I don’t do many posts about pajamas, but I should. Let’s be honest; we spend almost half of our life in bed, so pajamas should be a topic that I talk about all of the time. How many of you are guilty of wearing worn-out t-shirts or tattered shorts to bed? Those used to be my go-to for bedroom apparel, but I started making an effort to up my PJ game a couple of years ago. I am pretty positive that my husband appreciates my efforts, and since he is the only one who sees them (normally), that is all that matters.

With Valentine’s Day coming in a couple of weeks, I thought that a “love is in the air” kind of post was appropriate. Most of us will probably be celebrating Valentine’s Day at home, so pajamas and loungewear might be our outfits of choice this year.

I love robes, and this one from Soma is too cute for Valentine’s Day. This robe is one that I will start wearing now to plant the idea in Joe’s mind that ROSES would be nice. Lol! Joe is not the type who sends roses, buys candy, or gifts of any kind. If I want a gift, then I had better be ordering it myself. I’ve already told him what he is getting me this year; that way, neither one of us is surprised. Lol!

This robe is polyester and nylon, machine washable, and oh so silky! It is black with pink embroidery that reads, Roses are red, time for bed. I am wearing a size S/M, and it fits me great.

I even have the matching eyemask to add to my pajama set. Honestly, I have never been able to sleep with a mask, but Emersyn loves to sleep with them on. I will use them, though, when we travel in a car or plane to help me rest, but I can’t sleep overnight with them. I am sure that it is all in my mind, but does anyone else feel like that?

Hey, since these pajamas would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, maybe I will flip the pillow to the TONIGHT side. Lol! This vintage pillow has given me a lot of laughs over the years. This vintage one is not something that I can link to, but many of these pillows are HERE if you think this is cute.

There are even tonight/not tonight pillowcases that would be cute too. See, I told you that I had too much fun with this pillow.

My long-sleeve button-up heart pajama set is from Soma, but I can’t find it on the website any longer. I am not surprised it has already sold out since it is so cute. The set that I have on is usually sold as separate pieces, so I am wearing a medium shirt and a small bottom. Nothing about me is small, so I should have ordered the medium bottom instead. The small fits, but I would be more comfortable in the medium.

I looked back through some old posts, and I found this one where I wore my pajamas to work. Lol!

I see you, though, and I know that you want cute PJs also. So, I have found a LOT that you will love!

Here is a photo of me faking that I am asleep. I have already told you that I can’t sleep with a mask on. Lol!

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  1. Gara Doll wrote:

    Such cute pj’s!! Very cute idea, love the pillow, I’m sure your husband likes it too!! Thank you so much for your blog and fashion fun, I really do enjoy them. So uplifting!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Posted 2.4.21 Reply
  2. Janet H wrote:

    You look absolutely beautiful in that last, close up picture. Pink is your color!!

    Posted 2.1.21 Reply
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