Gauze Clothing Items You’re Sure To Love

Have you heard about the latest trend? It’s gauze clothing! Now, I know what you might be thinking – isn’t gauze what they use for bandages? But trust me, gauze fabric is having a moment in fashion, and it’s not just for band-aids. Gauze clothing is light, airy, and comfortable. Plus, it’s perfect for those warm summer days when you want to feel cool and stylish. The best part? It’s super easy to wear and looks great on all body types! Don’t believe me? Today, I’m sharing gauze clothing items you’re sure to love!

Over 50 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a blue gauze short set11
Tie Hem Button Front Knit Tank (Medium) | Airy Gauze Pull-On Shorts (Medium) | Gold-Tone Circle Earrings | Gold Tone Beaded Stretch Bracelet (2) | Similar Flip Flops

Yay to summer! Yay to gauze clothing since it is sooo comfy and cooling. Thankfully, the area I live in hasn’t been ridiculously hot like a lot of the country. It is still warm enough that I want to wear shorts, and this outfit is everything!

Over 50 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a blue gauze short set 4
Tie Hem Button Front Knit Tank (Medium) | Airy Gauze Pull-On Shorts (Medium) | Gold-Tone Circle Earrings | Gold Tone Beaded Stretch Bracelet (2) | Similar Flip Flops

I’m a big fan of front-tie tops, and the Button Front Knit Tank is fabulous. The straps are wide, so you don’t have to worry about your bra straps playing peek-a-boo. It looks perfect with the Airy Gauze Pull-On Shorts, and I’m wearing a medium in both items. My preferred shorts length is between 5 and 7 inches, and these have a 5″ inseam which works great.

More Gauze Clothing Items You’re Sure To Love – Talbots

Gauze Clothing Items You're Sure To Love 50 is not old Tania Stephens fashion blogger talbots

You can’t go wrong with Talbots! I love this top, but of course, I do – color is my thing! It’s light and airy and perfect for summer. I love the cute embroidery and tassel ties – so fun and flirty! Perfect for tucking into a skirt for a polished look or pairing with shorts for a laid-back vibe.

Gauze Clothing Items You're Sure To Love 50 is not old Tania Stephens fashion blogger pants

These just look like summer to me! How gorgeous would these be on a beach vacation? The drawstring waist and side pockets make them super practical for everyday wear. They are stylish and comfortable – perfect for lounging around or running errands. You have nice options – grab a pair in Midnight, Olive, or White!

Gauze Clothing Items You're Sure To Love 50 is not old Tania Stephens fashion blogger dress

How gorgeous is this? I am crazy about the color! It’s simple but stylish. It’s got a deep V-neck, side slits, and a detachable waist tie, so you can wear it several ways. If you’re worried about the sleeveless aspect, grab a gorgeous scarf and use it as a shawl. It also comes in an olive/gray color if you want something a bit more neutral.

Gauze Clothing Items You’re Sure To Love

Gauze Clothing Items You're Sure To Love 50 is not old Tania Stephens fashion blogger top

It’s hard to cover your arms in the summer and stay cool, which is where this organic cotton gauze top comes in. It’s light and breezy and perfectly chic for hot days. Available in Midnight, Olive, and White, it’s a great addition to a summer wardrobe. Plus, it hits just below the hip for a flattering fit. Whether you’re pairing it with jeans or shorts, this top would add a casual elegance to your outfit.

Gauze Clothing Items You're Sure To Love 50 is not old Tania Stephens fashion blogger skirt

If you need to dress it up a bit, a gauze skirt is a great option! This skirt is perfect for those sunny days – super light and breezy. It would be perfect for those summer weddings where you don’t know what to wear. Plus, it’s got an easy pull-on style and pockets (yes, pockets!). Also available in white.

Gauze Clothing Items You’re Sure To Love – JCrew Factory

Gauze Clothing Items You're Sure To Love 50 is not old Tania Stephens fashion blogger pink
Gauze button-up shirt

I have several gauze button-downs that I wear a ton. They are easy to wear alone or to wear like the photo as a top later. This shirt comes in a lovely Lotus Bloom color, as well as six others. It fits true to size and is available in Classic and Petite sizes. Wear it with jeans, shorts, or even over a pretty sundress.

Gauze Clothing Items You're Sure To Love 50 is not old Tania Stephens fashion blogger cover up
Gauze button-down beach tunic

Remember when I mentioned a cover-up? This gauze button-down tunic is what I mean! It fits true to size and is loved for its soft fabric and fun color. If the blue doesn’t match your suit, it’s also available in white and hot pink. To get more wear out of it, pair it with some lightweight leggings or cute capris.

Gauze Clothing Items You’re Sure To Love – Old Navy

Here’s another POP of color to love. This top comes in fun colors like Carousel Pink (shown) and Black and Olive. Side note – that’s a very trending color! It’s got a light, rippled fabric that’s perfect for beachside vibes, a split V-neck, long sleeves, and cute buttoned cuffs. Available in regular, tall, and petite sizes. Pair this with some white jeans for a great chic look.

Gauze Clothing Items You’re Sure To Love – Amazon

How comfortable-looking is this?! I love the gorgeous pink color, the raw edges, and the relaxed silhouette. The V-neck would be flattering on a ton of people, and I love that it has short sleeves. I think this is adorable as a dress, and it would be perfect as a cover-up. If you don’t love pink, no worries. It comes in a ton of cute colors.

