50 IS NOT OLD | MARILYN MONROE STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Ladies, today is Friday the 13th, but it is not going to be unlucky for you. Instead, you will think that this might have been your lucky day once you meet my new blogger friend. Today, I am going to introduce you to a woman who is a true inspiration. A lot of you like my blog because of how I talk about my family and childhood. You are about to have your world rocked by Grace.
50 IS NOT OLD | MARILYN MONROE STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Grace grew up in China and experienced poor like most of us can not imagine. She experienced hardship and abuse, but she never gave up on a dream of a better life. You will love reading about her journey of finding herself and the man of her dreams. And, then you will sympathize with her since she lost him to cancer two years ago. The journeys she had been through has made her into a strong woman who knows that to get what you want in life; you have to work hard and never give up. Be sure to visit Grace on her blog, Color and Grace. And, if you have the time, you will want to read her about me page.
50 IS NOT OLD | MARILYN MONROE STYLE | FASHION OVER 40The great Marilyn Monroe will never be forgotten. She will probably always be misunderstood but never forgotten. I was reading some facts about her and was surprised to learn that she had an IQ of 168. The article said that she hated being cast as the dumb blonde all the time. Wow! I guess she really could act since I never knew that she was smart. I love a lot of her quotes, but one that I like the best is, “A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none.” 

50 IS NOT OLD | MARILYN MONROE STYLE | FASHION OVER 40There is no better way to add a pop of color than by adding a bright colored blazer. I love wearing a jacket/blazer because it gives me a waistline that I don’t have on my own. It tricks the eye into moving inward and thinking that you have a smaller waist. Who doesn’t want to look thinner? If red is not your color, then maybe you could look at something in green, bright blue, or maybe hot pink. You will surprise yourself how often you will wear a brightly colored jacket. It will make you feel amazing.

50 IS NOT OLD | MARILYN MONROE STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Look at my snow leopard Ponte pants. I love how they are a leopard print, but not in the traditional browns of a leopard. These pants are very similar to leggings, but they are much thicker than most leggings, so they have more structure to them. I took this picture to show you how you could wear them without a jacket and still look dressy. The classic black pump is a great way to dress up any pair of pants, leggings, dress, etc. This is a shoe that will never go out of style, so if you don’t already own a pair, then you should consider getting one. I wear a standard high heel version, but you can pick the heel that best suits you.

50 IS NOT OLD | MARILYN MONROE STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Not a high heel kind of gal? Then, why don’t we take this look over to the casual side? I took off the jacket and heels, and instead added a pair of bright red sneakers. I love playing off of the red lips on the t-shirt, and these sneakers are an adorable way to accomplish that. Sneakers are easier for most people to wear since they are comfortable and you don’t have to worry about turning an ankle. I bet that most of you already have a pair in your closet, but you might still want to make room for one more pair. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | MARILYN MONROE STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I also added these trendy acrylic black and white earrings to the look. These half-moon hoops are a 2.25″ drop, and the name of the earring is the Adaline. I also added two of my black leather By The Book bracelets for a more casual style. I have looked high and low for these bracelets, but I can’t locate them. These are at least four years old, and I bought them in a store on the square in Marietta, Georgia.
50 IS NOT OLD | MARILYN MONROE STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Don’t forget to visit with Grace; you will be glad that you did. She is amazing and a great inspiration. Be sure to leave her a comment and a word of encouragement.

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  1. Nancy Onorato says:

    p.s. Thank you for introducing Grace to us. She is marvelous & her name fits her perfectly!

  2. Nancy Onorato says:

    That’s awesome, Tania, I’ll be looking forward to it! Is your Marilyn Monroe tee still available? I haven’t been able to find one I like as well. Thank you. You rock!

  3. Nancy Onorato says:

    Hi, Tania, I’m a new subscriber & am SO excited to have discovered your blog! I love your style & the only problem is that I’ve been clicking on your links and shopping all day. I’m very fair-skinned like you and was hoping that you would tell me what red lipstick or gloss you’re wearing in these photos (to go with my new red blazer, Marilyn tee & leopard print pants). Thank you so much! I must get back to my shopping now. LOL

    1. Lol! That is fabulous, Nancy! I am so glad that you like my style and I hope that your purchases look great on you. I am glad that you liked my red lipstick, I actually have a blog post coming very soon telling you how to get the perfect red lipstick look. Go back to shopping, and be sure to watch for the post.

  4. Connie Johnson says:

    Love this outfit and your hair!!

    1. Thanks, Connie. I just got it cut again, so I have a different look now.

  5. DEANNE HOPE says:

    love the pants. where did you get them? Cute outfit.

  6. Annalea Masiello says:

    is there a link for the snow leopard leggings?

  7. Love the quote by Marilyn! Any info on the leopard pants? Cute

  8. love todays style, so cute!

  9. Nancy Silverman says:

    Grace’s blog is wonderful! I love it! Thanks for putting her in the spotlight this week!