50 IS NOT OLD | PICNICTGIF!!! The weekend is almost here, and I have no plans. Well, I have no plans that I want to do. I am supposed to clean around the outside of the house, I am supposed to help with a fundraising event, and I am supposed to do some blogging stuff, and I don’t want to do any of that. But, I need to do all of those things. I just want to sit out in the sun, and veg.50 IS NOT OLD | PICNICHow do you get motivated to do the things you should do, but don’t want to do? I need to use the power washer on the front and back porches. I need to paint my “S” for my wall on my front porch. If you are not a reader that has followed me since before Christmas, then you have no idea what I am talking about. Here is a post that contains the “S”, but this time I am going to paint it, instead of covering it in moss.50 IS NOT OLD | PICNICDid you notice the change in the pictures? I can never decide which shoes and purse I will be carrying for the day, so I will take a picture with all the decisions, and then look to see which one I like the best. I promise you, a picture looks different than looking in the mirror. Try it at home and see what I mean. 50 IS NOT OLD | PICNICThis top is too cute. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. I found it at TJ Maxx, and it is by Cynthia Rowley. It reminds me, and probably everyone else, of a tablecloth. I can’t believe the guys at work did not make some kind of funny remark about having on my picnic pants (gingham check) and tablecloth top. Lol! I also have on my mother’s new necklace that she bought from Plunder. It was shipped to me, so I decided to wear it. Haha I know she is reading this, so how do you like your necklace, Mom???

TABLECLOTH TOP: Similar | Similar | Similar50 IS NOT OLD | PICNICThe hot pink gingham check pants came from the QVC outlet store, and they are by Isaac Mizrahi. I like the color and the print of the pants, but I am so used to wearing pixie pants, that these feel like they are bagging. These are a size 10, which is what I normally wear, but I might try a smaller size if I buy another pair.

GINGHAM PANTS: Similar | Similar | Plus50 IS NOT OLD | PICNICThe hot pink leather tote is by Vera Bradley and the appliquéd satchel is by Coach. I bought the Vera tote this past February, but the Coach bag is old. The navy platform wedge shoes are G.I.L.I. and the white wedge shoes are by Aerosole.

SHOES: Similar | Similar | Similar | Similar

TOTE: Dooney & Bourke | Tory Burch50 IS NOT OLD | PICNICAs you can see the cut-out detail extends all the way around the top. My Chloe & Isabel bracelet really shows up well in this picture. I thought the bling in the bracelet went well with the bling in the Plunder necklace.50 IS NOT OLD | PICNICThe white enameled link bracelet is one that I bought a couple years ago from a website online. I am not sure which one, but it might have been Jane.com. I have to admit, this is one of my favorite outfits that I have worn. It is casual, but classy. It is cute, but sophisticated. What do you think?

I want to see how clever you gurls are. In honor of my “S” coming back, I want you to leave a comment about my blog, AND the comments have to be in the “S” family. Such as silly or sassy, etc. This could be fun, please participate, I need a laugh. Haha

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  1. Spectacular look and post today!

  2. Sweet! I love the airy look of it! Tell me how you have time to change purses every day.

  3. Too funny, I had the same top on today! Gotta love TJ Maxx :). Love your blog. You always make me smile. Love your style and your sense of humor. Keep it going!

  4. Gerri Brown says:


  5. Jill Clemona says:

    Your blog is always super, stylin, sassy but never stale, stinky or shabby?

  6. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!!!!!!!
    Your blog is the first thing i read in the morning!! It is always so uplifting and i love your style !

  7. Southern sensation!
    Sent to this southern girl transplanted
    Up north! We love your blog in Chicago!
    It gives me a taste of home every time I read it from the lumber yard to the qvc
    Outlet! I miss South Georgia!

  8. Stylish and sophisticated as usual. Always ready to view the outfit of the day but my favorite is your Sunday blog. Thanks for sharing your faith.

  9. Seriously, that top is just beautiful. You look look just wonderful!

  10. sensational! As always

  11. Lynneferd says:

    A super sweet outfit, Tania! It has summer written all over it! I love the raspberry color with the tropical bag too.

  12. Tania, you are seriously styling that sensational, sassy, spunky, sexy, saucy, splendid, summer outfit today! And in keeping with the picnic tablecloth theme – scrumptious! I’m totally serious, not sarcastic! See ya!

  13. Glenda Braun says:

    Love the outfit. Sunny for here in Fl.

  14. Kim in Minnesota says:

    Stylish sassy sistah!

  15. I was so excited when I opened your blog today, I have that blouse hanging in my closet! I picked it up a couple weeks a ago and was trying to decide if the cutouts showed too much skin. Glad to see it on in an outfit, it looks awesome??. Can’t wait to wear mine! You’re always a ray of sunshine. Keep making the day bright. ?

