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How To Rock A Maxi Skirt When You’re Petite

Welcome to another petite post! I promised you all that with two posts per day, I’d get into some specifics, and to be honest, it’s been fun for me. I love learning new things. FASHION new things. Who’s got time to learn about compound interest when you can learn how to rock a maxi skirt when you’re petite?!

While I’m not considered petite, I do have people in my life that are. My beautiful daughter-in-law, for one!

My son is a lucky man!!! Kayla looks great in everything, including a maxi skirt. Today I’ll give you tips on how to rock the look, too.

How To Rock A Maxi Skirt When You’re Petite – The Right Shoe

One of the best ways to trick the eye and elongate the leg is to match your heels with your skin tone! If you’re pale, that means nude heels!

I love these simple chunky heel sandals. They are a great height for those of you who don’t love high heels, and the two straps are simple and elegant. Plus, you can’t go wrong since they are only $38 dollars!

For those of you who need a higher heel, these are a great option. They have great reviews, over 11,000, and are very affordable at $39 dollars. They also come in other colors if nude is not what you need.

You don’t have to wear heels with a maxi skirt. Flat sandals are a great option. You’ll be comfortable and look great, too. These neutral slides would go with everything!

How To Rock A Maxi Skirt Even When You’re Petite – Cropped Tops

When you’re petite, wearing a maxi skirt is all about proportion. That’s where a cropped top comes in. I know that most of us aren’t keen on showing our abs! Lucky for us, there are so many high-waisted maxi skirts that will look great with cropped tops.

I love this ribbed pullover! I’ve shown it in the trending color sage green, but it’s available in a ton of others. The reviews say to size up. I’d wear this with a camisole underneath and with a high-waisted maxi.

Here’s a very casual cropped top that would look great with some of the denim maxi skirts that are trending. I always read the reviews when I’m posting things for petites, especially since I can’t always wear the clothing myself. The petite reviewers have been very positive about this shirt.

Is it getting cooler where you live? I cannot WAIT till fall. Sweaters are one of my favorite items of clothing, but they can be so boxy. If you’re petite, a cropped sweater is always a good option, especially when paired with a maxi skirt.

How To Rock A Maxi Skirt Even When You’re Petite – The Right Skirt

When I was researching how petites could wear maxi skirts, one of the things I learned is that long skirts actually fool the eye to indicate height. I also learned it’s really hard to find petite-specific maxi skirts that are cute! I have a new appreciation for you petite ladies. With that being said, there are some skirt types that work better than others.

Vertical stripes are a yes when you’re petite! In addition to the great pattern in this skirt, I also like the high waist and the slide split that can show a bit of skin and elongate the leg. I think it’s just the right amount of volume, too.

This works for petites on so many levels! It’s long, which, believe it or not, is the correct length of skirt for petites. It has vertical stripes to fool the eye, and it has a great high-waist top that could be rolled over if you need to adjust the length. Not to mention, it would match just about any color under the sun!

This skirt is simple, but flowy skirts tend to look good on petites. The key is not to go too crazy with volume so that a small frame doesn’t get overwhelmed. Neutrals such as navy are always a good choice.

Have you ever shopped from Reformation? I love finding new stores! As I was researching for this post, I read that Kelly Ripa is a big fan of theirs because they have such great petite options. This black silky skirt would look great with a silk camisole for a dressy night on the town.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post and found something helpful. Let me know if you’re going to try a maxi skirt this fall!

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  1. Janice Nagle says:

    I bought a denim maxi skirt..and I’m 5’4″ and petite. It fits me to a t, but I wondered if I should cut it off and make it shorter. I read your article and I have similar choices for tops already in my wardrobe. I’m keeping it the maxi length. thank you Tania

  2. I love this post!! Finding petite options are for sure a challenge. Thank you for thinking of us petite ladies!

  3. I’m 5’4″ and a youthful 62! My neighbour just made me a denim Midi skirt so this was so helpful ☺️ thank you

  4. sue koren says:

    I’m not petite but still good information.

  5. I’m so ready for soups, stews and chili weather! Cute post.

  6. I’m a petite. Enjoyed this blog.

  7. Suzonne Johnson says:

    I’m only 5’3”, so most maxi skirts drag the ground on me if I don’t wear heels, which aren’t always a comfortable option. So, I was glad to her about petite clothes from Reformation. I’m going to check it out. Thank you!!

