Resort Wear Finds for Your Next Vacation

If you have an upcoming vacation on the books and are counting down the days until you head to warmer weather, you’ll love today’s post! I recently shared about Comfortable Shoes You Need for a Beach Vacation, and that led me to think that I should share some apparel to take with you as well. I’m usually looking for happy pieces with bright colors when I am packing for somewhere warm and sunny, so today’s finds are full of all the fun colors and patterns we have been missing after a long winter of neutrals!

Resort Wear Finds for Your Next Vacation

Tiered Mini Dress

This Fire Orange v-neck tiered dress can be dressed up or down with a simple change of accessories. You can pair it with your favorite dressy sandal for lunch, wedges for dinner, or white sneakers for a day of shopping! I thought this bright orange was fun and sunny looking, but the dress comes in a lot of other colors.

Halter Floral Maxi

This beautiful floral halter dress comes in so many patterns and would be stunning for dinner paired with dressy sandals or espadrilles! If you are self-conscious about your shoulders or arms, you could pair it with a denim jacket. I love this denim jacket, and I’ve worn it all year long. I purchased a large and it fits me perfectly.

Babydoll Embroidered Mini Dress

I love how fun this bohemian dress is, and the length is great! The combo of the pattern and the embroidery is beautiful, and it comes in a large variety of colors. This would be great for a lunch date on the beach with a pair of cute sandals.

Button Up Shirt/Cover Up

This button-up can double as a shirt or a swimsuit cover-up! I would style it with white pants and a pair of sandals for lunch or with a fedora, beach bag, and flip-flops to head to the water!

Off The Shoulder Long Maxi Sundress

This Off The Shoulder Floral Maxi sundress comes in lots of beautiful colors. It’s another great option to have in your suitcase for going out to dinner! Loose dresses like this are super flattering as they don’t cling to you if they are sized properly.

Ruffle Trim Tank

I love having a simple tank top with me. They are versatile as they can be paired with shorts, pants, or tucked into skirts. This one has a fun ruffle neckline that gives it a femininene flair.

Women’s One Piece Swimsuit

I thought this swimsuit looked so flattering and it comes in a ton of fun prints! I think the fire orange dress above would look great with this swimsuit. Would you all like to see a round-up of the best swimsuits soon?

One Shoulder Sleeveless Casual Summer Dress

How sweet is this dress? It’s easy to throw on for a quick lunch date, or dress it up with some wedges for a gorgeous nighttime look! It’s not a vacation if I don’t take at least one white dress!

Off Shoulder Jumpsuit

I love outfits like this for traveling! Pair it with your favorite lightweight sneakers so you can look stylish and comfy on the plane or in the car. When you get to your destination, switch out your sneakers for your favorite sandals!

Earrings, Pack of 6

These earrings are so cute for a beach vacation or just regular wear at home this spring and summer. I think they would pair wonderfully with all of the outfits I’ve shared today!

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  1. Yes please! A swimsuit roundup would be great! Thanks!!

  2. Lori Gorenflo says:

    Oh how I love the beach. Great ideas and I have a few in my cart.

  3. Love the floral maxi dress.

  4. Marsha Ebersole says:

    The clothes look fabulous. Thank you for the great suggestions and finds.

    Marsha Ebersole

  5. Fun outfits! I’m ready for summer!

  6. Carrie Claffey says:

    Love seeing dresses for spring and Yes! I would like to see a bathing suit post!

  7. I am love the halter dress So many fun colors.
    Enjoy your trip,Even here in the Carolina’s too cold for warm weather clothes!
    Post clothes and Joe stories!

  8. That floral maxi dress is gorgeous.

  9. Headed to Florida 2 weeks and counting. Love the warm weather looks.

  10. I probably will sound stupid, but, is the word “gurls” just a different way to spell “girls” or does it have a different meaning or short for something?

    1. Lol! It is because my granddaughter would say, “Don’t leave me, gurls” when she was just a tiny thing. That’s how I feel about my readers. 🥰

  11. Holly Gossman says:

    I love a summer dress with sandals. It is easy and looks put together.

  12. Glad you included comfortable flip flops that are actually good for my feet.

  13. Love the dresses! Yes please,to a swimsuit round-up

  14. MaryCarol says:

    I really should wear bright colors more often. These fashion ideas are very refreshing.
    Love the white dress and the off the shoulder jumpsuit. Reminds of my daughter.

  15. I have the jean jacket in pale pink. I wore it last Memorial Day in LA. The mornings and evenings were cool, so it worked out great. It’s not heavy like my “real” blue denim jean jacket and it’s softer, more flexible. I’m looking at the top with the ruffles at the neck for summer here.

  16. Roberta S says:

    I love the halter maxi!

  17. We just got back from Hawaii last week and I would have loved having the tiered orange dress along. Thanks for the great suggestions!

  18. Susan Nothwehr says:

    Cute stuff! We may have to plan a vacation so I can order some of these pieces. Even Arizona isn’t warm enough this year for these clothes… yet! I particularly like the black spotted dress and the orange one. Thanks for the cute suggestions.

  19. Love the halter dress!! Definitely ordering that one… maybe in 2 patterns!

  20. Great post! I ordered the Bohemian dress and a cover up! Love to see a swimsuit post!

  21. Great post it makes me want to plan a vacation.

  22. Ginger Hiller says:

    Boy Tania, you sure did share some great items with us! I am going to check out the sleeveless top with the ruffle collar. I suspect that I will be in the minority when I say that I don’t wear swimsuits. I bet Joe is enjoying the food you brought home for him. Have an awesome day!

