50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A SIMPLE BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Happy Friday!!! I am having a hard time keeping up with the days this week. Part of the reason is that I feel like I lost a day in traveling here on Tuesday. I am still running a day behind and that can be dangerous. Lol! Thank goodness, I remembered at the last minute that it was Friday, not Thursday, so that I could introduce you to Debbie from Fashion Fairy Dust.
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A SIMPLE BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Debbie is such a free spirit! I love her boho style and adventurous attitude. I am a pattern novice, but she can mix any pattern together and make it look fantastic. She and I agree on a lot of things, like adding a third piece to an outfit is what takes it to the next level, and also that we both do our own photography. I am afraid that I am going to let her track storms all by herself though, I am a big chicken. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A SIMPLE BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Soooo, this happened yesterday!!! Rodan and Fields had invited me to take part in a film that they were doing on location. I had never been pampered like this before, and letting someone else do your hair and makeup is strange. I was told to come camera ready and that the makeup and hair ladies would do some touchups.
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A SIMPLE BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40I think that they might have thought that I was a little too “over the top” because they took off my brighter lipstick and added a neutral one instead, and they also flattened my hair quite a bit. Lol! My daughter said, “I liked your version better.” Wasn’t that sweet of her.
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A SIMPLE BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Can you believe that they actually did the whole “take one” thing with the clicker? I was so scared and I shook like a leaf the entire time that I was in this drop-dead gorgeous room. I was surprised that the R+F production crew did say for me to stand still. Lol! They did keep saying something about my southern accent. Do I have an accent???
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A SIMPLE BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40I was told to come in a solid color and nothing bright. Obviously, they don’t follow my blog! Lol! This black midi tank dress (HERE) was really all that I packed that met those requirements. When they called me last night they said that on a scale of 1 to 10, to try to be at least an 8 on the dressy scale. So, I added the Brindy pearl necklace with the marcasite clasp and the Stormy necklace with the simple gold monogrammed disc. For earrings, I went with the classic and understated, Shaila pearl studs.
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A SIMPLE BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40I don’t know if “anything” that I said will actually make the film, but this experience was ah-mazing. I stepped sooo far out of my comfort zone and I came out on the other side. It was hard, but I am glad that I said yes and did it scared. You can live life, or you can LIVE life and there is a big difference between the two. Try saying yes occasionally and see where that adventure will take you.
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A SIMPLE BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Joe and I want to make sure that you tell Debbie hello. She also believes in stepping out of her comfort zoned, the pink hair gave that away. Lol!

Also, as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I am taking part in a Virtual Event on Facebook with several ladies who are here in Los Cabo with me on this fabulous trip that I earned from Rodan + Fields. HERE is the link to that group where you can join to hear more about the unbelievable opportunity of being an R+F consultant. Please ask to join, and then message me or comment that you joined the group because I will be giving away a gift to someone (or maybe more) who join me in this group. I would love the support from you gurls!

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    • Barbara Caster Reply

      I agree with your daughter too, I like the way you do your hair better!! You look great either way, but I prefer the version in your condo pic

  1. Gotta agree with your daughter: I prefer your hair the way you do it, too. And just say yes to bright lipstick, especially since there was no color in your outfit. I’m glad you were selected and hope you don’t get left on the cutting room floor!

    • Tania Reply

      Bonnie, they just don’t understand us Southern ladies and our love of “big hair!” Lol!

  2. Allison Estes Reply

    I like this lip color but like how you do your hair better (and I’m a hairstylist!)

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Allison! I wasn’t really happy with the look either but, what could I do?

    • I liked your hair and lipstick better too! Yes, you have an accent, it’s sad they don’t. 😉

    • Dana Buckingham Reply

      I’m so glad you “did it afraid”! What a great opportunity!

  3. I also prefer your “before” hair. I glanced at your pic before reading your comment and thought “well, they flattened that!” LOL. Love the dress, versatile, jewelry is a nice touch too. Classy = you nailed it. Dress makes for a good traveler.

    • Tania Reply

      Lol! That is the very same thing that I thought when I looked in the mirror.

      • BTW, what size dress are you wearing? Either it isn’t noted or I’m not seeing it. We are approx the same size so your size selection is tremendously helpful as a guide.

        • I’m from the north and I love the way you do your hair and your brighter lipstick! I wear brighter, as well, and who want flat hair!?


