How Your Traits Can Be Used Against You

If you read yesterday’s daily email, you already know that I’m a “people pleaser.” I love to make everyone happy, and I will go out of my way to make that happen. A long time ago, someone mentioned that they couldn’t see very well, and the font on my blog was too small for them to read. So, I increased the size of the font to help her out. The same thing happened when someone mentioned that the color of the font was too light; it has since been changed to black to accommodate her. These are small changes that were easy for me to do.

I know that the devil uses our traits against us. He is smart and wiley, and he knows that my people pleasing trait is one that he can exploit. He whispers in my ear all the time, and isn’t it funny how he never has anything good to say?

My Sunday blog posts are usually his target. He is quick to point out that I’m unqualified to talk to anyone about the Lord. He brings up every past sin and makes sure that they are front and center when I’m trying to write my posts. The fact that my Sunday posts are the least read is another fact that he dearly loves to throw up in my face. “You could be posting about fashion which your readers WANT, and it would also be making money,” and “If your followers wanted to read about the Lord, they would follow someone who knows what they are talking about, and you don’t” are a few of the sweet nothings he loves to whisper in my ear.

1 Peter 5:8

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

I decided to make a list of reasons why I should quit my Sunday posts, and another one for the reasons to continue them. I let the devil give me his list, and then I gave him mine.

Reasons to Quit

  • Unqualified
  • Least followed
  • Not about fashion
  • Not monetized
  • No one cares

Reason to Continue

  • The Lord Qualifies The Called
  • To Give God The Glory!
  • To Honor God!
  • I Am Thankful For His Blessings!
  • Maybe ONE person cares.

I feel like I was living a Charley Daniels song, except the devil went to Virginia looking for a soul to steal. Like in the song, he knows that he’s been beaten. His list makes me laugh; it can’t even compare to the reasons to continue.

Colossians 3:23

23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,

Galatians 1:10

10 Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.

If you are a people pleaser like me, then be aware that the devil will use it against you. Your trait might be something different, but rest assured, the devil knows what it is and will use it to target you. If you know that the devil is a liar, and only whispers destructive thoughts, then it is easy to spot his tactics.


To God Goes The Glory!

Have A Blessed Day!

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  1. To God be the glory, Amen! I care 💗 Thank you! 🙏 This is one of the reasons I subscribed! 🙌

  2. I totally enjoy reading your Sunday posts. It helps to remind me to keep God in my heart and first in my life! Thank you for doing the Sunday posts!!!!

  3. I’m a big fan of yours, this is by far my favorite post! You’ve got this gurl!

    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed this post! Thanks for commenting, Joyce! ❤️

  4. I love your Sunday scripture posts. It’s one of the things I look forward to. God bless you and your family.

  5. Gardeningmama says:

    Amen sister! People are free to delete what they want, & you are free to share yr Good News! 🙂

  6. Thank you for your Sunday post. I read them and I share with a friend

  7. Thank you for this post, Tania! It is such a timely reminder that the great liar is always slinking around, trying to destroy our witness. Just last night my train of thoughts turned so negative, I realized it was the devil whispering in my ear. I loved the verses you quoted. Turning to God in praise and worship is a great way to make the devil flee!


    1. Thanks so much, Peggy! I appreciate the kind words. 🙂

  9. Tania
    You will never go wrong listening to what God puts on your heart to do rather than
    satan’s whispers in your ear. We know our enemy is seeking to destroy and devour.
    Keep up your Sunday post the way it is.

  10. I love your Sunday posts and hope that you never stop doing them. The Lord sees the good that you are doing!

  11. I love this! Thank you for your Sunday posts. Another reason to continue…it might just be exactly what someone needs to hear, and you might be the voice for God that touches someone else.

  12. Alice Brantley says:

    I saw a plaque advertised for sale : “Be the kind of Woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the Devil says”oh crap, she’s up”. You can take that many ways, which is interesting. Thought you might enjoy.

  13. Please continue your Sunday posts Tania! I really do look forward to them as well as your fashion posts. You do a beautiful job with both! ♥️

  14. I love all your biblical quotes and your Sunday posts! They are the main reason I follow you and support your work whenever I can. Please do not let the devil win.

  15. Tania, keep on with all your posts. I read the fashion, [clothes an shoes,lol] an especially look to see what Bible verse is for that day. Many are spot on at that particular moment! Good work an God bless!

    1. Thank you for commenting! 😊

  16. Mary Carol says:

    Thank you for all of the inspirational posts, especially the Sunday ones. We appreciate all you do, even if we don’t all respond.
    I, too, am a people pleaser and it sometimes gets the best of me.
    Just keep being you!! ❤️

  17. Susie Robinson says:

    Please don’t stop your Sunday posts. I love them and get a lot out of your sharing and little sermonettes! Thank you!

  18. Kellie johnson says:

    amen. keep the Sunday posts coming

  19. Your Sunday posts are among my favorites. Satan doesn’t bother those who aren’t trying to do God’s will so know that you are doing what God wants you to do and He will bless you for your faithfulness!

  20. Your Sunday posts are the ones I look forward to the most! And I borrowed freely for my children’s Sunday school class!

    1. Thank you for commenting, Sherry!

  21. The Devil is certainly good at reminding us of our faults, isn’t he? As I’ve been running around frantic to get organized this morning I’ve been reminded of, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Amazing how the “still” part is important. God doesn’t yell, or shame, or beat us up….but we do have to listen for his voice. Here’s to all of us listening better!

  22. Thank you so much for this post! And for not listening to Satan. He is alive and well in our world. Please keep doing your Sunday posts!

  23. Sherry Lowery says:

    Thank you for sticking to your Sunday post. You’re such a blessing!

  24. Thank you, Tania! You have your priorities straight! Thanks for the reminder!

  25. Claudette says:

    Thank you for posting on Sunday and honoring Jesus. It is restful and at the same time the verses are just what I needed to hear. There are times when I print the verse out and keep it by my computer as I go into the busy week. Thank you for all you do 7 days a week.

  26. Wendy Perry says:

    Love this!! I’ve found this to be very true in my own life. Keep posting girl!! I enjoy all of your post, especially Sundays!!

  27. Hi Tania,
    I am a Christian woman and love your blog. I look for the Bible verse at the end. I always feel blessed by it. However, I am guilty of skipping the Sunday post. NO MORE! From now on I will read it every Sunday.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read the Sunday post. It means so much to me! ❤️

  28. Fran Lardner says:

    I look forward to your Sunday posts. You, as a lover of Christ, are qualified to speak as the Lord guides you to. You are using your platform to influence more than clothing and beauty products….supporting inner beauty which is a more lofty goal anyway. You may never know the seeds you plant of how the Lord speaks through you to reach the hearts of others. Stay faithful!

  29. Janice Mitchell says:

    I look forward to your Sunday post each and every week! Thank you for doing them! Janice🙏🙏🙏

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Janice!

  30. Hi Tania, I absolutely love your Sunday posts and wait eagerly to read the varied topics you choose. You are a unique creation of God and He blesses you for the exaltation of His name.

    1. Thanks so much, Varsha!

  31. Love you Sunday posts keep up the great work you are more than qualified. We all need to be more outspoken about our Lord, me included. Thank you Tania

    In Christ,

    Nicole aka Glenda

  32. Eva Johnson says:

    A big AMEN sister!!

  33. Yes! Keep it up! You never know whose life may be touched by your words! All we do is give out the word, God does the rest.

  34. Tania I love your sunday post. keep it up. The holy spirit is writing these postt for you. keep on glorifying God.

  35. Kathryn Brimeyer says:

    I love that you use this platform to share the Word!!

