FASHION BLOGGER 50 Is Not Old styles a graphic Paris tee with jeans in multiple ways I want to thank all of you who have been sending good thoughts and prayers my way for us to locate my daughter’s missing cat. So many of you left comments about ways to get him to come back to the house, and we are going to try anything and everything. My daughter was supposed to already be in Alaska and had three interviews lined up for this week. Oh well, I guess all of that can wait for a little longer. It is about priorities!
FASHION BLOGGER 50 Is Not Old swears a graphic Paris tee with jeans My daughter went to Walmart and bought food and two game cameras to try and catch a glimpse of her cat. We weren’t sure which door he slipped out from, so we put out bowls of food under my porch and on the back patio. It snowed last night, just a tiny bit, but enough to cover the ground. That made me sad to think of Tom being out in the wet and cold, plus I know that he is so scared.

The first thing that I did when I woke up this morning was to go and grab the video card out of both game cameras. The one on the back patio was a bust. Nothing, not even a neighborhood cat, came to grab a bite of food.
BUT, look what came out of hiding to get food on the front porch!!! I can’t tell you how happy this photo makes me. We may not have caught him yet, but at least we know that he is alive and that he knows how to get back to the house. Now, for the hard part of figuring out how to catch him. We are going to reposition the cameras and see if we can see where his hiding spot is. Just call us Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Lol!
FASHION BLOGGER 50 Is Not Old wears a graphic long sleeve Paris tee When I did the poll on my Instastories the other day, one of the responses was for me to take an item and style it in a couple of different ways. So, I decided to take that challenge and restyle this graphic tee from Chico’s that I wore here. That look was dressier, but I figured that most of us would choose to wear a tee with a pair of jeans. This long sleeve graphic tee has sold out (BUMMER) but, all of the looks can be worn with “any” graphic tee. I’ll post several suggestions for you below. I especially love the one with the red scarf.

FASHION BLOGGER 50 Is Not Old showing Kendra Scott earrings I am once again wearing the Sophee earrings from Kendra Scott in gold-tone. These are a great size, and I think that they go with any look. They are feminine looking, but they also look great with jeans, which makes them very versatile. These are a nice weight earring, and I know that you will be able to wear them a lot. Here is the link to the earrings, and here is a link you can use to go to the website and get 20% off your first purchase with Kendra Scott.

The bracelet is from the Styled Collective, and it is called the Logan. It is a heavyweight bracelet that has a pearl enhancement on each end. Here is the link to the bracelet.
FASHION BLOGGER 50 Is Not Old wearing jeans with red bow mules The Natalie flare jeans from Kut From The Kloth have become one of my favorite pairs of jeans lately. I love these jeans with almost any pair of shoes. They look great with boots, but they also look really good with flats and heels, and probably even sneakers. When you get a pair of pants that can be worn in so many different ways, then you get a lot of wear from them. The pair that I am wearing is a medium color, or at least that is what I call it. It is not too dark and not too light, so it is the perfect color.

FASHION BLOGGER 50 Is Not Old styles red bow mules with flare jeans I even hiked up my pants so that you can get a better look at these adorable red mules from the Loft Outlet. These are cute as can be, especially with the unique feature of the bow across the top of your foot. Mules are easy to slip on and off, but it takes a small learning curve to keep from flinging them across the room as your walk. Lol! At least that is what I have been told; you surely don’t think that I would know that from experience, do you? Hahaha! I love adding red to an outfit; it gives it a much-needed punch and makes it stand out. The red picks up the color of the tee, which makes the outfit look “put together!”  Here is the link to the mules.
FASHION BLOGGER 50 Is Not Old styles a graphic Paris tee with jeans and red bow mules Usually, I am not one to wear my shirts tucked in. When you carry your weight in your mid-section, the last thing that you want to do is call attention to it. But, I have decided to wear a belt occasionally with the hopes that I will “do something” about my waistline if I am not happy with it. I recently bought this black leather belt from Madewell, and I am thinking about getting the pecan color also. I do believe that a belt changes the look of the outfit and makes it look nicer. So, how about you??? Do you ever wear a belt?

FASHION BLOGGER 50 Is Not Old styles a graphic Paris tee tucked into jeans I hope all of you have a wonderful, wild and wacky Wednesday. This week has already been exhausting for me, and I am starting to look forward to the weekend. I am crossing my fingers that the crazy cat, that doesn’t know to come inside a warm house with food, will be found before the weekend. Although, I am really enjoying having my daughter here for a little while longer. 😊

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  1. Patti Smith Reply

    Your local shelter might have a humane trap you could rent. If not they can be purchased at a pet supply store. If he is not fixed I would get him to the vet in the trap. If you tell the vet he/she is feral & in a trap they should get him/her in that day. I’ve done this a time or two. Cats that are fixed do not roam as much.

