J.Jill Try On With January New Arrivals

The other day I did a New Arrivals From Talbots try-on haul, and since J. Jill is next door, I ran in to do a quick Try On haul for you.

Here are my measurements so you can have an idea of how things fit. Under each photo, I give the size I’m wearing, and I’ll let you know if you need to size up or down.

I’m 5’6″ tall and weigh 155 lbs. I usually wear a size 8 in pants and jeans, a 10 or a medium in tops and sweaters, a 10 or a large in jackets, and a 12 in dresses.

I know you have a lot to do on a Saturday, so I’ll make this as short as possible. I’m trying to do a try-on haul each Saturday since most of you can hop on at some point during the day. Also, it looks like I will have to start publishing my posts myself each morning instead of scheduling them. So, beginning Sunday, expect my post to start going live around 7 am ET. Hopefully, that will reduce the “post not found” error messages.

I didn’t find a lot of pants in the store, so I’m mainly showing tops. Tops and sweaters are what I purchase the most, so this is true to how I usually shop. The midnight blue Pure Jill Collared Soft Sweater is really soft. I love the collar because it dresses up the sweater while still being soft, cozy, and casual. The sweater is also available in a light gray, and the medium fits me perfectly.

I love the paisley Pima 3/4 sleeve Scoop-Neck Tee. This tee would look great under a cardigan or blazer and can be dressed casually like I am here. It would look great with white, khaki, navy, and many more. Wearing it with dark jeans and a denim or navy jacket would be perfect at this time of the year. I’m wearing a medium, and it fits me nicely.

I wanted to love this Watercolor Floral Sateen Top, but I’m not a huge fan. I like the bright and vivid colors, but the fit is off. I’m wearing a medium, but it seems to swallow me. I should have tried a small one, but I didn’t bother since I wasn’t a huge fan.

Maybe the print is too large for me? That might be the issue since I seem to like the other prints, which are smaller.

I love this navy garden print Fit Progress Pima-Stretch Shirttail Tee. The length is excellent, so it doesn’t show your rear, but it can be tucked in for a polished look. This is available in several solid colors, and the medium fits me well.

Here is another tunic (there seems to be a lot of tunics this year) that I’m not that crazy about. I like the v-neck, but it is a little big on me, and the dark navy seems harsh on me.

I love this Pure Jill Soft & Cozy Shawl-Collar Sweater!!! I showed Joe all of my photos, and this is the only thing he said, “I hope that came home with you.” This sweater is so incredibly soft and cozy that I couldn’t pass it up. Now, I will say that it isn’t the most fashionable thing I own, but it is undoubtedly one of the softest. I’m wearing a medium, and it fits me great.

The Sapphire Buttoned-Henley Tunic is huge on me. The color is showing up a tad bit lighter here than it is in person, but it is still a gorgeous color. The Striped Flower Scarf looks perfect with the tunic, which elevates the look.

The High-Rise Boot-Cut Jeans fit nicely! They have some stretch, but they don’t feel like they would stretch out and be baggy. The raw hem is a modern design that keeps you looking trendy and lets everyone know you like fashion. I’m wearing a size 8, so these fit TTS.

Tania Stephens with 50 is not old is styling a J.Jill lilac sweater and dark jeans27
Cozy Rib Poncho (S/L) || High-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans – Laguna Wash – (Size 8)

I love the bright iris color of this Cozy Rib Poncho! This is a great way to incorporate spring colors into your winter wardrobe. This poncho also comes in a stone color which is a great neutral. I’m wearing a Pima Crew-Neck Long-Sleeve Tee under the poncho since it isn’t sewn completely closed. The size S/L fits great.