  36. Tania, thanks for the Sunday posts. I may not always comment, but I read it every Sunday. thanks for sharing, keep it coming.

  37. julia miller says:

    Tania, I look forward to your Sunday posts, it’s one of many reasons I follow you. Thank you for your bravery and willingness to stand up for Christ in this world we live in!!

  38. Deb Bagnasco says:

    Thank you for your Sunday posts! I enjoy all your posts and stories.
    In the end Jesus and our relationship with Him is what matters, so keep sharing ❤️

  39. Tania – you just keep on writing these Sunday posts, even if no one reads them! Be faithful to the Lord, He is faithful!

    1. HE is faithful!!! What a wonderful truth!

  40. Kathy Kuehn says:

    I, too, love your Sunday posts. You are the only fashion blogger I follow anymore because of them. Fashion is fun, but God’s word gives light and life. Thank you for sharing your insights with us.

  41. Don’t stop. I look forward to your Sunday email.

  42. The devil if a liar and the father of lies. Your Sunday posts are the best. If they weren’t he wouldn’t be harassing you. Love all your posts. Hope you have a great week!!! Keep those posts coming.

    1. I keep telling myself that if the devil is bothering with me, then I must be doing something right. Lol!

  43. Your posts are wonderful!
    You are doing exactly what we are called to do when we love the Lord…….share HIM with others!~
    I love that they come from your heart and that you are willing to share your successes and failures with all of us.
    Keep them coming!

  44. I love your blog and your fashion advice, but your Sunday posts are my favorite as well as the daily Scripture that you post. Keep it up!


  45. Janis Hill says:

    Dear Tania,
    I’m going going to read all the previous posts. I’m just going to say to you what the Lord dropped into my heart as I read this.

    Proverbs 3:5-6 ~ Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

    Girlfriend, He is directing your path. Don’t ever doubt it and don’t ever forget it.

    In Christ,

    1. Thanks, Janis! I appreciate your comments so much!

  46. Gayle Benson says:

    I look forward to your spiritual blog every Sunday! All of us need to be aware of the devil’s evil was.
    Jesus came to save us from all of our sins. Jesus commands us to tell others of His saving grace!
    Thank you for sharing your faith with me and so many others!
    God’s blessings,

  47. I look forward to your Sunday post every week. It’s such a blessing to my heart!

  48. Tami Ashworth says:

    Thank you for this post! I like seeing all of your fashions but I’m always inspired by your inspirational posts about the Lord. As I was reading your post one day, I realized they always apply to my situation. Isn’t that just like Him to do that. You know how in church you always feel the sermon was just for you? Well it is! Gods Word is living and active sharper than any two edged sword even to the dividing of bone and marrow soul and spirit discerning the thoughts and intentions of our hearts. It might cut you one way and me another way but it sets out to accomplish it’s intended purpose. It’s most important that you continue to share it! God bless you! Keep it up!

    1. Tami, I love it when He uses my posts to reach others. I have ladies mention that to me all the time. 🥰️

  49. Thank you for your Sunday posts! I love that you share personal challenges that we all face and provide scripture to help us deal with them. God bless! 🙏🥰

  50. Amen. I read your verse of the day everyday and look forward to them. I’m thankful that you include them as it helps start my day off right and reminds me that the day belongs to HIM. I’m thankful that of all the posts out there, I ended up on yours. God bless you for the love you show our Lord and Savior. I’m praying more will start reading your Sunday morning blog.

  51. I think your Sunday post are wonderful. And I marvel that they are always so thoughtful and relevant, considering that you are not a trained theologian! I look forward to reading the Sunday post each week and if it would help your numbers (and shut the devil up), I’d be happy to read each of your Sunday post multiple times!
    Asking blessings for you and your family!!🙏

  52. So glad to read your Sunday posts! I need to hear Godly wisdom from a like minded woman.
    I love my Church , and Sunday sermons but it is good to have a woman’s voice too!

  53. That’s right! You keep on doing what brings God glory!

  54. Sherry Orgain says:

    I love your Sunday posts, please do not stop!

  55. Lisa PROVENCHER says:

    Loved what you posted today. Sometimes I feel like a “Rag Doll” being yanked every which way. Love this!

  56. I follow you because of the Sunday posts!

  57. Jacque Abell says:

    I love your Sunday message. This one really had relevance for me. Keep on shedding your light.
    God Bless

    1. I’m glad you connected with it. ❤️

  58. Thank you for all you do, especially your Sunday posts! 💕🙏

  59. Pat McCauley says:

    Love your Sunday blog don’t quit! You may never know this side of eternity of those who read your blog and are unbelievers who happen to read your Sunday blog and seeds are planted that result in a rich harvest as well as your daily verse. You are doing exactly what you are supposed to do!

  60. I enjoy your Sunday posts. Please don’t quit

  61. I love all your posts! Sunday posts are special Tania. You are an inspiration and I’m thankful you share about the Lord! The devil knows our weak spots. But if we gather together in Jesus’ name HE WILL BE DEFEATED.

  62. I care and others do too!! We will always be in the minority I fear. “For narrow is the gate and straight is the way…” No braging intended…for actually frightening as we move closer to ‘the end’ A time when good is seen to be bad and bad to be good. We must hold each other uo in prayer!!! May God lead you in His Will!

  63. Julie VanNieulande says:

    This was well said!!! I loved your insight on this topic!! Thankyou!
    Julie (people pleaser too🥹)

  64. Tania
    I too am a people pleaser. Seems that’s a trait that comes with being a nurse. I like to consider myself a servant of the Lord. Continue your Sunday post because they are enjoyed by me and others. I find them positive and very uplifting . You don’t have to be a pastor to deliver the word of God as Satan is trying to make it appear. And if I may put Satan on blast…there are followers enjoying the Sunday posts and she is being compensated!

    1. Thank you so much. God bless you and your work as a nurse. ❤️

  65. Alexia Maben says:

    keep up the good Sunday posts. We need them!

  66. Karyn Lentz says:

    I love knowing your reasons for giving fashion advice bloom from your desire to give the Lord’s worth to women who are often ignored and “invisiblized”. Your attire is classy and tasteful and i can always use the encouragement that your ending verse gives.
    Please continue your sunday devotionals….always insightful and christ-centered.

  67. Debra Wilkin says:

    Your Sunday posts are my favorite. I look forward to them and how they help me to be closer to God. Thank you.
    I do love your daily posts, but Sunday are my favorites. 😊

  68. Tania, I love your Sunday posts and I don’t even consider myself to be very religious however, there are excellent lessons in your posts regardless. Forever a fan of your Sunday posts.❤️

    1. Nancy, I’m thrilled that you enjoy them. I hope to be uplifting and inspirational, not preachy!

  69. I am a people pleaser, so I get it. I love your Sunday posts, so keep them coming. In this lost world we live in, you are being used as a beacon of hope!! Thank you!!

    1. Lynne, thanks so much for the kind comment. It means a lot to me.

  70. I look forward to your Sunday comments. Please don’t stop them, I use them with my devotionals!

    1. I’m not going to stop!!!

  71. Your Sunday posts are very good! Don’t stop, please. ✝️

  72. NATALIE K says:

    I enjoy your Sunday posting most of all!!! Please don’t stop doing them!!! You touch my heart!! I’ve been saved since I was 22 and I’m now 56!! Thank you for the time you spend doing your devotionals for Sunday!!

