I know the economy has hit a lot of people hard, and finding extra money for clothing might not be in the budget. Or, maybe you have money in the budget but are unsure how to put together an outfit. Today’s post is all about how to create an inspiration outfit, whether it is from your closet or with new clothing.

Today, I’m using Jennifer Aniston as my inspiration. I don’t try to dress like celebrities, but if I did, Jennifer is who I would try to emulate. I think her style is relaxed and casual, with a mixture of classics and trends. So, I grabbed a couple of photos of her from Pinterest, and I’m going to show you how I recreated the look from items in my closet. Do you follow me on Pinterest? You should since you can access my photos at any time – walk in your closet – and pick similar items to create your own inspiration outfit.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is using Jennifer Aniston as inspiration 1

Inspiration Outfit #1

Oh, my word! This look is so chic and polished but so easy to create. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles; instead, it is minimalistic and classic. Here is my version below.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Jennifer Aniston inspiration outfit6

It was raining outside, so you get entryway photos today. Lol! Every element in this inspiration outfit should already be in your closet, and if not, then these are items you need to invest in.

  1. A basic white button-down shirt. This No-Iron Fitted Stretch Shirt is so easy to create outfits with since it goes with everything. I love the no-iron feature and that it isn’t a boxy oversized shirt. I’m wearing a size 1, which fits great.
  2. Dark Wash Flare Jeans. Part of the reason Jennifer’s outfit looks so polished is that she is wearing dark wash jeans. Dark wash jeans look dressier than medium or light wash, so invest in a pair if you can. I’m wearing Midnight Flare Jeans from SPANX. I love SPANX clothing, but they can run on the expensive side and also tend to run small. I’m wearing a large, and they fit fine, but I might need to size down to a medium. If those are out of your budget, then try this pair by Wit & Wisdom. They run a close second to SPANX, and the cost is way lower. Wit & Wisdom run large, so I would size down to the next size.
  3. A Black Blazer. Yesterday’s blog post was about how adding a third piece (a blazer, jacket, or cardigan) can elevate your style. I think a Two Button Blazer elevates this simple outfit and takes it to the next level. I usually size up in a blazer to make sure that I can wear it over a long sleeve shirt or a sweater, so I order a size 10, and that fits me fine.
  4. Pointy Toe Boots. I love pointy-toe shoes and boots because they elongate your legs and make them look a mile long, especially when worn with dark-colored pants and jeans. I’m wearing a pair by Vince Camuto, which are only available in Suede at the moment. I also have this pair that is more affordable and gives the same look. The big difference between the two is the affordable pair has a brown bottom and heel.
  5. A Black Handbag. I have a ton of handbags, but not many of them are black. Shades of brown seem to be more what I gravitate toward, but a good black bag is an essential fashion item. This Coach Shoulder Bag is a classic bag that you can carry for years! Handbags are an item that I think you should invest in since they can last so long, but if you grow bored of carrying the same bag, then you might want to find cheaper alternatives. Here are a few Coach bags that are of the same excellent quality but about half the price.


Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is using Jennifer Aniston as inspiration 454

Inspiration Outfit #2

This outfit looks like there is more going on with it, but it is still the same basic items. The sunglasses, jewelry, belt, and sweater tied around the waist makes the look busier, but all of those are optional items. I’m going to stick with creating the Inspiration Outfit and not worry as much about the accessories, but I will link to what I used.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Jennifer Aniston inspiration outfit12

This outfit isn’t as polished looking as the first outfit. The look is still put together like she put effort into what she was wearing, but it isn’t as dressy. Here is what I used to create my version of Jennifer’s look.

  1. A Basic White Tee. Everyone needs a good white tee, and for me, that means a v-neck. I like my neck to look long because that helps me to appear thinner. J.Jill has an amazing V-Neck Tee, and I find myself reaching for it first every time. A more affordable tee is these from Time and Tru. If you find you need to replace your white tees often, then a more affordable option might work best.
  2. Skinny Jeans – I don’t wear skinny jeans as often as before, but I do still have some in my closet. They work great for tucking inside knee boots, so don’t throw them out just yet. Especially since I’ve been reading that OVER THE KNEE boots are trending this fall. I’m wearing a pair of AG Skinny Jeans that I’ve had for a while. I probably wouldn’t invest that much in skinny jeans right now and would opt for this pair by Kut From The Kloth or Wit & Wisdom instead. 
  3. Navy Double-Breasted Blazer – I LOVE a double-breasted blazer, and I think it really makes an outfit look polished, even if the outfit is casual. This blazer is an old one from Express, but here is a splurge one from White House Black Market, and this one by Express is on sale for a great price. 
  4. Black Belt – I like a belt that has more opportunity for sizing instead of four or five notches. So, this leather belt I’m wearing works great since I can decide how big or small it is by which hole I use to fasten it. I ordered the M/L for more options. 
  5. Neutral Wedge Sandals – I’ve worn these Open Toe Wedge Sandals out this summer. It seems like they’ve been on constant rotation in my wardrobe, and that is because they are comfortable, stylish, and a neutral color. They run TTS, but I noticed they are starting to get limited in sizes.
  6. Ray Ban Sunglasses – Sunglasses are another accessory that I will splurge on. I want to make sure my eyes are well protected, and I have a “thing” about sunglasses. I might own a few too many pairs. However, when I’m traveling, I usually take along a few cheaper pairs to take to the beach or the pool. I don’t want to lose my good glasses or get them scratched with the sand. I’m wearing a pair of RayBans in the photos, and this is a classic design. 
  7. Wooden Cross Necklace – Jennifer had on a long dangly necklace, so I added a Wooden Cross Necklace from Brighton that I’ve had for several years. I always get compliments on it; it is unique and stunning.

