50 IS NOT OLD | EXTENDING YOUR WARDROBE SERIES | FASHION OVER 40Do you ever have one of those days where you would have been better off staying in bed? That is what my dad should have done last week instead of going to work. My father is a contractor, and he and his men have been working on a cabin. He does the finishing work for Honest Abe Log Homes. When he came home the other day, he noticed a tiny dot on him. He told my mom to come and look; he was pretty sure that it was a tick.
50 IS NOT OLD | EXTENDING YOUR WARDROBE SERIES | FASHION OVER 40Mom got the tweezers to pick it off and found another one beside it. She said they were only about the size of the point of an ink pen. In a few minutes, he noticed another one, so mom suggested that he go an take a shower and see if there were any more. When he took off his shirt, his chest had a bunch all over him. They got all of those off, but every time he took off an article of clothing, more ticks were found. He even found some on the bottom of his foot. He took a good bath, and they sprayed his hat and clothing down to try to make sure that none escaped. He went to work the next day, and then he found a couple more. The men who were working with him also found several on them. Apparently, they had stumbled upon a nest of baby ticks. I didn’t even know that ticks made nests, but they do. The internet said that when they were that small that they don’t carry Lyme disease, which is the only good thing about the story. It makes me itch just thinking about all of the ticks.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tiPndMqxLQ50 IS NOT OLD | EXTENDING YOUR WARDROBE SERIES | FASHION OVER 40I decided this weekend to do a series for you since I haven’t done one in a while. It is all about making your wardrobe stretch farther by wearing your items in multiple ways. I am going to be using this little black swing dress for every outfit this week, and we will see what you think about my styles. I bought this black swing dress from Old Navy a couple of years ago. I have worn it multiple times, and I plan on wearing it more in the future. Black is a staple, and it can be worn with any color, which makes it very versatile. Here is the link to a black swing dress from Old Navy.
50 IS NOT OLD | EXTENDING YOUR WARDROBE SERIES | FASHION OVER 40The only piece of jewelry that I added to my look is the Lenora necklace. My thought for this outfit was a run around town look. I wanted this to be an everyday, laid back look, so I grabbed a showy necklace and figured that was enough jewelry. If I am puttering around the house and decide to run to town, then I will grab a couple of pieces of jewelry, and then head out the door. Jewelry makes an outfit!
50 IS NOT OLD | EXTENDING YOUR WARDROBE SERIES | FASHION OVER 40I love these new loafers that I bought from Nordstrom. I think the colors are perfect for this coming fall, and I will wear them a lot with jeans. A bunch of you have said that you don’t like a snake print, even if it is on a shoe, but I think that this is super cute. I didn’t take a close up of the shoes, but you can see them on the website, and you will see that they have silvery studs all over them. They are adorable!!! Here is the link.
50 IS NOT OLD | EXTENDING YOUR WARDROBE SERIES | FASHION OVER 40When I first started using Rodan + Fields products, I tried my hardest to get Joe to use them also. He has sun damage on his face from playing golf with no hat, and he has some lines around his eyes. But, he refused because he said that he was pretty enough. Lol! One day at work, he said, “is that “roller thing” your using supposed to help get rid of lines and wrinkles?” I was thinking that he was going to make fun of me for believing that the roller would work, so I very cautiously told him, “yes, it is supposed to help with lines and wrinkles. Why are you asking about it?” That is when he told me that he had secretly been using the roller for about a week. He showed me his eyes and told me that he was shocked, but he could see a difference. I was thrilled and told him to keep using it, and I would buy me another one. But, he said no, he just wanted to see if it would work. What do you do with a man like that? Lol! The reason that I am telling you that story is because that “roller thing” can help you with lines and wrinkles, and it can also get you a free lip serum. Rodan + Fields just announced a great incentive, and that is only available until the end of the month. When you place an order for the AMP MD System, or a Regimen/AMP IT UP Special, then they are gifting you a FREE Lip Serum. When you buy the AMP IT UP special bundle, you are getting an extra 20% off of the purchase price if you had bought the AMP MD System by itself. Plus, when you become my Preferred Customer, you will get an extra 10% off. Gurls, that is some serious savings!!! Here is the link where you can find all of these specials. This special is available to all new OR existing Preferred Customers. Here is how you order: click on the link above, pick the products you want and put them in your cart. When you have added all the product(s), then you click on the shopping cart icon to go and checkout. You will see a small blue box that says Join PC Perks, and you need to check that. Then you fill out the billing and shipping information and hit continue until you get a confirmation number. Your products will arrive in 3-5 days, so you need to get a good picture taken. No makeup, hair pulled back, and good lighting will give you the best photo. I will stand in front of a window, but not in direct sunlight, and I let someone take my picture. The selfie camera doesn’t have as good of a camera as the rear-facing camera.

