DSC_0091It has been a crazy long day, and I am worn out. I am glad that my exercise class is not till later; it will give me a little time to recuperate. I am really looking forward to the weekend, even though I have no plans. I need to clean around outside, and I probably will, but I don’t want to. I want the yard, and flower fairies to come visit me overnight and take care of all those chores. If you want to volunteer, just message me and I will give you directions. Heck, I’ll even cook dinner for you! Haha50 Is Not Old | Beauty SleepThe last time I was this tired, was when we had been in Williamsburg at a woman’s club convention. I was dragging my tail then too. The good thing about being really tired is that you will usually sleep well. That was sure the case when I came home from Williamsburg. I fell into bed that night, and I never stirred again till the next morning. I woke up and was just laying in bed, not really wanting to get up and go to work. Joe was already up and on the computer, so I was still chillin. Lol!50 Is Not Old | Beauty Sleep

As I laid there, something “felt” different. I started running my hands over the sheets, and I knew immediately that someone had changed my sheets, I couldn’t believe it was Joe.  A month or so ago, I got an email from Katie with Perfect Linens asking me if I would try out their line of sheets. I shook my head no, and closed the email. I do a fashion blog, not a mommy or lifestyle blog. Later the next day or so, I mentioned to Joe the email. He said I should respond back that I would give the sheets a try. His reasoning was that “everyone” needs sheets. His real reason was, that he wanted a new pair of sheets.

One of the reasons I didn’t want to do the review was that I am a sheet snob. There, I said it! I like my high count Egyptian cotton sheets, even if I do purchase them at a VERY discounted price at the QVC overstock outlet store in town. When I read about these sheets, they are not that high of a thread count (400), so I was not impressed. I went to their website and did a little research. They boasted about the sheets being really soft and durable, and I thought that is nice, but still I hesitated. Then I read that they offer a 45 day money back guarantee, no questions asked, and that did it for me. I figured they were very confident in their product to offer that. Ribbon_2_1024x1024 I got the King size Second Skin sheet set in the ribbon pattern. They are a gorgeous pair of sheets, but let’s be real, it is not about how pretty they are. It is about softness and durability. I know poor Katie must have thought I was never going to do this post, but I wanted to try the sheets out and wash them several times to see how they would hold up. So far, I am really impressed. In fact, I am now having to take this pair off, wash them, and then put them back on the bed. Haha  Second_Skin_Ribbon_green_master_1024x1024 Before you ask, no this is not my bed. I have on a summer comforter and it is purple, and I didn’t want you to think I was colorblind. Lol! I read all the technical jargon that told me about the sheets, but I can’t remember what it said, all I know is they are soft. They even have different sheet sets for cooling you down, warming you up, or even for night sweats. I don’t care what Joe’s motives were, I just figured I could use all the beauty sleep I could get. Hahaha

50 Is Not Old | Beauty SleepDon’t you just love this maxi dress? I almost didn’t put it on the blog, because I bought it a couple years ago and I know it will not be available anywhere now. I love the colors and the style. I even like the little slit up the side, it sure makes walking in it easier. Sometimes, I will wear a belt with the dress since it has elastic around the waist, but I decided not to today.

MAXI DRESS: Gorgeous scarf maxi | JC Penny | Cobalt Blue50 Is Not Old | Beauty Sleep
These linen platform pumps were one of the pairs that I bought at DSW in Atlanta for 10.00 a pair. When I put them on, I commented to myself, how soft and cushiony they were. I took off one of them just to see the brand, and they are by White Mountain. The QVC overstock outlet store in town carries that brand, so I am very familiar with them.

LINEN PLATFORM SHOES: Toms | Bella Vita | Clarks50 Is Not Old | Beauty SleepThe finishing touches are a Plunder long necklace (Adrienne) and bracelet (Edith). The shorter necklace is by Monarch Inspirations, and the watch is a Michael Kors that was a gift from the girls at work a couple years ago. That is the thing about a dress, you just have to pick out a pair of shoes, and you can head out the door.

