Work from home, they said! It’ll be fun, they said!!! I don’t know who “they” are, but I am sure that they are laughing their rears off right now. Lol! I spent the better part of yesterday trying to fix all of my email issues, and I finally have thrown in the towel. I am tapping out; I am screaming uncle. ENOUGH! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I broke up with the “new” provider that was supposed to be bigger and better. Bull Hockey! All it has been is a colossal pain in my buttocks!
So, you may or may not have gotten an email this morning. Since I broke up with the new provider, I went back to the old provider with my tail tucked between my legs to try to figure out what I did to turn off the email notifications. I turned on every button that I could find, and I watched an hour-long tutorial that told me NOTHING, so I am waiting to hear from you. Yes, you got the email, or no, you had to find me on FaceBook or Google. UGH! The next time that I mention doing something new to the blog remind me, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Oh, by the way, I added something new to the blog. LOL! This is working…at least I think it is. Look up at the top of the blog and see a menu in the pink/peach area. To the far right, you will see the words SHOP MY POST. Click on that, and you will see my latest addition to the blog. Why is this anything that you care about? Let’s say that you are interested in the leopard print coat that I wore a couple of weeks ago. With this new page, all you have to do is click on it, and my looks for the past couple of weeks should pop up. Then, you can click on the photo, and it will give you the links that were in the post. How about that???
Did you see my post yesterday? I wore the cutest deer sweater from Loft that is perfect for the holidays. One person commented on yesterday’s post that she liked wearing Fairisle sweaters for the holidays because you could extend the wearing time to include the entire winter season. I agree with her completely, and here is an excellent example of a beautiful Fairisle sweater. I wanted to show you how neutral colors can be festive for the holidays. The colors of this sweater are muted, and not like your typical brightly colored ones, and that is something that I like. This sweater is a lovely shade of creamy beige, and all of the prints are different neutral shades. Plus, to help this neutral sweater with a little pizzazz, there is a gold metallic print in part of the neckline. This metallic thread through the print is perfect for a dressier occasion or a holiday party. It is subtle, but it is also a perfect example of stylish and classy. The sweater is soft, that is something that matters to me, and it is machine washable. I ordered a large, and it fits, but it is just a tiny bit bigger than I would like. I probably should have ordered the medium instead. Would you be surprised to hear that it is also from Loft? I didn’t think that you would be. Here is the link.
I hear a lot of you say that you love the high heels that I wear, but you can’t wear them any longer. I am always on the lookout for cute and stylish flats, but they are so hard to find. I was thrilled when I saw these black flats that I knew I had to order them to see how they looked and felt. The flats are faux suede and the way that the draping on the toe looks, it is almost reminiscent of a bow. The jeweled circles are what make these shoes stand out, and they would be perfect for so much. They will look great with flats, pants, or a dress, and you could wear them out on a date, to church, or to work. They feel really good, although I haven’t walked in them much yet, and I ordered my usual size 9 for reference. Guess what; they are also from The Loft. Lol! I told you that I ordered a LOT of things from the Loft and the Loft Outlet, so you will be seeing a lot from them in the coming weeks. Plus, The Loft is still having a great sale with the code NEWNOW, and the Loft Outlet is still running 60% off your purchase until the 9th of December.   Here is the link to these flats.
The Dallin earrings, my large gold hoops, look great with the gold metallic thread in the sweater. I didn’t want my jewelry to be blingy or showy, but I still wanted to look finished and put together. I also added a couple of gold bracelets, the Lelani gold link bracelet, and the Starley gold magnetic cuff.
I promise you that my crop pants are black, even though they look navy. I need to figure out how to combat the color variation when I take my photos in the shade. You can’t take photos in the sun because you can’t hold your eyes open, but when you are in the shade, it casts a hue on the photos that can distort the color. I need to learn how to work Lightroom, an Adobe product that lets you brighten, lighten, and do corrections on photos. Until then, I’ll tell you when a color looks off in the photos. I am wearing an old pair of pants, but investing in a nice pair of black pants is a smart idea. I have several different styles of black pants to choose from. I have leggings, crops, pixie pants, suede, corduroy, chinos, and plain old black jeans. Black is a basic that you will wear over and over again. These are dressier than leggings or jeans, but they are not so dressy that you can’t wear them with a tee-shirt or a sweater. Here are some pants for you.

I was looking back through my most popular items that you ladies enjoyed the most, so I thought that I would show you what you chose. Click on the photo if you want to read more about the item.

