It was such a crazy day yesterday! My day started at 6:00 am, and I am uploading these photos at 12:54 pm. I am sorry for not having an actual “post,” and I hope to have more for you tomorrow. But, here are a few photos from my day so that you can follow along with me. I hope you won’t be as exhausted as I am by the time you look through my photos.
Packed to capacity! We are even having to hold things in our laps. This should make for a fun six-hour ride home on Sunday. Lol!
Met a friend on the corner as we were crossing the street. What was the odds of meeting one of our friends when there were 12,000 women at this convention?
My daughter found this cute poster of Kid Rock and couldn’t resist getting a quick photo.
Joe tells me that I can be “bull-headed,” and I am a Taurus, so I thought a picture with this stately guy was appropriate.
We are all exhausted, but we needed to grab a quick photo. My makeup has long since gone, and I look so short standing beside my daughter, but I love seeing so many of my friends in this photo.
This is me and my girlie at supper. I am wearing high heels in this photo and I still look tiny. Lol! I think they must have been feeding her miracle-gro while she was in Alaska.

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  1. Great photos! BTW, your daughter Ashleigh is such a beautiful girl. Good genes. 😉

  2. Charlcy L. Green says:

    Very fun photos and you are so lucky to have your daughter and best friend w you!

  3. No working on a fishing boat for you wee one

  4. Cathy Justice says:

    What fun!!! I love that tee!

  5. kin granzella says:


    You look terrific! And your daughter is beautiful. New hair style? I love that too!

    Just had to tell you!!!!

    I am not the best at checking my emails daily…….so when I do…..I binge read all your previous posts and I had to comment on how great you look and happy you seem!

    Hugs and love from,

    Kim in Napa!!!!!