New Arrivals That I Have On Order

It is only a week away until I go on a work trip to Miami with two other bloggers. Because I know I’ll be gone for several days, plus I’ll need clothing to wear, I’ve ordered a crap ton of clothing. Some will fit, some won’t, and some I won’t like, so don’t expect to see all of them on the blog. By showing you the new arrivals I have on order, you can get them for yourself before they sell out.


Did you see the Colorblock Crossover Midi Dress? I have my fingers crossed that it fits because it will be in my suitcase going to Miami. I’m also super excited to try the Nike Air Max Dawn Sneakers! If they fit, I’ll probably be wearing them on the airplane since you have to do so much walking in airports. The Chanel looking knit dress is also one I can’t wait to see. I’m afraid it will be too short, but sometimes the models at 6′ tall, and the dress will look different on me. I’ll be sure to let you know.


I found these swimsuits at Chico’s, and I loved the print and style of them. The One Shoulder with the mesh cutouts is drop-dead-gorgeous! I ordered a size 12 (my usual size) and a 14 because I already have this suit in white, and it seems to be snug. Both sizes fit me almost identically, but I had a little more breathing room in the 14, so I’m keeping that one. The other suits fit perfectly in the 12, so I’m keeping all of them too. The floral print swimsuit is sold out at Chico’s, but I found it on Amazon, so I included it in the links below.

Banana Republic Factory

Banana Republic Factory is one of my favorite retailers. They have quality clothing, and the prices are very affordable. I hope to take the shorts with me on my trip, and the cargo jeans and sweater vest are two trends upcoming for spring.

Boston Proper

The Ombre One Shoulder Swimsuit was beautiful, but it was too big on me. When I turned to the side, it was sagging in the bottoms, and that’s not a look I want. I sent it back and ordered a 10 instead, but it won’t be here in time for my trip. The other suits fit perfectly in a 12, and I kept all of them.

Red Dress

I just ordered these two gorgeous dresses to take with me on my trip. If they fit, they will be perfect for going out to dinner at night. I’m unsure about the bright pink dress; it might look like a tent on me.


I plan on doing an “Is SPANX Worth The Cost” post, so I ordered in a huge load. The Airessentials line is amazing! I can not believe how soft these items are. I’ve worn the half-zip and the wide-leg pants for two days, and I just ordered another set in Lunar. Yes, they are pricey! YES, they are soooo worth it!!! I ordered a medium in the pants and top, and both items fit great.


I thought I would like the gold shimmer dress for a nighttime party look, but it was too big on me. I ordered a large, but a medium would have fit better. The pants and blazer are gorgeous. I ordered a medium in the pants and a large in the blazer. The blazer is a little big; I might see if I can order a medium instead.

Ann Taylor

These items just came in, but I’ve not tried any of them on yet. I love the bright green shift dress; it looks like it will be perfect for spring. In the near future, I’m doing a post on white pants and jeans, so these will be in that post.

Recap of New Arrivals I Have On Order

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  1. Thanks for this post. You are always so stylish. May God continue to bless you.

  2. That’s a lot! Not sure about the pink “tent dress” (remember those???), but the rest are great!

  3. Lynda Brown says:

    Oh my gosh! With that haul Joe probably thinks you’re leaving him! Lol! Hope you have a wonderful time.

  4. CyndeeKay says:

    Tania, I’m actually a Miami native, but moved north to Jupiter in 1983. LOL I’m looking forward to the white pants post. I live in white bottoms year round. I need some new ideas for tops. Enjoy Miami!

    1. Cyndee, this will be my first time in Miami, and I’m a little nervous flying into the airport by myself. 😳

  5. This is great! I like so many of these items. Have a grand time in Miami, and don’t get any ‘U assemble” items for Joe until you come back home. LOL!

  6. You are, without a doubt, my favourite. I always look forward to your posts and appreciate all the work you put into them. Have a great time in Miami.

  7. Thank you, Tania! Here’s a hug 🤗
    This morning I ordered the Birkenstock Pallipio & did a Nordstrom drive-up pick-up. Nordstrom is 3 miles away (cue angels singing). These shoes are perfect. I’ve had a nasty struggle with planters fasciitis this past year, getting better but… Leaving for Hawaii Monday am. This would be my first vaca to not pack heels. I’ve got cute supportive flats TBurch Miller clouds & others but darn it, I wanted a heel on something. I took a chance. Fit is true to size and they are fantastic. Hope you love them too. I am so happy 😁 Enjoy your Miami trip!

  8. Mary Kinard says:

    I think the gold shimmer dress is my fave! Have a safe and fun trip!
    Can’t wait for your post on styling white jeans and pants!!