Thanks for all of the fun comments yesterday. I loved reading all of the comments and sharing them with Joe. Barb B is the winner from yesterday’s surprise giveaway!!! Congratulations!!!

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  1. Received your post. (Yay!) Love the new shop my post feature. Very handy. So clever. I’m seeing it in the top left corner, top right has the search icon. Fair Isle sweater is lovely, flats are beautiful, I’ve been picking up a few pairs of kitten heel pumps. I got snazzy red suede and a leopard print, still a little elevation but I’m not teetering around on 4” – although I did that the other night at my husband’s holiday party. I was grateful there wasn’t much standing. Beautiful outfit today, casual yet elegant at the same time. Love Loft.

    • Tania Reply

      Kathy, your comment has made my morning!!!! I tossed and turned all night long wondering if the emails would go out. It is fun to have “those” shoes that we can occasionally wear, just as long as we don’t have to stand for long periods. LOL!

      • I like the new(old) blog site. It comes right up. Smooth like butter, and who doesn’t like butter?

    • I received your email in my inbox today; earlier this week, messages from you were in my junk, and now I understand why!

      • I’ve never had an issue, your emails are in my inbox daily waiting on me! Thank you for the new search feature, love it♡

    • Brenda Lynch Reply

      I love this and yesterday’s too. oh, and I have yet to miss an email.

  2. Barbara Wilson Reply

    Love the sweather, pants, and shoes!! Those shoes just set off that outfit . Yes, I did receive your email for the post. Great idea on the “Shop” link!!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Barbara. I really liked the Shop link. It helps me to be able to go back and see where something came from.

    • Everything seems to be working as you expected. Love the pics today. Your hard work paid off.

    • Got it ! Yay now I’m doing the happy dance but Yesterday was a different story -‘I had to hunt you down but it was so worth it , I’m getting that cute reindeer sweater and those flare jeans were very flattering on yo. Today’s look is very Audrey Hepburn-ish. You can pull both looks off without skipping a beat .

    • Tania Reply

      Blog issues are a royal pain, especially when you are not tech-savvy. UGH! Glad to know that you got the email!

  3. Received this post but not the usual daily ones for a while.
    Technology is great…..until it’s not!

  4. That entire outfit looks so great and the shoes are so pretty. I am always looking for attractive flats and you are right about them being hard to find. I have gotten to the point where I can no longer wear heels and that is a shame because the entire look of the outfit goes down with flats sometimes. Those make the outfit so classy though, love it.

    • Tania Reply

      I have found that flats are starting to get more and more stylish. It may have something to do with all of us boomers demanding cute styles.

  5. Hi Tania, your post arrived perfectly this morning and not in my junk box, which is where it has been going the last few weeks. Thank you for all your lovely uplifting blogs, they are such a tonic.

    • Tania Reply

      Woohoo!!! Finally. I hate giving up and admitting defeat, but it looks like the old way was te better way.

    • Billee Jo Myers Reply

      I got your post today, but had also recieved those from the other provider! Hope it all continues to go well. Love the outfit!

  6. I received your post and don’t believe I have missed any. Cute outfit—where were the photos taken? Thank you.

  7. Got your email..winning!!! Shop link is showing on top left for me as well..nice feature.

    • Karen from Como Reply

      I feel so fortunate. Even thru you provider switches, I have continued to receive your daily emails. It’s a good thing because you always bring a smile into my day. You look great in the fair isle outfit. Such cute shoes!

  8. Love your blog! I do get the email notifications. Your sweater today (and yesterday) looks great on you.

  9. Mary Lou Stewart Reply

    Received your email…enjoy up to the minute fashion posts!

  10. Hi Tania. I’m happy I’ve received every email through all your changes! Love the sweater and the deer sweater too. We don’t get much wear here in South Florida but I’m thinking about that deer sweater and hoping for a cool December & January!

  11. Yes, I received an email from you. I like that your featuring Loft items, it’s my favorite place to shop!

  12. got your post…I see it came in at 1 AM EST….I am on the east coast..hope you were not up in the middle of the night working on it!! I always get your posts thru my email. Love the new shopping link. Loft is my fav store also…always classic and good quality.

  13. Got your post! Had the same issue with a new state of the art phone system at my business- sent it back and went back to old system!

  14. Got your email. Love those shoes! If I click on the hamburger on the left side I get a drop down menu with the shop my post feature. Great idea!