    • Tania Reply

      He has been fixed, so that isn’t an issue. He is so nervous that he wouldn’t go near a trap.

  2. So funny. I opened your Blog post today and see the TShirt I wore to the office. Great taste you have.

  3. Animal rescue groups can be a wealth of information and might even loan you a trap or help in other ways. I can imagine how relieved you are that he is still around. Don’t give up!

  4. You look really cute in that outfit! I love the red shoes ❣️
    I would like to try any of the samples. Thank you 😊

  5. I am SO glad Tom showed up to get some food. Hopefully you can catch him soon. The game camera’s were an excellent idea!! I love your outfit today and you should definitely wear a belt more often. I have shrunk so much now in height and guess where all of my weight landed? You guessed it… waist! NOT happy about it either but I’m not overweight at all it’s just a fact of life. But you know what? I wear belts!! Yup, and I don’t think they make my waist look bigger. In fact, I think wearing a belt helps define the fact that somewhere in those rolls of fat I HAVE A WAIST! Ha! So keep on wearing belts. You look absolutely great!!

    • Tania Reply

      You are very encouraging, Sondra. I plan on wearing the belt more often because it will encourage me to lose weight. LOL!

  6. Sending prayers for Tom’s return 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I would not be able to function if my pet were missing, so my heart goes out to all of you.

    Love this look on you! I’m not one to tuck in my shirts and wear a belt. I love the look, it’s just not flattering on me. I’m working on that though, I read the book you recommended, Delay, Don’t Deny, and have started to lose weight. My goal is to comfortably wear my shirt tucked in with a belt!

    • Tania Reply

      Linda it has been heartbreaking to know that he is outside in the cold. Good luck on the Delay, Don’t Deny IF. I am loving this so far, and I think that it is starting to pay off!

  7. Kimberley Dambach Reply

    Fingers crossed and prayers for Ashleigh’s cat! I am with you on belts but I’m going to purchase the black one you are styling. What size are you wearing? Thanks in advance,

    • Tania Reply

      Kim, belts are not my thing, but I feel like it will encourage me to watch what I am eating. I am wearing a large, and it has LOTS of extra room on it.

  8. Sherli Morgan Reply

    So happy Tom made an appearance for food. Praying that he comes & sits at the door waiting for your daughter of you to open it!!

    Love this tee & the others you’ve shown today. How fun.

    • Tania Reply

      I don’t think that he will come to the door, but I have high hopes of grabbing him soon.

  9. Love the top! Wish it was not sold out. I thought u looked good with it tucked in with the belt. one of my first thoughts was that u had lost weight. U r beautiful!

    • Tania Reply

      I hate that the top is sold out too! Maybe my Intermittent Fasting is working!

  10. Elizabeth Tyminski Reply

    Loving your outfit. Good luck with the kitty. One thing – based on the title I thought there would be that you would have multiple outfits in the blog – you have done that several times. But ending with a positive this is SO SO flattering on you.

    • Tania Reply

      I guess that I should have called it a series. I have already styled the top once, and I have another way that I am wearing it for tomorrow’s blog.

  11. Hey, I really love it when you style something different ways. I think you look really thin in this outfit (quick, buy it in every color, LOL). Hope Kitty shows up. Just wondering if he gets along with the other pets in the house?

    • Tania Reply

      Nancy, I am thrilled that you like this type of series posts. Tom gets along with Lucy fine. They are not friends, but they walk around each other with no problem.

    • Tania Reply

      I loved the shoes also. And, they are not expensive, so that is a plus!

  12. Camera was great idea, so glad kitty is ok. Maybe sitting quietly for awhile where he came to eat would bring him out to you or your daughter. Might be job for daughter if it is cold. 😂
    The look today is great and the kind of outfit I wear everyday. You look great in all the outfits you style. I like to channel my inner Doris Day when going out in public so like to tuck but after wrist surgery it can be a challenge.
    Praying you get him in the house soon.

    • Tania Reply

      Jeni, that is on our agenda to do, but it has been soooo cold. Maybe just do a half-tuck with only an inch or two of the shirt tucked in. That would be easier to do on your wrist.

    • Tania Reply

      Cats are strange. They get scared and won’t come to you. I think it is nuts also!

