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Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling a navy and white Talbots outfit13

It is good to be back in Virginia. I loved spending time with my parents this past weekend, and I even extended my stay an extra night since my sister also came to visit. My daughter and my sister both love movies, so in the past, when my daughter flew in from Alaska, they always had a movie night together. Usually, I stay at the house, but I decided to go with them this time.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling a navy and white Talbots outfit8

They wanted to see Top Gun, and I couldn’t resist going to see Tom Cruise on the big screen. I couldn’t tell you when I saw a movie the last time, but I remember seeing the first Top Gun before Joe, and I got married. The movie was great, and I think I might have liked it even better than the first one. If you get a chance, see the movie and let me know what you think.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling a navy and white Talbots outfit3

The temperatures have been fluctuating lately, and some days, we are lucky to have 70-degree weather, and on other days it is in the 90s. The day I took the photos for this outfit, this Indigo Blue Lace-Up Sweater felt terrific because it was cool outside. The sweater has a nautical vibe, and it is something that I could see myself wearing for a boat ride in the afternoon. But, the sweater is relatively heavyweight, so I doubt if I could wear it during the day. For those who live in warm climates, this sweater might be too heavy for your area unless you could wear it in the fall and winter. The sweater seems to run a little small, so I ordered a large which fits me well.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling a navy and white Talbots outfit12

Here is the length of the sweater from the back.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling a navy and white Talbots outfit7

I’m still loving this Woven Raffia Leather Wristlet. The woven raffia is perfect for summer, and I love how the circle handle is unique and different. The wristlet has slots for credit cards and enough room to hold my phone, keys, etc. I added white jewelry, the Summer White Seed Bead Bracelet is so cute, and I love the hanging white coral charm. My white beaded earrings are from Chicos, but I can’t find them on the website. I don’t know if they have already sold out or if they haven’t hit the website yet.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling a navy and white Talbots outfit9

I usually wear white jeans, but these are White Relaxed Chinos instead. Jeans can be hot in the summer, and chicos are a great alternative. Ladies who don’t like to wear shorts might enjoy chinos as a way to keep cool. These are lightweight, and I love the fit. I’m wearing an 8, and they fit great and don’t show your undergarments.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling a navy and white Talbots outfit6

These Lambskin Leather White Beaded T-Strap Sandal are a pair that I keep reaching for this summer. The square toe style has been trending for a while, but I’ve not been a fan. I like a pointy toe since it makes your legs look longer. But, I must admit that this sandal is winning me over, and I might jump on the bandwagon. I’m wearing my usual size 9, so the sandals run TTS.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling a navy and white Talbots outfit4

Lucy Lu joined me for a few minutes. She prefers the coolness of the grass over the driveway, so she usually watches me from a distance.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is styling a navy and white Talbots outfit5

So, is this a Hit or Miss for you? What part do you like, and what wouldn’t work for your body or lifestyle?

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  1. I love navy and white together and this outfit looks good on you. I’m not a fan of laced necklines or the current dropped shoulder seam. This sweater might be good for spring or fall when it’s a bit cooler but seems heavy for summer.

  2. Lorrie J Hojnacki says:

    It’s a HIT. I love it.


  4. Tania, It is a hit! Looks great on you

  5. Phyllis Robertson says:

    Hit for me – love navy and white together

  6. We too went to see the new Top Gun movie yesterday. We all really enjoyed it. Sometimes remakes are just not up to snuff, but this was well done. Some thrills, some humor, good music. I forgot how gorgeous Val Kilmer was initially. Sad about this throat cancer.

  7. Ginger Hiller says:

    I really like the sweater for our cooler months. While I like the white chinos, I could see wearing the sweater with your blue & white striped pants. To jazz up the outfit, I would carry a bright colored handbag. Have an awesome day!

  8. It’s too bad that Tom has gone a bit off. I loved the first movie and will go to the new one but not because of him.

  9. Julia Gilbert says:

    HIT HIT HIT – love nautical looks!

  10. This is a hit, Tania! I bought the white sandals from Chicos. They came in last week and I love them! Will be wearing them a lot this summer.

  11. Can’t miss with anything nautical in my book…so it’s a hit. Really cute with the white chinos! Love the look!

  12. I like the outfit but might cuff the chinos. They seem in between cropped and ankle length. Love the sweater. And love seeing Miss Lucy Lu!

  13. It’s a hit! Love the outfit but the sweater is way too heavy for Texas weather in the summer.

  14. Kathy Hayles says:

    It’s a hit! Navy and white is just classy to me!

  15. A HIT for sure! Looks great! Love navy and white combo. Although you didn’t link the earrings from Chicos. I bought them a couple of weeks ago and love them. So fun!

  16. Love it! And even summer nights get chilly in the Great Lakes, so the sweater would be perfect to layer as the sun goes down.

  17. Pat Matlyak says:

    Following your daily posts has taught me one thing – sizes are funny. I shop all the same vendors on your post. I probably know the merchandise better than the store employees. You have shared your height and weight and you always share what size you are wearing. So if you wear a 10 shorts and I wear a 12 at 5’ 10”, I must be looking good! And that’s a good thing to come away with! I love your posts. I watch your videos. By the way your weight loss looks great!

  18. It’s a miss for me. Don’t care for the sweater at all. The pants are ok but look too short for me.

  19. Definitely a hit for me. Love the navy sweater with the white chinos. Those sandals are so pretty too.

  20. Tania, Everything you wore on today”s post looks so good on you. The entire outfit is so flattering. The sweater would be the only item I could not purchase. Too warm for Florida’s hot weather.
    Good to see Lucy Lu . She adds whimsy to your posts. she is such a doll baby!

  21. Tami Lewis says:

    This outfit is a hit! You can wear it anywhere and not feel over or under dressed. It’s a classic!

  22. Definite HIT! This looks so good on you. I especially love navy and white. Top Gun Maverick was great!

  23. It’s a hit for me! I love nautical clothing! Probably great in the NE even in summer as it can still be cool there into August.
    I won’t be seeing the new Top Gun even though I loved the first one. Tom Cruise has gotten a little too weird for me and I’ve never liked what he has said in interviews and how he treated Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. Sounds like an abuser. No room in my life for people like that.

    1. Agreed. I’d love to see the movie but hate supporting him.

  24. I recently purchased a pair of Talbots chinos and must say I agree. They are comfortable and cooler than jeans.
    Thanks for styling these.

  25. Maribeth Conklin says:

    Its cute but not for me. Sweater looks really heavy and I don’t care for the rope like tie. Maybe the pants would have to try them on.

  26. I like everything about this outfit – definite hit.