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Early Black Friday Deals From JCPenney To Get In The Christmas Spirit

Can you believe it is already November? Time is flying by, and it won’t be long before Santa Claus will be coming down the chimney. November is when I start preparing for Christmas, and that includes my gifts and my outfits. Black Friday is happening early at JCPenney, so get ready for some holiday inspiration that will get you in the Christmas spirit. Almost everything I’ve linked below is part of the early Black Friday deals. Shop now until 11/5 to score some early Black Friday deals!

Holiday Inspiration From JCPenney With Neutrals

Yes, neutrals can be festive! I think these two outfit inspos are festive and classy, plus they can be worn at any time of the year. The Caramel Dot Blouse has a small star in the print, which makes it look like it sparkles and shines. Styling the blouse with a pair of Girlfriend Straight Leg Jeans will be cute and comfy. The Peplum Dress has a WOW factor and is sure to get a lot of attention. The print is beautiful, and the gold accents at the neckline would look great with the Drop Earrings and Stretch Bracelet. If you are going to someone’s house or a party, this Midweight Wool Coat will look great with both outfits, and it is available in black or brown.

Holiday Inspiration From JCPenney In Traditional Colors

Most of us probably associate red and green as traditional Christmas colors. I love the Tie Neck Sweater, and the bow is perfect for the holidays; it reminds me of a wrapped gift. You can make the outfit look more Christmasy by adding the sparkling Christmas Tree Pin, but I would probably put it on a coat or jacket. The Emerald Shine Sweater has built-in sparkle and can be dressed up or down.

Holiday Inspiration From JCPenney For Events

I always like having one or two dressier outfits in my closet for special dinners, events, or parties. Dresses or skirts aren’t always what I wear, but I saw this Rose Midi Pencil Skirt and Floral Midi Skirt, and I knew they would be perfect for any occasion. These don’t scream “holidays” and can be worn for other dates. I love all these accessories, but the bow Evening Bag is my favorite!!! It is also available in other colors.

Holiday Inspiration From JCPenney – Beauty Gifts

When the holidays are on the horizon, most of us start thinking about gifts for others. I also take this opportunity to hint to my husband some gifts that I might want. No smart husband would buy their wife wrinkle-fighting skincare unless given the hint. The Murad Wrinkle Fighters 2-pc. Value Set and Rodial Vit C Brightening Pads are two items that would make a great gift. You can’t go wrong with the 14-Pc Holiday Fragrance Sampler since it lets you try different fragrances before buying a full-size bottle.

Holiday Inspiration From JCPenney – Haircare Gifts

I use a purple shampoo and conditioner for my blonde hair, so I’m eyeing the Matrix So Silver 3-pc. Gift Set. My DIL loves Biolage, so I think I’ll grab her the Biolage Color Last 2-pc. Gift Set for a stocking stuffer.

JCPenney is a brand that most of you already know and love; they carry a wide array of products and have great quality items. JCPenney offers free shipping to your store for orders over $25 and free shipping to your home when orders are $75 or more. Shop early access Black Friday deals now until 11/5!

JCPenney and Collective Voice sponsor this post, and I will receive compensation, but the opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the post from JCPenney. I especially love the red tie sweater! So festive!

  2. Roberta Schwandner says:

    Thank you for this great list of gift ideas.

  3. Pamela Stevens says:

    Oh my goodness, I love the rose midi skirt! Thank you for sharing the style inspo’s, I love the items you put together.

  4. Gay Manning says:

    I’m aTalbots shopper so thank u for that BUT the Penney’s outfits were beautiful 🦋

  5. Janice Nagle says:

    Nice list of gifts. thanks for bringing Penney’s to our attention. I’m pleasantly surprised with their merchandise.

  6. The carmel dot blouse would be nice for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

  7. That story about your husband bidding on the RV and winning made me cry laughing! That is hysterical! My husband texted me a picture of one today for sale online. That is exactly what he would do!

    1. Lol! I sent Joe videos of how to remodel one. Now I’m the one laughing. Lol!

  8. This writing puts me in the mood for holiday style! I love the JCP midi skirt adorned in red roses! The gifts listed would be perfect for the hubs to gift ME!

    1. I love that rose midi skirt too. It is GORGEOUS!

  9. I’m amazed at how JC Penney has stepped it up! I like everything you’ve shown! I would not consider shopping at JCP except all the choices you’ve made look so fabulous! Thank you!

    1. Kathy, I’ve found certain brands that I usually shop since I like their quality and style.

  10. An RV?!! Now that’s an impulse buy to end all impulse buys! LOL! These Holiday outfits are all so cute. I’m always able to find something lovely at JC Penney.

    1. Lol! He just now read my email. Hahaha!

  11. Love Penney’s! They have great coupons and great sales.

  12. Louise Logan says:

    Gorgeous Holiday wear!! Love all your selections! You always choose clothing that’s so wearable and comfortable. Thanks for doing all the searching and shopping!

  13. That “Joe Story” made my day!

  14. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Love the rose pencil skirt and top!!!!

  15. Lynda Brown says:

    Guess you’ll be taking the show on the road soon! Lol, Joe is a very interesting man😂

    1. Lynda, interesting in an understatement. Lol!!!

  16. Laura Garrett says:

    Let us know how those renovations go, haha! Such a funny story. I’m glad to see beautiful things from J C Penney’s. It used to be a favorite and I’ll try it again. Love the cute bags you’ve shown in today’s post. Happy Saturday.