Tonight while you are laying in bed, just run your hand up and down your sheet, and decide if it is time to upgrade. If so, then at least check out Perfect Linens, you can receive 10% off your first order. BTW, I do not receive any kind of compensation if you make a purchase. They only gifted me my set of sheets for me to be able to form an opinion.

If you have not already entered my nine month giveaway, go here and read all about how to enter.

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  1. Cynthia Rainey says:

    I did not realize how much sheets make a difference until we stayed at a the Rhett House B & B in Beaufort, SC, a few years ago. Normally, I don’t sleep well on vacation but the 600 thread count sheets made the difference on that trip! WOW! I bought new sheets when we got home.;-)

  2. Cheryl Records says:

    Love the whole outfit! I’m jealous that I don’t get to wear shoes like that often. I’m 5’10” in bare feet and with platforms on, tower over almost everyone. But I love the way they look and they’re so big this year!

  3. I’m having a hard time deciding between the gray fresh water pearl tassel necklace and the blue with white tassel for 4th of. July. May just get both! Thanks for sharing these fab pieces Tania!

    1. I’m thinking about getting the pearls myself. They would go with so many outfits:)

  4. When I opened my pad today and saw this dress all I could say was WOW! Love the color and pattern. You just look splendid in anything blue!! I too am picky about sheets. I’m gonna hop on over to Perfect Linens and check them out.

  5. White Mountain shoes are the BEST!!! They a my favorite summer sandal. I have five pair of the same style but in different colors. I have to admit that they are all Blings. I have old less then modelish feet, but I don’t care these fit and feel better then any other style and my feet love them.

  6. julie Scott says:

    Oh Tania, I REALLY like that dress- really! Love the cobalt tote too! As always, on pointe!

  7. Melesa Garrison says:

    I’m glad you said you were a “sheet snob” Me too, Girl! I’ve got to be comfortable during the night while recharging. Recharging is important, so let’s be comfortable, right? You look mah …velous!!!

  8. robjodiefilogomo says:

    I’m glad you wore this maxi—it’s perfect!!
    And the White Mountain brand shoes are ones that my stepmom gets a lot—she loves them!

  9. LOVE this dress and the whole outfit you put together! I also love soft sheets so will check those out for sure. Your husband is right-everyone does need sheets!

  10. I love the fact that you have had these clothes for a few years now, and the way you put them together just gorgeous!! Love this!, Sheets yea I buy one or 2 pair a year, use them until I cant anymore. I do like a high thread count though, I have a clothes line so I like to hang them out in the summer time, nothing like a fresh set of sheet!!!

  11. Love the outfit today! I’m a sheet snob too?!!

  12. Nancy Bailey says:

    Love seeing your stylish outfits each day and reading your blog. Turning 58 today and 50’s are not old! : )


  13. It’s hard to find sheets so I understand your reluctance to try something different. I’m glad they worked out.
    I love that dress!

  14. Love the dress, the colors are beautiful, love the shoes too!

  15. What a fantastic look! The colors, style, all of it. And can we talk about your hair – spectacular!

  16. These colors are smashing on you – really make your eyes ‘pop’ !

  17. Glenda Braun says:

    Love the look! I have a hard time with that look. In fact, don’t wear it as I am only 5′. But I love it anyway. You look great as always.

  18. When I clicked your email today and saw you in the dress, I almost gasped out loud! (Even though I’m still laying in bed.) You look GORGEOUS! Just shows me not to be afraid to shake it up a little! Have to go searching for something like that!

  19. I love this look. I’ve been trying to put together an outfit, for a girls nite at a local beach resort. I think I can put this look together. You have such great style.

  20. Love, love, LOVE the dress!!!

  21. Debbie Rowe says:

    Lovely! I love the rich colors .

  22. Janet Williams says:

    Wow! Love this dress and the cardigan with it!

    1. I forgot to mention the cardigan. Lol! It didn’t have a tag in it, so I am not sure where it came from.

  23. You look gorgeous !! I love your dress.