  13. Nancy Silverman Reply

    The pic of Tom made my heart happy! I’m so glad he is close by.

  14. I am eagerly awaiting news of Ton’s safe return!❤️….and love the outfit!!!! Very striking!

  15. kristin greene Reply

    I just love what you post on your blog! So happy to see a picture of your cat!! I never wear a belt. I am very unhappy with my waist. But I have to say your idea that it is a reminder to do something about it, is rubbing off on me. I have lost 17 pounds already. My doctor at my yearly appointment was very pleased with me this week. Now if I could just stop eating my after dinner snacks.
    I love those red shoes! To be honest your whole outfit is great! But I do agree the pop of color on your shirt and shoes is what I really like. Kut from the Kloth is my fav jean company. They fit me well. Once again you inspire me with what you have put together! Makes me want to take time to try and put outfits together from my own closet.

    • Tania Reply

      Kristin, congratulations on the weight loss!!! That is not easy to do, especially at this time of the year. I am trying to quit eating by 7:00 pm and I don’t start eating until 2:00. I eat anything that I want, but only through that 5-hour window.

  16. Stacie Kreitman Reply

    I love the shirt and outfit, although I do not do heels. So very glad that the kitty is ok. I think leaving the food out may be the wrong message. What about if you left it on a window sill that he can see, but not get to. He might come scratching. Of course you would have to keep the other cat from chowing down, LOL. Good luck, I think a trap is a good idea, especially if you are going to leave food out. Just hope you don’t catch a skunk or raccoon.

    • Tania Reply

      Stacie, my daughter was so worried about him being hungry, that she was just thrilled that he came to eat. Several other cats also came to eat, but that is fine. Lol!

  17. Great picture of Tom! Praying for his safe return! OMG those shoes,❤️

    • Tania Reply

      We were thrilled to get a picture of him, Roxanna! You will love those shoes. They are cute and inexpensive!

  18. so glad kitty is safe; my sister’s cat was let out by accident and they went through the neighborhood shaking cat treats if he knows that sound it might work! their cat was two doors down under the neighbor’s deck lol – thank God he didn’t go far hope you catch him today!

  19. Trish Hertsgaard Reply

    I was so excited to see your kitty on the porch but hope and pray that he comes in soon!

  20. Susan Gammill Reply

    Great work with the camera – so glad Tom was a smart boy and stayed close by. Cheering you on and you look super cute in that outfit!

  21. I know it’s such a relief knowing the cat is still hanging around, but sad you’ve not been able to get him back inside. I hate the thoughts of him being out in the snow! In response to if I ever wear a belt… no. And i don’t like my look if shirt is tucked in. Muffin belly and thick waist and I’ve not found any attractive way to pull off a belt

  22. You look good with the shirt tucked in & a belt! Love the shoes! hope you get Tom soon. Maybe inch the food bowl closer to the door every day or so? My son’s cat will NOT come to us unless SHE wants to. And she’s extremely skittish…a sneeze, cough, or movement will send her flying across the room. Scares me to death that she might get out.

  23. We have a cat door for our cat because we live in a rural area so he can have his freedom. He’s 15 and comes in every night. I’d be as worried as you and your daughter if he didn’t come home at night. Prayers that you can grab him soon especially if he’s been declawed.
    I do not own a grPhic tee but I would love to find one with a leopard on the front and wear my black shoes with leopard on the toe. That would be styling!

  24. Melesa Garrison Reply

    YAY, you know that Tom is well and alive. He knows where to get his grub. You will snag him in no time. Silly cat! Maybe set an alarm for right around the time he was on the camera last night.

  25. Liz Coffman Mesa Reply

    Hi Tania. Would love to try some samples of R & F. I know you can’t get the full effect but would love to touch and smell! : ) Thanks – Liz

  26. Daria armstrong Reply

    Go to your local shelter and get a safe trap. They will loan you one. Put food in it and set it. You’ll have him in a night or two. My daughters cat got out also and we got her on day three. Put the trap where you saw him on the porch. Praying you’ll have him hom

  27. Charlcy Green Reply

    I am SO sorry about Tom getting out! I’m praying he’ll come back inside soon. And I really love that outfit! Very young looking! And you look awesome w the shirt tucked in. I’m glad you’re doing the series!

  28. Cats are so contrary, but they do love a meal. Keep trying.
    Your shirt is so adorable and so bummed that it is sold out. Just as well, it’s a little pricey this close to the holidays. Yes on the belt!

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