Tania Stephens with 50 is not old is styling a J.Jill lilac sweater and dark jeans28
Cozy Rib Poncho (S/L) || High-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans – Laguna Wash – (Size 8)
Tania Stephens with 50 is not old is styling a J.Jill green cardigan with a white top and dark jeans30
Utopia Mixed-Textures Cardi (medium) || Pima Crew-Neck Long-Sleeve Tee – (Medium) || High-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans – Laguna Wash – (Size 8)

I kept on the Pima Crew-Neck Long-Sleeve Tee and added the green Utopia Mixed-Textures Cardi. I love the marbled texture of the cardigan, and I think it looks great with the dark wash High-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans. The medium cardigan fits me great.

Tania Stephens with 50 is not old is styling a J.Jill green cardigan with a white top and dark jeans29
Utopia Mixed-Textures Cardi (medium) || Pima Crew-Neck Long-Sleeve Tee – (Medium) || High-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans – Laguna Wash – (Size 8)
Tania Stephens with 50 is not old is styling a J.Jill green cardigan with a white top and dark jeans31
Utopia Mixed-Textures Cardi (medium) || Pima Crew-Neck Long-Sleeve Tee – (Medium) || High-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans – Laguna Wash – (Size 8)

The color of the Blissful Two-Pocket Short Cardi is winterberry heather. I love this color, but the cardigan is available in a couple of other colors. The short cardigan is trending right now, and I styled it with the Pure Jill Long-Sleeve Shirttail Tee. You can’t tell it in the photos, but the tee has a tiny bit of the lilac color, which ties in nicely with the cardi. I’m wearing a medium in both items, and they fit me great.

Tania Stephens with 50 is not old is styling a J.Jill lilac cardigan with a white button up shirt and dark jeans34
Classic White Shirt (medium) || High-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans – Laguna Wash – (Size 8)

Everyone needs a good Classic White Shirt, or maybe two. This entire outfit came home with me because I love the classic look. The shirt is very nice and isn’t too thin. I like the fit; it is a little roomy but not too oversized. The dark wash jeans look so polished with everything! The size 8 fits me great, and I know I’ll get a lot of wear from them.

Tania Stephens with 50 is not old is styling a J.Jill lilac cardigan with a white button up shirt and dark jeans35
Classic White Shirt (medium) || High-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans – Laguna Wash – (Size 8)

I hope you enjoyed today’s try-on haul from J. Jill. Let me know other retailers you’d like to see me do a try-on haul with, and I’ll see if I can make that happen.

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  1. Andrea Pollard says:

    I love J Jill!

  2. Andrea Pollard says:

    I love J Jill!!!

  3. Never shopped J Jill so good to see what options they have. But more importantly, I just noticed how you hold your phone while taking photos. Genius!!!

  4. Dawn Severson says:

    Thank you for this post. I really like the midnight blue sweater but wasn’t a fan of much else so I’ll skip J. Jill on my next shopping trip.

  5. Lisa Blohm says:

    I agree with Joe, love the cozy sweater! I’d get a lot of wear from that and would probably get multiple colors if they were available. The green open cardigan is very pretty also. Thank you for saving us time by modeling these outfits.

  6. I need a classic white button up shirt, also not a big floral fan. I am trying to embrace change and have one I have purchased. Thanks for the try on.

  7. Melissa Palmer says:

    I love the bright colors on you and the dark wash jeans are so slimming!

  8. Thanks for the J.Jill try on. I’ve never heard of them, but excited to hear they have jeans in tall sizes. 🥰

  9. Louise Fox says:

    Thank you for every post you make…no matter what time!!

  10. Paulette Weed says:

    I agree with Joe. The soft gray collar sweater looks great. THIS IS SHORT BCZ I DONT WANT THE MESSAGE YOU’VE SAID THAT BEFORE!

  11. Thanks for another try-on haul. I haven’t shopped J Jill before but was happy to see they carry Tall length pants and jeans….I would never had known had it not been for your blog! Thanks again!

  12. Cindy Wiborn says:

    Not a fan of the high rise boot cut jeans or all the floral tops. Much prefer dark jeans and solid tops -geometric prints are ok. Just my opinion.

  13. There are so many pieces that I like in this try-on haul!

  14. Christine Curtis says:

    I like the white shirt with the dark wash jeans. What shoes would you wear with this? Flats or Heels? Or Boots?