    1. Natalie, it is wonderful to hear that you enjoy my Sunday posts. Everyone is being so encouraging!

  73. Suzonne Johnson says:

    Love, love, love it!! Don’t stop your Sunday posts!!

    1. Don’t worry, I’m not.

  74. Teresa Kynkor says:

    Tania, I follow you because you’re not ashamed to express your love for the Lord, plus all the great fashion, beauty and home posts. Sometimes I don’t get to read the Sunday post until Monday but I love it. It’s inspiring and seems to always be just what I need to hear. So thank you for all you do.

    1. Thanks, Teresa. I’m human, and the devil knows my flaws and loves to exploit them. 😡

  75. Julie Bedgood says:

    Good for you not letting the devil win, I’m new and picked today to start reading your blog & comment! That’s no coincidence, that’s God! Keep up the good work!

    1. Julie, welcome!!! I’m so glad you were led to my blog today. You’re right, it is not a coincidence.

  76. AMEN, Tania. You keep witnessing for the Lord. One day, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that he is Lord. Keep leading your readers to that “narrow gate”.
    God bless.

    1. Won’t that be a glorious time!

  77. Thank you for Sunday posts! We have to continue to follow and work for God because the world will teach you different!

  78. Meg Hobbes says:

    Oh, I loved this post! You are doing exactly what God wants you to do and you are blessing so many women! You tell that devil that he’s right, you are not “qualified”, that it is only by the grace of God that you are able to do what you do, and He gets ALL the glory!!!!

    1. Exactly!!! To God Goes The Glory!

  79. Your Sunday post and Scripture post brighten my day. I am always disappointed when you don’t have one. Your Sunday post is like a mini Bible study. Yours is the last post I read so that your Scriptures can be with me all day. Please don’t quit.

    1. Marin, there is always a scripture! I include a scripture every day in my email. Just keep scrolling on the email, and you will find it there.

  80. Elaine Luman says:

    I enjoy your posts, especially the ones on Sunday. Sometimes they go hand-in-hand with the sermon I heard in church. Keep them coming and keep Satan squirming.

    1. The picture of satan (I refuse to capitalize his name) squirming makes me smile.

  81. I love the Sunday posts, thank you for sharing your heart!

  82. Susan Haggerty says:

    I love your Sunday posts as much as the fashion. You open my eyes in so many ways and you have my gratitude. I wasn’t brought up with religion but, was Confirmed Catholic in my 40’s. I’m working on my relationship with the Lord. Your deep faith and beautiful Sunday posts inspire me. Thank you! Please don’t stop your Sunday posts.

    1. Susan, thanks for those wonderful encouraging words.

  83. Thank you for the $50 Amazon gift card!!! I can’t wait to buy some fall fashions!! I absolutely love your blog and especially your Sunday devotional!! Many times you have a Bible verse that I’m needing to hear. Galatians 1:10 really spoke to me this morning.

    1. Yay! Holli, I so glad you received the gift card.

  84. I love your Sunday post! They are refreshing, thought provoking, & sometimes just what I need for the day. There are many influencers out there, but only a few who stand up for their beliefs & help spread the gospel. Thank you for being real!

    1. Thanks, Jan! I’m sure there are plenty of others out there who are better writers, but I’ll keep on posting anyway.

  85. Thank you I needed this post today
    Blessings to you

  86. I love your Sunday posts! Praying that God will speak to you clearly about His way. The enemy sits on our shoulder whispers untruths to us. I try to have a verse of the week and when those thoughts pop into my mind I say that verse to keep me dwelling on the lies. God is faithful to His girls! Love your posts and how you are standing strong to include Him in your Sunday posts!

    1. That’s a wonderful idea! The hard part is recognizing his sneaky tricks.

  87. Kelly Brooks says:

    Thank you great devotion I am a people pleaser also. Satan is a liar and a destroyer.

  88. Melinda Mason says:

    I love your Sunday posts! Thank you for sharing what God has laid on your heart ❤️

  89. Annette J says:

    “I” needed this particular post today. Thank you!

  90. Tania , I enjoy your Sunday posts we live in such a ” perfect world” that we forget we dont and we all need your Sunday posts. Thank you Linda

  91. Oh Tania, please know that one person (me) dearly loves your Sunday posts. I look forward to reading them. It’s a word from a friend sharing her encouragement, faith and witness. I enjoy the fashion posts but it truly is your Sunday posts that set you above all the others that I follow. Please don’t listen to those devious whispers from the fallen one. You touch more people with these posts then you will ever know. God bless you!

    1. Marym, that is such a wonderful thought! I hope that my posts are encouragement to others, and that it drives the devil crazy. Lol!

  92. Linda Rivera says:

    TAnia I like your Sundays posts and I think it’s needed . We get so caught up in everything. just keep going you put alot of work in so thank you Linda

  93. Gail fickle says:

    I love your Sunday blogs, I may occasionally miss one of the others, but not Sunday!! Also, I’ve used some of your Sunday blogs as devos for a few of the women’s groups I belong to. So thank you for them and I will keep reading them and applying them.

    1. Gail, that’s wonderful!!! I love hearing that you are sharing my posts with others.

  94. Lisa Tharp says:

    God Bless You! You are doing His work and furthering His kingdom. Don’t let the devil stop you! Thank You for all that you do, I look forward to reading your posts every morning!

  95. Miss Tania, “I” NEEDED this particular post today, on Sunday. Thank you!

  96. Gina Wickard says:

    Please don’t listen to Satan and continue your Sunday posts. They are so inspirational and I always look forward to them, as I’m sure many do!

  97. I’m a pleaser too, Tania. Be proud of it. The Lord puts us on this planet to perform acts of kindness. You keep doing you!

  98. Ginger Nisbet says:

    Sharing your love for our Lord is a beautiful Sunday post. Don’t stop doing it just because you don’t have as many readers. I have been guilty of not reading Sunday’s post because it is the day I’m not on my computer. Love your stories as well as fashion ideas

    1. Ginger, I never considered there might be a “reason” they aren’t read on a Sunday.

  99. Jean Gilbert says:

    Tania, I look forward to Sunday Post! I enjoy the scripture after your daily postings. My husbands family is from Virginia and I enjoy hearing you mention the little towns around. Your a blessing!!! Keep it up!!!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Jean!

  100. Miss Barb says:

    Send that devil to Georgia! Thanks for sharing your heart for the Lord with the world.

    1. Haha. My sister lives in Georgia. 🙂 Thank you for the kind words.

  101. Linda Rivera says:

    Tania It’s nice to take a rest and your Sunday posts are needed .I never realized what a hard job you have putting this all together. Thank you Linda

  102. I am one of your readers who skips the Sunday post but I read it today. I liked it. Goal achieved. Maybe I’ll read it next week, too 🙂

  103. Cynthia Romine says:


    1. God bless you, Cynthia!

  104. Becky Yanak says:

    Your voice is needed to share not only the beauty women get from looking their best but more importantly from being their best. That can only happen when our minds and hearts are one with God. You can tell from your posts how much you care about women and are desirous for them to feel good about themselves. As you are know fashion has its limits but God’s presence in our lives is without limits.Love your posts- keep posting on Sundays!💕

    1. Thank you so much, Becky! I appreciate your kind words.

  105. Diane Brads says:

    Today’s post is so helpful. To be diligent…isn’t said too much!! Please keep the Sunday posts.

  106. Elaine Haynes says:

    Tania, This reminds me of when I used to teach Sunday School. I felt very unqualified, but the group effort of studying together gave me so much more. Like you, I often wondered if anyone cared, but I believe the fellowship is worth it. Keep up the good work!