  16. Cute outfit! So summery!! I think your blog is Sassy, Sweet, Sincere and Seriously funny and charming at the same time!! Have a wonderful weekend – whether you sit around or do your “chores” 🙂

  17. Simply sensational summery outfit. Love it with the white shoes and I love that you “borrowed” your moms necklace. Ha, Ha! That’s something I would totally do and she reads my blog so she would notice!

  18. Robin Christenson says:

    Sensational…. I love the look.

  19. June ward says:

    Well here we go sweet,smart,saucy,spunky,spotless,sunny,sizzling,sensational,striking,sharp,sparkling,spunky,s hint,sincere!!!?

    1. June ward says:

      Oops second to last word was shiny and forgot spectacular!love the outfit!

  20. Debbie Peel says:

    I seriously salivate each time I read your super special stylish blog with a slight twist of sophisticated sauciness ! I love everything you do and today’s outfit is super cute!

  21. hinesley7 says:

    Sexy! No one has used that one yet. I just love this outfit. Especially the with the white shoes and pink bag. And your hair looks great!

    1. I can’t believe that no one used that one before!!! Hahahahaha?

  22. Supercalifragilisticexpialidociously Simple!

  23. My word for you is sincere, not just today but everyday I am able to read your blog. I love your outfits and your advice but my favorite thing about you is how you share your love for the Lord so sincerely and so simply. Thanks for today and for the other days when you make me smile. And also for help with my wardrobe. One comment about your outfit today, the blouse is so cute and great for summer, but I might have a hard time buttoning the back.

    1. I just slipped the blouse over my head, I didn’t have to button it after it was on.

  24. Simply smashing!!! Love the outfit!!! You look great!

  25. Sassy and so “stinkin'” cute!

  26. Spectacular! Such a sunny site!

  27. I love your outfits!!! You are sassy, sophisticated, scintillating, stylish, spry and sweet. But most of all, special. I’m sure you will get everything done this weekend and with a smile!!!!

  28. Stupendous!!! Have a great weekend!!!

    1. Super, sensential, summer look! Prefer white shoes and pink bag.

  29. Sincere, sunny outlook, socially active, super funny, a little sassy, stunning, shows self assurance, sister, sizzle, smart, stylish, superb and last but not least stupendous.

  30. Amy Robertson-Smith says:

    Super Dee Duper!!!! I think it’s a cute outfit. I don’t buy a lot of printed pants because i just get tired of their limited use in my wardrobe. I have a black/white pattern from white house black market that i do love though, I need to get them out! Have a great weekend, and get motivated, and get it all done, then sit back Sunday and relax!

  31. Sharp sister!! Seriously I was a bit nervous to open my email when I saw that title! SURPRISE! This outfit is my favorite since you started the blog!!

  32. Sophisticated, stunning, smart, southern!!!! Sums up Tania!!!

  33. Donna Hayslett says:

    Sophisticated, and Stylish! One of my very fav outfits! I personally love the white shoes, and the appliquéd satchel
    best!! So stunning!

  34. Karen Harris says:

    Simple, sassy, sophisticated, stylish, sparkling, smile-provoking, stunning, socializing, seriously silly… this outfit is another winner!

  35. That’s funny that you call them picnic pants, because I have a blue gingham pair of pants, and that’s what I call them. Cute outfit.

  36. Your outfit SIZZLES!!!!

  37. Seriously summery! Have a sunny weekend!

  38. Scrumptious and serene!

    1. I will try to remain serene the rest of the day.?

  39. Great outfit! I have a ‘play’ day scheduled with a girlfriend today and this has given me great tips to step up my outfit. Still looking for the right tunic top with some type of lace detail but I’ll find one eventually. We plan to visit TJ Maxx today and will look for this top. Love this look.

    1. Forgot to mention, this outfit is So Simple yet Speaks of Special Sassy moments! Hard for my mind to come up with enough S’s without more coffee. Ha, Ha.,

  40. Sunny, summery, sweet outfit and stunning white shoes with pink satchel! ??☀️

  41. Super outfit! Sensational blog!

  42. Joanne Scantlevury says:

    Serendipitous, it was a fortunate accident I found your blog?

    1. WOW! I would have had to have gotten the dictionary out to have spelled that one! ?

  43. Christine says:

    Simply stunning!love the outfit!!

  44. Sometimes saucy, sometimes sarcastic, but, solely sophisticated and stylish.

  45. That top is really cute! I love the pairing with blue wedges and hot pink bag.
    For me, the biggest motivation to get something done, are forthcoming visits. I should have seen me cleaning windows just before my in-laws were due to come last year 🙂
    Today I am expecting another visit from the Czech Republic here, so last night I was really motivated to have my next blog post written.
    Have a nice weekend!

  46. You look adorable and ready for summer in that outfit.

    1. I guess I didn’t play at the “S” game right. My words are simply, summery.