50 IS NOT OLD | POLKA DOTTED SHIRTDRESS WITH POCKETS | FASHION OVER 40I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I certainly had a great weekend, and I was relaxed, at least for the most part. I had a surprise house guest over the weekend. This guest hadn’t spent the night at my house in almost a year, so I was shocked when she declared that she was going to spend the night with NeeNee! Yes, Miss Emersyn decided that since she was SIX years old, she was a big girl now. Evidently, it takes a big girl to spend the night at my house. ?
50 IS NOT OLD | POLKA DOTTED SHIRTDRESS WITH POCKETS | FASHION OVER 40I have been down this road before, so I wasn’t expecting her actually to spend the night. Her regular routine is to stay, possibly even get into bed, and then start to cry to go back home. But, not this time!!! She gathered up her dolls, her stuffed animals, her very soft and fluffy pillow, and then kissed her mom and dad goodnight. She was the one who wanted to go to bed around 9:30, and we went into a spare bedroom to sleep. Joe refuses to sleep with the kicking and talking Miss E. Haha! She watched a video on my phone, and then handed it to me and declared that she was going to sleep. You could have knocked me over with a feather. She spent the entire night, AND, then she spent the next night also. I didn’t sleep as good as she did because there was a bright light outside our window. Between her kicking, talking in her sleep, the light shining in my eyes, I was worn out the next day. I ended up taking a FOUR-hour nap! Lol! She is a firecracker, and I have a feeling that she will be spending more weekends with me before long. Joe is thrilled. ?
50 IS NOT OLD | POLKA DOTTED SHIRTDRESS WITH POCKETS | FASHION OVER 40What is the first thing that grabs your attention when you see this dress? Is it the classic polka dot pattern? Maybe it is the flared skirt with the pockets. Or, perhaps it is the overall design featuring the sleeveless tank, the button-up shirtdress style, the tie waist, or even the below the knee length. It doesn’t matter what catches your eye first because it is all perfect! This lined dress is 100% cotton, on sale, and runs true to size. I am wearing my usual size 12 for sizing purposes. I bought this at Talbots when they put their clothing on sale, and here is the link.
50 IS NOT OLD | POLKA DOTTED SHIRTDRESS WITH POCKETS | FASHION OVER 40I wanted to wear a bright pink with the navy and white outfit, so I added a pair of hot pink raffia earrings. I am not sure where I bought these earrings; it could have been at a boutique that I saw online. I know that I ordered a bunch of earrings from a boutique (I can’t remember the name), but I don’t remember if this was one of the pairs that I ordered.

50 IS NOT OLD | POLKA DOTTED SHIRTDRESS WITH POCKETS | FASHION OVER 40Little Miss went to church with me, and she came out to have her picture made also. She had already changed into her pajamas before I went outside to take pictures, and she made me promise not to put her on the blog in her pj’s. The girl might be vain. Lol! After she got finished taking a few pictures, she ran off to play. I set the timer and went to take my pictures, only to find the camera was  set for someone waaaaay shorter than me.
50 IS NOT OLD | POLKA DOTTED SHIRTDRESS WITH POCKETS | FASHION OVER 40My hot pink suede pumps added more pink to the outfit and tied the color scheme together. In the past, I would have shied away from anything bright and colorful, or something that had to bold of a pattern. I never wanted to wear anything that would draw attention to me. I am not sure when that all changed, but I am glad that it did. I would have hated to have lived out my entire life, afraid to wear red or hot pink.

50 IS NOT OLD | POLKA DOTTED SHIRTDRESS WITH POCKETS | FASHION OVER 40I was reading on Rodan and Fields blog about what a consistent night-time routine can do for you. If you research it for even for a minute, you’ll see that a consistent bedtime pattern produces optimal sleep, which can affect pretty much every aspect of your life, including your health. All it takes is a bit of planning. Before you close your eyes, create a snooze-inducing sleep environment, and you’ll wake feeling rested every morning, not to mention rested-looking. Take out your bullet journal to track your progress and let’s get cozy! First things first — avoid caffeine, heavy meals, and intense exercise three hours before you go to sleep. While caffeine is obvious, a full tummy and sweat session also stimulate body functions, making it harder to wind down. Herbal tea can be part of any nighttime ritual and enjoying it at approximately the same time every night, your body and mind will start to recognize it as a signal to relax. We’re all familiar with “endless-scroll syndrome” — that gripping desire to find the non-existent bottom of your Twitter feed or watch just one more episode on Netflix. Phones, laptops, TVs, and tablets all emit blue light that suppresses melatonin, an essential hormone for quality sleep. Instead, turn off your devices at least an hour before bed, two is even better. All it takes is one provocative news article to rev up your mind. And try sleeping with your phone in another room, just try it! It’s also a reason to use black-out shades to create a dark sleeping environment.

