50 Is Not Old blogger wearing a silver sweater and plaid pants.I made it to Tennessee! Did I tell all of you that I was traveling to Tennessee this weekend? We had to celebrate Christmas late this year with my mom and dad due to some conflicting schedules with other family members. It doesn’t matter to me when we all get together, just as long as we eventually get to all meet under the same roof.
50 Is Not Old blogger wearing a silver sweater and plaid pants with animal print bootsFor the first time in YEARS, all three of my children will be under the same roof at the same time! That is enough of a Christmas present for me. Plus, while we are in Tennessee, I hope to get a five-generation photo with my grandfather, who is 102. Both of my sons and their children are going to try to grab a generational photo this weekend. People seem to be having children later in life, so these types of photos are getting harder and harder to get. My grandfather is still in good health, but I know better than to take things for granted. I can’t wait to see him perk up when we walk in the door. It won’t be because he sees me walk in; it will be Joe that will put the sparkle in his eye. I would call to wish him a happy birthday, and grandpa would talk to me for about three minutes before he would say, “is Joe there?” Lol! They are two-peas-in-a-pod!!!
50 Is Not Old blogger wearing a silver sweater and a yellow necklaceToday, I wanted to show you once again, my favorite color this winter. Gray has been my color of choice this winter, followed closely by the color black. Both of these colors are totally out of character for me since I usually gravitate toward bright colors. But, I have embraced both of these colors, and also muted prints and neutrals. This beautiful silver sweater is from The Loft, and the diamond cable knit makes this sweater stand out from all of the rest. This sweater hits right at the hip line, so it is shorter than some. The style of this sweater is relaxed, and I think a tad bit on the boxy side. I am wearing a medium, which is my usual size for clothing from the Loft. This sweater is machine washable; that is always a plus! Here is the link to the sweater.
50 Is Not Old blogger wearing plaid pants and animal print boots.These plaid pants are by one of my favorite brands. The name of these pants is the Mia, and they are from Kut From The Kloth. Usually, I buy jeans from this brand, but these are like a legging. They fit like a glove and are incredibly comfortable. I have been searching for pants that are different from what I already have. I have plenty of plain blue, black, gray, jeans, etc., so these caught my eye. The plaid is subtle, and from a distance, you can’t even see the print. These are machine washable, and I am wearing my usual size 10, which fits me perfectly. Here is the link to the pants.
50 Is Not Old blogger wearing animal print boots.Here is the wow factor for this outfit. I hear people all the time say that “leopard is a neutral,” and I wanted to put that to the test. I am not sure that this is a “leopard” print, but it is some animal print, and that still counts. These are the cutest, most stylish ankle boot that I own. I oohed and awwed for an hour over these when I opened the box. These leather booties are by ENZO ANGIOLINI, and they have a 3″ heel and a pointed toe. I am wearing my usual size 9, and these fit me fine. Anytime that I buy shoes with a pointed toe, they will feel tight at first, but they usually loosen up after a minute.

50 Is Not Old blogger showing the back of an animal print bootI wanted to show you how these have a gathered elastic opening around the ankle. I like this feature because it doesn’t feel so stiff, and it adjusts when I walk. If you want a statement boot that you can wear with almost anything, then here is the link.
50 Is Not Old blogger wearing animal print boots, a silver sweater and plaid pants.I asked on my Instagram stories what people would like to see from 50 Is Not Old, and I got a lot of suggestions. It seems like there are a lot of people wanting to see business causal or work attire, classic styles, skirts, and how to wear flats. I have all of these in the works, and I love hearing your suggestions. One of the other recommendations was how to take one article of clothing and wear it in multiple ways. I may do that with these boots, what do you think?
50 Is Not Old blogger wearing animal print boots as a neutral

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  1. Glad to hear that other followers want to see more business casual etc. We all live in jeans and know how to do them!

  2. Janet Williams Reply

    Killer booties that go with everything! Enjoy your visit with family!

  3. Sherli Morgan Reply

    I would like to see a piece of clothing used multiple ways – not sure about the booties. I don’t wear heels anymore – just flats. I have arthritis & hip issues.

    Have a wonderful visit with family.

  4. enjoy your time with family! love the outfit. I don’t know if I can do leopard as a neutral but it sure looks great on you.

  5. Earline Gualdoni Reply

    Love it all on you! I have similar pants from Maurice’s that I love & wear at least once a week! Enjoy TN & your family, can’t wait for the pics!

  6. Sheryl Podey Reply

    Love the boots and the outfit but I am struggling. I agree the boots are neutral but maybe not with is outfit? I am probably the only one thinking this way.

  7. Love the boots, but not with those pants. You’re so lucky to be able to wear heels. My knees prefer flats for sure.
    Have a great time with your family in TN! Love your posts.

  8. Love the sweater and the pants go well but not with those booties. They add a pattern overload. They may be considered a neutral color but patterns can clash.

  9. I’ve been loving grey this season as well and love the Loft sweater with those pants- you look great! I don’t wear 3 inch heels anymore but those are gorgeous! I also love animal print but I don’t care for these boots with the rest of the outfit. Enjoy your time with family- you’re so blessed to have your grandfather still in your life!

  10. For me, personally, this outfit has too many patterns going on. Diamond pattern sweater, plaid pants, and spotted boots would be too busy for me. I love using leopard minimally, just as an accent (I don’t consider it a neutral). I can no longer wear heels, so a ballet flat in leopard would be my choice with a solid pant and sweater. Again, just my opinion. Each of these patterns individually are gorgeous, I would just wear each item differently.

  11. Colleen Freedman Reply

    I love the outfit but not a fan of the booties with it. I do like the booties, just not with gray. Have a wonderful time with all of your family!

  12. I would love to hear about how you style your hair. It’s so stylish!!!! Of course, I love all your fashion!!!

  13. Kathie blackwell Reply

    Love all of the separate pieces but not together. Although somehow you make them all look cute on you!

  14. . I wear my leopard boots with a pair of tan/beige striped pants and a beige sweater, I do see leopard treated as a neutral on a lot of blogs so that’s my take on it. I love this sweater. I just bought one in blue green. I can’t wait to get it. I’m trying mindful eating and so far I only forgot once and took a big spoonful of leftover chocolate frosting. I have got to declutter that fridge of naughty food.

  15. I recently got a pair of leopard booties! From JCPenney, no less! I get compliments every time I wear them. I like the pants & the pattern of the sweater. I’d probably wear a bright scarf with it. You are blessed to have your grandfather. I got a 4 generation picture of my family with Pappy & my baby Ben, who was named after him. Happy New Year!

  16. I’m having problems adjusting to the no matching and new neutrals too. Can’t seem to get the hang of it. Others look good, but when I try to pull it off, I look like a mismatched old lady. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I need rules to guide me.

  17. Chris Falk Reply

    Don’t listen to the people vetoing the boots! The first thing I loved about your ensemble was how the gray windowpane pants worked so well with the boots. I would have been oohing and aahhing about those boots when I first opened them like you did. If I hadn’t just bought a different leopard print pair, I would be buying those. I am going after those pants next! 🙂

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