Okay, Gurls! Are you a fan of the gauze trend? I think I love it!

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  1. Love the glaze clothing especially the tops and pants. It’s 105 in Kansas today so guage clothing would be appreciated🥵

  2. Julie Lozano says:

    Absolutely loving that gauze dress! Unfortunately Talbots and have a very unloving relationship. But I’m sure YOU would rock it! Gauze is a must in hot weather…. My mom used to call it “ Indian Cotton” when I was a young girl. Great post. Trying to respond as much as I can while we’re on our across the country road trip. ☺️

    1. I hope you have a wonderful trip! I’ve been trying to talk Joe into a road trip. We might have to start out small at first.

      1. Julie Lozano says:

        Thank you Tania… we even have Gigi (our 6 lb wonder cat) in tow. Blessings for a great week!

  3. One of my favorite outfits for summer is a gauze button down and shorts. Roll up the sleeves and you will be stylish and cool, not matter how hot it is out there ☀️

  4. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Perfect for hot summer weather.

  5. Hi Tania,
    I always look forward to reading your post”s . I love the gauze especially the color blue .. Which is one of my favorite colors .

  6. Old navy had some nice sets this year

  7. I love gauze! My favorite pieces are white. They’re so cool to wear in the south Texas heat! Thanks for the great post!

  8. Ginger Hiller says:

    The deer really appreciate you having the hostas available for them 😉. Yes, I am on the gauze bandwagon. I think of it being cool and comfortable, like linen and linen blend fabrics.

  9. Oh my, that looks so comfortable. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I have a white gauze peasant shirt that I made and embroidered in the late 60s that I could never make myself get rid of! Looks like I will have to bring it back out! I still love that look

  11. Quince has some great gauze items too! Thanks Tania!

  12. Karen Johnson says:

    Love gauze it’s cool and breezy and resembles linen without all the wrinkles

  13. I love the blue gauze outfit from Talbot’s.You look terrific!

  14. Sandra Winfield says:

    I love the gauze shorts outfit you have on AND the color! Love Talbots for tiny petites like me. What sunglasses are you wearing? I need some very dark shades as I’m photosensitive and especially driving into the sun😎
    Sandra Winfield

    1. Sandra, those are prescription sunglasses from Walmart. I have to have them to drive and see out in the distance.

  15. I just bought three gauze pieces at Costco to see if I liked them and it was inexpensive for a trial, ha! I’m loving it so far – cool and breezy to wear but not see-through, at least on the dark colors. Thanks for this post. I’m looking to add more styles. Have a wonderful Monday!!

    1. Have a wonderful Monday! 😊

  16. I really like gauze for it’s comfort and the fact that the wrinkles don’t show as much as a linen material. I have a hard time getting used to all the wrinkles in linen but like the coolness of that fabric.

  17. I love gauze clothes in the summer. I have several tops. I need bottoms and a dress.

  18. I bought my daughter (age 35) a gauze shirt at JCrew recently. It was very cute. I love Talbots, but I am not a fan of the monochromatic look. I will have to look again.

  19. Joyce Ramsay says:

    That gauze looks like the fabric I had a casual pant suit when I lived in Singapore. I got caught in an afternoon downpour and the whole outfit immediately shrank by about a third. My sister was visiting and we could hardly stand up for laughing, much to the amusement of the locals. Maybe it has improved by now – this was decades ago!

  20. sue koren says:

    These are perfect options for the hot weather!

  21. Gauze clothes are so comfortable and look nice. I especially love the long dress you shared.

    1. I have several gauze items, and they are always cool and comfy.

  22. So many retailers are featuring gauze this spring and summer. Thanks for showing us so many pretty looks! Loved the first look with the blue shorts and tank.

  23. I think of gauze as an alternative to linen. Kind of the same look. I love the shorts and shirt from Talbots. That outfit looks great on you.

  24. For some reason I always think of peasant tops and tiered skirts when it comes to gauze. Lol.

    1. I love the blue gauze outfit from Talbot’s.You look terrific!

  25. I have never worn gauze but it does look comfy. The blue embroidered top is cute and I also like the pink split neck top.
    Love your attitude about the deer and your hostas. Just think how happy you are making the deer🫠🦌

  26. Gauze is so comfy and says summer! Thanks for all these options.

  27. Gay Manning says:

    I really like the Amazon gauze dress! I wish Amazon and Wal-Mart sold petite clothing.

  28. Tania, today’s post is just the best! I feel like you must be a neighbor! We have hostas in my side porch landscaping. We have only been in this house three years but in our previous one for 25 and this is the very first year they have bloomed before being consumed (yet) by the deer! My husband thinks it’s hillarious that it makes me so angry. I always say, “they have 40 acres of woods. Why must they come up here and eat the hostas”?!
    Whew! That was very nearly “ranting”…so sorry. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE the gauze trend. I have nearly all that Talbots offers in it. The pink Amazon dress is darling and I may order it later today! Have a great day!

    1. Lol! Your Hostas are a delicacy. They can eat tree leaves and grass any day, but it’s not often they get to dine on “fine” Hostas.

  29. Love the gauze midi skirt from Talbots. Looks very comfortable.

    1. I thought it looked comfortable too.,

  30. Thank you. Gauze is one of my favorites. The tie hem tank is my shopping cart