  107. Deborah E says:

    I love your Sunday post!!!

  108. Elizabeth says:

    Preach it, girl! I LOVE your Sunday posts and, quite frankly, read those the most. Keep up the great work.

  109. I enjoy your Sunday posts. I am also a people pleaser, to the point of not knowing what I even like anymore. Today is my birthday, and I have decided to say no sometimes and take better care of myself. Especially since noone does anything for my birthday; I’m going to do something to treat myself.

    1. Happy Birthday, Gail! I hope you treat yourself to something fun. ❤️

  110. I love your Sunday post and look forward to reading them, please don’t stop. ❤️

    1. Thanks so much, Veleta! I won’t. ❤️

  111. “Real” people are the best communicators of the gospel. Thanks for being real!

  112. Lisa Randall says:

    the devil will do anything he can when you are doing for the Lord your blog is the only one I follow one for fashion for women my age and because of your faith in my life it comes first

  113. I look forward to your Sunday posts and we’re all commanded to share the Good News, so you ARE qualified!

  114. Amen Tania!!! Amen that you will continue your Sunday posts. I enjoy your Sunday posts and need the reminders. Years ago, I had a pastor to say that when Satan starts attacking your mind, tell him to “go home” and you know where his home is. There are many times when I tell Satan to go straight to his home…and I don’t feel bad for saying that word either because that is his home where he belongs. Enjoy your SONday.

  115. Kelly Winters-Fazio says:

    I really enjoy your Sunday posts that are refreshing and religious. Many been very inspiring for me. Thank you.

  116. Marci Hutchison says:

    I Love your Sunday posts. You keep posting them.

  117. Love this , T. Made me nod my head and laugh out loud. As a fellow people pleaser, this one hit me between the eyeballs. Thanks for the reminder. Have a blessed Sunday (p.s. I always read the verse at the end,and I appreciate it). 😊

    1. Thanks, Kathy! I appreciate you taking the time to comment. ❤️

  118. Love your Sunday posts!!! Keep them coming! 🙏❤️

  119. Oh dear! I’m one of those who reads your blog every day and love your Sunday musings. I often think as I’m reading you on Sunday that I wish I was able to put into words so clearly my love for and understanding of God’s great gift and grace to us. So please know that we do read and do need to hear what you have to say — and thank you for doing so.

  120. yes Tania, you go girl! living for Jesus is what matters. Living for Jesus is eternal life and joy. Following the worldly culture and the devil leads to eternal destruction.
    The Bible verses and your Sunday posts was a reason I started following you.

  121. Love your Sunday posts!

  122. As a woman over 50 I found your blog for some fashion advise but when I learned you were a Christian it made my heart happy to see your Sunday posts. Please keep them coming as they are loved and needed by many of us!

  123. Good morning and thank you for sharing God’s love. You are one of a kind and specially created to share His word. Keep it up!

  124. God is Good! All the time He has perfect timing!

  125. I look forward to reading your post each Sunday and the Bible verse each day! Thank you for doing these. The world needs more!! Elaine

  126. I look forward to this post of yours every Sunday. It matters to me. Thank you! All the glory to God!!

  127. I appreciate all your posts, I enjoy following your fashion but I especially love your Sunday posts because as you say “ to God goes the glory”!

  128. Ellen Finfrock says:

    Tania – please don’t quit your Sunday posts. My husband and I are members of the Lutheran church a block away from our house. For various reasons we are not currently attending. We tried online services but didn’t feel compelled to continue. I was raised Catholic but their rules about divorce drove me from the church. Your weekly post is my only religious connection right now and I would sorely miss it. Who is qualified to judge who should talk about the Lord? I can tell you pour your heart and soul into your down to earth writing and I love reading it. Don’t stop!

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Ellen! ❤️

  129. Teresa Hammons says:

    I only recently started following you, so this was my first of your Sunday blogs. It touched me. Your blog is human and real. If you are a Christian then that qualifies you to speak, especially in a manner that is true to your nature. After all, that is all you can do and should do.
    Thank you for your post.

    1. Welcome, Teresa!!! I never know how people will react to my Sunday posts. But, I feel like the Lord gave me this platform for a reason, and I want to honor Him for that.

  130. Sandi Hildreth says:

    Well done thou good and faithful servant!!! Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts about your relationship with the Lord! I look forward to seeing them on Sunday. They encourage me, and I’m sure others, too!
    Blessings Tania!

  131. This is a great reminder and I love your Sunday posts!

  132. When I pick up my phone on Sunday mornings, I look for your post! I enjoy and look forward to it every Sunday! I’m extremely grateful for your internal fight letting God win! Keep it up!

  133. I care and love your Sunday posts!

  134. You are NOT “not qualified”, maybe you don’t have the education that others do but that’s what makes your perspective absolutely beautiful. You speak from the heart Tania, and that resonates with your readers. Please don’t quit Sunday posts, even if they are the least read because that’s what makes you, refreshingly you. I love your fashion style but what keeps me coming back to you and not opening other blogger emails, is your connection to Christ. So thank you ✝️

  135. I love your devotional posts – they are all very relatable…..please keep it up!

  136. I like your Sunday inspo! My trait is that the devil might use against me is: worrier. It causes me to forget to trust in the Lord. I’m a work in progress!

    1. Mary, I have that trait too.

  137. I love your Sunday posts. I too deal with these feelings of insecurities with regards to sharing my faith. One good thing about our Lord is his grace. Thank goodness we are saved by grace, because none of us are perfect.

  138. Amy Murray Henning says:

    I love your Sunday blogs. You are a huge blessing to me!!

    1. Thank you, Amy! ❤️

  139. Ginger Hiller says:

    This is one of your followers that would be very sad if you stopped your Sunday posts. It helps me get my day started on the right note. Yes, Satan can be very sneaky, so we need to stay on our toes. Have a blessed day!

  140. I read them!! And I’m sure there are others! I, for one, appreciate your take on scripture because you aren’t a ‘preacher’. I would miss your Sunday posts, if God is inspiring you to share His word with us, please continue.
    Thank you 🙏💕

  141. Thank you for persisting despite attack. Don’t grow weary in doing good! God is using you! Appreciate your relatable and honest Sunday posts!!

    1. I’m sure we are all under attack from the evil one. Staying vigilant is the best defense, and remembering that the devil is the one who whispers lies.

  142. Amen! Love this! Carry on!

  143. I for one enjoy your Sunday posts. Please keep them up.

  144. I don’t comment much but I enjoy and read everything! You make me smile with your stories, bold with my fashion and reflective on Sunday. Thank you for being you

  145. i look forward to your sunday posts as much or more than the daily posts.

  146. Tania! Your Sunday posts are my FAVORITE!!! Please continue to post! I absolutely love the fact that you share your love of the Lord! We are of different denominations, but share our love for Christ! Thank you for being a true witness! Happy Sunday 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

    1. Alison, I love seeing your comments. We share a love for Christ!

  147. I wanted to let you know that EVERY Sunday I truly look forward to reading your post. I like the fact that you are not a minister and that you are a real person like myself who is sharing your Christian journey. Thank you for all you do every day and please continue sharing.

  148. I REALLY enjoy your Sunday posts….keep them coming and trust the Lord to deal with the devil!!!

  149. Tania, I look forward to your Sunday posts every week. The fact that you are an ordinary woman like me, not a professional minister, is even more inspiring! You do a great job! Thank you.

