Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray crewneck sweater, a plaid scarf, skinny jeggings, and pointy toe ankle boots

I get asked a lot about changing your look so that it looks like a different outfit. The easiest and most affordable way that I know to change an outfit’s look is with accessories. Today I will show you two ways to wear this outfit with only making a few simple changes.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray crewneck sweater, a long beige cashmere blend cardigan, a statement necklace by Kendra Scott, skinny jeggings, and pointy toe ankle boots

Most of us get in a rut and make the mistake of wearing the same outfit in the same way. Even though I have on the same top, jeans, and boots in this look, changing the accessories changes the look. To change the look of an outfit, you have to think outside the box. I’ve written about this topic before because I feel it is an important lesson that we need to learn. Too often, we reach for the same items instead of trying something new.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray crewneck sweater and a plaid scarf

I started with this cozy oversized, boucle crew neck sweater. This sweater has drop shoulder sleeves and has a thick rib-knit design at the neckline, cuffs, and hemline. I love the oversized fit of this sweater, and I am wearing a medium, and it is still plenty roomy. The sweater is a cotton blend, and it is machine washable, lay flat to dry.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing the back of a gray crewneck sweater and jeggings

I love the high-low hemline that will cover your bottom when you are wearing leggings. Skinny jeans are how I chose to style this sweater today, but you could also wear it will black, charcoal, and camel-colored pants. This neutral color of gray is very versatile. The sweater comes in several colors, so be sure to check them all out.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing an up close look of a gray crewneck sweater and a plaid scarf

I chose to add my Sophee heart hoop earrings and a Burberry plaid look-alike scarf for this relaxed and casual look. If you are interested in the real Burberry scarf, here is a link to it. This neutral scarf looks great with black, gray, shades of brown, white/ivory, and red. It is a classic print that you will be able to wear with lots of outfits. This is an old scarf, so I will link to some similar ones for you.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray crewneck sweater, a long beige cardigan, and a statement necklace by Kendra Scott

For this look, I removed the scarf and added this long open front cardigan. This cardigan, and the jeggings you’ll hear about below, are probably two of my favorite purchases from Chico’s. The cardigan is a cashmere-blend, and it is super soft. I absolutely love how it feels, and the light oatmeal color is the perfect neutral.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing the back of a long beige cashmere blend cardigan, skinny jeggings, and pointy toe ankle boots

You can see how long the cardigan is, and it covers a lot of areas that I don’t necessarily want on display. Lol! This cardigan can easily be dressed up or worn casually like I am doing today. Either way that you wear this sweater, it is going to add elegance to your look. I am wearing a size 1 in the sweater, and it has plenty of room.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing an up close look of a gray crewneck sweater, a long beige cashmere blend cardigan, and a statement necklace by Kendra Scott

Once the scarf was removed, I kept the same earrings and added the Ryder Multi-Chain necklace. This necklace is a statement necklace, and it is one that I wear often. Since the boucle sweater is a crewneck, I want to bring your eye downward to elongate my neck and face. The scarf did that for the first look, and this necklace does the same thing for this look.

This necklace is on the expensive side, but I can say that I am getting my money’s worth since I wear it so much. However, I’ll try and link to some other options that aren’t quite as expensive.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing skinny jeggings from Chico's, and pointy toe ankle boots

These are the jeggings that I mentioned earlier in this post. I love the way that they fit and look on me. When I heard the word “jeggings,” I was afraid that they would fit super tight. However, these jeggings aren’t tighter than any of my other skinny jeans. I ordered my usual size .5 in these jeans, and they fit true to size. Normally I wear a size 10 in other brands and a size .5 in Chico’s jeans.

The jeggings that I am wearing are the fly-front jeggings, and they are completely sold out except for the size 00. So, I am linking to some others that I like. I think that I have all of these jeggings, but all of my purchases are starting to run together. Lol! #bloggerproblems

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray crewneck sweater, a plaid scarf, skinny jeggings, and pointy toe ankle booties

I have on the same pair of ankle boots in both photos. These are the Lex booties, and I love the neutral color, the pointy toe, and the large block/chunky heel. The boots seem to go with everything, and the pointy toe elongates my legs. Notice how the boots match the scarf in this look and the cardigan in the other look. I used the boots to tie in the color scheme, and adding a handbag could have done the same thing.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray crewneck sweater, a long beige cashmere blend cardigan from Chico's, a statement necklace by Kendra Scott, skinny jeggings, and pointy toe ankle boots

What did you think about the two different looks? Was this helpful for seeing how you can change up outfits in your closet?

Also, I am going to start doing try-on sessions again, so I need to place a few orders. Let me know which stores you would like to see a try-on session from. Here are a few stores that I am considering: Loft, Ann Taylor, Talbots, Target, Amazon, Nordstrom, Walmart, Old Navy, Chico’s, J. Crew, J. Jill, Express, White House Black Market, or Banana Republic. If you have any suggestions that I didn’t mention, please let me know.

