feedback on it yet.

        Posted 7.31.19 Reply
  2. Iris McKillen wrote:

    To stretch those beautiful shoes spray with Clarkes shoe stretcher….. it works! I am sure other brands do it also. X

    Posted 7.31.19 Reply
  3. Marcia wrote:

    Shoe stretchers – they make them in wood or plastic, very handy. I’ve also heard you can fill zip lock bags with water, put them in the toe of shoe and put them in the freezer so the ice expands the bags. Never tried it though-don’t really want shoes in my freezer and what if the bags break? ?

    Posted 7.31.19 Reply
  4. Tara wrote:

    Fantastic look today, Tania!

    Posted 7.31.19 Reply
  5. Diane wrote:

    Love the look, you always inspire me and give me ideas on what to wear and mix and match. Keep up the great work love your blog!

    Posted 7.31.19 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks, Diane!!!

      Posted 7.31.19 Reply
  6. Joanne wrote:

    Love the pop of pink! I heard the same thing as Marcia – fill Ziploc bags with water and put in the toes of your shoes, put them in the freezer so the water expands and turns to ice. I haven’t tried it though.

    Posted 7.31.19 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I tried that with a different pair of shoes but I couldn’t tell that it worked.

      Posted 7.31.19 Reply
  7. You are so lucky to be able to wear wrap items of clothing. I am too short to my waist and only have a small bust so they never fit properly. lol
    Regards – Jill stylishatsixty

    Posted 8.1.19 Reply
  8. Aimee Spencer wrote:

    I just bought the striped blouse at the Loft! I have a black skirt and I am so excited! I have a steamer from HSN /Joy Mangano. So I am all set. Thank you Tania. You really find great clothes.

    Posted 8.1.19 Reply
  9. melmi wrote:

    Steamers: I’ve a “vintage” floor steamer that I purchased as a gift for my former husband 30 years ago…he used it all the time for his ties, etc., and so did I for linen blouses and pants especially. I also have a Joy Mangano (HSN) little handheld steamer that I’ve used for probably 10 years. I also gifted the steamer to friends. The only time I iron is when I do the just-washed linen blouses, every time after that I use the steamer to freshen up. I love it and it only takes a couple of minutes vs. ironing. The steamer works on those across the front creases in slacks, linen, cotton, wool, etc., all fabrics. Fantastic products.

    Posted 8.3.19 Reply
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