    1. Mary, I never looked at it that way.

  150. Your Sunday posts are often just what I NEED!

  151. I look forward to your Sunday post every week. I love your perspective and get great “take aways” from your Sunday posts. Sometimes I even right down some of the verses to think on during the week. Please do not stop. Enjoy the day!

  152. Sue LoCicero says:

    I needed to read this today. I’ve been struggling with a resent decision I’ve made. To step out of my comfort zone and now I worry that I’m not good enough. But then I remember God would not given me this opportunity if I was not enough. If I lead with my heart and follow his path I am enough.
    Thank you for continuing to step out. Follow your heart. Follow Him!

    1. Sue, remember the devil is always going to tell you that you aren’t good enough. Since he is a liar, you must be good enough, and he is trying to shut you down.

  153. Very good post. Keep doing it. We’ve been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. That’s the only qualification you need. My trait is to be over critical of others in my mind. I have to be careful because once I think I am over it, here comes a thought. I think it does keep me humble and to depend on the Holy Spirit.

  154. I love your style and read your posts every day!!! I think your Sunday posts are wonderful and SPOT ON!! I pray for those who make negative comments about them. You are doing what Gods word tells us to do- keep it up. Amen!!

    1. Alicia, right before my post went out this morning, I had an email from a lady who said she was unsubscribing because of my Bible verses and Sunday posts. Do you think the devil was behind that? 😆 😆 😆

  155. I enjoy your Sunday posts. Please keep them coming! Have a blessed day!

    1. Thanks so much, Kathy! 🙂

  156. I enjoy your Sunday posts very much. Thank you for not giving them up!

  157. This Sunday Post really ‘hit home’ with me today. Thank you

  158. Amen, sister! Thanks for reminding us to be on guard against satan’s wily ways. Have a blessed week!

  159. Your Sunday posts are the ones I look forward to the most😉and I most especially needed this one. Satan absolutely wants us to forget these verses, so THANK YOU for reminding us! And for the encouragement you give for us to keep on keeping on💕

  160. Connie Turner says:

    I enjoy reading your Sunday posts! I love hearing how the Lord works in others lives. We can never share Him enough!! Thank you Tania. P.S. I read your posts/blog everyday. I just don’t take the time to respond.

    1. Thanks, Connie, for taking the time.

  161. Cindy Stiebe says:

    Please continue to Share your faith, Tania! They are uplifting and you never know who you may touch! God’s blessings to you and be still Satan! 🙏🏻❤️

  162. Tania. I especially look forward to reading your Sunday posts. They always speak to me at just the right time. Don’t get me wrong I read you everyday but Sundays are my favorite! Keep on keeping on!

  163. While I usually read all your posts, I make a point of reading Sunday. It may be the most important of all. Don’t ever think you aren’t qualified to share God’s word! That’s what Satan wants us to think. If Jesus is in us and therefore the Holy Spirit as well, then you are qualified. We all are! God wants each of us to share what we know of Him, and you aren’t the only one who doesn’t feel qualified. But we all are! As for Sundays posts being the least read, I’m pretty sure that if you are planting seeds and only one takes hold, then you have done what our Lord has asked of you.
    Have a blessed day.

  164. I appreciate your Sunday posts as much, if not more, as your others.
    Thank you!

  165. Linda Shearer says:

    Thank You for giving is a post to learn from and that we can follow ourselves.

  166. I’m hoping you don’t think me the devil who wants you to change something but I’m one who reads your blog only on Sundays. I always read it first and often pass it on to others who need to see your message. As I’m not your size and shape and live in a different climate, I’ll then take a look at the last week’s postings and may pick one or two to read as time permits. To God Goes the Glory!

  167. Linda Bradford says:

    Good morning Tania! I really like your Sunday posts. It’s short, simple, relatable and from your heart. I enjoy your weekly blogs and your Sunday blog. I can see you put a lot of time, effort and thought into all of them. You have a creative gift to be able to put it all together! Fashion, home, health and spiritual.
    Thank you,

  168. Hi Tania,
    Your Sunday posts are my absolute favorite and I read each week. I love the authenticity and that it comes from the heart. Please keep writing. Your Sunday posts are actually your best!

    1. Amber, thanks so much! I’ve always enjoyed my Sunday posts the most. But, they are also the most stressful. Lol!

  169. I always read your Sunday post. It’s a great way to start Sunday before getting ready for church which I never miss either! Keep spreading the good news Tania!

  170. Donna Ray says:

    I love this. Thank you so much for this writing. I feel very blessed to be a part of it.

    Donna Ray

  171. Love your Sunday Sermons & I am sorry I have not told you enough. You are so encouraging & I know you need some in return. Love your posts & all the great info you always give. I pray you & Joe have a blessed week.

    1. Thanks, Holly! I understand about not taking the time to comment. We are all busy and pulled in lots of different directions.

  172. You go girl!! Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world! ☝️❤️

  173. Pamela Marvin says:

    Good morning. I read your Sunday posts and enjoy them. Satan is crafty and working over time to destroy as much as he can. After putting God first, there is nothing wrong with being a people pleaser. Stand firm.

  174. Tania, I love your Sunday posts. They make me feel good inside -like going to church does. Not everything in this world has to be about money.

  175. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Yes and Amen!!!!! Your Sunday posts are ones I look forward to all week because they’re written with a different perspective. Reading the verses and thoughts God has put on your heart to share is such a blessing so not today or ever Satan!

    1. Thanks so much, Jennifer!

  176. Thank you for the Sunday posts! Please don’t feel “unqualified.” God only has imperfect people to choose from.

    1. Thank you, Susan. 🙂

  177. Thanks for the timely reminder! I appreciate these Sunday posts as all too often they hit home. Keep on keeping on.

  178. I admire your obedience, courage and desire to spread the Good News! I think your Sunday posts are very well done, encouraging and God honoring. Blessings to you! 😇

  179. Your Sunday posts are usually my favorite of the week. You are just as qualified as any other Christian to give your thoughts on scripture and how it impacts your life. Don’t stop the Sunday posts.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. I won’t! ♥️

  180. I read your Sunday post this morning and it is one of the reasons I follow you! I enjoy your blogs because you seem to be a guinuene. I appreciate your fashion, your opinion and your ability to be who you are.
    Satan has been kept at bey for another day!

    1. Thank you, Traci! ❤️

  181. Dana Smithmier says:

    I love your Sunday posts!! Satan is working overtime and will look for any crack to get in-dont stop sharing on Sunday!!

    1. Thanks, Dana. I won’t!

  182. I’m glad your not going to let satan
    I read your post every Sunday.
    And very much appreciate it! I’m

  183. Dianna smith says:

    I am very grateful you are obeying the Lord! your posts and messages are real you are not afraid to discuss your faults which makes you so relatable. keep doing your Sunday posts. even if it only reached one (and I have a feeling it reaches more than you think). it’s never for nothing. if you weren’t doing something right the enemy would not be trying to get you to stop because he wouldn’t care. you are making a difference and that is why he has reared his ugly head with discouragement and lies.i am here today to ” spur you on” to continue what the Lord has started in you….its a great thing!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Dianna! I appreciate you.

  184. I love and always read your Sunday blogs. They lift me up and make me think more clearly about my life and the right way to look at things. Thank you for not listening to Satan and continuing them. God bless.

    1. Thank you, Diane! I’m glad you found these posts helpful.

  185. The devil may be wiley but our God reigns!
    Keep on keeping on, Tania!

  186. I LOVE your Sunday posts! I’m glad you’re not going to stop them. It’s encouraging to me to hear about someone’s faith. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit!