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  1. Stacie J Kreitman wrote:

    Would love some affordable try ons from target, Walmart and Old Navy.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  2. Mary C wrote:

    I’d love to see try ons from Old Navy, Amazon and Target.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  3. Tammy B Heuts wrote:

    I would love for you to share your eye makeup colors!
    Looks great !

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  4. Patti wrote:

    Try on from Talbots, please……you can make anything look cute.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  5. Kellie Johnson wrote:

    I like both looks. However, I cannot wear wool or cashmere. I have a pair of pull on jeggings from Chicos – love them.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  6. Terri Kirkpatrick wrote:

    Nordstrom, Banana, Ann Taylor

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  7. Doris wrote:

    Both are great ideas. Thanks for the helpful tips! Have you had any problem with the denim color from your jeans rubbing off on your light color booties! I have and haven’t found a solution to getting it off.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  8. Cammie wrote:

    I would love to see Talbot’s and JJill.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  9. Nancy M. wrote:

    I love these 2 different looks! Fun!
    Stores I’d like to see try on sessions from; Chico’s, Talbot’s, Nordstrom, J Jill, & WHBM. Looking forward to the try-on sessions!
    Love your blog. I usually check it first thing every morning! Appreciate your hard work. Fashion is fun, but keeping up with it all and having a mountain of clothes, I’m sure, is not that easy!

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  10. Barb wrote:

    Always look forward to your posts. As I am from 🇨🇦 I prefer shops I can get here like the old navy line or Nordstrom’s…..usually colours are limited but at least I can get some, Talbots, are best.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  11. Reatta wrote:

    LOVE ALL those stores!! YOU have me hooked on Kendra Scott right now 🙂
    I too have my go to outfit. I am 57 and still working (one more year and i can retire) so this has helped me to change up my outfits with a scarf or different jewelry.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  12. Diane R wrote:

    Walmart, Amazon & Chico’s. Love both looks today.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  13. Karen wrote:

    Thank you for this post. Great ideas to change up an outfit. Please do a try-on from Walmart and Target. If you find any dresses that would be helpful. Thank you for all your work to help us keep looking in fashion!

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  14. vicky wrote:

    I love the way you switched pieces to make multiple different looks, Tania. Have you ever considered doing a mini-capsule wardrobe post?

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
    • Jane Ladell wrote:

      I love your style Tania and look forward to your blog each day. Was wondering what lipstick color you are wearing? It’s very pretty on you!!

      Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  15. Karen Kirkpatrick wrote:

    Thanks for the refresher, I also seem to wear the same go to outfits,need to step get out of my comfort zone a bit more then I do.Would love to see some outfits from Cato …

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  16. Penny wrote:

    I’d like to see some clothing and accessories from small online boutiques–owned by individuals. Example: AsherKate. There are many others.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  17. Jan wrote:

    Talbots please

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  18. Claudine wrote:

    Would like to see more variety in your pants and shoes. Maybe do a capsule wardrobe with a dozen pieces of clothing.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  19. Lori wrote:

    Am so guilty of wearing the same things together; need to look at other options.
    On a side note, I may have missed it..but what did Ashley end up naming her puppy? Lol 😆

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  20. Jeans sizes confuse me when buying online, which I’ve been doing way too much over the past year or so. I know the sizes in different brands vary and I may have to buy a size up or down. However, I don’t understand how 12, 13, 14, etc relates to M, L, XL etc.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  21. BJ McElroy wrote:

    Try on session from Talbots!!!!! My FAVORITE store!!!@

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  22. Judy C wrote:

    Love the versatility of this outfit. Especially love this cardigan. I think we all get into a routine of wearing the same things so these are some great ideas. Thanks for all your great tips Tania.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  23. Paula wrote:

    Target, Amazon, and Nordstrom, please! Love the gray sweater.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  24. Sandy wrote:

    I’d love to see Loft, J.Jill, and Talbots.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  25. Sandy wrote:

    Target, Walmart, ON or Amazon…only because the first three are only one hour from me; the others I have to drive to the city. I love wearing scarves as an accessory.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  26. Becky Sue wrote:

    Would love to hear your thoughts on wearing socks with ankle boots. Is it ok to have socks showing?

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I don’t wear socks very often. There is a style where the socks are supposed to show, but otherwise, I prefer them not to show.

      Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  27. Fiona wrote:

    Great ideas and I loved the way they made the outfits so different.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks, Fiona. I like to change things up as often as possible.

      Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  28. Donna Derienzo wrote:

    J Jill seems to have some interesting tops that I saw in their flyer!

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Some of my friends say that they love that store.

      Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  29. Betty wrote:

    Loft & Target for sure!

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks for letting me know your choices.

      Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  30. Laura wrote:

    Thsnk you for the refresher. I tend to wear the same clothes over a d over again. Need to change it up a bit.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      We all get in a rut, but it is easy to change things up a little.

      Posted 1.26.21 Reply
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