  15. Kellie johnson says:

    I’ve never shopped at J Jill. might give it a try now. the classic white shirt is a wardrobe staple I need find.

  16. I really like Talbots and J Jill. Unfortunately Talbots is no longer in my mall and I am afraid JJ may be next.
    The mall is going for more expensive edgy looks.

  17. I’m surprised that I didn’t like anything from this JJill haul except the white shirt and the dark jeans. Keep doing the work for me, Tania!

  18. I first want to say thank you for a lovely job you do and I do enjoy the try on hauls…..I like shopping at Chico’s, J Jill, Ann Taylor, J Crew, The Gap, Banana Republic, and Talbot’s (so thank you).

    Since you talk about Make up from time to time and a lot of women of a certain age have to deal with those pesky gray hairs coming in. Everyone deals with them differently and for those that have darker hair and try going blond or go natural for a salt an pepper look for example. Should they change their make up colors or change ward robe colors to avoid looking washed out and tired looking? Maybe a post on that sometime…….thanks and have a great week end.

  19. Teresa Hill says:

    Thank you for sharing . Love the jeans.

  20. Ginger Hiller says:

    As good as technology is, sometimes it can make all of us want to put your hair out. Some colors that you you tried on are beautiful! Since wide legged jeans/pants seem to be trending for spring and summer, I wonder why JJill had so many tunics in stock. Slimmer fitting tops will be needed to keep proportions and balance right.

  21. Rosalinda Salcedo says:

    Love the high rise bootcut jeans and the poncho!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful outfits! Have a great Saturday!

  22. These are super finds. So appreciate all that you do to keep that blog going!

  23. I love, love, love J. Jill. I buy a lot of my clothes from them. I especially love the short sleeve shirttail tee you tried on. I might have to purchase that myself.

  24. Good choices. I often forget about JJill.

  25. What shoes would you wear with those jeans? I LOVE them, but don’t know what shoes to wear with them!

  26. I haven’t shopped at this store yet. I like the looks you have chosen.

  27. MaryCarol says:

    I love the sapphire blue top on you. Great color choice.
    I’m trying to get away from floral tops. It seems most of my wardrobe consists of them. (Not sure why I am so drawn to these.)

  28. Great sweaters! The collared look is really interesting this year. . .and the jeans look like they have a super flattering fit. However at a price of $109, I will have to wait for a sale. Agree the floral expressions tunic is not all that–I actually owned that same print and same fabric on a 90’s top from Jill–wish they would not recycle the same prints and think their long-time customers won’t notice!

  29. I love J.Jill. So your post today was much appreciated. Love their tees and the pink and iris/colored items. Thanks so much Tania! Your emails are the first thing I read in the morning. They always uplift me❤️

  30. Love the dark jeans and the white shirt. I like keeping it simple and clean looking, plus it is always in style and classy! Thanks for all the ideas and keeping us up to date!

  31. Cute tops! The shawl collared sweater is my fav!

  32. There are lots of cute things at J Jill. I’m loving the short sleeve shirttail tee! The jeans are really nice too.

  33. I look forward to your daily emails and all of your “hauls”! I live almost an hour from the nearest shopping. Thank you for saving me a lot of time by allowing me to shop online through you! You’re an inspiration to many!

  34. I would love to see a try on from JCPENNY. It is a great place to shop for jeans, tops and athleisure. St John’s Bay, A.N.A and their Xersion brands are my favorites. I purchased St John’s Bay wide leg jeans last fall. They are highly rated. I also like their bootcut jeans.

  35. I have shopped JJill in the past and really enjoyed some of their clothing. Their style is a little looser fit, especially in their tops. I normally wear a medium to large in other brand tops, but usually wear a small in JJill. Those dark wash jeans look great on you! I will have to try those.

  36. Roberta S says:

    I like the tops and the dark jeans. I really don’t like faded, worn look and frayed jeans I think they really cheapen an outfit. Dark jeans can make an outfit look classy.