  17. Laura Parise says:

    I look forward every morning to your posts. I love your style and Joe stories!

  18. That’s a great story about Joe & the RV. I like these many options from JCP. I always forget about them.

  19. Love your Joe story!! I also have been enjoying shopping at JC Penney’s!

  20. Oh my word! What has Joe gotten himself into now? Actually, I would like updates on his newest project and if you guys plan some trips in it, I would enjoy seeing/hearing about those too. When we take road trips I always look to see who is driving those big rigs. It might make for some interesting adventures!

    Love and need to try on some of those JCP black Ponte pull on pants.

    1. Deanna, he is used to driving things like this. We had a 40ft drive RV, and he would pull a 24ft. motorcycle trailer behind it.

  21. I just love your suggestions and I look forward to your emails every day. I have recently lost a significant amount of weight and replacing all my clothes. so far I have bought two pairs of pants, a moto jacket, and two tops that you recommended. I have also bought some jewelry that you recommended too. I like today’s ideas from JCPenney, especially the peplum dress. I will probably be ordering that before the end of the week.

    1. Congratulations!!! I’m great at losing 20 lbs, but I’m also great at putting them back on. 😒

  22. I recently shopped at JCPenney about 45 minutes from my house. I bought a longer houndsooth St. John’s Bay blazer in a petite size. I’m so pleased with it. It’s proportioned perfectly for my petite size. This store is fairly big and those are the best stores. The smaller JCPenney stores don’t carry much. You choose some cute items.

    1. I get flustered when I go in stores. I can navigate and find things so much easier online.

  23. I know JCP struggles, but sure hope they can save themselves as I love them. Wow this Joe story is a whopper.

  24. Oh the Joe story! It never pays to leave the hubby alone at home for long periods of time, does it?!

    1. NEVER! Although, he would have done it even if I had been sitting right beside him.

  25. Ginger Hiller says:

    WOW! The Joe story is one of the best. Hopefully, he hasn’t bitten off more than he can chew. Boy, the outfits from JCP are beautiful. All of our Christmas shopping is done except for two females that still haven’t told us what they want.

    1. Ginger, one thing Joe is great at doing is fixing things up, and then selling them. He is an attention to detail kind of guy, and he will play with it until he likes it. Then…he’ll get tired of it and sell it.

  26. What a great, funny story about Joe & and the RV. Great ideas from JCP. I hardly ever shop there anymore.

  27. Sherli Morgan says:

    Loved yet another Joe story!!! Now he has another project!

    Loved most of these outfits.

  28. sue koren says:

    Love all the economical ideas!

  29. I’ve always loved JCP. A lot of their stores in our area have gone out of business sadly but there is one left. Thanks for the great ideas!

  30. I went into JCPenney’s the other day. I saw that red bow sweater. It’s really pretty. I am wanting to go get it for my long black skirt. Cute ideas for Christmas!

  31. Connie J. says:

    I have already added some of the items from today’s post to my cart. Great post today!!

    P.S. – I love the Joe story. Glad the motor home made it home.

    1. Connie, being married to Joe is an adventure. Lol!

  32. Beautiful holiday clothing!

  33. Dana Smithmier says:

    Joe needs a reality show😂😂.

  34. The floral midi skirt definitely caught my eye (let’s be honest – so did so many others 😜)! Thanks for sharing a lot of inspo that can work before, during, and after the holidays.

  35. Too funny about Joe’s purchase. Never shop while having cocktails! Thank you for posting JCP merchandise.

    1. I hope he learned his lesson. Lol!

  36. JC Penneys in my area all closed down 🙁

  37. Penney’s can usually be counted on for a pretty dress. I’m thankful we still have one in our small town.

  38. These outfits are great inspiration.

  39. You’ll need to post a lot of Before pic’s and After pic’s of the RV renovation. Then y’all can hit the road and travel!

  40. I love JC Penny! Their clothes are beautiful and reasonably price.

  41. Sharon Moore says:

    Nice selection!

  42. Kellie johnson says:

    love JCP. it is my first stop when looking for professional clothes for work.

    1. They have a great selection!

  43. I am loving the emerald green shine sweater. My holiday wardrobe is mostly red so this will be a nice change. JCPenney has some really cute clothes and they carry the Liz Claiborne brand, one of my favorites.

    1. Karen, I love emerald, it is one of my favorite colors.

  44. Cute story about your hubs! Now you guys can travel in style! I forget about JCPENNEY! There’s one on either side of my town, each about 80 miles in either direction from me, but I hardly ever shop there! I’m going to start though! They always have good sales! Thanks for shopping for us!

    1. My nearest store is 45 minutes away, so I shop online instead. Lol!

  45. I need to visit Penneys. My father in law owns the old JC Penney farm in Hamilton Mo and he knew JC Penney himself. Love that Penneys is still around to shop!

  46. Some cute outfits here. I grew up buying my clothes from JC Penney.

  47. Donna Ingalls says:

    The neutral outfits are stunning. Perfect for the fall and winter. Haven’t been to Penny’s for years. Will have to visit them. Thanks for posting.

    1. JCPenney has a lot of great styles, and you can take advantage of the early BF deals until Sunday night.