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Holiday Christmas Decor from Walmart

Can you believe it’s already that time of year again? The holiday season is just around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but I’m already starting to feel the festive spirit. One of my favorite things about the holidays is decorating my home and making it feel cozy and Christmassy. That’s why I wanted to share with you today the incredible selection of holiday Christmas decor from Walmart, especially the beauties from the My Texas House line. But here’s the catch – you’ve got to act fast because these babies sell out like hotcakes! I’m sharing some of my favorite pieces to add to your tree, home, and more, so let’s dive in and see what beautiful Christmas decorations Walmart has to offer.

Holiday Christmas Decor from Walmart

Gold and White Deer

I don’t know about you gurls, but I love decorating with little knickknacks like this sweet little gold and white deer. You could style it on an entryway table, on a mantel, or on your bookshelf. I also found this standing version, so you could style them as a pair or separately.

Shatterproof Ornaments, 50 Count

What color do you decorate with for Christmas in your home? For the last several years, I’ve stayed with a gold and silver theme! I like investing in a big pack of ornaments in a timeless and classic color like these gold ones. They are gorgeous by themselves, but they also look great as a filler or paired with an accent color like red if I want to change things up a little!

24 in. Artificial Tree

How cute is this little artificial tree? It would be a cute centerpiece on a dining room table, styled on a mantel, or placed in any corner of your home that needs a little holiday spirit! It’s not lit, but you could always add a thin strand of battery powered twinkle lights!

Ivory Beaded Stockings, Set of 2

It’s hard to believe it’s almost time to purchase stocking stuffers again, but that’s a post for another day! These stunning ivory stockings will be a gorgeous addition to your house whether you use these for actual stockings on Christmas morning or just as a pretty decoration. They match my theme pretty perfectly, so maybe I need a few, LOL!

20″ White Gold Berry Wreath

I always add a festive wreath on my door to greet my guests each holiday, and this one is gorgeous! I love how natural and real it looks with the pine cones and berries. It would also be pretty hung on your vent hood cover above your stove or above a mantel. If you prefer a touch of color, this one has red berries instead!

Merry Christmas Doormat

Speaking of greeting guests, don’t forget to switch out your fall doormat for a Christmas themed one! I thought this Merry Christmas one looked so classy and chic, but Walmart has a million different options if you’re looking for one with a little more color or personality. You can check them out here!

O Holy Night Block Sign

I just love this song, so I thought this wooden block sign was so cute! This is another little knickknack that you could add just about anywhere throughout your house, like a nightstand or a bathroom vanity. You could even add some command strips and hang them on the wall somewhere!

Metal Hanging Bells

These gorgeous bells match my decorations perfectly too. Sometimes putting together these round-ups for you gurls gets expensive for my wallet, LOL! You could add these to a wreath, hang them from your staircase railing, hang them with a stocking, etc. Plus, I think they look so much more expensive than $10!

7.5 Foot Pre-Lit Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree

I LOVE a flocked tree – they might be my favorite kind! You can see how I decorated mine a few years ago in this post. If you didn’t jump on buying a new tree during Prime Day, this one from Walmart is a great price.

Gold Glass Tree Decoration, 15 Inch

This gold glass tree is another great versatile holiday decoration that you could use absolutely anywhere. You can easily place it onto a shelf or your mantel, but you could also style it on an office desk, a lazy Susan with a scented holiday candle on your kitchen counter, or in a tray on your coffee table with a bowl of candies and your remotes!

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  1. Diane Swanson says:

    Ooh I love all things holiday! Thank you

  2. KenyanHoward says:

    beautiful smile cute outfits and bless you woman of God

  3. I like the wreath with the white berries. It would be beautiful on my front door. Thank you for sharing these items.

  4. Love all the Christmas decor! I need to update my stockings and, since we have a new son-in-law, add another one! The ivory and gold stockings are just the ticket – thanks!

  5. Janice Nagle says:

    these decorations are cute! the prices are reasonable, so it’s possible to have a theme and not break the bank!

  6. Barbara Forney says:

    Many very nice decorations at Walmart. Makes me want begin shopping.

  7. sue koren says:

    I have some many decorations already but there are some really cute things here!