  9. Wow! That’s a lot! Looking forward to seeing what works and how you style them. Have a fantastic time in Miami!

  10. Marilyn Byrnside says:

    I would be happy shopping in your closet(s)! Enjoy the big try-on and the trip.

  11. Vickie Stewart says:

    Can’t wait to see how you style them!

  12. Have fun on your trip. You ordered some great items.

  13. Gina Luebke says:

    Cute stuff!! I want to order those cargo pants from Banana Republic and I love that color block dress! This was a fun post and I can’t wait to see you style some of these 🙂

  14. Ginger Hiller says:

    I bet Joe and Lucy are going to really miss you while you are in Miami! Yes, you have ordered a boatload of clothes. I can’t wait to see pictures of you from FL actually wearing some of them.

  15. This was lots of fun. I love all the swim suits, the crop jeans, and scarves. I haven’t shopped at Boston Proper for years. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for sharing all your ideas.

  16. Some really beautiful outfits. Enjoy Miami and your new pieces, you will be a showstopper.

  17. Have a great trip! You are right the swimsuits are gorgeous.

  18. Roberta S says:

    I love the color blocked dress!

  19. I love the two dresses you choose from Red Dress.

  20. WOW! Someone has been busy!! Lots of great looks on order. Love the color block dress and the gold dress. Hope they fit you as I’m sure both will look great on you. The Chicos navy bathing suit and the ombré one shoulder suit are great looks for you too. LOL, it’s funny because I own three or four of the the things you’ve ordered or an older version. We do have similar taste 🤭. Have a wonderful trip!!

  21. I need you as my personal shopper! Everything looks beautiful and I am anxious for your future blogs – especially, white jeans!
    Have FUN on your trip.

  22. oh OMGOSH, I love all of it!

  23. Great post! Love the selections of the outfits. Have fun on your trip!

  24. So many pretty tops and I’m loving the Spanx items you’re talking about! Can’t wait for you to style them for us.

  25. Oh, my gosh! So many great choices! I want them all! I am going to have to do some serious shopping and decide which ones I can really use and which ones my budget will force me to live without.

  26. ELISSA CROWE says:

    I enjoy the blog!

  27. Wow love everything! I really want the spanx wide leg air Essentials but they are sold out in my size. Hoping they restock. I’ve heard such good things about that line. You will be so well dressed as usual on your trip. Enjoy.

    1. Judy, I’ve noticed that they do restock. When I first looked at them, they were sold out in my size too, then I found them this week.

  28. LeeAnn Barnard says:

    I’m SO ready for spring! Love all the bright springy colors. Hope they all work for you!

  29. Wow- so many amazing pieces!! Too many favorites to list here!!

    Thanks for sharing your haul!

  30. Connie Martin says:

    Love these choices. Can’t wait to see photos of you in the new items.

  31. So.much.stuff. 😊. I LOVE the Birk wedges. Please post or comment if they are comfortable. LOVE getting ideas from you and enjoy you popping up in my inbox. You’re the only one I allow anymore . And really enjoy the side stories, keep ‘em coming! Have a blast on your trip!!!

    1. Jodi, this is such a wonderful comment. I’m honored to be the only one you follow. I’ll be sure to let you know about the Birk wedges. I have a similar pair by Aetrex that I love.

  32. That is quite a haul. You must be great friends with your UPS driver. Can’t wait to see what turns out best. Online orders are always such a crapshoot.

    1. Kristin, Joe always jokes that he never has to worry about me ever running off with a UPS driver. They see how much money I spend. Lol!!! BTW, I keep goodies in my package shed for them, they are essential to my business.

  33. Janice Wooldridge says:

    Attractive haul!

  34. Danette Greenfield says:

    Wow! You have some fun mail coming your way!

  35. Melissa Palmer says:

    Ooh, so many nice items today! My favorite is the flutter sleeve top from Nordstrom, followed by the spanx wide legged pants. When you do your spanx post can you describe what it feels like? In other words, does it suck you in like too-tight compression leggings or are they more comfortable? I’ve never tried them. Have a blessed day.

  36. Which swimsuit is your favorite?

    1. Alicia, all of them haven’t arrived yet, but I’m loving the black one from Boston Proper, and the One Shoulder miraclesuit one.

  37. Thanks for sharing your finds! Enjoy your trip!

  38. Susan Nothwehr says:

    It’s so much fun to see all your choices! Looking forward to photos with you, in them!

  39. I love the green dress and the blue and green swimsuits. Also the swimsuit coverup although they wouldn’t go together. You will look great in whatever you wear. 😊 Have fun!