    • Carol Murnan Reply

      I just got your email, wasn’t getting them for awhile. I’m happy to be getting them again, I really enjoy your blog! I love the sweater in today’s post, and I love that you featured flare jeans on one the other day. I don’t look great in skinny jeans, nice to see a different look.

  15. Bingo!! Great outfit Tania!! It indeed looks great for the holidays ( think your new flats help attain that) yet you can wear it all winter!! ?? I have trouble in my own home trying to figure out if one of my sweaters is blue or black (have one of each). They are so dark that sometimes it’s very difficult to make out which is which! I received today’s email but I’d been receiving all of them without a hitch. Sorry you had SO much trouble with that other server. It just isn’t worth the frustration, especially this time of year!! ❤️

  16. Received your email. I am so glad you are back to the old but reliable system. I was missing it! The shoes were the highlight of this outfit! Classy and comfortable.

  17. Received your post via email yesterday for the first time in two weeks and again today!

  18. I got your email. For a few days after you switched, your email was under the promotions tab, but then it was in the main mailbox and was there today. I love fair isle sweaters because they look like you are wearing a scarf around your shoulders. In the Deep South, however, I don’t get to wear many sweaters.

  19. I got your post via email and the shop feature is great. Love the outfit !

  20. Todays email came in perfectly. Don’t go back to the one you’ve had for the last two weeks! (Most of those went into my spam or junk)

  21. Carla Parham Reply

    I did receive an email. Thank goodness because I start my day with you. I did not see the Shop My Post in the logo. I did click on the menu to the left of logo and the shop my post option was there.
    Loved the sweater. I just bought one similar at Belks. Have a great day and I really do appreciate all the work and effort you put into your blog.

  22. Alyce Stoddard Reply

    Got your email have not missed one so hang in there tech stuff is do not fun. Your posts make me giggle wrinkles and all ? happy holidays

  23. Hi! Yes, I received your email this morning!
    Ps….love your blog! I look forward to your story, in the beginning of your blog…every morning.
    You’re just so real and funny, you crack me up.

  24. Yes, I got your pos5 this morning! I like that you are on the post when you open the email?

  25. Received your email! Yay!!! I’m one of those that can’t wear heels due to a bad knee. Love those flats!

  26. I got the email this morning! I work in IT, so I totally understand your frustration….sometimes I feel like I work puzzles all day, every day….ugh! Glad you got it all worked out 🙂

  27. Kelly Palmer Reply

    I did receive the email. This sweater is beautiful and I love the neutral colors!

  28. Debbie Dawson Reply

    I got the email this morning. Love the sweater and pants. The Loft had become a favorite for me. Those shoes are just what I’m looking for! Sorry you’ve been going through so many email issues. Maybe this time it’s fixed for good. The new shopping feature is awesome!

  29. I’m glad you’re back with the “old” provider! Today’s email did NOT go to my junk folder. Your outfit is beautiful and very classic. Hope you have a great day!

  30. Kim in Minnesota Reply

    Yes, I received your email. Always look forward to our morning coffee together!

  31. Jan Coleman Reply

    So glad you went back to old provider! I hated try to navigate the new one! I was missing my morning email. Love your blog!

  32. Mary Ann Williams Reply

    Yes I got your e=mail and I LOVE shop my post. Thanks for making it easier.

  33. Got your email. I have never had problems. Thankful ! I love the Loft and I love reading your blog.

  34. Yes, yes, I received your email! Don’t you just love technology? ? I can disrupt any device in my general vicinity by my mere presence…I believe it’s my super power?! Love your “work”…you seem to enjoy it so much that maybe it doesn’t feel like work! Keep doing you! Have a wonder full day. ?

  35. I just checked and I had an email from you. I’m glad that your hard work payed off.
    I love the look of flats but they are hard for me to wear. I like the cute booties and boots you always show.

  36. I stopped receiving your emails and now I know why. Today was the first morning that your email was back! Yay! Love the outfit today..very flattering.

  37. Yes i’m getting your emails and love your shop my link. Merry Christmas.

  38. Sharon Neff Reply

    Got the email this morning. But I never missed it…and very glad of that fact!!

  39. I’ve gotten your e-mails no matter what, so it’s all good on this end. Am trying this to see if I can comment, because that’s the only problem I’ve had, and it looks like it’s working, so whatever you’ve done is great with me. That sweater is absolutely wonderful with the metallic in the design–looks really pretty, and those shoes!

  40. Lynn La Rue Reply

    Hi Tanya, I’m getting your emails just fine, even way out here in California! Love your outfit today!