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  1. Hi. Love your blog!! I’ve been battling Lyme disease and two of its worse co-infections for 4 years!! If I knew then when I got bit ( several bites over many years) what I’ve painfully learned over 4 years!
    I went from full time employed, avid hiker, overseas missionary for 13 years… to barely being able to walk from bedroom to kitchen … overnight my life derailed and I’m still fighting. Please have your hubby and guys who encountered ticks see a LYME LITERATE doctor immediately. I’d be happy to chat with you further. I only know that The Lord is using my health fight to advocate for others … hopefully saving them some of the agony of delayed treatment. God bless you !!

  2. Mary Lou Wells Reply

    I’m excited for this series! I recently purchased Isaac Mizrahi’s black swing dress. I wore it on Friday with this months Plunder Posse necklace and I loved it. I’m looking forward to your creative ideas to help me style it differently!

  3. Cheryl Peffer Reply

    Oh , how disgusting. A tick nest. I can’t wait to see the reveals of the swing dress.

  4. Carole Prisk Reply

    You are lovely, but I don’t think black is a flattering color for you. I know you will add elements to make this dress work for you. Looking forward to seeing how you doll it up.

  5. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Love these series you have. Swing dresses are one of my closet staples. Jewelry definitely dresses them up. Love the shoes. I ordered them in the mustard color. Can’t wait to wear them. Tania, where is your beautiful lipstick today?

  6. What a horrible ordeal for your father. Make sure his belly button is checked. This can be a spot that is not checked until redness and health problems develop. Love your blog and your sense of humor and openness. Your Sunday blog is always one I look forward to.

  7. Tanya ticks of all stages, nymph to adult, are dangerous. I, too, have Lyme – and agree that your Dad needs to either begin antibiotics immediately and/or see a Lyme literate doctor. I’ve been sick for several years and wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

    • Regina I’m sorry you too suffer from Lyme. I’m in Year 4 of the battle. Hopefully the guys get to a dr ASAP.

      • Hi Carolyn, This is my 4th year too of dealing with Lyme. It’s so insidious how something I never saw or felt can change ones health so drastically. That’s why I hope the guys, who know for sure they had ticks on them, go to a clinic in the meantime for antibiotics as they hunt down a good practitioner. Better safe than sorry.

        And, yes, I love your little black dress, Tania. I think I need a black swing dress now. I always need sleeves to cover my upper arms though. I found a cute lace duster though that should do the trick.

  8. I don’t wear dresses but I just translate this look into black tee and pants. This necklace and those snakeskin shoes will look just as good with a black column of tee and pants. Sometimes we just need to be reminded how important accessories are to changing up a basic look. Looking forward to some fall inspiration.

  9. Dana Buckingham Reply

    What a nightmare with the ticks!! Thank God they don’t carry the Lyme disease!

  10. Please go on FB and look up Lyme WNY. I’m pretty sure all ticks can carry Lyme. Have your dad start an antibiotic treatment ASAP

  11. I’m a longtime sufferer of Lyme disease and after seeing a Lyme literate doctor for years, I can say that no tick is immune to carrying infections. Please have the men see a Lyme doctor even if they don’t show any symptoms. It took years away from my life and it was all because I went to regular doctors and thought the tick I was bitten by couldn’t carry the disease. I’ve suffered majorly.

    • Jenny… same with me. Sorry you too are suffering. It’s a disease with no limits… every body organ affected and damaged. God bless you! It is my prayer that our experiences with lyme as well as it’s dozens of coinfection‘s which are worse than lyme…will help others to avoid such tragedy.

  12. Lori Thompson Reply

    Hi Tania,
    I was looking through all of your posts about the LBD and didn’t see where you mentioned what size you were wearing. I went to purchase on-line and all that was available was a M; I think I am about your size so hope that works!!

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