Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a sweatshirt tunic top with a pair of cargo pants and neutral colored ankle boots

I am always talking about our weather here in Virginia. It is not unusual for the temperatures to drop 30-40 degrees in a day. You can wake up with warm temps and sunny skies but have rain, sleet, and snow within hours. However, we have been spared, for the most part, the horrible weather that has hit so many of you. Snow is beautiful, but ice can be deadly.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a tie-dye sweatshirt tunic top with a pair of cargo pants and neutral colored ankle boots

Elsa might have loved the frozen ice palace, but ice is dangerous and can be deadly in reality. My mother sent me photos of huge chunks of ice that had fallen out of the trees and was all over the ground. Plus, the electricity went out for part of the time, which can be challenging if you don’t have any backup sources. I love snow, but you can keep the ice. Unless you are mixing yourself a nice cold drink, I can do without any additional ice at my house.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a sweatshirt tunic top with a wooden cross from Brighton

This sweatshirt style tunic is the most comfortable thing ever! It is like being wrapped in a soft and cozy blanket, but you can run to the store while wearing it. Lol! This tunic comes in several solid colors, but I wanted this tie-dye splotchy pattern because it was different and unusual.

I love the long length and the side vents. You will be able to wear this with any of your leggings, and there will not be any peep-show. I am wearing a medium in the top, and it is still roomy for me.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing a gorgeous wooden cross from Brighton

Did you see the beautiful filigree silver cross that I wore yesterday? I love that cross, and it is classy and elegant looking. The cross that I am wearing today is more casual, but I love it just as much. This Byzantine cross is comprised of hand-cut Robles wood from the Philippines and was inspired by the story of Empress Helena, Emperor Constantine’s mother, who, it is written, discovered pieces of Jesus’ cross.

The other necklace that I recently bought is the Shine necklace. Who doesn’t need this reminder to Shine for the whole world to see? My other items are the small Maggie filigree hoops and the Maggie bangle bracelet.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing the back of a sweatshirt tunic top with a pair of cargo pants and neutral colored ankle boots

I mentioned how long the sweatshirt tunic top was in the back, but I know that a picture is better than words.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is holding a wooden cross necklace and wearing a sweatshirt tunic top with a pair of cargo pants and neutral colored ankle boots

It is hard to see the colors in the print, but these cargo pants match the top really well. The color of the pants is hard to describe. It is a beautiful color that is a muted green with a hint of gray. It almost reminds me of wet cement, but that could be because we owned a cement ready-mix plant at one time.

I had never ordered pants from J. Jill before, so I ordered my regular size to see how they would fit. The pants fit me great, just a tad loose, but I don’t think I could wear a smaller size. You can’t see it in my photo, but you can see an embroidered design on the legs in two different spots on the website. It is a subtle detail, but it is lovely.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a tie-dye sweatshirt tunic top from J. Jill with a pair of cargo pants and neutral colored ankle boots

Lastly, I am wearing my favorite Lex booties. These have been my go-to shoes this winter, and I wear them with almost EVERYTHING! I try to mix it up for you, but I love these so much that I find myself reaching for them all of the time. These boots are on sale for under $36.00, which is an incredible deal, but they are limited in size. I just ordered the black pair since I love these so much.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a tie-dye sweatshirt tunic top with a pair of cargo pants and ankle boots

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  1. Jan Fusco wrote:

    I’ve been receiving your email reminders since about September.

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  2. Amy wrote:

    I don’t see where the shirt is from? Website?

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  3. Gayle wrote:

    Yes I am signed up for your daily emails and have been since May 2020 when I discovered your blog. Great outfit! I love gray.

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  4. Diane S. wrote:

    I love the sweatshirt as a tunic! Great choice,…

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  5. Teri wrote:

    That is an exceptionally well-designed sweatshirt that barely looks like a sweatshirt. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to give J. Jill another look which I haven’t lately.

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  6. Angelia Wampner wrote:

    I have been on your email list for over a year and a half. I have wnjoyed the stories of your family as well as the fashion portion. Keep up the good work.

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  7. Kim wrote:

    I signed up for your daily email sometime last month.

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  8. Liane wrote:

    Hi Tania,
    and fellow gurl. Every thing I have ever bought at jjill has done badly in the washer. I used oolite in cold in the hand wash cycle and dried flat but just the gentle cycle of a front loader stretched the tops wider and they got shorter. I strongly recommend dry cleaning because even hand washing damages the yarns they use. I really love that tunic top. I looked at the site and its called weimeraner LOL. my granddaughter has a Weimaraner mix (with a Bassett and yes she’s funny looking but sweet)

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  9. Suzie Hobgood wrote:

    Always love your fashion! And in case no one else mentioned it, are you losing weight? You always look great.

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  10. Fiona wrote:

    Love the top. The whole outfit looks so good.

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  11. Manu wrote:

    Tania you shine in silver (and more bold colors – though you look also adorable today). I am suscribed for more than one year and enjoy a quick reading and the ideas you are giving each day. And that from overseas…(Germany)

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  12. Charlcy Green wrote:

    Love that long sweatshirt that looks like a sweater! Beautiful cross too. Glad you are staying since TX & NM are in a blizzard w no power!

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  13. Mary Jo wrote:

    I love the color of the pants and your comfy cozy style today. I have been getting your emails for 3+ years. I really look forward to reading your blog each day. Your clothing choices inspire me!

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  14. Shirley from GA wrote:

    Hey Tania – signed up for your emails! I really enjoy your blog very much…. I appreciate your tone and humor as well as all the topics/fashions you cover. Sometimes I get the sense of being “talked down” to with some of the other ladies I’ve followed…you know, “educating the masses” sort of tone – lol! Thanks for being so upbeat and fun as well as informative – kind of like a “girlfriend” visit!

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  15. Stephanie Bland wrote:

    I have been following you for about 4 months. Really enjoy your emails. I have ordered several of your suggestions & they are spot on. Thanks!

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
  16. Donna Ingalls wrote:

    Cute sweatshirt
    Looks great on you.

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I love how soft it is and the length is great!

      Posted 2.16.21Reply
  17. Sandy wrote:

    So glad to see J.Jill. Those cargo pants appear to be more narrow around legs, than the online pic shows. I like the narrower look better. Also, the color of your tunic looks different on you than on J.Jill’s website. This was so helpful! Thanks!

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      It is always hard to get a true depiction of color. Lighting plays a big role, so it is a struggle. You will even notice the difference in your house versus when you walk outside.

      Posted 2.16.21Reply
    • Karen from Como wrote:

      I have been one of your girls, receiving daily emails for almost 3 years. Got my sister to join us, too

      Posted 2.16.21Reply
  18. Sally wrote:

    May I ask what size you were wearing? Would you say this top runs true to size?

    Posted 2.16.21Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Goodness, Sally, did I forget to mention the size??? UGH! I am wearing a size medium in the top.

      Posted 2.16.21Reply
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