Turning 50 was an eye-opener for me. I’ve always loved fashion, so I had lots of clothing, but I started to notice that the items in my closet weren’t the items that I needed as I was going into this time of my life. I wanted a more classic wardrobe, I wanted to be able to still be fun, whimsical, and modern looking, and still have trendy items in my closet. But, I wanted to have those classic fashion staples that I could call on for any time.

So, today we’re going to talk classics. I’ll be talking about fashion pieces that are worth investing in because you will be able to wear them year after year and they never go out of style.

When it comes to classic and timeless fashion, you need to consider color choices. Like clothing, there are certain colors that will never go out of style, these are your basic colors. I tend to choose basic pieces in one of these colors, then I’ll incorporate a few more fun pieces, and some other colors. The classic color staples that you should have in your wardrobe are black, navy, camel, white, and red. Of course, there are variations of each of these colors such as grays and charcoal, beige, ivory or winter white, etc., and you can add those well as fun colors like teal, pink, purple, and all the beautiful emeralds. Those colors can be added to your wardrobe to add pizzaz and fun.

Since it’s winter I’m gonna start with a couple of winter classic fashions. 


My first classic item is a turtleneck. I realize everybody doesn’t love a turtleneck, and I have to admit that I struggle sometimes to wear them because I have more chins than I really like. But a turtleneck can be worn in so many ways. You can wear it under a blazer, a cardigan,  or under a sweater, and it will never go out of style. There are different variations of turtlenecks. You have your regular turtleneck, a funnel turtleneck, a mock neck, or even have a cowl neck. Those are different variations, that can go in and out of style. A classic turtleneck can be worn in so many ways. They look beautiful and trendy with jeans or pants, and of course, you can wear them with skirts, and they are always going to be in style.



Continuing in our winter theme, a cashmere sweater is my second classic fashion piece. I always take advantage of the sales this time of year and buy several cashmere sweaters. I have cashmere sweaters that are turtlenecks, V-neck‘s, crewneck‘s, and I even have cashmere sweaters that are T-shirts. Unless you are allergic to cashmere, then I suggest you take advantage of the sales and buy at least one cashmere sweater and I suggest you buy it in one of the classic colors. Cashmere is so soft, and it has an elegance about it and it makes you feel glamorous when you’re wearing them.



Classic fashion piece number three would be a dress. A wrap dress is really a classic fashion item that never goes out of style. It is universally flattering to almost any body shape and can be found in Petites or plus sizes. Now that I’m not working I don’t wear a dress quite as often, but there are occasions where we still need to wear a dress, so having one in your closet is a good idea. If you never wear dresses, then I suggest having at least one black dress for emergencies where only a dress will do.



Classic fashion piece number four is not clothing, it’s actually earrings. When I wear my cashmere sweater or a dress, then I like to choose a classic pearl stud. A classic pearl stud looks fabulous, it elevates your look they are always appropriate. Since pearls never go out of style, this might be an item you want to invest in and actually buy real pearls. But, if the real thing is not in your budget, you can also get the same look, the same effect, with imitation pearl earrings. Pearls look great, not only with cashmere or dresses, but they also look fabulous with jeans. So, don’t forget to throw them on with your basic white T-shirt and jeans.



Since I mentioned a basic white T-shirt, classic fashion piece number five is a white or black T-shirt. This workhorse in your closet can be worn in so many ways. They never go out of style, and they can be worn alone in the spring and summer, or under blazers, cardigans, and sweaters in the fall and winter. One of my very favorite classic looks is just a white or black T-shirt and jeans. I usually choose a V-neck T-shirt so that it elongates my neck and gives me a taller, thinner look, but a scoop neck T-shirt will give you the same look.


Another one of my favorite classic fashion pieces, that will never go out of style, is a denim jacket. A denim jacket can be worn with dresses to elevate a look, and I’ve even seen them worn with evening gowns. There are lots of styles of denim jackets, and they come now in a crop, tunic, and distressed versions, but a true classic denim jacket can be worn with almost anything. There are also lots of different washes of denim jackets. I prefer a medium wash since it can go with dressy or casual looks. Just remember, anytime you’re choosing a denim wash, a dark wash is always going to be dressier, and a light wash will look more casual.


I think we’re up to number seven on our classic and timeless fashion pieces. Everyone needs at least one blazer in their closet. If a blazer is not something you wear often, then you want to remember to pick a classic color such as black or navy or possibly even camel. There are lots of different styles of blazers, you have an open front style, one or two-button styles, and you also have double-breasted blazers. Where the blazer hits you on your body is also something for you to consider. A classic style hits right around the hip, and that is one that I think you’ll be able to wear for years. A blazer makes your outfit look a little more dressy, a little more put together. If you are wearing your basic white T-shirt and a pair of jeans, throwing on a navy or black blazer and a necklace makes your outfit look put together. This timeless classic piece can be worn in so many ways you will definitely get your moneys worth out of it.


Another item that we will wear over and over and over again, is a button-down shirt, or button-up shirt. I’m not sure what you wanna call it. A classic white button-down will be something that you can wear forever. Another classic button-down shirt would be the light blue or a pin strap striped button-down shirt. Those look gorgeous And are classic looks. You can choose from a cotton shirt or a satin shirt for a more elegant look. And I am especially fond of the no-iron varieties that have hit the markets. If I don’t have to iron my shirts I am a very happy camper.