If you’ve enjoyed this Inspiration Outfit post and would like to see similar posts in the future, be sure to leave a comment. Also, I did a YouTube video that showed TWO more outfits, but I didn’t have time to post those today. You can watch the video, which has links to the YouTube video in the description. To see the links, you have to hit the SEE MORE or the V that is on the YouTube video.


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  1. I love your style and I’m a new follower. My only question is button up shorts are a big no no for me because I have large breasts but a small frame so to find a shirt that buttons without pulling across the chest, I find the shoulders break between my shoulders and my elbow and I look like I borrowed a shirt from my husband’s closet. Stretchy fabrics don’t help either. Any suggestions!

    1. Diane, many of my larger-chested friends, have their button-ups tailored, so they don’t look so oversized on them. Also, they wear sweaters or tees since they will fit their chest, and they do not look so baggy around the tummy area.

  2. Tania, I seldom comment on blogs but I’ve saved this post and it sent me to the store to check out possibilities. I love that you chose Jennifer Anniston to copy. I love her style. I also love blazers so this had everything for me. While I was checking sizing on the different blazers you show, I happened into Zara’s. They had two beautiful double breasted blazers in white and black at unbelievable prices. Have you shopped there? How do you find their quality. These blazers seemed excellent quality especially for the price. Just wanted you to know that this blog really had me going!!!

    1. Jan, I love that you found inspiration from this post! I also love JA’s style; it is classic and easy to copy. I’ve never bought anything from Zara, but I’ve heard good things about them.

  3. Hi, Tania!
    Celebrity inspo….you TOTALLY nailed it! Love all the work you put into your site…Thank you!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post!

  4. Aimee Spencer says:

    I really liked your 2 “Takes” on Jennifer Aniston! I liked the Navy Blue Blazer outfit the best. I found her on Pinterest
    once searching for what to wear with white pants or shorts. She wore a grey T-Shirt and now that’s me too Ha Ha !!

  5. I love inspiration! That’s what I like about your blog. While I may not particularly like every outfit, it’s realizing the possibilities!

  6. Loved this post, Tania! It hits so close to home with me. I have been an admirer of Jennifer Anniston’s style for years as well. I have also taken some inspiration from her style on a much more economic level but it works for me! Would love for you to do more posts like this. Yes, please!

  7. Deanne Hope says:

    LOVED THIS!!! I remember a show they used to have on TV. Where they would find a picture in a magazine and then they would be given like $200 to go shop and find the outfit. I always wanted to do that!!!

  8. Jennifer A is my style icon. Always so polished yet looks effortless! I have these same photos of her saved in pinterest and loved the ideas you showed for recreating. Keep posts like this coming please!

  9. Fun post today! Especially like it because I am a fan of Jennifer Anniston’s simple and classic style. More please…

  10. I loved this! So fun. I really liked the first outfit. Looked so smart. The second was way casual and not quite as put together. Good stuff though!

  11. Love this post and would love to see more.

  12. When I clicked on my email notice of your post, I got a glimpse of your post’s title and a glimpse of your outfit. I thought to myself, I bet Tania has chosen Jennifer Anniston, because the outfit looks like something she would wear. Lo and behold, my initial impression was correct!

  13. Tania, can you explain how to shop your pinterest looks !

  14. Great post. Great ideas. More please.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this post!

  15. Love the first outfit. So simple, yet such a polished look. Very chic!!

    1. Sometimes, simple outfits can look the most chic.

  16. Kathy Treadway says:

    I really enjoyed the post…Thank You.

    1. Yay!!! I loved doing this post!

  17. I love this post (great pics with you and celebrity comparison)….it’s amazing how you can go from yesterdays post on elevating an outfit (color is used in photo) to this one and it’s black and white with jeans and both post reflect how chic we can be. Thumbs up.

    1. Robin, I think Jennifer is very chic looking, and if you notice, she almost always includes a 3rd completer piece.

    1. Yay, I’m glad you liked it.