    1. You’re welcome! I wish you luck! ❤️

  8. What is the skirt that Kayla is wearing?

    1. I honestly don’t know. Lol! You would have thought I would have asked her.

  9. I’m 5’5″, and some petite skirts are just what I need. I cannot wear any tops, or dresses, in petite, as the shoulders are too tight. But the skirts are often the perfect length when regular sizes are too long. A maxi petite is a perfect midi on me.
    Valuable post, thank you!

  10. Maxi skirts are one of my favorite things to wear!! Love these!

  11. I am a petite, but still not comfortable with the maxi length skirt. However, I have just bought a dress with the longer length (mid calf) for a garden wedding. So, we’ll see how I feel when wearing it.

    1. I’m sure that you will rock it!

  12. Thank you for taking the time to find some great ideas for us Petite gals!

  13. Love maxi skirts AND Chili!! 😁

  14. Happy you had a petite blog! Thank you! I will try to find maxi skirt this fall. I had no idea about the shoes!

  15. Hi Tania,
    Enjoyed your information about clothes for petites. You said your daughter-in-law is petite. How tall is she?
    I am only 5′ 1″ and a senior citizen. She looks taller in photo.
    Women who 5′ 4″are still considered petite but of course have a 3 inch advantage when it comes to clothes.
    For me, because of my short stature, it is hard to find maxi skirts that are either not too long or too much volume.
    I also don’t like the cropped length in tops or sweaters as I am over 60! If I was younger I might wear them but not at my age now. I can’t afford to take a maxi skirt to be altered at a tailor and don’t sew at all myself. I can’t wear high heels but do like ankle boots with a maybe 2 inch chunky heel or platform sneakers that are about 1 to 2 inchs.
    What do you suggest as far as maxi skirts go for me?
    Thank you,

    1. Lin, I think she is 5’2″, but I would have to ask her.

  16. Great post for us petites.

  17. Love chili and vegetable soup during the cooler months. Love the maxi skirts. Now that I am at a certain I love the longer dresses and skirts. I don’t like my legs anymore! Have a blessed day everyone!

    1. Thank you for commenting, Diane. Have a blessed week! 😊

  18. Kelli Ferment says:

    I’m not a fan of maxi skirts but I love the ones you have shown.

  19. Thank you for keeping us petites in mind!

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂

  20. Thank you, Tania for this post for us petites. I have always adored maxis but in the past wasn’t really happy with how I looked in them. Your post has given me some great tips!

    1. Glad you found it helpful!

  21. Thanks for the post. Love the shoe selection.

  22. Thank you! Love these ideas. Not sure about the skirts but definitely will try some of the cropped tops.

  23. Great ideas for all sizes!

  24. Glad you included the chili recipe. Going to try it. Love chili.

    1. Let me know how you like it!

  25. Some great ideas!! Thanks. Gotta love chili!!!

  26. Your daughter-in-law is beautiful! All the petite clothes you showed are very nice! Chili looks delicious 😋

  27. I’m snatching up as many crop tops as I can. They fit me under my waist and I like high waisted bottoms best. I try to follow the 1/3 top and 2/3 bottom rule. I’m 5’2 with short legs. I need all the help I can get to look taller. Thanks for this post.

    1. You’re so welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 😁

  28. I so appreciated this post since I am petite. Please do more. Love 💕

  29. Love maxi skirts or dresses as I have heavy legs. I find them easier to wear as well.

  30. I love your petite posts. Thanks for doing them. And are you interested in sharing your chili recipe?

    1. Pam, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Here is the recipe for you: James Lewis Chili

  31. Debra Lyons says:

    Tania, love your posts! I love fashion and you give me great ideas. Also, especially love your Bible passages.
    To God Be The Glory!!

  32. Thank you for this post!! I’m petite and you’ve provided some great ideas, love the skirts and the shoes!!! Enjoy the chili!

    1. I’m glad you found the post to be helpful.

  33. Linda Murphy says:

    I am a petite. Thank you.

  34. A maxi skirt is one thing I don’t wear, but thx for the suggestions-cute!