  41. I got your email, so your hard work paid off.? Love your outfit today – and either you’re losing weight or this out fit is really slimming. Looking good.?

  42. I guess I am lucky, to,the best of my knowledge I have not missed an email!
    Love that sweater, appreciate the effort to find lower heeled shoes!
    I think I may need to go to the Loft!

  43. Aimee Spencer Reply

    Your post came in at 10 pm here in Califirnia! Loved the new Tab and this Fairisle sweater looks so pretty on you. I have to get it!

  44. Nancy Onorato Reply

    I guess I’m lucky, Tania, I’ve always gotten your emails, but this morning I had to look in my spam. (LOL, what’s up with that?) I love your new “Shop My Post” feature! I had seen another blogger model the reindeer sweater you had on yesterday, but after I saw it on you I had to order it. Thank you for your genuine caring & concern for your followers; you are the BEST!

  45. Love your outfit today you look great, and with that being said received your email today yea,,,

  46. Lillian Wagner Reply

    I’ve always gotten your emails. I’ve never had any issues. Love your blog. I always look forward to see what you are wearing.

  47. Hello Tania! I have not had any problems receiving your emails. I love reading your blog and look forward to it every day! Thanks for all of the stories, fashion posts and your Sunday words of inspiration. You are doing a great job and I admire your work! You make it all look so easy–but I know it’s not! Thank you!

  48. I received your email and I did not have any issues getting it when you had changed, YAY! Loft outlet is one of my favorite places to shop and (too conveniently) there is a Tanger outlet with a Loft about 10 minutes from my house, LOL

  49. OM Gosh, I love the shop my post feature and I personally am glad you are going back to your first provider. I was having to click 3 times, yes 3 times, to get to you post to read your blog. The old provider just the once.

    I have always gotten your emails and except for that 1 day when the pictures didn’t show, has been the only problem (besides the smaller text, I mentioned once)..

    Have a wonderful weekend. Love the outfit today too.

  50. I always get your posts and always see photos. Looks great to me with iPhone and laptop. Sorry you’re having so much trouble. Computers are awesome till they’re not!!

  51. Love the new feature. These sweaters are just what my tired wardrobe needs. ive always loved them but don’t own one. I’m into my loafer stage right now so I don’t wear as many flats as I did but these are really cute and I love Loft. Their clothes always fit me. That’s a blessing when you find a place you can depend on. Website working great for me. Fast loading.

  52. Elizabeth T Reply

    I received the email. I have had no problems with either provider but I like this one better. The “better” one I had to see a preview and then click again to read the blog. LOVE the shop my post feature.

  53. Hi Tania…attempt number 2 in writing this response! This keyboard I have on my laptop is smaller and when my fingernails get long, I sometimes accidentally delete what I wrote. I did get your email this morning for today’s post. I’m sorry that you are having such issues with getting converted to the new mail provider. My husband is an IT director for a company here in the Twin Cities. If we lived closer I’m sure he would be willing to help you. But sometimes even he gets stymied which might be the case this time. I do love the Shop My Post feature that you added. I have a shopping addiction and admit that I do buy a few of the items that you model each week. Lately, I have been trying to get better control over my spending so it has slowed down. I am anxiously awaiting my latest R&F shipment. I ran out of the Active Hydration Body Replenish a couple of weeks ago and my skin is SO dry! I love that stuff…it makes such a huge difference on my arms, hands and legs. I hope you have an enjoyable holiday season! 🙂

  54. Received your email and I see the Shop my Post in the upper right hand oc the page! WooHoo!
    You did it???

  55. Have been receiving your emails consistently. Like this format better so I’m glad it’s back. Nothing wrong with the other one; I just like this one more.

  56. Hi! I received your email! Thank you! Yes, I like this blog post better! Keep up the great work!

  57. I did not receive your email on Nov 7th or 8th. First time this has happened in the years I’ve followed you. So I went to Twitter to let you know. I do like the e-mail notice better, even though I know your on the other social media accounts. Look forward to the next one soon!
    ~ Sallie ~

    • Tania Reply

      Sallie, I can add you to a different system. I’ll email you to see if that is something you would like.

  58. Julia Purtill Reply

    Got today’s email but was getting them from the new now old provider too. Love the darling flats with the decoration on the toe! We love you and will take your email any way we can get it!

  59. Yay- I am so glad your back! I’ve been missing you! Thought you deleted me!

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