  37. Mary Kinard says:

    I have never shopped at J.Jill but I love some of the pieces you showed! I especially liked the watercolor top…but I agree it did not flatter you. I would love to try on from Ann Taylor or LOFT.

  38. Julie Shutt says:

    My Favorite would be the white shirt with the dark jeans. Also love the color of the short Cardi.

  39. Dana Smithmier says:

    love the cardi!

  40. The blue Henley was the best color on you!

  41. Love the try ons. So excited you did a JJill. Just started shopping there over the last year and like a lot of their clothes.

  42. Deborah Thompson says:

    I love these posts! My faves here are the marbled cardi, short-sleeve shirttail tee, long-sleeve white tee, & the high rise bootcut jeans. I LOVE ALL THINGS THAT COVER MY REAR – 🙂
    Thanks so much for doing these posts! HAPPY SATURDAY!

  43. Leslie Bizzell says:

    Have never shopped at JJill but sure do like some of these great sweaters and tops!


  44. the straight jeans look great on you!

  45. Vickey Vaughan says:

    I want to tell everyone how excited I was when I won the $50.00 Amazon gift card. Very rarely do I win anything.

    This is a great blog- learned so much and edited and organized my closet with her tips.

  46. Love JJill. My favorite are the Pima Cotton 3/4 sleeve tees.
    Not a big fan of tunic and loud patterns. Thank you for trying on all those clothes. You look great!

  47. My favorite, the try on’s! Been looking for a classic white shirt that’s not tunic length and love the dark jeans. Looked great!

    1. Judy, I’ve been ordering a lot of white shirts to do a review or a try-on with them. Maybe you’ll find one you like.

  48. LeeAnn Barnard says:

    I have never shopped J.Jill before. Some very cute choices here. I’ll definitely stop in next time I see the store.

  49. I love JJill. Their leggings are also awesome. They do have great jewelry too!

    These items all look very good on you. Thanx for sharing.

  50. Love the white shirt and the Laguna wash jeans.

  51. Yes, these try on hauls are great. I like touring the store without having to drive there, haha.

  52. Jill Zimmerman says:

    Ohhhhh! LOOOOVE the tunics!!! Thank you for sharing! I see J.Jill packages on my front porch in the near future!!

  53. I also am not a huge fan of tunics. I feel like that ship has sailed. I used to shop JJill exclusively but not so much any longer because most of their tops are tunic length. I am glad to see they are featuring the short cardigan though.

    Thanks for the great haul ideas.

  54. Debbie Titus says:

    You handle the technical issues well. I know it’s a struggle!

  55. Not loving the new spring things from JJill… most things look too oversized and the prints were a bit Mee-maw for me…however the jeans look great on you and that cropped lilac cardigan is definitely my style…
    Thanks for these try on hauls…I’m sure they are a ton of work.

  56. It has to be frustrating with your computer issues so I’m glad you are going to do what works for less stress on you. I do not live close to a J Jill but I still like looking at your try on haul. I’m always hesitant about ordering on line in case I have to send something back, but it gives me an idea of what styles they carry.

  57. Susan Brandenburg says:

    I love the cotton tops in the prints. I find cotton the most comfortable to wear and the prints make them more fashionable. Thanks for the ideas.

  58. Joan Henry says:

    Oh.. so much I want from jjill.

  59. I’m loving your Saturday try on hauls!

    1. Love the try on hauls Tania. Love the white shirt and dark jeans. Great classic look.

  60. Cute stuff from JJill ❤️ One of my favorite places to shop . Thank u for sharing some of their clothing !

  61. J Jill always seems to run big on me

  62. Kim Luehmann says:

    What earrings are you wearing?

  63. Lesley Dowd says:

    I found you 4 years ago on Pinterest and love your style! I always send my daughters your pics so they have an idea of what I am interested in. I enjoy your blogs and the haul try on for ideas to stay in touch with what’s new. Thank you for inspiring myself and I’m sure others the feeling of confidence and beauty of who we are!