Every Decision You Make Affects Others

The other night, I attended a football game that my son was coaching. The players were on the sideline, along with the coaches, waterboys, ballboys, and a few other members of the team. The ones who weren’t in uniforms were in a blue shirt that had a saying on it. “Every decision I make affects the entire team.”

The shirts were made to remind the players that their decisions had ripple effects that could impact others besides themselves. A couple of key players found this out when they got in trouble and got a two-game suspension. Their absence might have cost the team a win.

I was thinking about the shirts yesterday and how all of us could use a shirt like this. Rarely do our decisions only affect us. We all know that drinking and driving can have devasting results for anyone driving on the road we meet. That one decision is one that ripples through the family of everyone involved.

Bad decisions aren’t the only ones that can ripple through families. For some reason, we always seem to focus on the bad things in life. Death, destruction, and divorce can be the result of bad decisions, but what about “good” decisions?

Have you ever read about someone saying they are the first person in their family to graduate college? That decision can encourage others that they, too, can graduate college and change the path of their lives.

I remember going to church every week, and my grandmother was my Bible School teacher. She sang hymns at the top of her lungs, and everyone in the building heard her singing about the Lord. One Wednesday night, the person who was supposed to lead the singing was out, and nobody would step up to do it. Granny walked up to the front and proceeded to lead the singing.

As a child, her gesture made a big impression on me. She showed me that she was willing to step up, even if others wouldn’t. She showed that it meant more to her to worship the Lord than to stay in her comfort zone.

Matthew 5:16

16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Many people would describe my job as an “Influencer.” However, I never refer to myself like that because I believe we are all influencers. We all influence our families, neighbors, friends, and everyone we meet. You never know who is watching and what impact you are having on them.

I think we should all be wearing shirts that say, “Every decision I make affects everyone I meet.” Let’s decide today to let our light shine for Jesus, and pray that those we meet are influenced to come to the Lord.

To God Goes The Glory!

Have A Blessed Day!

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  1. Love todays message. Needed to hear this

  2. I love your Sunday posts. They are so encouraging and they make me really think. Thanks for reminding me how my decisions influence others.

  3. This gave a lot to think about today. It is so true that every decision does affect others.
    That is so awesome for middle schoolers to hear about r their decisions. I taught middle school ore algebra and algebra.
    I told them at the beginning of every school year something very similar pertaining to math. Their decision not to work hard and learn what they needed to know at this level can affect so many things in their life from helping their team win games to their future career path.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  4. What a great reminder especially for our kids and grandkids returning to school. Love, love, love your Sunday devotions.

  5. I always told my girls to remember that every action they did, there was a consequence to it, good or bad.

    1. Exactly! It is hard to remember during the heat of the moment.

  6. What state is the football team in. Is it a high school team. I love the quote and want to pass it along to my grandchildren but want to give them location ( state only) and if it is a HS. Thanks

    1. It’s a high school in Tennessee. 🙂

  7. Love all your posts especially your Sunday posts!

  8. Thank you for that today Tania. I was busy in the kitchen today with fall harvest. I was chopping garlic and dealing with zucchinis etc and I was listening to one of my favorite ministers and he was talking about something very similar to what you said today. Thank you for that. It was a reinforcement of what I heard today. Thank you for your Sunday blogs. I enjoy them all the time even though I don’t always make a remark…. keep going I love them.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Ina!

  9. Deb Dopson says:

    really enjoy your Amazon daily deals!

  10. Always gain new insight from your Sunday posts, Tania. They are the best!

  11. Debbie Barber says:

    So very true. Thank you for the reminder.

  12. Linda Shearer says:

    Oh I love your positive spin on that phrase. Never really thought of it in that light.

    Thank You.

  13. Amen! Perfect message has we begin a new school year! Thank you for being so willing to share what the Lord lays on your heart!

  14. Holly Porter says:

    That was beautiful & really something to think about! Great idea for your son to do that. That will affect them the rest of their lives & if they follow it, save them a lot of grief later in life.

    1. Thanks, Holly. I am proud of him!

  15. Thanks for the reminder that good decisions also affect others. Helps remind me to step up!

  16. my after church says raise a hallelujah praise the Lord every day

  17. Well said. I love all your posts. I especially look forward to your Sunday ones. You’ve helped me to get closer to God. It’s a wonderful feeling. Thank you.

  18. So true! Thank you for the encouraging word and insight.

  19. Lisa Tharp says:

    Amen!! Well said!

  20. Charlene Lowe says:

    Love your post and the photo of todays winner!

    Really enjoyed seeing the fall picks this week. I’m in Florida and it has been a really hot and thankfully rainy summer so fall will be so welcomed!

