50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL SATURDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Happy casual Saturday to you. I have absolutely nothing that I have to do today, and that is a fantastic feeling! I may play in the pool a little later this afternoon, or I may go and get my nails done. Whew, it is a rough life when you have to choose between those two options. Lol! I am going to have to wait and check out the temperature in the pool tomorrow. There is a “Joe story” with that, so keep reading. Haha
50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL SATURDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Joe is a fix-it kind of guy. If anything tears up around the house, he will tear it apart to see what is the problem. He can fix almost anything, including cars, but there are times when you can also throw whatever it was away because he makes it un-fixable. Is that a word? Anyway, Emersyn kept complaining that the pool was chilly, and I knew that he had turned the pool temperature down earlier, so I thought that he had just adjusted it colder than usual. I mentioned it to Joe, and he went to look at the heat pump only to come back in and declare that we have a bad temperature sensor. I think that it might have said that the water temperature was 190 degrees. Lol! He ordered the part and then installed it earlier today. I was going outside to get something, so he asked me to go and see what the water temperature was right now. The desired temperature is set for 82 degrees, but the water temperature is telling me that it is 47 degrees. Lol! I don’t think that it is fixed. Haha. If it heats my “47 Degree” water up to “82 degrees,” I may wake up to boiling water in the morning. So, I guess if I can’t swim in the pool, I can always have Lobsters for dinner. Hahahaha!
50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL SATURDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I want you to take a look t this cute top I am wearing today. This top is really old, and I had put the top in my “get rid of” pile. I always liked this top, but I was afraid that it was too small for me to wear now. This is one of the tops that I put up for auction on my Too Much Stuff FaceBook page. Not one person wanted this top! When I put this back on the other day, I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Do you remember when she walked back into the store that had been mean to her, and she had a ton of purchases from another store? She walks around and says, “Big Mistake, HUGE!” Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL SATURDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Most Saturdays in the summer, you will find me wearing shorts. I love this denim pair of shorts by Time and Tru. I have other denim shorts, but I like this pair better. Unfortunately, I don’t see the shorts on Walmart’s website, so they could be sold out already. Try your local Walmart, that is where I found my pair.

50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL SATURDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40My red shoes are Chuck Taylor “look-a-likes.” I bought these three years ago down in Atlanta, and I had them monogrammed in the store. I don’t wear sneakers very often, so it didn’t bother me that they were not the real thing. But, when I saw the price of the real Chuck Taylors, versus how much I paid for these, I could have bought the real thing. Lol! Lesson learned. Hahaha! Here is a link to the “real” thing, that is the better option.50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL SATURDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40 There was a lot of you took advantage of my Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream special yesterday! I know that you will be thrilled with that cream, and especially at that price. Today’s Christmas in July special is Lash Boost!!! This has to be one of my FAVORITE products, and I love making it available to everyone at a discounted price. The retail on Lash Boost is $155.00, but I am offering it today for $120.00 plus tax, but I will ship for free. If you are already my Preferred Customer, then you can place the order yourself, and I will refund you the difference. If you are not a customer, then email me at, and I will place the order for you. Pretty soon you will have the lashes that you long for.

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  1. Haha, lobsterboiling in the swimming pool! Awfull! But enjoy the manicure or the swim! Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

    Posted 7.27.19 Reply
  2. Kaye wrote:

    Get your nails done early. You look too cute to stay home!

    Posted 7.27.19 Reply
  3. Sandi wrote:

    The first thing I thought of when I opened the post was “what a cute top”! I really like it paired with that navy cardigan. You look so comfy and this is exactly something I would wear!

    Posted 7.27.19 Reply
  4. Patricia wrote:

    Oh poo! I didn’t know about your Too much stuff Facebook page. I would have purchased that top.

    Posted 7.27.19 Reply
  5. Pat Johnson wrote:

    I love the cardigan!

    Posted 7.27.19 Reply
  6. Lucky for you nobody took up the sale of your top. It looks cute and great with the shorts. The only pool i could get in today is one from the rain. It has poured down for most of the day so i am staying nice and dry indoors. The temperature has dropped 14 degrees over night. Is there no happy medium ? Have a great weekend.
    Regards Jill stylishatsixty

    Posted 7.27.19 Reply
    • Oh man I wish I’d seen that top when you were selling it cause it’s adorable on you! Course you always know how to make things shine! That cardigan is perfect and those earrings and shoes just make the outfit! So cute! So…what happened w the pool temp sensor? I’d like the lash boost special, but not sure I can get on the website cause I’ve lost my logins.

      Posted 7.27.19 Reply
      • Tania wrote:

        Charlcy, I can order the lash boost for you. I’ll message you tomorrow.

        Posted 7.27.19 Reply
  7. Donna Hayslett wrote:

    give me your webpage to order the Lash Boost…I wiill try it! Thanks

    Posted 7.27.19 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I am emailing you, Donna.

      Posted 7.27.19 Reply
  8. mary jo tesch wrote:

    love the outfit! I like short sleeved cardigans for summer to throw over a sleeveless top. where is this one from? Goes great with the shirt and shorts…dresses it up nicely

    Posted 7.27.19 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      It is sooo old. I think that it was from QVC originally, but I can’t remember. I’ll try and see if I can find a brand name.

      Posted 7.27.19 Reply
  9. Chris Falk wrote:

    If love to know the brand name of the cardigan too!

    Posted 7.28.19 Reply
  10. Eliz wrote:

    Love the top!

    Posted 7.29.19 Reply
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