    1. Thank you, Connie! I’m glad you are finding these encouraging. I try!

  187. He is a sneaky one! I appreciate your Sunday posts.

  188. Beverly Anderson says:

    Thank you for your boldness to continue your Sunday blog posts with Christian values. I enjoy what you say every week and truly believe God is using you to speak the love of Jesus to many women. Please keep it up!!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Beverly!

  189. Don’t stop! I read your bible verse first and look forward to Sunday. I read my bible, I read other devotions but I enjoy reading how others praise God. It could be that readers take Sunday’s off to rest from technology. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks, Susan! I am thankful for you, Gurls!

  190. Tania,
    The Lord uses your Sunday posts to bless and encourage my heart. I look forward to reading them each Sunday before I get ready for church. I encourage you to keep writing them.
    Thank you and All glory to God!

  191. Thank you, Tania. I am a new subscriber. I work full time and often don’t have time to read your post during the week. It’s the weekend that I have more time and enjoy your Sunday post. I am a fellow believer and enjoy the encouragement. Keep up the good work!

    1. Welcome, Kim! I’m thrilled to hear that you are enjoying all my posts.

  192. Don’t quit! I read every Sunday post and I am grateful that you choose to use your platform in this way. It was a nice surprise for me to find that a favorite fashion blogger was also a believer and not ashamed or afraid to share. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes…” Roman’s 1:16

    1. Thanks, Lois. I won’t! ❤️

  193. AMEN and Praise Jesus that you are wise to satan and his deceitful ways. You keep posting about faith, keep sharing Bible verses, keep telling people about their Savior, AND we will keep on reading. Hallelujah!

  194. I LOVE your Sunday posts and have saved several of them! I am thrilled that you share your faith, I have tremendous respect for that! Please don’t stop, this world needs more people to carry the message, you do it so well, I am greatly impressed and impacted by your shares!

    1. Thanks, Lori! I’m going to keep sharing, and I hope the Lord continues to use me to bless others.

  195. Love this post!!! The devil wants to steal, kill, and destroy. Keep throwing life at him, Tania, keep throwing life!

  196. I love your Sunday posts – they always speak truth to me and are just what I need to hear!

  197. I look forward to your Sunday posts so please keep doing them!!!

  198. Thank you, Tania! I look forward to your Sunday posts – Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Perfect sermon right there with only one answer to that question, too <3

  199. Awesome post, Tania! Keep going … the Devil is everywhere, but with the armor of God wrapped around, us Satan cannot prosper!!!! Ever.

  200. Marla Biggs says:

    Be strong! Thank you for sharing your life with me!

  201. The Devil is a Liar !!!!!
    I look forward to your Sunday Post.
    You are reaching people that may not know Jesus. This may help open their minds to want to know more of him. So, Thank You Tania!!

    1. The devil never has anything good to say…

  202. Stephanie says:

    There’s more than ONE person who cares 🙂 Thank you for all you put into these Sunday posts, Tania!

  203. Patricia Konze says:

    I hear you! As I struggle to lose weight I’m tempted often to eat unhealthy foods. I know that is Satan talking. So, when that happens I’m trying to remember to call on God and drink some water.

    1. Patricia, I need to try that too!

  204. Really interesting devotional, thanks!

  205. Brenda Summersgill says:

    I look forward to your Sunday posts. I always fix my coffee and sit down to read them before I head out to church. The devil is a liar!

  206. Thank you for this reminder. Keep it up!!!

  207. 1. Please don’t ever stop your Sunday devotions. I look forward to them every week. Today’s is especially good! Galatians 1:10 is a great reminder for all of us to be servants for God. We are called to make disciples and you are doing that each week…you never know who is reading your devotional and could have their heart changed to accept God as their Lord and Savior.

    2. THANK YOU so much for the $50 Amazon gift card, I can’t believe you drew my name!! I’ve been following your blog for years and just love everything about it…the larger font and darker color help these old eyes too😁

  208. Violet OBrien says:

    Good morning, Tania… Please don’t stop…we all need you and your faith in order to strengthen our own faith. God be with you always.


  209. I never miss your Sunday post. Sometimes I don’t read the weekly because I am just not into fashion that day. . Please continue.

  210. I very much appreciate your Sunday posts. So if I am the one person who appreciates it, then please continue for me.

  211. I look forward to your Sunday posts. It’s too easy to give up. Thanks for not quenching the spirit!

    1. It really is easy to give up, but I’m pretty stubborn. Lol!

  212. I love your Sunday posts so keep at it. You’re as qualified as any of us in encouraging others. Thank you for all you do.

  213. What a wonderful message, I too am a people pleaser. I am also an encourager! I look forward to your Sunday blog! Please don’t stop!

  214. Keep up the good work! I look forward to them and read them. Thanks for following through with what the Lord has put on your heart to share.

  215. Your Sunday posts are my favorite! I look forward to them each week. I might miss a day here and there Monday through Saturday, but I never miss your blog on Sunday. Keep it up Tania! God bless you!

  216. Terri Murman says:

    I love your Sunday posts!! Ignore Satan

  217. Wonderful! Glad to see the Lord has opened your eyes and your soul to Him!

  218. I never leave a comment. But I look forward to reading your Sunday posts. The devil does like you to believe no one listens, but time and again God points out that there are more faithful than we’re aware of! Keep sharing! Thank you!

    1. Marlene, I’m so glad you decided to leave a comment. We all need encouraging, and it is fantastic to see so many of you love the Sunday posts.

  219. I always look forward to your Sunday posts. don’t ever stop writing th

    1. Thank you, Connie! I won’t. ❤️

  220. Tania, your Sunday blogs are part of my Sunday reading ritual. Please don’t stop. Like you said, maybe one person will be touched by something you wrote or by a particular bible verse you posted. And that makes it all worthwhile. Have a blessed day!

  221. Love this Sunday post and all of the previous ones! YES!! To God Goes the Glory

  222. I truly look forward to your devotions on Sundays and always get something practical to apply to my life from them. I’m a people pleaser too and while it makes me happy to try to make everyone happy, sometimes it is exhausting. We need to remember that we really “perform” for an audience of One and He is already so pleased with us. And if He isn’t, He’s so gentle to convict us using the voice of His Holy Spirit to let us know.

    1. You are right about it being exhausting! Thanks for that perspective.

  223. Connie Sumner says:

    Keep at it Tania! “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that need not to be ashamed.” 2 Tim. 2:15. If just one soul is changed because of your voice, then it is all worth it. Praise God for your willingness to hear Him and answer His call for your life. Happy Sunday!

  224. Tania, Thank you for your Sunday message!! I too can relate as I am a people pleaser.. tiring as it can be 🤭

  225. I look forward to your Sunday posts just as much as Mon-Sat, thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord Tania. You are a blessing to many!

  226. Sandra S. says:

    Tania, I read your Sunday post every week. I don’t usually comment, but I’m out here! You do a fabulous job, and I marvel at how God through the Holy Spirit consistently inspires your content, and how you are able to communicate that inspiration so well to lift up your readers. Qualified? Just how does one get qualified to glorify God? There’s a ridiculous trend towards over-credentialization in everything these days. Seems to me a lot of seminarians come out more than a little confused. God is the one who qualifies you and you are faithful in this, and it’s really good.

    1. Sandra, I guess I worry that something I say might be wrong, or turn someone FROM the Lord. But, I should remember, He is the one who gives me the ideas to write about.

  227. Mary Kinard says:

    I personally look forward to your Sunday posts! They are always encouraging.

