Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Zenergy tie-dye outfit from Chico's

Sooo, about my hair…it isn’t exactly what I was hoping for. I love the cut, and the color isn’t bad, but it still needs to be tweaked. I decided to go with style #3, the silver hair. But, in order to get my hair that color, we would have had to bleach my hair and then dye it that color. I wasn’t ready to jump in with both feet, so I opted to go a different route instead.

What we did was lighten my hair and then apply a toner. The blonde in my hair is showing through the toner, and it still looks way more blonde than I want. So, I am going to wash my hair several times with purple shampoo to see if I can get it to go more white/silver. If I like the color, but still want it to go more toward the silver color, then I might go the bleach and dye route next time. After I’ve washed it a couple of times, then I’ll take a photo of the cut and share it with you.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Zenergy tie-dye outfit from Chico's15

I love this Ombre Zenergy outfit, I even brought it with me to Tennessee to wear. The weather had turned cold though, so I probably won’t have a chance to wear it while I’m here. I love the ombre colors of this outfit, but the softness of this tee was the biggest draw. Soft clothing is my weakness, and I will walk past a rack of clothing feeling for the softest top. My daughter is exactly like me and will pick out items only because they are soft. I’m wearing a size 1, and the top fits me perfectly.

I added the matching Zenergy Chic360 Ombre Hooded Jacket to my look. This lightweight jacket is sporty looking and feels silky. I can see wearing this for running errands, taking a walk, playing golf, or any time I want to look cute. The jacket does have a hood and a cinched waist, but this isn’t a rain jacket. I don’t think the material would repel water. I’m wearing a size 1 and it is the perfect size for me.

Here is the back view so you can see the length of the jacket. Also, notice how the jacket has a nice draping, you can tell that the material is not stiff at all.

I loved the blue ombre aviator sunglasses, but my daughter rolled her eyes. Lol! The blue color was too much for her, but I loved them. She was just jealous since they matched my eyes instead of hers. Lol! These are cute and playful, and perfect for when you want to make a statement that says, “I’m too cool for school!” Lol!

I can’t believe these Zenergy Chic360 Cargo Crops are almost sold out! Drats, I love these crops, and I wanted you to have the opportunity to grab a pair also. They are lightweight and silky feeling and the length is perfect. I’m wearing a size 1 and they fit great. If your size isn’t available, then you might want to check out the white So Slimming Girlfriend Frayed Hem Jeans. They would look too cute with this outfit.

I’m wearing Puma all-white leather sneakers, and you’ll probably see me wearing these all spring and summer. These run true to size, and I’m wearing my usual size 9. My jewelry is simple, I’m only wearing my favorite AVI statement hoop earrings. Kendra Scott is having a great sale, so I’ll link to some of my favorite products.

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  1. I think your hair looks great, but I understand wanting to try silver. I did mine and I’ve never looked back. But the process was damaging and I would never do bleach again. If you have other options, try them before bleaching. Just before I read your blog, I was looking at the adorable Zenergy line. I’m thinking of their skorts. Your outfit is so sharp.

  2. Very cute outfit! You are looking downright skinny 😁

  3. This always happens! I vow to spend less money in a new month, then I see your post! This outfit is so cute, aviators and all! Tell your daughter we “older” ladies think you look very chic in them.

  4. Ginger Hiller says:

    Your hair looks very nice! I really like the ombré top and jacket. I see you wearing them as a set or as separates with so many different pants. Enjoy the rest of your time in TN!

  5. Love your look!! I especially love the scripture today!! Proverbs 16:3
    This was my verse when I started my jewelry business 17 years ago!! Commit your plans to the Lord!! I feel that He has blessed me in so many ways- sweet friends that I would have never met!!

  6. Violet L O'Brien says:

    You look great in this outfit. Enjoy Tennessee! Glad to see scripture verse today!!

  7. I love those sunglasses!! ❤️❤️
    The outfit looks cute on you.

  8. Love everything about your outfit today! The colors and the style are perfect.

  9. I love this outfit on you so cute. The Ombre top and jacket colors are just the right brightness. Can’t wait to see your haircut.

  10. Love the outfit. Really like the matching jacket and it’s length. I usually don’t wear crops, but I will check on them I like the look of the pair you are wearing. Always the best, enjoy your posts

  11. I love your hair and I really love this outfit. Perfect for my lifestyle.

  12. I love your hair color and cut makes you look yo younger. I like the outfit too so comfortable looking

  13. Phyllis D Larr says:

    Your hair looks terrific! Love the outfit….comfy and cute! The blue sunglasses are the cherry on top😁

  14. Cute, casual, comfy outfit for the weekend and the colours are so pretty. Love your hair…you seem to look younger all the time!

  15. Look #3 is very close to my natural hair color! For years, I wasn’t ready to fully go that direction and toned my hair to a light blonde, similar to your color. I made the leap last fall to stop highlighting and go natural. I’m not there yet but love the results thus far! So much less salon time and a simpler life, which was my goal. And I get so many compliments, which was unexpected. Can’t wait to see your final result!

    1. So far my hair is much darker than I’m wanting. Maybe highlights will work if the purple shampoo doesn’t.