  21. Mariann bastian says:

    A 30ish man was rolled in a resturant by his buddies. I learned he had No legs. His buddy, not this humble young man, said he was a 3 time Olympic winner in hockey. “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me. . It’s all about attitude. His lite shined in that resturant and wherever he went.

    1. Thanks for sharing such an amazing encounter, Mariann!

  22. Susan Stacey says:

    Beautiful message with so many truths! It’s true that we should wake up and start our day with this and I bet the positive effects would surprise everyone. Thank you!

  23. Kathleen McDermott says:

    Yes. Our words and expression, our mood and behavior, our actions and even how we look. The older I get the more I remind myself to try to be a source of joy or comfort rather than annoyance or pain. P.S. Love the photo. I often wish I could be wheeled around in the Costco cart rather than pushing it (when husband not with me 🙂).

  24. Laura Garrett says:

    Thank you for that beautiful reminder to let our lights shine and be careful with our words and actions. Have a great day!

  25. Ginger Hiller says:

    What a great reminder for us!

  26. Love this Tania! So very true. ❤️

  27. This is a nice reminder to all of us.

  28. This spoke to me! Love ❤️

  29. Great message, thank you .

  30. Love this post! If only this could speak to the whole world!!

  31. What an inspiring message – thank you, Tania! It reminded me of the saying – “I’m in charge of my actions and God is in charge of the results.”

  32. A good reminder for us all. 🙏❤️

  33. This is a wonderful message! And we don’t always know who we will influence, who is watching us. Well said.

  34. Good thing to remember. Thanks for that.

  35. I love this Tania, it is so true! Thank you for posting.

  36. I love this post today! Very true… thank you and have a blessed day.

  37. Thanks for sharing!!!

  38. Thank you for your Sunday messages. Last week you shared that they weren’t very popular. I wanted to say that I do appreciate them because I don’t go to a brick and mortar church. It gives me something to reflect on when I have a quiet moment on Sunday morning. Thanks!

    1. I’m so happy to hear this. Thanks for letting me know. ❤️

  39. Sue McKamely says:

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder that everything we do affects others. I look forward to your Sunday reflections.

  40. Your granddaughter looks so much like your daughter! It must be like going back in time to see her 😊 she could be her twin! Love hearing about your family’s adventures.

    1. Thanks, Pam. I love to share about my family. I’m glad you enjoy hearing about them!

  41. I enjoy your Sunday post. They are refreshing.

  42. Loved this! We do forget how we influence others…my 4 year old granddaughter brings it to my attention frequently! ❤️ Have a blessed week!

  43. Barbara Robinson says:

    Wonderful lesson! Thank you..

  44. Laura Morin says:

    Thank you for this word- it was right on time for me.
    God bless you!

  45. Michele H. says:

    A very important reminder-well said!
    Thank you for this!

  46. ahhh..stepping out of our comfort zone. Do it!

  47. Tania,

    Oh the truth and wisdom!
    Great shirts for the team and yes, great idea.

    I had a car “almost incident” yesterday because of another drivers poor planning. As did many others. Maybr I shall print some shirts and pass them along when the time calls for it. A ripple effect, if we all did it. Do you have access to a screen printer for T shirts?

    And this is a great reminder for my self awareness. Thanks for your post.

    1. A shirt would be a cute idea. I don’t have access to a screen printer though.

  48. Love the idea of the shirts. What an inspiration to those kids to stop and think. Sometimes we all need that reminder. Thank you for sharing.

  49. Wonderful words we should all live by.

  50. How wise to teach this to young people.

  51. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Great thoughts today. We need to be reminded how we affect others in this day of selfishness. Thank you.

  52. Thanks for all good thoughts and words to keep us going throughout the week!

  53. Donna Wood says:

    A beautiful message, Tania!

  54. “Every decision I make affects everyone I meet” … I love that & your Sunday (& Mon-Sat) posts!

  55. Beautiful. You said you are shy. I wonder if your Grandma’s action also brought this good result: that you started blogging.

  56. Great message Tania, God Bless.

  57. Dear LORD – each day help me be a positive influence!

  58. Debra Lyons says:

    Thank you for standing for the Lord in your blog.

  59. That is a powerful phrase.. I am proud of your son for instilling that message in his team. I am a retired high school teacher. I used to teach a Leadership course that attempted to send that message as well. Have a blessed day!

    1. Thank you! I am proud of the man he’s become. ❤️

  60. This is so good and so true. Thanks for the reminder.

  61. Melissa Whitesel says:

    Wonderfully said!! Thank you for the reminder that our good decisions have a powerful impact also!