50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR A HERRINGBONE PLAID VEST FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40First off, let me apologize for the green looking tint to today’s photos. Every once in a while, my photos will look greenish or bluish, and I can’t get them corrected. We had a great day yesterday, celebrating my son’s birthday. They had ordered him a couple of black shirts that had Dirty 30 sayings on them. Then, everyone dressed in black to mourn his twenties. Lol! They also had signs all over the counter, and thirty black and gray balloons. They told him to stay home and not come to work until around noon, so he knew that something was going to happen. But, you should have seen his face when he walked into the store, he was blown away.
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR A HERRINGBONE PLAID VEST FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40Emersyn had to miss out on the fun because she was in school, but baby brother got to come out and join us. As soon as Beckham walked in the door, he let out a squeal when he saw all of the balloons. They got him a couple to play with, and he danced all over the store. Then, he spotted some doughnuts with cream cheese icing that they had made for Joseph, and the balloons were forgotten, at least for a little while. Beckham is crazy for sweets, and he had the icing all over his face. Joseph’s mother-in-law came into the store to wish him a happy birthday, and she kept asking Beckham for a bite of his doughnut. Nope, Nope, Nope! He had no intention of sharing, but he pointed to the cake in the back that she could have. Lol! I am still confused about how my baby could be 30 years old when I am not much older than that. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR A HERRINGBONE PLAID VEST FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40 I will admit, I am a huge fan when it comes to herringbone. I love the print in small checks like this, and also in the giant checks that you see occasionally. I had huge plans for this fringed vest, but I ordered a large, and the vest was too big. You can’t see, but I have it clipped in the back to make it look as fitted as I could. There is a belt that is attached, and I had planned on belting this for a sophisticated style, but the potato chip clip on the back ruined those plans. Lol! I am going to send this back, and I might order the one in brown instead. Here is the link to the black and white version, and here is the link to the brown one.
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR A HERRINGBONE PLAID VEST FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40Here is one of my favorite vintage necklaces. This is a prime example of why I love vintage jewelry. Look at the artistry and the details of this necklace. You can’t see, but the crystals sparkle and this thing is sooo old. Vintage jewelry is fragile, and you have to be prepared for an occasional string to break and beads to go flying. I have a huge bag that is filled with necklaces and beads that one day, I will restring, but it might be a loooong time before that happens. Lol! I have seen that several of you live in the Marietta Georgia vicinity, so I sure hope to meet you this Saturday. Early shopping will start at 10:30 am, and then the show will start at 11:30. Bring a friend; you will have a blast! It will be held at the Winnwood Retirement Community, be sure to join us, you’ll be glad that you did. 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR A HERRINGBONE PLAID VEST FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40One of the great things about being a clothes hoarder is that you can pull things from your closet that are 8 or 9 years old. These wine-colored corduroy pants are from Maurices, and to tell you the truth, I was shocked that they still fit me. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR A HERRINGBONE PLAID VEST FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40Everyone needs a good white button-up shirt, including me. Mine is old, and I am going to make it a priority for me to find a good one. I have been looking online, and I found a couple of ones that look like they might be a good place to start. If I don’t find one in person over the weekend, then I am going to order these and see which I like best.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR A HERRINGBONE PLAID VEST FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40I have been following Sara Bakely (the creator of Spanx) for a couple of weeks, and I am so impressed by her desire to help women achieve more. I feel a strong connection to her, and I admire what she has accomplished. I read where she was talking about all of the ways that she has been able to help women, and she laughed and said that she never thought that it would start with their butts. Lol! That is the funny thing, we never know how going with our gut and doing something out of your comfort zone, can impact so many other people. I don’t care if you start a new hobby, start a new job or quit one that you hate, or if you start a new business. You need to know one thing; you can do this! You are just as capable as anyone else, and you can change your stars. Tonight, my Energizer Bunny Friend will be conducting an opportunity call at 8:00 PM because I will be traveling to Georgia. I would love for you to join us, not only on this call but as business partners. Just think what your butt would look like if Sara hadn’t dared to try. LOL! ZOOM is a free app that you download (here is the link), and then you hit the Join A Meeting and type in this number. 575-241-0946

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  1. Beautiful outfit again! Oh, they are out of all sizes of your vest in black and white! Whew, I might have been tempted!

  2. Love the Herringbone vest! My baby boy will be 30 in December but we have a surprise party planned in a couple weeks. It is the “Dirty 30” theme too. I agree with you. Not sure how he can be 30 since I am only 29. LOL!

  3. Hi Tanya,
    I believe it is called Hounds Tooth. Not Herringbone, Herringbone is something different. What ever you want to call it I like it!! You look great and you sure are getting a lot of wear out of those cute little shoes. Love ya.

  4. Dana Buckingham Reply

    Sounds like a great party! Wait til your “baby” turns 49! Mine turned 49 yesterday. Can I be this old???

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