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sherpa vestI don’t know about all of you gurls, but I am still exhausted from this week’s festivities. First off, we had all of the planning, the shopping for what we were going to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. When I know that I have something to do the next day, I will toss and turn all night long. I can’t tell you how many times I will wake up and look at the clock to see if I need to hop up and get started. Just knowing that I had a lot of cooking to do on Thursday robbed me of sleep Wednesday night.
sherpa vest and chambray shirtThursday night, I was having so much fun talking to everyone that it was after midnight before I went to bed. Then, once in bed, I couldn’t go to sleep. I tossed and turned, and would occasionally giggle at some of the things that we had been talking about. Once I finally went to sleep, I was out like a light, and I ended up sleeping in late. Everyone in the house (Joe’s sister and her family spent the night) was already awake and drinking coffee before I dragged my bedhead down the hall. It was late last night before I started to feel somewhat normal again. I told Joe that it was like it was back when we were young and stayed out too late partying. Now, all it takes is a holiday dinner to knock me on my rear. Lol! Please tell me that I am not the only one who has to recover from events.
chambray shirt and sherpa vestThis sherpa vest is warm and fashionable. I love the cream color, but it is the caramel trim that I love. It is super soft, and it will look great over a plaid shirt and worn with jeans. I chose to wear the vest over my chambray button-up shirt that I just bought. The old chambray shirt that I had was starting to look worn, so I had been looking for a new one. I chose this one after I felt the material, it wasn’t stiff like some of the others that I had looked at, and I knew that it would only get softer once it was washed.  Here is the link to the sherpa vest, and here is the link to the chambray shirt. 
ankle boots
I can’t begin to tell you how much I LOVE these ankle boots. I think these may be my favorite ankle boots ever, and I have only had them a couple of weeks. I bought these right before I went to the conference in Nashville, and I got a ton of compliments on them when I wore them. This boot is a deeper, darker brown than I usually wear; it is called Whiskey. What I love the best about these boots is the fold-down cuff at the top of the boot. The cuff sets these boots apart from all others that I have seen, and they are comfortable on top of that! I am wearing my usual size 9, and they fit me perfectly. Here is the link to the boots. 
skinny pants and ankle boots
I did do a little shopping yesterday; it was nice to be able to do it all from my kitchen table while playing on my laptop. No pushing, no shoving, and no having to worry about grabbing a place to park. I bet it won’t be long before in-store Black Friday shopping will be a thing of the past. I also rounded up a few of my favorite items from Loft and Khol’s for you. I ordered a lot of things to try from Loft, and I am crossing my fingers that they all fit.



Also, I have already started my Black Friday Sales Event on Rodan + Fields. If you would like to see those deals, then click here. And, R+F announced their own deal, starting today. They are waiving the enrollment fee for all new PC’s! Plus, if you purchase 200.00 in products, then they will gift you a Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream.

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  1. I love you stories of your family times! Sounds like so much fun and special memories! I thought your boots were red! Guess my phone is whacky. I love the chambray shirts!

  2. Gale Bowen says:

    You are not the only one who has to recover from events! And I do the same thing the night before! What happened to the carefree days? Haha! Love the sherpa vest. I bought one (hip length) at Cracker Barrel! Love it!

  3. Great look, love those boots, such a great color! I placed 2 orders at Kohls. Would have loved to place an order with Loft as well but I really don’t need anything right now 🙁 So many great deals though and beautiful picks!
    I too get exhausted from big gettogethers, LOL how I did I manage back in the day to go out every weekend Friday AND Saturday!!

    1. I placed a big order from Loft and Nordstrom. I have a few more orders to place this afternoon also. Whew! I am worn out already. I am like you, I have no idea how I managed “back in the day.” Lol!

  4. Oh my, Had to laugh, scrolling down slowly it didn’t look like you had pants on. Love the vest.

    1. Hahaha! Vicki, that sounds like a reoccurring nightmare. Lol!

  5. Cute outfit! The boots look dark red on my phone, not brown but when I clicked on the link, I saw the true color. I‘m glad you’re feeling more rested, I’m throwing my husband a birthday party this Sat. and I know I’ll need a day or two to recover afterwards but I do love to party!

    1. Mary, I am glad that you looked at the link to the boots. When I take my photos in the afternoon, it throws a funny color on the porch. If you notice, the concrete looks blue. It is weird and I can’t figure out how to adjust it to make the true colors show. Have fun at the party, and eat a slice of cake for me.

  6. I also did not receive your email this morning and had to come to your website. Definitely worth it.

    1. Thanks so much for coming to the website instead of waiting on the email. It would eventually have gone out at 1:15 pm, instead of 1:15 am like I meant for it to do.

  7. Didn’t receive your email this morning. Had to come to your website. Love the Sherpa vest and boots!

    1. Sondra, I wish that I could blame the lack of an email on the system…but it was me. I scheduled the email reminder to go out at 1:15 like normal, but I forgot to change it to be AM instead of PM. ?