50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO ACCESSORIZE WITH A POP OF COLOR | FASHION OVER 40I have to tell you ladies that I am truly loving this weeklong giveaway that I am doing. I loved reading about your “person” on this post and I loved hearing on this post, what you are now good at that you weren’t good at when you first tried. Some of you mentioned that you didn’t think you were really good at anything. I understand where you are coming from because I have never considered myself really fantastic at any one thing. I have always been able to do most things adequately but nothing that was what I would consider fantastic.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO ACCESSORIZE WITH A POP OF COLOR | FASHION OVER 40 In looking at these photos though, it made me realize that I have gotten better at posing and having my picture taken. You might not consider that a great feat but this is the same girl that would throw her hand in front of her face every time someone would come around with a camera. Crazy to think that I now take my pictures daily AND then I upload them to the internet for anyone in the world to see. WHAT??? So, while you are thinking that you are just mediocre at something, you never know where that one talent could lead you. Just keep trying, failing, and trying again until you feel comfortable. I am trying to master public speaking. I still suck at it right now but I am at least better than I was a couple of years ago. I am making progress and that is all that I can hope for. I am continuing to move forward, one foot in front of the other, and not staying stagnant. Life is too short to just be on auto-pilot. Come on gurls, start living life and trying new and exciting things!50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO ACCESSORIZE WITH A POP OF COLOR | FASHION OVER 40 This is an old dress that I have had for a couple of years. I bought this from a little boutique in the town next door. I looked inside the dress to try and see who was the brand but there was nothing on it at all. I wore this for the first time back in March of 2016 (here) and I can’t believe the difference that a couple of years have made. My style has changed, my hair has changed, my skin has changed, and you can see my confidence level has changed. Polka Dots is a pattern that I gravitate towards, the pattern just seems happy to me. Maybe I associate it with bubbles or balloons. This dress has pockets, which I love, and it is a swing dress style which I also love. I did my best to try and find you some “similar” dresses to look at below. Just click on the picture and it will take you to the website.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO ACCESSORIZE WITH A POP OF COLOR | FASHION OVER 40I am wearing a circle vintage necklace with rhinestones. I love how it is the same circle as in the dress pattern but that is not why I wore it. When you reach the top of the pay grade with Rodan + Fields they give you a diamond necklace that is even bigger than the one that I have on. I really believe in symbolism which is why I have a keychain from R+F to remind me that I am striving to earn a Lexus car. This circle necklace is now my reminder of how far I still have to go with this company and to strive to continue to work hard to accomplish my goals. I also am wearing the Nola earrings that are pearl studs that are 1.35″ big. The bracelet is the Torilyn and it has multiple rows of pearls and a magnetic closure. I have been celebrating my 3 year blog anniversary by offering a free piece of jewelry with every 50.00 purchase (excluding taxes and shipping) for this entire month! Go here and have fun shopping! Make sure that you pick a party with my name in it so that I can track the purchases. You will love the new fall collection! I placed an order while I was in New Orleans and I can’t wait for it to arrive.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO ACCESSORIZE WITH A POP OF COLOR | FASHION OVER 40 How about a pop of color with the navy blue dress? Hot pink looks amazing with this outfit so I went with my pumps by Charles David. These were a pair that I think I paid 5.00 for because they had a stain on them. Joe and I Googled how to get rid of a stain on suede and I got it out. Yay!!! These are the cutest 5.00 shoes EVER! Good luck finding your own 5.00 pumps but until then, here are some cute ones to choose from.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO ACCESSORIZE WITH A POP OF COLOR | FASHION OVER 40I also added my hot pink leather handbag that is by Vera Bradley. I have never been a huge fan of the patterned handbags by Vera Bradley, although I do like the patterned totes and other type bags. I grabbed this handbag as soon as I saw it even though I didn’t think that I would carry it very often. Boy, was I wrong!!! I carried this all the time and have started carrying it here lately getting ready for October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO ACCESSORIZE WITH A POP OF COLOR | FASHION OVER 40When I was at the R+F convention I got to listen to several speakers from several different companies. Kat Cole with Focus Brands was amazing but it was James Coulter with TPG that really got my attention. When James Coulter – an American billionaire investment manager and the co-founder of a private equity firm TPG Capital – compares RF’s growth to Amazon, Salesforce, Under Armor, Netflix and Lululemon you know you’re partnered with a disruptor brand. His time is valuable so he only sits on THREE company boards! Know who one of the 3 is?Rodan + Fields!!! Success follows success. I am so thankful that the doctors, Katie and Kathy, allowed me to be a part of their 2nd billion dollar brand! We have just scratched the surface!

Yesterday, I noticed several of you mentioned your job or where you work. When you first start out at any job there is usually a learning curve involved. It might only take a week or so to catch on or it might take months to get in the swing of things. To be entered into this weeks giveaway simply comment about your job. It can be a stay-at-home mom or that you are now a retired teacher. It doesn’t matter what the job is just as long as you leave a comment. Don’t forget, if you are not a subscriber for the daily email please enter your email in the box that says Subscribe To Blog Via Email and then watch for the confirmation email to come through. If you don’t see the confirmation email right away be sure to look in the junk or spam folder. I don’t want you missing out on a single outfit or giveaway!

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  1. Sue Epling wrote:

    I’m a Registered Nurse, retired after 29 satisfying, challenging years. Talk about a learning curve! As we are all unique and different, so was my career. I learned something new every, single day. I still miss it but it was time to move on and let the next group of nurses take over!

