Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a casual outfit. A pink crop sweater, skinny ankle jeans, and navy slingback espadrillesI ventured outside my house today for the first time in over a week. I had some packages to mail, something to drop off at the lumber company, and I needed to pick up a few things at Walmart. So, I got my list together and put on a mask that a reader Sue had sent me, and then I headed down the road.
Sue heard me say that I would love a leopard print mask, so she sent me a message that she wanted to send me a mask. It was super cute, and I loved it. Notice that I used a past tense of the word love. When I got back from my outings, I took off the mask, washed my hands, and then decided to wash the mask so that it would be ready the next time. I could only find a scented laundry detergent at the store, and it is okay for my clothing, but the mask drove me crazy since it was at my nose. My sister had told me that she microwaved her masks to sanitize them, so I threw it in the microwave and then turned to rewash my hands.Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a casual outfit. A pink crop sweater, skinny jeans, and navy slingback espadrilles

That is when I heard the microwave start to make popping sounds. I turned around and could see sparks inside the machine. So, I quickly went over and opened the door to find that the mask had caught on fire! I took my bare hand and swatted the flame until it went out, then I put the mask in the sink and ran water over it to make sure that it was entirely out. It turns out that Sue had put a wire inside the mask so that you can adjust the material over the nose to fit perfectly. I had forgotten all about that since it was inside the material, but the microwave didn’t forget. This is a public service announcement…don’t put your mask in the microwave if it has a wire inside of it!!! Sorry that I ruined your mask, Sue. But, it was super sweet of you to think of me. ?
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pink crop sweater, skinny ankle jeans, and gold jewelry from Kendra ScottCasual Friday just got a facelift. An outfit can’t get much easier than a sweater and a pair of jeans, so this is a look that everyone can copy. The bright color of the sweater is what makes this outfit stand out. The color draws your attention, and it turns this into “an outfit” instead of something that you just threw on. This outfit looks like you planned on what you were wearing, and that it took effort.

The bright pink sweater is shorter than what we have been used to in the past few years. Jeans and pants are now mostly high-rise, so they have made the shirts and sweaters shorter. This is a style that might take some getting used to, but I think it will be around for several years. I am wearing a size medium in this sweater, and you can see that it is plenty roomy. The sweater is from Loft, and Loft is now offering FREE shipping on orders over 25.00, and FREE returns!!! Here is the link to the sweater, and it is on sale at least 50% off.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pink crop sweater and gold jewelry from Kendra ScottI added some of my favorite pieces from Kendra Scott to this outfit. The Hallie earrings that I had on yesterday with the black jumpsuit, (here) the Maggie bangle bracelet and the Rue long necklace are items that I wear all of the time. I didn’t buy all of my Kendra Scott at once. I have been buying one or two pieces every time I catch them having a sale. I am just like you, and I want my money to go as far as I can stretch it. So, today they are having a sale, 2 for 75.00 and 2 for 100.00. They have a large selection to choose from, and it is a great deal. I don’t think that these items are in the sale, but I’ll show you a couple of the things that I am looking at purchasing for myself. I am showing everything in gold, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll for sure order the gold color.

These are all in the 2 for 75.00 sales. You can pick which two you want to purchase.

In the 2 for 100.00 sales, these are the ones that I am considering.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pink crop sweater, skinny ankle jeans, and navy slingback espadrillesI took these pictures Saturday, and now I have forgotten which jeans I wore. Lol! I need to start writing down what I am wearing since I am so forgetful. I truly have no idea, so I guess that I will just choose jeans that look similar. And, I know that Nordstrom is having a sale on jeans, so I’ll try and make sure that they are all on sale. BTW, Nordstrom has always had FREE shipping and FREE returns! I usually wear a size 10 unless the website says that the jeans run big or small.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a casual outfit. A pink crop sweater, skinny ankle jeans, and navy espadrillesI think that these slingback espadrilles look super cute with these ankle-length jeans. These are a pair by Vionic that I recently purchased, and I am starting to get used to them. But, I don’t need the extra arch support, so for me, I am not sure they are worth the extra money. I’ll link to them for those who need the support (here), but I’ll link some others that aren’t as expensive if you are like me and don’t need it. I am wearing my usual size 9 in the shoes, and they fit me fine.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a casual outfit. A pink sweater, skinny ankle jeans, and navy slingback espadrillesAll of this hand-washing and mask-wearing is taking a toll on my skin. I am using my Active Hydration Serum on my face which helps immensely, and I am using the Active Hydration Body Replenish on my hands which is been a lifesaver! If you are interested in either of these products, then I’ll let you have them at my Preferred Customer price. AHS retails for 112.00, but you can buy it for 85.00 and that includes shipping. The AHBR retails for 66.00, but you can buy that for 55.00 that includes shipping. If you want to purchase both of them, or if you want to purchase either of these for a frontline worker, message me and I’ll give you an additional discount. Here is my email, taniastephens12@gmail.com