    I love this look! It is classic, looks effortless and is always right – for weddings, for work (courtroom), for dinner (maybe not brunch). Simply beautiful!

  5. Lesli Obenschain Reply

    i agree with Ashleigh, i like your version better. love that dress.

  6. Lesli Obenschain Reply

    watch out for that naked man behind you! make sure he doesn’t pull any Biden moves! LOL

  7. I like both hair styles.
    Wooo-Woo get a load of that slice of Joe Beef-Cake!!! The best beach or pool accessory ever!!

  8. You look beautiful. The dress is very flattering and a little sexy. And your hair was better before their “professional” flattened it. Still pretty but a little pouf looks better. Must be a southern thing. And even if you don’t make the cut, I’m sure you did a fantastic job. I bet you make it though. I too get comments about my accent. They usually don’t realize I think they have one too. You make me want to step out of my comfort zone so often. I’m going to have to take a leap of faith one of these days. Enjoy rest of your trip. Looks like Joe already is. Lol!!

    • Tania Reply

      Johnna, one of these days you are going to start listening to me. Lol! STEP OUT!!!

  9. I agree with your daughter regarding your hair. Every time I search Pinterest for hair styles several pics of you come up. I think you could give that girl a lesson on how to style hair ?

  10. Deborah Obryan Reply

    Looks like everyone agrees….you keep doing your own hair! I like the brighter lips too, lights up your face….

  11. You look better doing your own thing with bright and cheerful colors. The black dress is simple and classic but it is too funeral-looking for me. A bright jacket, scarf, sandals, jewelry, etc. would look more “you”. Don’t change your look!

    • Tania Reply

      Nicki, I brought a bright kimono to wear with this dress. Maybe I will get pictures with that later for the blog.

  12. I agree with your daughter i love your bright lipstick and fluffy hair. no bright color please. you do look very lovely but not the like the Tania i follow

  13. I also like your hair the way you style it! What size is that black dress you bought?

  14. 1. Congratulations…I can’t wait to see the video!
    2. I like your version better, too! I’m really surprised they didn’t keep you as you were.
    3. I’m headed over to check out your friend’s blog but the mention of the pink hair and mixed patterns reminds me of a blogger you may enjoy if you don’t already follow her, Shauna from “Chic Over 50”. I’m not able to emulate her because it just isn’t me but I so enjoy her style!

    • Tania Reply

      Shauna is gorgeous! I love her hair and style, but I can’t wear most of it either. I am not the same size as her for one thing. Lol!

  15. Aimee Spencer Reply

    You look Ahhhmazing! I think a little hair spray to give height & volume is a good thing. I like your style too. The dress & pearls were perfect!

  16. You look amazing!! I am so happy for you (Movie Star)!!! By the way is that sunburned person behind you
    “Honey-Bunny”? Hope you both continue to have a GREAT time!!

  17. Here’s my vote for liking the way YOU do your hair and I like the brighter lipstick too. That dress makes you look so slim! As they say , “you do YOU.” And once again hubby Joe wins! Have a great time and safe journey home.

  18. Charlcy Green Reply

    You look absolutely fabulous in that little black dress, Tania! And I loved seeing Joe smiling behind you! I agree w your daughter, your lipstick and hairdo are very attractive and didn’t need pairing down! Loved meeting Debbie from Fairy Dust too! Thanks!

  19. You look so much more beautiful in a longer dress and a dress below your knees. .

  20. All the heart eyes!! So cute. You looked beautiful before and after the crew did their thing. But GURL! I’m from TEXAS! The biiger the hair, the closer to GOD! Ha! And you rock your accent. It’s who you are…who God made you to be. I never shy away from my Texas drawl. It’s as much a part of me as my blue eyes.

  21. How fun to get pampered like that! You look beautiful both ways, but I do agree with your daughter…your version is so much more “you”. I love your dress, it is the perfect little black dress that could be styled so many ways. Thank you so much for inviting me to work with you on Friday With Friends…I love collaborating with other bloggers!

  22. I’ve always said that despite living in the Deep South for over 40 years, the only southern thing about me is my accent. I need to amend that to include my preference for big hair ?. I love your big hair ! Anne Richards, former governor of Texas, said that we need our big hair to balance our big butts, lol. Well, with menopause I have flatter hair and a flatter butt to match.

  23. Carole Prisk Reply

    Those pros are wrong. You look best in your version of the hair and a brighter lip. I hate the current neutral lip trend; everyone looks like zombies . You do you .

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