    Posted 9.24.18 Reply
  2. Cynthia Kendrick wrote:

    I’m an industrial buyer and bid coordinator for a small woman owned business. I’ve been in this field and with this company for 25 years. However, my passion/ministry is cooking!

    Posted 9.23.18 Reply
  3. Karen wrote:

    Hi, I’m a Care Giver for the Elderly – assisting seniors still living in their own homes. Its been 5years of awe imspiring stories of their history. Its been a great opportunity for me to give back – as I cant be there to support my own Mum, I can help support other Mums…xkx

    Posted 9.23.18 Reply
  4. Meredith Wiggins wrote:

    I retired on the same day as you Tania!! I worked 45 years as an Office Manager for a large orthopaedic practice in central Florida. I also continue to be an Independent Stylist for Premier Designs Jewelry. This is my 13th year and I love jewelry too, as you do!!

    Posted 9.22.18 Reply
  5. Janet wrote:

    I just retired after 32 years of being a city mail carrier. I loved my job-being so active and being able to work outside (not during the winter months though-LOL). I retired because I only want to work part time for a few more years before I completely retire from the work force. I agree with Angie C. that you look years younger in this current post. Keep it up!!

    Posted 9.21.18 Reply
  6. Brenda Ferrell wrote:

    I am a budget analyst with the Florida Department of Health and I am retiring in 3 months! ? woohoo!

    Posted 9.21.18 Reply
  7. Alison wrote:

    I teach English to adults in Austria. I am also the Director of Studies at our language school.

    Posted 9.21.18 Reply
  8. Karen wrote:

    I am a stay-at-home Mom getting ready to start a new career now that my 4 children are grown and almost done with school. Your blog has been such a great inspiration for me. You are so funny and sweet. Thank you for sharing everyday!

    Posted 9.21.18 Reply
  9. Charlcy L. Green wrote:

    Very beautiful pictures today, and you do look much younger here than the last post w this dress! Yay, R & F! Those hot pink shoes and bag really set off that dress! Bur those beautiful green hills and mountains behind you are really beautiful backdrop! I worked for 44 yrs. as an Administrative Assistant! I’m so happy to be retired now!

    Posted 9.21.18 Reply
  10. Joy wrote:

    I worked as a legal secretary for over 30 years for the same attorney. I quit to work for my daughter after she started her own legal practice. I also babysit my two grandchildren a day or two a week and do some bookkeeping for my other daughter that is a dentist. I feel like I’m basically “on call” all the time.

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  11. I recently retired on May 25th from teaching school for over 30 years. God knew it was time and now I’m helping take care of my elderly parents. It’s great to be retired.

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  12. Bev Ridenhour wrote:

    I’m a retired teacher.

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  13. Julia Purtill wrote:

    Retired teacher.

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  14. Lee A mm Warriner wrote:

    I am a high school exceptional education teacher. I have just begun my 36th year teaching!

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  15. Dana Buckingham wrote:

    I am also retired and loving it!

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  16. Jill severe wrote:

    I am a retired army officer and now a teacher! Lucky me to find two careers I am passionate about!?

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  17. Carol C wrote:

    I never thought that I would be good at teaching, but after going on a mission trip to Southeast Asia to teach English, Everyone thought I was a retired teacher! I even discovered that I lined to teach!

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  18. Gayle Simister wrote:

    I love my current job to end my career with. I have been here 5 years and have about another 3 to go until retirement! Greatest people in the world to work with and one of them is my husband of many years. I don’t have much time for social media but love your posts each day. It reminds me that I want to stay looking young as I get in retirement age! Thanks for what you do.

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  19. Susan Radtke wrote:

    Accountant. Although I am thinking of going back to school for social work

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  20. Joan wrote:

    Taught special ed for 27 years, retired sooner than planned and went with Plan B- Now an advocate in a law office. Totally different environment but great people! I’m enjoying this chance to learn new things and meet new people!

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  21. NickiM wrote:

    Customer service rep for a local utilities. I work with a great group of ladies. We try and have fun even when it can be grueling at times.

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  22. Karen wrote:

    I’m a retired physician assistant. I looked back at the pictures showing the dress when you first styled it. The two aren’t even comparable! The confidence you now posses is beautiful on you!?

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  23. Laurie J Daniel wrote:

    Engineering department at a local phone company. 16 years. I also take care of the “office cat”. She has me beat, she has been here 21 years.

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  24. Susan Vilardo wrote:

    Former elementary music teacher for 14 years, and former director of church music for 22 years. Enjoy being a music “sub”everywhere and enjoy encouraging my wonderful grandchildren in all that they do. Also enjoy my Lulu dog!

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  25. Sharolyn wrote:

    I am a retired RN. I worked 42 years and found my niche as a clinic nurse the last 22 years. I loved my patients and loved taking care of them. It was hard to leave them when I retired. I am now taking care of my 88 year old mother. I love your blog and your fashion sense.

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  26. Cathy wrote:

    I love the Vera Bradley bag and you look beautiful as always!! I’m recently retired and spending my time with family and working on getting healthier and taking better care of my home!

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  27. Donna wrote:

    Work from home, medical software trainer and customer support.

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  28. Lisa M. wrote:

    I’m an accountant at an engineering/surveying firm and am the only female on staff!!

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  29. Roberta wrote:

    I am retired from hospital administration, but still working as I own rental properties.

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
  30. Celeste B wrote:

    I own my own businesses. One is Creations by Celeste and I sew custom home decor. The other is Sew Much Fun where I teach sewing to others. I worked in a hospital for 20+ years and it feels so good to now be able to set my own hours plus I get to sew or share my love of sewing every day.

    Posted 9.20.18 Reply
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