50 IS NOT OLD | BERMUDA SHORTS WITH A CUFF | FASHION OVER 40Happy Friday! My days are still all messed up because of the holiday on Monday. I was working on my blog post, and it hit me that today was Friday with Friends. I had to scrap what I had written and start all over from scratch. Lol! Today I am linking to a blogger that I have worked with before on a different collaboration way back in 2016 (here.) She is a Dutch blogger, and I love how we can have friends all over the world because of the internet. Greetje has a husband, a dog, and a boat. I am not sure what order of importance she puts those. Lol! She has excellent taste and a beautiful style. She doesn’t do very many collaborations, so we are honored to have her with us today. Be aware that she only posts on Sunday, so the latest post will be from the 26th. I love the name of her blog, “no fear of fashion” and here is where you can check it out.

50 IS NOT OLD | BERMUDA SHORTS WITH A CUFF | FASHION OVER 40Do you ever want peace and quiet? I love having lots of people around me most of the time, but there are times when I want to sit in the quiet and not have any noise at all. Even though only Joe and I are the only ones in my home, Joe loves to watch videos on his computer. I can tell you anything that you want to know about golf swings, motorcycles, take off and landings of planes, and some show called Yellowstone. Lol! Joe and I are not in the same room, but we are only about 15 feet apart from each other. So, when I have my business calls or ZOOM meetings, he wants me to close the door between us because he doesn’t want to listen to me. However, when I am trying to write my blog, the door stays open. You talk about making it hard to concentrate; it is a wonder that my posts make any sense at all. Haha! Wait! Do they make sense? Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | BERMUDA SHORTS WITH A CUFF | FASHION OVER 40Yesterday, after I went to my doctor’s appointment, I stopped by the mall. My doctor is a 2-hour drive for me, so I will make it a day and go shopping while I am out and about. I headed to the Loft and scored several nice clothing items. I didn’t try anything on at the store (big surprise), so I still have my fingers crossed that everything will fit. They have a good sale going right now, so be sure to check out their sale. I found this floral cardigan in the store, but I don’t see it on the website. I bought a large in this sweater, but I should have bought the medium. It is too far off to drive back and exchange the sweater, so I think that I’ll just put it in the washer and dryer and see if it shrinks some.

50 IS NOT OLD | BERMUDA SHORTS WITH A CUFF | FASHION OVER 40I thought the colors in the Juniper necklace just matched the green in the sweater. I love the iridescent beads and the lariat style with the gold disc dangles. Since the necklace had iridescent beads, I added two bracelets with the same vibe. I took one bracelet from the Rachel set, and one from the Stacia set. I love mixing and matching these two sets. Of course, these two sets are sold out at this time, but keep checking back because they will be restocked soon. To finish my look, I added the large gold hoop earrings called Dallin. These earrings have a textured design and are a 2.5″ drop.
50 IS NOT OLD | BERMUDA SHORTS WITH A CUFF | FASHION OVER 40Goodness, this is irritating. I love these white vinyl flip flops that I bought at the Loft. They had a gold rim around the bottom of the sole, and they fit true to size. But, these shoes are NOT on the website either. I know this happens when you shop at outlet stores, but this was not an outlet, it was their normal store. Rant over… UPDATE* The shoes have been located in the Loft outlet. Here is the link.

50 IS NOT OLD | BERMUDA SHORTS WITH A CUFF | FASHION OVER 40I can’t believe it; these shorts are actually on the website!!! I never thought that I would be so thrilled to find a pair of olive Bermuda shorts. Lol! Great news of us over 40 ladies, the Bermuda style short is very popular right now. Woohoo! This is the 10″ style with a cuff, but they also some sans the cuff if that is your preference. I bought my normal size, and they fit great this morning; however, they got gotten bigger as the day went on. These photos were taken after I worked at the lumber company all day long, so I look a tad rumpled. You might want to consider sizing down a size. These are 97% cotton, so I doubt if they will shrink much in the laundry. Here is the link to the shorts.
50 IS NOT OLD | BERMUDA SHORTS WITH A CUFF | FASHION OVER 40Tonight I am once again stepping out of my comfort zone. I am co-hosting a ZOOM training call for a large group of ladies. I might be a little nervous, but honestly, three years ago I would have been hyperventilating. I can’t thank R+F enough for helping me to grow as a person, as well as have great looking skin. Hahaha! Wish me luck!!!

