Don’t feel like you need to adjust your computer screen or clean your reading glasses. Do these photos look hazy to you? The other day, the grandchildren that live next door came over for a few minutes with their mom. Mom and I ended up talking for quite a while, and the kids just ran through the house, playing with toys that are over here and trying to catch the dog. The dog isn’t having any of that, so it is just a game of chase that can go from one room to the other.

I had taken my camera off of the tripod to download some earlier photos, and it was on the kitchen counter. Beckham must have found it because Emersyn came through the house carrying it to me. She told me that she had taken it away from Beckham, and I was thrilled that she grabbed it before he dropped it. The next day I went outside to take more photos, and I was ready to walk inside the house when I decided to make sure that I had taken enough photos. I counted them and thought to myself, “these photos look foggy. Wonder why?” As I walked inside to put the camera up, I looked down at the lens and noticed a little sticky finger smudge. Now, I wonder where that came from??? Lol!

I sure hope you can see the photos clearly because I know that you will love this look. It is casual and comfortable but still fashionable and stylish. Remember the white tank from yesterday’s photos? I am wearing the same tank in today’s photos because it goes with everything, and it is also flattering. I love the deep v-neck of this tank, which helps to elongate my neck. The reason that I want an elongated neck is to make my neck look thinner so that you won’t notice my chin(s). I’m wearing a size 1 in the tank, and it is perfect for me.

I showed you gurls these straight-leg jeans the other day, and you must have loved them because a lot of the sizes are already sold out. I ordered a 10 long in these jeans to wear them with my chunky heel boots, which is the perfect size for me. Straight-leg jeans are really speaking to me this year, and the pair that I bought when Nordstrom had their Anniversary Sale are back on sale for 30% off. These are the Marilyn Straight-Leg Jeans by NYDJ, and I LOVE them. I sized down in them to an 8, and that size fits me perfectly. Here is a post where you can see me wearing them to get a better look.

The coffee-colored cardigan in yesterday’s post is the same as this one but in a different color. I love the longer length of this cardigan, and I love the fact that it hides my bummy and hips. All cardigans hide your sides, so it is left up to the imagination on how thick your waist is. That is fabulous for someone like me who is thickest around my middle section. I am counting on you, thinking that my waist is smaller than it truly is. The cardigan I am wearing is Raisin Arizona, and it is a size medium, and I think it fits me great.

I’m wearing my Ryder linear link earrings today, and I also added my Rue long dainty gold necklace. I wanted to wear my Pink Quartz (the stone of healing) necklace to announce the winner of the Colleen Rothschild Self Exam Body Butter that I was giving away in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Monthly self-examination is important, along with your yearly mammogram, because the early that breast cancer is diagnosed, the higher the percentage is for survival. I hope that everyone reading this will take a few minutes each month for the exam, and call and make your mammogram appointment.

The winner of the Breast Friend Body Butter is BJ. Look in your email, BJ, for my message because I will need your shipping address.

Before I let you go for the day, I wanted to make sure that you have been taking advantage of the links that I am providing for you to your best advantage. Let’s say that you LOVE the Sam Edelman Lambskin Moto Jacket that I styled in this post, but the price is more than you want to pay. I originally bought this jacket in a size medium, but it was too small. By the time that I figured out that I needed a large, the sale had already gone off, and the price was back up to 380.00. I figured that I would wait and see if I could find the jacket on Black Friday, but I still checked the heart in the graphic below to get an email if the price dropped.

The price dropped 39% off, and I quickly ordered the jacket and saved $150.10!!! Y’all, take advantage of this feature. If you get the email and decide that you’ve changed your mind, all you have to do is hit delete. But, dang, who doesn’t want to get the sale price and an email will let you know immediately so that you can grab it before they sell out of your size.

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To God Goes The Glory!

Psalms 139:23

23 Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.

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I would love to hear from YOU!

  1. Amy Evans wrote:

    Love that look! And either camera lens smudges take off pounds or you’ve lost weight. 😁. You look wonderful!

    Posted 10.9.20 Reply
  2. aquamarinastyle wrote:

    I love this look, Tania. Casual yet classic–and classy. It looks SO put together which can be challenging in a casual outfit.

    xx Darlene

    Posted 10.9.20 Reply
  3. June Zimmerle wrote:

    Just my style! You look good in Burgundy.

    Posted 10.9.20 Reply
  4. Lesli Obenschain wrote:

    Hey love this look. which jeans do you have on in this pic? the amazon jeans or the nydj? thanks

    Posted 10.9.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      In the photos, I have on the Amazon Essentials. But, they are sold out in a lot of the sizes, so that is why I mentioned the NYDJ jeans.

      Posted 10.9.20 Reply
  5. Nancy M. wrote:

    Hi Tania,
    Great casual outfit! Sweater color is gorgeous!

    I wanted to mention that in several posts lately, I have clicked on the heart icon on many items and each time I got a message that says “something went wrong, please try again later.” It has happened every time.
    When I try again later; same thing.
    Just wondered if anyone else is experiencing this.

    Posted 10.9.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Nancy, it works find for me. Maybe you should try and clear your cache to see if that will help.

      Posted 10.9.20 Reply
  6. Donna Brown wrote:

    Where did you get the little purse you are carrying in todays post…the animal print crossbody?

    Posted 10.9.20 Reply
    • Kat wrote:

      I have the same question. I’ve been looking for an animal print crossbody like that.

      Posted 10.9.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Isn’t that crossbody cute??? I’ve carried it before, so I just assumed (big mistake) that everyone had already seen the links. Here it is:

      Posted 10.9.20 Reply
  7. Anita Karl wrote:

    Love the color of the cardigan and I just might have to order it today!!

    Posted 10.9.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      It is gorgeous and perfect for Fall.

      Posted 10.9.20 Reply
  8. Nancy wrote:

    Looking good! Have a great weekend and hope to see you on my Fancy Friday link up party.

    Posted 10.9.20 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I hope you have a great day also!

      Posted 10.9.20 Reply
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