  228. I love your Sunday posts. I care. I hope that you continue with them.

  229. You go girl, I love your Sunday posts! Give me some Jesus please!

  230. Put God first always! Your Sunday post is my favorite.

  231. Genevieve says:

    Sunday is my favorite so please continue posting it! God is using you to reach some in a very special way.

  232. Kim Luehmann says:

    One person does care! Honestly, I look more forward to your Sunday posts than any other. I love looking at your fashion picks, but I can’t buy everything I see and want. But I can read your Sunday posts and scriptures and think on it and ask how I can apply to my life. You’re doing more good than you know. And planting one seed for one person who takes the time to read it is a wonderful thing! Thank you!

    1. Kim, I hoping that all the seeds that are planted will one day result in a beautiful harvest.

  233. Good for you, Tania! Many blessings to you, as you continue to give God the glory!!!

  234. God knows your heart Tania. He gives you the “words” to share with us, those who read and reap joy from your Sunday posts. Please keep them coming 🙏❤️

    1. Thanks, Suzie! I love that the Lord uses me, and I hope He continues to do so.

  235. Tania, I love all of your posts, especially the Sunday ones! Keep ‘em coming❤️

  236. Marti Woznicki says:

    Tania, I love and look forward to your Sunday posts! You are qualified because HE called you! Now may the God of peace – who brought up from the dead, our Lord Jesus, the Great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with all you need for doing his will. May he produce in you through the power of Jesus Christ, every good thing that is pleasing to him. All glory to him forever and ever! Amen! (abbreviated Heb 13:20-21)

  237. jennifer Thornburg says:

    I needed that this morning, so please keep posting on sunday!! Have a great day

  238. Deb Douglas says:

    I love your Sunday post.

  239. Good morning Tania. I want you to know that I care and I look for your Sunday post before anything else every Sunday morning. They always hit home to me , it’s like we’re on the same page. May God richly bless you for doing what you do. Thank you!

  240. Love it Tania! Don’t be deterred!! Keep writing your Sunday posts!!

  241. Alice Joffrion says:

    Here is a person that cares! I rarely comment but I ALWAYS read your Sunday posts as part of my devotional time. I love them, and they remind to give thanks and put faith in the Lord. Never stop spreading the good news.

    1. Thanks, Alice! I bet the devil is really irritated by all these comments.

  242. Thank you for your Sunday blogs.

  243. Tammy West says:

    I’m glad that you will continue to write your Sunday email. I might not read all your weekly emails but I read all your Sunday emails. It’s easy to give in to the world but thank you for standing strong. May God bless you for this.

  244. Tania,
    Just so you know, I care about your Sunday posts. In fact that is the reason that I follow you. Recently I decided I was following too many people and my inbox was out of control. The criteria that I used to shorten the list was: are they a follower of Jesus? Because of your Sunday posts you are still on my list.
    Thank you for what you do every day of the week but especially on Sundays!

    1. I’m glad I made the cut, Linda.

  245. I may not read every Sunday post, but the ones I do read I truly appreciate and find helpful!

    1. Thank you so much, Susan! I am glad that you find these post helpful. ❤️

  246. I care, and you Sunday posts are my favorite.

  247. All through the Bible God calls and uses people that seem to be the least qualified to accomplish His purposes. You keep up these inspiring Sunday posts!

  248. I am grateful to you for the faithful posts and look forward to them as part of my daily devotion. Please don’t stop them. You have an awesome platform to spread the Word!

  249. I love your Sunday posts!

  250. June Lewis says:

    The reason I love your blog so much is because of your Sunday posts! Don’t listen to him! He’s a liar and the Father of it!

    1. Thanks for the reminder, June.

  251. Wow! God calls us to share our faith. it can be difficult.

  252. Yes, keep on giving God the Glory every Sunday Post! He is the reason you are doing so well and because you acknowledge your need for Him in your life he continues to bless you not only monetarily but in other ways. We are all called and you are being a huge blessing to your followers!!

    1. Misty, I do feel extremely blessed in so many ways. The Lord is good, and only He could take a shy, technically challenged woman who hated having her photo taken and turn her into a blogger. Lol!

  253. I like what you write.
    I read it every week.
    Keep up the good work I enjoy 😉 everything you do !!!!!

  254. Thank you for your Sunday posts! I read them and it makes a difference to me!

  255. By all means, keep continuing your Sunday Post! They’re inspirational, and I’m sure lift others up!

  256. Christine Anderson says:

    Thank you for letting your light shine.

  257. I’m glad you realize it is a lie. I appreciate your Sunday posts. They are something I need. Thank you for continuing them.

    1. There are times when his lies are very convincing. 🙄

  258. Thank you for your Sunday posts! It is so needed and inspiring. If you weren’t doing something right satan wouldn’t be making you have doubts.

  259. Keeping writing your Sunday posts, gurl! Don’t let that devil get a foothold on you 😊

  260. At Tania, thank you for not listening to the devil. Your Sunday posts are very important to me and are always part of my devotions. Fashion is fun and I enjoy your weekday posts where you model the outfits. But I am battling cancer now and what I wear is insignificant. And unless it’s flowy dresses or pjs I only look for comfort, fashion aside. A very dear close friend passed this week due to Texas heat and a poor heart – life is fleeting so let’s focus on what is most important. To God goes the Glory!

    1. Penny Jo, I’ve seen your comments a lot. I love having so many friends all across the country. I’m so sorry you are battling health issues, and lost one of your close friends. I’m saying a prayer right now for you and your friends family.

  261. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Please keep writing your Sunday blog. It starts my Sunday off with just the right note before I go to Sunday School and church. It. Is like a pep talk. Don’t let the devil steal your joy or the joy of the ones of us who look forward to the Sunday blog.

    1. Cheryll, the devil is cunning, but I have my joy safely locked away.

  262. The Sunday posts are my favorite! You are helping more people than you know.
    Stay strong & keep the enemy in his place!

  263. Charlotte B says:

    I enjoying reading your posts including Sunday’s. Some post do not relate to me at the time but may apply later in the week. I look forward to your post. Thank you❤️

  264. I love you’re Sunday posts! Don’t stop!!!

  265. Kimberley says:

    Oh my. First your blog didn’t come through and now it’s trying to stop me from commenting saying it’s a duplicate. Received! 🙋‍♀️. Praise the Lord!

    1. Kimberley, the duplicate thing happens a lot. It still comes through, it just takes a while.

  266. Thank you for this post! I needed to read it this morning!

  267. Marianne M says:

    I started following your blog for the fashion. I was pleasantly surprised by your Sunday blogs. In fact, they are my favorite! I love your real life devotion which usually hit home with me. I love that you have had a daily Bible verse lately. You are qualified to share God when you are a believer! You may touch someone who didn’t expect to find God in a fashion blog. As for those who don’t read your blog on Sunday…they don’t know what they are missing! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Marianne. I guess I want everyone to read my Sunday posts, especially the ones who usually don’t. They are the ones who possibly need it the most.

  268. I love your Sunday messages!

  269. I look forward to your Sunday post! Always makes me think and be thankful! Never stop writing them. Believing in God and loving him makes us qualified to share his message.

  270. Keep up ALL of the good work! Sundays too. We enjoy hearing all about your home life and your faith in addition to fashion. And you are a human, trying to be a light here on earth, so definitely qualified to inspire others with your Sunday messages. Thanks for all you do.

  271. Nancy Steinke says:

    I love your Sunday posts. You take the Bible verses and break them down so regular people understand and appreciate them. Satan loses and God wins.

  272. Love this post! Being a people pleaser myself, it really spoke to me. Colossians 3:23 is the verse that got me through the last years of my teaching career!