Also, be sure to hop on over (here) and say hello to Greetje for me.

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  1. Linda Hathaway says:

    Hi Tania, so glad I found you through Greetje’s blog – who I found through Midlife Chic’s blog! I have a confession though, for me the title should read 60 is not old! I am in the UK, but not sure where you are … Even if I can’t buy the clothes, I still enjoy reading what you say about them. Linda X

    1. Welcome, Linda! I am in the US in Virginia. Don’t worry about the age, I just turned 59, so 50 is really not old. Hahaha!

  2. I love the shorts. I’ve been looking for longer shorts because my legs are not my greatest asset.
    Your were right about sizing down. I normally wear an 8 but got the 6 and its fine. However, the waist gaps in the back but nothing a belt won’t take care of. I got the olive and the dusty pink. Great sale. I paid less then $20 for each.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Karen from Como says:

    I read your post at noon and was at Loft by 1:00 to buy that sweater! So sad they didn”t have it. The sales woman suggested I ask you to go to your local store, buy another one, and ship it to me. We shared a laugh when I explained you were a blogger friend not an in person friend.

  4. Susan Stancliff says:

    Tania such a cute outfit. I am so short I don’t like Bermuda shorts on me. They cut me off. Have you done something different with you hair color? I love it!

  5. Sandra S. says:

    Tania, I checked out the Loft Outlet site that Rozanne mentioned in the comments here, and they appear to have those shoes!

    1. Thanks, Sandra. I’ll update the post and show the shoes.

  6. Well, I am chuffed to read your piece about me and the lovely compliments from your readers. How kind.
    My link to your blog is in place as well and will appear next Sunday.
    Shorts is something I have to be very careful with, always have been. I need a bit of an A-line pair of shorts, creating an hourglass figure. With a bermuda like yours I look like a man, thanks to my reversed triangle shape. You on the other hand, look good in them. We all have to (learn to) know what suits us best, right?

    1. Thanks so much for linking up with me today! I can’t wait to read your next post on Sunday. You are right about shorts, it is a matter of trial and error.

  7. Christine George | Believe in Balance says:

    Tania, you go girl. Those shorts looks amazing on you. I can tell you with confidence though, you will never catch me in shorts. LOL.

    1. Lol! Christine, that made me laugh.

  8. I knew right away that was a loft outfit!! Looks beautiful on you, even though though the sweater is a little big. FYI, Loft Outlet is online now, at! I was so excited to get that email, I already placed an order! My husband didn’t seem as excited as I was for some reason ??
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Cute outfit! I’m over 50 and Bermuda shorts are the way to go for our age group in my opinion lol.

  10. Cheryl Peffer says:

    Pretty sweater. Greetje is so classy and beautiful.

  11. I really like this outfit…..the color of the shorts picks up the color in the cardigan beautifully. And the jewelry is the cherry on top!! ?

  12. Beautiful sweater. I’m wearing them more and more with sleeveless things now that my arms are over 70!! lol

  13. Ankther Dutch blogger! Yeah! Greetje s style is very nice and she writes in a fun way! I am ,finally, wearing shorts with a cut too today! Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

    1. I agree, Nancy. She is so fun and sweet. I am glad that you are finally getting to wear shorts. Lol!

  14. Michelle Mosteller says:

    You can pull off anything, Tania! I have short legs and have been on the hunt for shorts I love. So far, not much luck.

    1. Shorts are a tricky creature. It is hard to get the perfect pair that flatter your legs. I think that it is our own hang-ups about how we view our legs that is the biggest problem. I don’t think that I look great in shorts because my legs are not toned and they are speckled with sun damage. But, so what. Try shorts that are a little shorter than these, since you have shorter legs until you find the right length for you.

      1. Susan Stancliff says:

        Michelle Mosteller I am short too 5′ nothing. I like Old Navy shorts with the 5″ inseam. They are the perfect length for me.