  8. Ginger Hiller says:

    Congratulations to Joe on the new truck! I know that most people will think we have lost our minds because our tree is up and the decorating for Christmas has begun. There is a real reason for it: we are deer hunters and rifle season opens on 10/21. We live on 96 acres of woods that we hunt and we love being in the woods, so we like to get our decorating done before the season. I’ve been playing Christmas music for several weeks. I bought a new tree from Hobby Lobby a while ago, once they were 50% off. In years past the tree has been decorated in an outdoors (hunting) theme. The new tree is bigger and fuller, so I’m adding in red, green, and a few other colors to remind us of our childhood.

    1. I know a few other people who already have their trees up, just because they like the look. I’ve left mine up before for THREE years, so there is no judgement here. Lol!

  9. What a beautiful sign and it’s a holiday fave. Thanks!

  10. Louise Logan says:

    Great selection!! Putting the white sign in my cart now. Thanks for doing my shopping for me!!

  11. Tania
    Every year I buy more Christmas decorations and say I have enough to last a lifetime, but then I see a post like yours and it inspires me to get a few more, just a few lol
    The wreath and bells are special, so they will be a nice addition. 🎄😊
    Thank you

    1. I love bells! They are my weakness.

  12. Patt Dyal says:

    I have loaded up my shopping cart with these awesome finds. Thank you for sharing!! I think Wally World has stepped up their game and I am likely what I am seeing!

  13. Very nice decorations. They’re so elegant. Thanks for the ideas. I think I need to make a change and these are good suggestions.

    1. These are the colors I use. They tend to sell out quickly, so that’s why I thought I would share everything now.

  14. OMG I need that outdoor deer family now!!!! Thanks for the post. Beautiful stuff!!!

  15. omg I need that outside deer family now!!!! thanks for the post. beautiful stuff.

  16. I love decorating the house for Christmas, I decorate the day after Thanksgiving. I might have to add the little artificial tree to my cart.

  17. Immediately went to get that doormat. Gone. So sad. Oh well, the deer, tree, bells, and such are looking tempting too!

  18. Yes you are right …the things I clicked on are already out of stock.

  19. I have to be extremely selective because I went from a 3500 sq ft house to a 600 square ft apt this year. My husband passed 2 years ago so I had to sell the house and our business. But these choices you’ve given us today are making it very difficult to hold back. I’m going to either order the wreath with red berries or the ceramic candle tree. Maybe the gold mercury glass tree. Probably the wreath. Blessings.

    1. Downsizing is hard! But, I’ve heard that it also makes you realize how much stuff you had that you didn’t need.

  20. Linda Shearer says:

    Beautiful Christmas decorations but I may have a little too many decorations as it is!

  21. Last year I decided to weed out some decorations that I was tired of or they were looking a little ratty. Your post was just the right inspiration to start shopping for new holiday decor.

  22. Donna Ingalls says:

    I like using silvers and reds for my Christmas decor. Walmart has really stepped it up with their decorations this year. I agree with you on how fast it’s selling. I’ve seen items completely gone in 2 days!

    1. Donna, all the really cute and nice stuff will sell out fast!

  23. Debbie Barber says:

    The glass tree is my favorite!

  24. Love the stockings and the tiny tree.

  25. This is my Christmas color theme….perfect! I need those shatter proof ornaments. Last year I had to put a baby fence around my tree because we had a puppy. It was a lovely look 🤣.

    1. Lol! A cat is just as bad since they will climb the tree. Haha!

  26. Love these items. Need to go to Walmart!

  27. Ohhh Christmas !!! I have stuff in my cart hahahah

    1. I like to get my Chistmas decor before it gets picked over.

  28. Makes me want to skip fall decor and go straight to Christmas! Some very pretty selections!

  29. Pat Ferguson says:

    Wal Mart has really upped their game in holiday decorations!

  30. Lori Saunders says:

    Are you going to do an Amazon Christmas haul? Or did I miss it? I get lost down so many rabbit holes looking for one item. I know Christmas will be much more challenging!

    1. Lori, I’m not sure what you mean by a Christmas haul. Do you mean decor, clothes, gifts, etc.?

  31. White and gold – lovely!

    1. Loving all these pieces – the timeless and elegant look! I’m in the festive spirit, too – always, it seems. 😜 I have used gold and silver the last couple of years, and there are a lot of pieces here that would fit right in!

  32. Beautiful tree (from old post). I use traditional red and green, but enjoy seeing other options. Walmart has great trees, I have a few.

  33. Yeah! It’s beginning to look like Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration!

  34. You have such good ideas for us! Thank you !

  35. I love Walmart thx I will check out Christmas soon!

  36. From MO. Yes lots of Christmas goodies from Walmart especially like those bells.
    Lucy Lu is soo cute!