You might have noticed I’ve mentioned turtlenecks, sweaters, jackets, blazers, and T-shirts, but I haven’t mentioned pants yet. Styles for pants and jeans change so rapidly it is hard to pick a classic. However, when I was thinking about this post, I started thinking of classic fashion icons, and Audrey Hepburn came to mind. Her choice of ankle-length pants or jeans is always a classic style. The leg cut is going to be straight or a cigarette style, which is not baggy not extremely tight, but well fitted. If you’ve ever watched Sex in the City, which was a popular TV show years ago, you might have noticed that the character that Sarah Jessica Parker played, always wore ankle-length pants. Make sure you have at least a couple of pairs in your wardrobe and you will always have something to wear.



A good classic handbag that can be worn with dresses, jeans, or shorts is something you want to have in your closet. Handbags can be expensive, so when you’re choosing a handbag that you want to carry for years, you want to make sure that it is one in a classic style and a classic color. My favorite colors for handbags are black and camel. You would be able to carry either of these two color handbags year-round. If I had to choose between the two colors, then a camel handbag would be my first choice, and a black handbag would be my second choice.



Even though I meant to only choose 10 classic and timeless fashion pieces, I’m adding an extra bonus item. I haven’t mentioned shoes, and we all have to have shoes. A classic shoe choice for me is black pumps. Some people consider pumps to be old fashion, but they look fabulous with jeans, especially those ankle-length jeans I spoke about, and they look great with a dress or pants. If you’re looking for a classic casual pair of shoes, then I would go with a loafer and even a sneaker. These three shoe options are classic items that you could wear all year long with almost anything in your wardrobe.


There you have it! That is my list of classic and timeless fashion pieces that I think needs to be in almost everyone’s closet. These fashion choices will be the basics for your wardrobe, then you can add in the fun pieces later such as scarves, jewelry, fun handbags, cute shoes, etc. But, these items will never go out of style and you will be able to wear them for years to come.

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  1. Hi, new gurl here. I love the look of pic #5 with the denim jeans, leopard type print shoes, black tee, and cream blazer. Can you let me know the brand of the cream colored blazer please? It looks so flattering on you. Thanks!

  2. I love these outfits on you! I am most drawn to #4 the classic look for myself. Can you share your sources for the blazer, jeans, and those darling flats! Thanks so much!

  3. I think I have most of these pieces but might need to update a few of them. Certainly need some new black pumps that are comfy. Mine hurt my feet after about an hour. Can’t make it through church before they start hurting.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE turtlenecks. Thank you for including them and providing some links to some really great turtlenecks.

  4. Margaret Byl says:

    I enjoyed reading your top 10 classic fashion choices. For me, personally, a scarf quite often throws an outfit ltogether. Are they no longer a fashion item?

  5. Donna Ratinoff says:

    Love 99% of what you model! BUT that green dress is not flattering. (Sorry)

  6. Love to always have a reminder of what constitutes a classic piece. Great post!
    Do you have a particular fabric you look for when purchasing blazers? Lately I’ve bought some very thin poly ones (for summer), velvet for winter and a few knits. (I can’t wear wool).
    Not sure that they all make a classic blazer.
    Like everything else, there are so many choices. It’s frustrating!

  7. Thank you great tips. I am a new ‘gurl’ so maybe you have done a post on this before but at what stage/age is long hair (mid back) not fashionable anymore?

  8. Wow, the current you is much more classic! Always enjoy your fashion tips and inspiring Bible verses. Thanks

  9. Lesli Obenschain says:

    can you tell us about the dress in pic five – denim jacket? i love it

    1. Lesli, that dress is soooo old. I’m not even sure where I purchased it. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. This is great information that answers questions. I have a question for you. In looking at the photos you shared, you have changed quite a bit over the years. What change in your life has made the most difference-hair, weight, makeup, attitude, etc. You look amazing!

  11. Thanks for this post on classic pieces. I’m 61 now and the last few years have been downsizing my wardrobe. I always love the reminders on what classic pieces are essential. I’m enjoying having less clothes and with classic pieces I seem to get a lot more joy out of what I wear.

  12. Loved this post. I recently retired and am really struggling with what to keep in my closet. I was a professional for 30 years and am living a casual lifestyle now. Time for an overhaul!

  13. Cathy Calabro says:

    I just adore these posts and this one in particular is one of my favorites! Thank you for all the helpful hints!! I feel I am more put together and happy with myself because of you!

  14. I really enjoyed your post today. Really like that short sleeved sweater with the pearls. You look so preppy and adorable. Thanks for your blog. I look forward to it everyday.

  15. Thank you so much for this post. This is all great advice and it looks like I need a blazer and I will be all set!

  16. Caroline Gerald says:

    Love the light color jacket in FIVE, can you give details about finding that jacket? thanks!

  17. Stephanie Rodriguez says:

    This is a great list! I’ve shied away from button down shirts over the years because I’m busty and haven’t found one that fits “the girls’ but also doesn’t look like a tent. Maybe that’s a piece I will invest a little money in.
    Also — what red lipstick are you wearing in the 1st pic (with red turtleneck)? It is a fabulous color!

  18. Thank you for the great advice! I can’t wait to go shopping for a cashmere sweater.

  19. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Great advice. Since I retired, I have tried to have these basics on hand for snyvecent. Thanks for the good advice.

  20. You have reversed the aging process! You look better and better the older you get. Gorgeous!

  21. Kelly Brooks says:

    Loved today I actually have one of everything you mentioned. Of course I will be sixty this year so I have had a while to work on it.