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  1. To further expound on your microwaved face mask near disaster, be absolutely certain that masks are made with 100% cotton fabric AND thread. Any poly blend will catch fire in the microwave. Better yet, don’t put home-sewn masks in the microwave period. Happy you averted disaster!

  2. I am new to your blog as searched for blogs for women over 50 since I join that nifty number club this summer. Do you wear jewelry every day in quarantine as well, or just to head out of the house today? It sure glamorized the look!

  3. I love wearing pink with my blue jeans. You look great in pink. Now I’m wishing I had those shoes. I do have navy moccasins though which can be worn out of the house. That’s my go to shoe of the moment. Are you wearing jeans around the house? I find I’m leaning toward elastic or drawstring waist.

  4. Tania, you perked up Friday very nicely. I also decided to upgrade my look today with brown ankle jeans, a dotted rayon top with a bow tie at the neckline, open toe floral wedges and gold oval hoop earrings. It is always nice to look great, even when cooped up. Real spirit lifting.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Love your blog, your style, and the mask Sue made! Does Sue sell the masks she sews? If so, would you please provide her contact info?
    Thank you.

  6. So sorry to hear about your mask catching on fire. Not only was there metal in the nose piece but the bling on that fabric is also metallic. Maybe I should add “no microwaving” to my note!

  7. Pam in Arkansas says:

    Tania, I recently began following your blog and I really enjoy your personality and fashion advice. Regarding the scented detergent I wanted to say it seems that the detergent manufacturers (talking to you, TIDE!!) have decided we all want heavy fragrances in our detergent. I am pretty sensitive to fragrances so I started buying the pods with no color or fragrance and it’s been so helpful!

  8. Kirst Brenman says:

    I love the Loft deals you find are amazing! Thank you! One pink sweater on the way – what a happy color!

  9. Carmen M DeGroote says:

    I am enjoying your blog, style, and scripture verses. How may I connect with the Zoom calls?

  10. Allison Estes says:

    Wire or not, dry fabric WILL catch on fire! ?‍♀️ btw, you look great!

    1. Charlcy Green says:

      Love this color of sweater on you (and me)! I’ve gotta check it out. Those jeans are adorable and I’m in desperate need of new jeans that fit! I love Bionic shoes as I do have a high arch but, dang they are expensive! That Bible verse is right on for these times! You rock!

  11. Facebook has had many notices … do not microwave any masks. Serious fires have occurred. I love that sweater on you! I may order some lotion, do you have quick delivery. I plan to leave Fl. in 2 weeks, maybe I should wait till I get to Mn.?

    1. Gayle, I have been so busy lately that I am never on Facebook. So, I might have missed those notices. I’ll message you about the lotion.

  12. I just bought the sweater. I got it for $24! Oh, I love a good deal. This outfit looks great on you. Happy Friday!

    1. I know, Mary Lou!!! I do try hard to bring everyone great deals so that we can all look our best.

  13. Monica Ercanbrack says:

    That sounds like something I would do. Lol
    Love this sweater on you, I know I can’t get used to the shorter tops either. Cute outfit.
    Have great weekend.

    1. I am sure that we will get used to the shorter tops, we always seem to adapt.

    1. It was silly on my part. I learned a very valuable lesson.

      1. I’m just so happy it wasn’t disastrous. My old microwave did that arcing and spitting if there was even a hint of metal on something. It died so we replaced it with a GE Advantium which is also convection and the insides and tray are metal. I can even use a muffin tin in it. Make sure your oven wasn’t damaged – it could have been.