    1. Jane, I love that verse.

  273. Cassandra says:

    I’m so glad you’re keeping the Sunday posts.

  274. Kick the devil to the curb! I always read your Sunday post as I always read your daily post. Keep them coming. Find your Sunday post helpful and uplifting. We not only find God’s word in church. We need to surround ourselves in His holy word. Thank you–have a blessed Sunday and a blessed week!

  275. Donna Wood says:

    I look forward to your Sunday posts, Tania! They are always a good reminder to me. And what makes someone “qualified” to talk about God anyway? Remember that He has a habit of using those who love Him and have a willing heart. I would say that you are perfectly qualified!

  276. Melanie Sisson says:

    Thank you for your Sunday post. I struggle with Satan too. I love how real you are. I enjoy your blog Everyday.
    Keep being you.

  277. I have to admit, I don’t always read your full posts and skip right down to the fashion/beauty areas. However, today I read your post, which really hit a nerve. This post gave me courage and bolstered my defenses. Thank you for not giving in to evil. And thank you for giving out your goodness!

    1. Cory, I’m glad this one spoke to you too!

  278. I like the post ! Keep it up!

    1. Thank you, Dorothy! 🙂

  279. I Love your Sunday posts. I look forward to them. You have such a way with words. Thanks for the blessings!

    1. Thanks so much, Jean! ❤️

  280. You are such a blessing! ❤️

  281. Donna Booth says:

    Dear Tania,
    Your pleasing people is a fruit of the Spirit, Galatians 5:22-23❣️ I wouldn’t worry about being the least read post, you plant the seeds during the week and our Lord and Savior will do the rest! God is the One in control, not your followers and especially not the devil🙌 Continue your posts with the knowledge that giving God the Glory is what He desires of His children with every breath we take. You are planting the seeds, He will reap the harvest. May He continue to bless your work🙏🏼

    Your Sister in Christ,
    Donna Booth

    1. Thanks, Donna! You are right, I’m just a farmer planting seeds for the Lord. He will take care of the watering, fertilizing, etc. until the time of the harvest.

  282. You stay the course, girl, you are accomplishing more than you know. Don’t give up your Sunday post. I enjoy them immensely.

    1. I’m so glad that you enjoy these Sunday post, Phyllis! ❤️

  283. I enjoy reading your Sunday posts, thank you for sharing them! May God bless you Tania ❤️

    1. Thanks so much, Gail! ❤️

  284. Tania, keep posting your Sunday posts – you are glorifying God and have an impact on many as you do it. The devil can’t stand to hear God’s word so keep doing it!!

    1. I don’t intend to let the devil win!

  285. Love, love, LOVE!!! Satan is so wiley and cunning. I absolutely love that you write Sunday posts about our Lord. If the world needs anything right now, it is to hear MORE not less about the goodness of our Lord and Savior. Thank you for all you do, Tania! Love you!

  286. Lani Carpenter says:

    I for one love your Sunday posts. Many times they speak directly to me and I look forward to reading them. I’ve used them many times when I was teaching Sunday school. Satan won’t win and he knows it. We already know the ending too. To God goes the glory. 🙏🏻

    1. Lani, it is wonderful knowing how the story ends.

  287. Tania, your Sunday post is my “most read” one of the week! Thank you for glorifying the Lord through this and the daily Scripture verses….both are blessings! He is smiling you as you are shining His light to your readers.

    1. Thanks so much, Emily! 🙂

  288. I will forever thank God for a post you wrote the week before my husband died last summer. It was exactly what I needed at the time. Your Sunday posts are a blessing!

    1. Oh, my goodness. That makes tears come to my eyes. 😭

  289. Keep writing your Sunday devotional. I start every Sunday with it. I never really thought about the devil using this particular trait against us, but he will try anything. Stay strong.

    1. Thank you so much, Patti! ❤️

  290. Cathy Rohm says:

    I love your Sunday posts!!! They are honest and always can relate to my life—thank you!

  291. Please keep writing the Sunday emails, I read them, they are timely in their messages. Have a blessed day.

    1. Thanks so much, Jenice! 🙂

  292. Paulette Levy says:

    If you have the calling, Tania, please continue on Sunday. Its lovely actually.
    ( I don’t comment often but do listen to and observe all the hard work you put into this blog).

  293. Sharon Wilson says:

    You keep up the work of the Lord! You’re doing a great job!!

  294. Susan Lybrand says:

    I really enjoy your Sunday post. It is nice to read things posted about the Lord by a regular person. Keep up the good work of the Lord. Your reward will be in heaven.

    1. Susan, I’m a regular person, that’s a fact. I struggle just like everyone else.

  295. Joyce Van Koevering says:

    Please continue your Sunday posts, I look forward to them to start my week. You are blessed to have a platform like this site to bring the love of God to people that may never have heard before. The Holy Spirit will give you the words to say each week. I say to the people who skip Sundays post, you don’t know what you are missing. Thank you for your hard work and your love for the Lord. The Lord is blessing you richly because you take the time to not promote product on Sunday.

    Be blessed!!

    1. I keep reminding myself of this, Joyce. When I get down because my Sunday post isn’t read as much as the others, I think about how many more people see my post than most preachers.

  296. Good for you. I, for one, like reading your Sunday posts. They make me think! Thank you

  297. Kimberley says:

    Amen to that! Not today Satan! I look forward to your Sunday post Tania. God bless you and have a great week.

  298. Please don’t stop your Sunday posts! It’s the one post I never miss. Fashion and beauty come and go but the word of God remains constant and inspiring. Blessings to you!

  299. Pat Dykhuis says:

    I follow your posts daily. I don’t need anymore clothes but I DO need your Sunday posts.

  300. Good for you Tania! Keep it up! We need more ladies grounded in their faith to be real and to speak truth and encourage each other! I really enjoy your site!

    1. I’m glad you enjoy my Sunday posts! Thanks for the encouragement.

  301. I personally love your Sunday posts!! I may miss a weekday post here and there but never a Sunday one!! Keep up the good work!!

  302. I love your Sunday post! Please keep on keeping on and keep the main thing the main thing. We must keep our eyes on Jesus and not look to the right or left. Amen! The struggle is real but God is greater than our problems. I love your Sunday post thanks for helping me

    1. Rhoda, you are right about the struggle, it is very real!

  303. Melony Cross says:

    I love your Sunday posts!

  304. Tania, I read your Sunday Post and appreciate your effects to please everyone. Focus on what you are doing and why, then you will be able to smile all day:-) thank you for all you consider for your followers! Keep it up.

  305. Bless you for all of your posts. I love your weekday posts but especially look forward to Sunday.
    Thank you!!

    1. I am glad you enjoy my Sunday posts! 😊

  306. Kathy Silvestri says:

    If what you have to say touches one person who really needed to hear that message- isn’t it worth it? 💕

  307. Louise Fox says:

    Tania, I care and look forward to your Sunday posts. As a matter of fact, your Sunday posts are my favorite.
    To God be the glory!
    Thank you.

    1. They have always been a favorite of mine too!

  308. Thank you! God bless you.

  309. Gail Harrison says:

    Good morning Tania!
    I follow you daily, and love your posts! Sundays are always very special and I look forward to them very much! Thank you!!

    1. I appreciate the encouragement, Gail!

  310. I love reading your Sunday post, please keep them coming.

      1. Thank you for the Sunday morning posts!! I don’t always comment but I’m always reading. If satan is attacking then you know that you have to keep doing it! You are a blessing to me and I am sure to many others that may never comment.
        Blessings 🙏