  23. Even though I’m not traveling to a warmer place this winter, I love those colorful dresses. Bright colors are so cheery on a cloudy wintry day. And yes… bring on the swimsuits!

  24. Love all the dresses though I’m not much of a dress wearer. I would like to see more shorts and capri outfits! I much prefer seeing you, a real person, modeling all the clothing. These ladies are all such skinny Minnie’s and it’s hard to imagine my body in them.

  25. Veronica Huskins says:

    Love the halter style, and the off the shoulder maxi. Yes, show us some swimsuits please.

  26. So many great choices! Beautiful as always!

  27. Stacey Schauer says:

    Thank you for this post! We are taking our first trip to Mexico in a few months and I have been thinking about what to take. The dresses, I think, will be perfect! 🙂

  28. Happy Monday! Love my beach vacations. Thanks for the great tips/ideas! Have a blessed week!

  29. Julie Shutt says:

    Now this is right up my alley, Love all the colors and styles. So many options at great prices.
    Thank you for all of your Hard work putting this together ❤

  30. Love this post! So refreshing; bring on the swimsuits! I have a large chest and it’s hard to find a swimsuit that doesn’t look frumpy!

  31. Doris Mitchell says:

    I received my Amazon gift card yesterday! I am so excited to be a winner.
    I follow you blog daily and love the fashion ideas that you give us. I also appreciate that you post a Bible verse on Sunday!
    Thank you again and I have several things in my Amazon shopping cart now !! Have a great week ….

  32. LeeAnn Barnard says:

    Ahhh, now I’m thinking about summer! 🙂 So many cute things on this list. Love all the colors and pretty florals.

  33. Love these. I have almost all of it in my Amazon cart now, so many to chose from .

  34. I received the Amazon gift card via email last evening.
    Thanks for making me a “winner.”
    Last week was a tough one for me but winning the gift card had me smiling.
    Thank you so very much.

  35. Makes me want to schedule a trip!

  36. Bring on the SUNSHINE – these are awesome!

  37. Great post! I have the Pretty Garden jumpsuit and I wear it all the time.

  38. This post has me yearning for the beach, especially with the weather we are having today. That bathing suit looks like it would be flattering on many body types. Love the cheerful print.

  39. Love this post. So many great things. I’m going to Mackinac Island in June and hopefully it will be warm enough to wear these.

  40. Rosalinda Salcedo says:

    Love the orange tiered dress! Also the white one shoulder dress! Absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful clothes!! Glad you got back home safe and sound!! Have an amazing Monday!!

  41. Lisa Bagci says:

    Thanks so much for this!! I struggle to find resort wear and this was spot on.

  42. Great way to start the week, planning a beach trip! Loving the smocked dress, just as I swore off buying any more dresses, but this is a beachy/steamy summer day outfit, so it does not count. Have a blessed week!

  43. Love the items for casual wear. I have been shopping for a petite dress on Amazon and love the variety.

  44. Yes- swimsuit roundup please!

  45. Leslie Bizzell says:

    Great inspiration! Ready to pack and go now after adding a few pieces from your posts- I love so many of them. I have the black jumpsuit from pretty gardens and it was a wonderful find!

    Thanks !

  46. Kathy Lowe says:

    The hats are just what I’ve been looking for! The prices are great too! Thank you!

  47. Dana Smithmier says:

    Super cute choices❤️❤️

  48. Fabulous! Heading to Italy and you had some cute ideas! Thank you so much!

  49. Jan Canapp says:

    I purchased that Amazon earring set last summer and wore them constantly. So cute and fun.

  50. says:

    Perfect timing! We are headed to Florida this week so I ordered the orange dress, sun hat and the earrings. Thanks for these fantastic ideas!

  51. Jeri Hoag says:

    I got a couple of things for my trip to Palm Springs. I would love to see more bathing suits and shorts outfits.

  52. Love today’s post!!! The bright colors are so fresh and fun! Thank you!

  53. Ann Pavlicek says:

    Wow! The white smoked dress is soooo cute! I wish I knew I has a trip planned. You are such a tease.

    1. Danette Greenfield says:

      I live in south Florida during the winter and love all the things you found!

  54. Susan Brandenburg says:

    We are headed to Cancun in a couple weeks and appreciate the suggestions!

  55. Seeing all these cute vacation clothes makes me wish I were at the beach with the sun shining down on me and listening to the ocean waves🩱🩴🌞

  56. Love, love today’s post!

  57. Mary Kinard says:

    Looking forward to a swimsuit post!

  58. I am so ready for fun summer dresses again. Hopefully spring comes early.

  59. Sonya Saunders says:

    I love to wear dresses during spring and summer. Some of these are perfect for an upcoming trip.

  60. Love it all!!
    Yes I’d love to see a swimsuit round up!

  61. Great way to start a week. Such fun suggestions. Now to decide!

  62. Thanks for the vacation ideas, I love the colors. Looking forward to warm weather and sunshine. That was so nice of your mom to make a pie for Joe.

  63. Janice Wooldridge says:

    I’m in the market for a beach coverup!

  64. Going on a cruise in May. Love these cute easy packing options!

  65. Joan Henry says:

    I loved everything in this post! Maybe I’m just ready for a vacation.