Like your mind and body, the skin rejuvenates itself during deep sleep. (It’s called beauty sleep for a reason.) If you care about your complexion, stick to your nightly Regimen. If you’re just starting, it looks like this:

  1. Take off your makeup! Sleeping with the day’s grime, including 18-hour old makeup, is just not good for your skin. Try ESSENTIALS Instant Makeup Remover Wipes and ESSENTIALS Complete Eye Makeup Remover to get the gunk off first.
  • Wash your face and follow the rest of your Regimen steps. Using products in the right order is a ritual in and of itself, one that gives skin exactly what it needs so you can see the results you want.
  • Try our bubbling REDEFINE Rejuvenation Mask after your cleanser. It refreshes tired skin while Jojoba beads exfoliate for a radiant, clean feeling. Use up to three nights a week.
  • Any skin type can benefit from Active Hydration Serum, which attracts moisture to hydrate skin. Use between Step 2 and Step 3 of your Regimen (SOOTHE users, apply between Steps 1 and 2). If you have oily or combination skin, try this at night. Those with dry skin can apply it both in the AM and PM.
  • Finally, apply R+F Lash Boost every night for obsession-worthy lashes! Simply glide over your upper lash lines. And remember, less is more!

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  1. Tania,I love your polka dots and pink very cute ,happy your little sleep over went well ,such a cutie .

  2. The entire outfit looks great on you! Enjoy your granddaughter! They grow up so fast!

    • Cheryl Peffer Reply

      Well, you will be having a little house guest as often as she’s allowed. You’re lucky she sleeps in another room. Many a sleepover I’ve had with all three of my granddaughters in my bed. With two spare rooms . Oh yes.

    • Tania Reply

      I agree, Patty. They grow up so fast and before long we are considered old and no longer fun. I want to make the most of my time with her when she thinks I am the best!

  3. Nancy Baten Reply

    Haha, what fun you have with her! And what a gorgeous dress! I love the pink touches too.

  4. Wow I love this dress on you Tania gorgeous with the pops of pink it would be lovely for a wedding pop on a fascinator and you’re good to go ? glad you were able to have a nap ? at least ?

    • Tania Reply

      Bernadette, you are right about wearing this to a wedding. Wouldn’t it be gorgeous?

  5. Thompson Hill Blog Reply

    Having a hard time deciding what I love the most. Polka dots, fit and flare, pink shoes or those earrings! Let’s just say you look gorgeous !! Wink!!

  6. Kim Brejcha Reply

    love, LoVe, LOVE this dress, it’s beautiful AND flattering!!!

  7. So many things to like…! But I especially like how you accented with the pink! Second, I appreciated your openness about how you did not used to be so bold, but had changed. (Yay!) I am going through that kind of change now, so thank you for being an inspiration and leading the way. 🙂

  8. Tania, you look fabulous! Love the dress and love the pink accessories! My grands are all in college and my grandson, 13 would never want a sleep over! Enjoy it while you can, they grow up before we know it! Totally flattering on you!

    • Andrea Camp Smith Reply

      Great dress. I just got a red and white polka dot dress.

  9. I just bought a black background with large white polka dots. I love your look. I just told my husband, if you walk into a room, everyone is going to turn. That is a summer show stopper. WoW!

  10. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    Thats a very Classy, Sassy outfit! Love the style of dress on you and the hot pink really makes it pop! I cant believe Miss E hasnt spent the night w you before! Silly girl! My grands have been staying w me since they were 1 and a half! Joe needs his beauty sleep.??

  11. So pretty! Sort of a retro-look. Reminds me of outfits I wore in the ’60s. Love the look. I even had the bright shoes…bright pink & Kelly green.

  12. I always feel good when I have the same dress. although I do not rock the way you do. it is so beautiful with the pink ….thank you for inspiring me always Laura Tuck

  13. I went to Talbots on Saturday and had such great luck shopping. My MIL’s 90th birthday party is in October and I found the perfect dress for less than $50 dollars. Happy dance, happy dance. They had a great sale. Honestly, everything I got can be worn in the fall and winter!

  14. The cut of this dress is *so flattering*! I’m loving the pops of pink, too. I’m so glad your darling granddaughter spent the night with you! It took our grands (now 7 & 5 yr. old) awhile to be comfortable at our house–at least they have each other.

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