50 IS NOT OLD | MY MORNING ROUTINEYou guys should have warned me about the pollen. I am dying here! My head hurt all day yesterday and my eyes are bloodshot. I may not get any pictures taken while I am here. Because I am uploading a video I won’t be adding fashion pictures but I wanted you to at least see a picture so you would know you were at the right pace.Lol!

I can’t believe I am going to do this again. I promise you that appearing on the internet for EVERYONE and their brother to see with NO makeup on is not as glamorous as it appears. Lol! When I started blogging in September of 2015 I never dreamed I would put a video on my blog with me looking like this. I never thought I would even have anyone following or reading my blog so the thoughts of the no makeup video probably wouldn’t have been as intimidating. To show me some love and support by posting your own makeup-free picture of yourself on Facebook. Lol! I’ll be watching for those pictures, be sure to tag me.In this video, I am using the Reverse Regimen by Rodan + Fields. I don’t have to take my makeup off because I took it off the night before. R+F has two versions of Reverse, Lightning, and Brightening. The Brightening Regimen is to help with the reversal of dullness that comes with aging. Youthful skin has a “glow” and the brightening regimen will make your skin have that glowing appearance. The Lightning Regimen is geared toward the removal of sun spots (aka age spots) and this is the first product I ever ordered.

I first ordered Reverse after thinking about it for months. I finally broke down and ordered the products in February before I could change my mind. I saw a difference in my skin in a couple of weeks. I saw a HUGE difference by the time the regimen was finished and I signed up as a consultant in order to buy the products at cost.

I don’t share before and after pictures of people’s results if I don’t know the person personally and even then I hesitate. I think everyone’s skin is different and everyone’s results happen at a different rate. I never want anyone to think the products aren’t working based on someone else’s results. I did this when I started using Lash Boost. I noticed all the other girls lashes were growing and looking so full but mine didn’t seem to be changing. I kept using the lash boost only because I had it. I thought that since I had already bought it that I might as well use the rest of it. It was like overnight I looked and my lashes were crazy long. Everything is about consistency, you have to use any product to get results.

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s video on my makeup routine and for Wednesday’s post which will have a hair tutorial video.

Go the Solutions Tool and see what R+F products are recommended for you.

Watch the video. Let me see those solidarity selfies hitting FaceBook!!! Hahaha!


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  1. Mary wrote:

    No makeup? You look beautiful!

    Posted 4.24.17 Reply
  2. Mary Fender wrote:

    Hi Tania
    I’m a new follower to you and your blog – I just wanted you to know that I just started with a subscription with “Stitch Fix” and I told my stylist to just look at you and your blog! That’s what I want to dress like!
    Keep up the great work! Glad I found you!

    Mary Fender

    Posted 4.24.17 Reply
  3. Susanne wrote:

    I think you look absolutely beautiful with no make up on! Rock it girl!!

    Posted 4.24.17 Reply
  4. Kimberly wrote:

    Fabulous photo Tania!! As soon as I use up the skincare I’m using now, I want to try R+F sooooo bad! I’d like to use up what I have because I hate to waste anything. My allergy doctor prescribed Zyrtec-D for me. Yes, it is a prescription, but it works better than over the counter Zyrtec, in my opinion. It will make you sleepy, though, so take it at night. Feel better soon!!!

    Posted 4.24.17 Reply
  5. Susan Stancliff wrote:

    OK am I missing something? Is there suppossed to be a video attached today? Or is it coming?

    Posted 4.24.17 Reply
  6. Joanne wrote:

    Tania I love my R&F. Curious what do you use as a make-up remover?

    Posted 4.24.17 Reply
  7. Kim wrote:

    Yay…my R + F Arrived this morning, just as I was going to work!
    Am looking forward to trying them out tonight…many thanks Tania. x

    Posted 4.24.17 Reply
  8. Kathe wrote:

    You’re a rock star Tania! A gorgeous one!

    Posted 4.24.17 Reply
  9. Lynn Chianese wrote:

    You look great! I really like your look – less is more and embrace your age! BOOM!

    Posted 4.24.17 Reply
  10. Great picture! I have the same problem no matter when I am in Florida. Something is always in bloom!

    Posted 4.24.17 Reply
  11. Cristina wrote:

    Tania, two words Zyrtec and Flonase! They just saved me during horrible allergies so run to the nearest drugstore, they are worth ever penny. You look great by the way!

    Posted 4.24.17 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks, Cristina. I will go and get that.

      Posted 4.24.17 Reply
  12. FunkyForty wrote:

    You look beautiful in this photo Tania!!!

    LOL Yvonne

    Posted 4.24.17 Reply
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